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  1. Yeah - that's what I thought. I've been guilty of not recording anything for several months. Felt like I have been squatting deep enough but nowhere near it! Did a 5x10 50kg session last night to just below parallel and nearly died! Something to work on Thanks - that's spot on. Whenever I fail a DL it's because I can't get it off the ground - I've never failed at lockout. I'll give this a go. Yeah - it's great looking back and seeing the progress in only a few months. Again, some form has definitely slipped - this has been a good reminder that I need to tape myself and watch
  2. Just posted today's numbers. Legs were feeling quite wobbly - either not enough caffeine or too much caffeine.... Happy with squat at 120kg but await a judges review - is it deep enough to count?! Bench is a bit meh - progress is slow but hey - almost at body weight! Disappointed with DL today - maybe tired from the other lifts - can't believe my squat has caught up with dl! BW 74kg Squat 115kg, 120kg, 125kg Bench 60kg, 65kg, 70kg DL 110kg, 120kg, 125kg
  3. I'm a joker too it turns out. Stumbled across this but glad I did. Worked on my row form when I started SL but seems I have forgotten about form along the way. Dropped some weight last night and will build up again with decent form. One question - do you count it as a missed rep if the bar doesn't touch your chest. I find the 5th rep tends to be just short!
  4. That's a big relative bench! Have you tried a 1rm calculator like this one I did my first 1rm recently and the figures were pretty spot on.
  5. Drug dealers? Never understood why they sell grams or ounces......
  6. Copying everyone......except I made an updatable spreadsheet (I like spreadsheets) It has actually made me feel better because I thought my OHP was at disasterous levels and was beating myself up when struggling at 35kg - turns out it's not too far off the mark ETA: aaah - why can't I post a table without it going weird - screenshot will have to do!
  7. Since I bought a bean to cup machine (awesome) I only drink espresso. That means you can drink a lot more in the same period of time Caffeine is my only remaining vice and I'm not letting go - happy to see research enabling me
  8. I was on 5:2 for 2 years. I initially lost 2 stone which got me down to 11st where I wanted to be. I then used it to maintain my weight while doing no exercise and eating nothing but crap on my eating days. It was perfect! Needless to say after 2 years my weight was perfect but I felt like crap. That's what propmted me to discover the phrase skinny-fat, find this place, start lifting some weights and eating real food. The 5:2 has real health benefits - not just weight loss - and I really liked it. When I stopped it I actually missed my fast days! It was just too easy to abuse for me -
  9. Great idea. I would add the Steve Rogers PS* Award for the lowest total wilks score - attract noobs like me with the potential to win an award! Doesn't have to be prizes - just immortalized on a sticky thread somewhere (until the next competition!). And being Scottish it seems I am destined for greatness (like I didn't know that already ) *Pre Serum
  10. I started Stronglifts last October and have been on a slight calorie deficit since then (approx -200) to try to get body fat down. I have had no problems with da gainz. A few missed reps here and there - not sure if eating more would have prevented that. I'm sure I will reach a point where I have to up the calories to progress but I think that's a long way off. My muscles are definitely stronger and appear bigger but maybe that's just the dropping body fat (I've got these new things called lats).
  11. Here was me thinking I might have another go - managed 3x5 of last weeks 1rm on squat and DL last night! #noobgainz
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