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  1. Thanks, the hundredpushup program is definitely on my list of things to try
  2. Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I'm going to be in NZ from the 26th November to 12 January and I need some advice on where to stay and what to do/see. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. Monday: HIIT [/] strength [/] Tuesday: HIIT [/] strength [/] yoga [/] Wednesday: HIIT [ ] strangth [/] yoga [/] Thursday: HIIT [/] strength [/] yoga [/] Friday: HIIT [ ] strength [/] yoga [ ] Saturday HIIT [ ] strength [/] yoga [ ] Sunday HIIT [ ] strength [/] yoga [ ] Wow, not the best week. There are no words for how much I loathed doing HIIT, or at least the one's that I had picked. It wasn't much of a surprise when I started making excuses not to do it. I through together a quick yoga routine because the HIIT was making me so stiff in
  4. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how you go!
  5. Thanks! I had a had time picking just one quote for the sig (I have pages and pages full of them) but this one really nails it for me. I have no lack of want; my weakness lies in the doing.
  6. Well...hello. After so many years of reading NF articles, I've finally decided to join up. After a year of doing really well with standing up for myself and pushing back when life gets me down, and doing a little less well with sticking to a regular workout routine, I feel like I'm slipping a little. I want to level up my life. I want to be the best I can be. I want to be brave and adventurous. I want to be an assassin. I guess what I'm really here for is support and a friendly shove in the right direction when I stop believing in myself. Hell, I dithered for three days about whether or no
  7. Hello all. Battle will be fought on two fronts; fitness (currently starting small with micro hiit and the 50 push ups challenge to get me used to making a habit of working out) and life (right now focussing on planning my trip to New Zealand, something I've been putting off for the last THREE MONTHS). Updates to follow...
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