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  1. Just borrowing an old favourite place of mine for some accountability.. So, married life is wonderful, but things are soo different to single-dom with parents. Right now is really still a time of transition to me as I put down roots in my new life, new place (even new job!) Between the honeymoon and the ongoing flood of delicious sweet unhealthy thingumies that I now have time to cook (ahem, priorities), I'm looking a wee bit curvier around the middle. Not that I'm overly stressed about my weight etc, but some of my clothes are starting to get a wee bit tight.... eeek! So, to keep this
  2. Getting there!! will do a proper update one day... the water per day has kind of gone out the window (still tracking but kind of uselessly), coffee goal is doing ok and exercise is there mostly. 3 days until the wedding!! 8)
  3. Thanks! First load of stuff for the house departed this morning with my brothers... got almost all the appliances and almost all the fragile stuff in - such a relief! Now to just sort the rest for the backloaders... Thursday report: Bodyweight: 10 x incline planks, at about 12:05 am. Coffee: Done Water: approx 7/7. Bit hazy on this - was less at work but lots at home, so... packing is thirsty work!
  4. Wednesday report: Bodyweight: 2min plank. Add to my list of this to do once wedding craziness is over: Spartan Plank here I come! Coffee: Done Water: 8/7 glasses. I think. There was so many half drunk glasses of water around the house that I wasn't sure First load of stuff goes in the morning. Last day of full-time work tomorrow. IT'S ALLLL HAPPENING!!
  5. I know, right?! We haven't actually moved in yet, but there is a load of stuff going up this weekend (hence the frantic packing) and some on a professional mover next week. Can't wait to settle in and spreeead my wings though
  6. Tuesday report: Bodyweight: Just remembered. 10 x incline pushups, at 11:55pm Coffee: Done Water: 6/7 again. Need to try harder. Full day at work today (Wed) should help. Good day. Had a funeral for a dear elderly family friend in the afternoon, then packed and packed and packed (with much help from family). Felt like we got a lot done, but still much to go. Loading the first vehicle tomorrow night... And we got possession of the house! Fun stuff. Still not enough sleep though (5 1/2 hours ) When I'm on a roll for packing things I hate stopping. Thanks everyone for their support and en
  7. Monday report... ugh. Two short nights is not doing good things to me. I went for a lunchtime walk yesterday for the first time in ages and honestly felt like I was just dragging myself around. Bodyweight: Forgot... and then realised it was after midnight anyway and therefore justified Coffee: Done Water: 6/7 Almost there.
  8. Friday report: Bodyweight: 60s plank Coffee: Done Water: 7/7. Phew, one day right this week! Which makes my week report as follows: Bodyweight: 5/5 Coffee: 5/5 Water: 1/5. Oops... On with week -3!
  9. Overdue update for Wednesday and Thursday: Wednesday: Bodyweight: 1 x rather unco rough feet-apart almost-to-the-ground floor pushup, 10 x incline. I'll get there one day... Coffee: Done Water: 6/7 glasses. Hmmph. Thursday: Bodyweight: 10 x squats (almost forgot all together, was so excited about getting to bed before 11pm for a change) almost nothing but fractionally better than nothing. Coffee: Done. Almost derailed when my too-kind brother brought me a coffee in my travel mug after tea because he knew I was feeling tired Water: 5/7 Will get this on track next week. I need a better water
  10. Tuesday report: Bodyweight: 2min 15sec plank. Woo hoo No coffee after 2pm: Done Water: 5 1/2 glasses out of 7. Got a bit of catching up to do this week and I will be away from the desk again this afternoon (it's when I'm out of routine that I really can't keep up). Starting to get zombiefied without sufficient sleeeep. Got a dentist appointment this afternoon, need an osteo one as well but don't know when I'll have time for it All the stress locks my shoulders and neck up something chronic. Ah well. Trust everyone's challenges are doing awesome! Don't have enough time to go poking around
  11. Monday report: Bodyweight: 10 x lunges. No coffee after 2pm = no problem. Water: 6/7 glasses :| it was a public holiday, and I slept in so consequently only had one glass all morning, which left me really behind quota for the rest of the day.
  12. Awww Sending fellow cold-sufferer thoughts your way. Mine doesn't sound as bad as yours, though. Hope you're back up to 100% soon!
  13. Friday report and week summary: Bodyweight work: 1min 30s plank. I was tired. Coffee: Done Water: 4/7 glasses Report for the week: Bodyweight work: 5/5 Coffee: 5/5. Having something definite like this makes it so much easier than just a vague thing in my head that I shouldn't drink coffee in the afternoons. I can just apply the formula (sorry, nerding here) that if current time = 2pm or later, than nada. Water: 4 days out of 5. Keeping me on my toes here! Spending hours in the car (getting to city and back in peak traffic after work) with no water but also busting for the loo doesn't help.
  14. Hmm, have just been using my regular herbal essences (which I know isn't very herbal) hydration condition, leaving it in for longer and wrapping it in a warm towel. For interest though, that variety of conditioner contains coconut oil, but probably not a lot of it. Interesting though!
  15. Thursday report: Exercise: 15 x incline pushups. A future challenge goal will be to do a (or several) proper floor pushup. I'm sure if I just dedicate some time to it I'll get there without a whole lot of effort. Caffeine: Done. Wanted coffee, had a tea instead. Water: 7/7 (ish... I find it hard to measure how much I have from my water bottle in the car, but I'm rounding it at the equivalent of one glass, which makes my quota full for the day). Experimenting with deep conditioning my hair, and found it a lot easier than expected (at least, my version of deep conditioning). Maybe this girl mi
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