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  1. Hello! So....uhm....*wrings hands* HI! I was active a few years back on and off. Since last I've been active I've moved once, had a baby, gone through sick leave for a burn out, left my job, had bariatric surgery and started a new job. Things have really changed in the last year and well...I'm back again. So the surgery was because I couldn't stand it anymore. I was sick and tiered of ALWAYS fighting, always feeling like a faliure and even if this sure as hell isn't an easy way out, for ME....it works. I've gotten a reset of my body, can't eat sweets and don't even wan
  2. And I'm now in week 14. Damn times goes fast! Feeling better and better with each passing day, I still need alot of sleep but I tend to wake up once every hour or so. Don't know why, it just happens. I've started walking more also, getting in at least 45 minutes a day now during the work week, the weekend is a little harder. I need to work more on that I guess. Regarding swimming I'm doing so-so. I've gone now maybe three times now. I feels good when I go but I'm just so damned tiered all the time! It's hard having a full time job and then trying to get some working out in during the 4 hours I
  3. Ok, so it's been a minute since I posted. Again. This thing with being consistent isn't really my...thing. Or so it would seem. But anyways! Hi gais! I'm FINALLY doing better! Not as sick in the mornings anymore and I get to eat more now without feeling like I want to projectile vomit into someones face instantly. So that is a yay. On the scale things are pretty much at a stand still. Wich is good I guess! No gaining weight here so far, yay for that. Since I'm feeling better and better by each passing day I have decided to try to get back to working out again. I miss it. I think
  4. No no, it's ok to ask! As it was I just went in to take a load of blood tests and such. I'm all good. Got a Little high blood preassure but I always get that when they take it in the hospital. I have that lovelly White coat syndrome...yay. But besides that I'm healthy. Yeah, I know that being obese is making this much more difficult, or at least can make it more difficult. My midwife has forbidden me from dieting but she wants me to eat healthy and move as much as I can. We have also gone over what I can and can't eat and most of the stuff I can have. The funny thing is that I have
  5. I'm back! Or at least I hope so. The wedding in September was a smach, everything turned out amazing and I had the time of my life! So ok, the wedding came and went and a few weeks later I started feeling like shit honestly. Was always tiered, couldn't sleep properly and got more and more sensitive around certrain smells and stuff. And then came the puking. So yeah....turns out we didn't even spend a week as proper man and wife until shit got super real. XD I'm preggers! YAY! ... ... I think.... To be totally honest it scares the living crap out
  6. Monday again! Holy crap the weeks just run past us right now, it's almost a little scary. Recap of last week: I did good regarding food. Had some 70% dark chocolate three times and some homemade banana icecream (banana, milk and vanilla extract) thursday and friday. But I've been struggling with getting my food in. Haven't been feeling hungry at all, I hope that passes. Made sure I got a few vitamins in during the morning though, made a smoothie with greek yoghurt, raspberries, banana, spinach, orange juice and a little bit of honey. It tastes amazing and gives me a boost when I do
  7. Not too agressive at all! I love it! Let's go bite som stuff!
  8. Urgh, my head hurts. Too little sleep due to cats having some kind of race all night. In the bedroom. Under the bed. I'm glad they are having fun and playing with each other but OMG! Let me sleep! I'll be buying earplugs omw home this afternoon because I really need to get a decent nights rest. Things are, besides that, looking good. I'm in constant pain due to working my body hard (it's not a bad pain, just some light post workout pains) either at the gym or in the garden. The house we've bought has this amazing garden but the previous owners got too old so they didn't have the en
  9. WELCOME! I'm glad you've decidec to join us, we are a happy bunch of wierdos. Kick ass, chew bubblegum and be awesome bruh! Oh, and thank you for the adorable comment on the proposal, it went wuite well I belive. Oh yes, I know this. I'm still on the fence about getting them but I think I will with the next paycheck. The hubby to be doesn't think I'll use them if I get them so I'm not sure. I mean...he does know me quite well. I might put that money into a clip-card at the local gym instead, that way I can go there on sundays and get some stuff done. My problem is that
  10. Fetacovered salmon! So yummy! Take 1/2 cup of fullfat greek yoghurt, 200 g of feta cheese, mush these together in a bowl, add some black pepper and a little salt, spread out on top of salmon filets and into the oven they go for about 20-30 min 390 Fahrenheit and enjoy with brown rice and steamed veggies! YUM! I'll be making it tonight. And it also freezes really nice Good luck!
  11. So I didn't have a date with my trainer on tuseday, I had mixed up the days. And yesterday I was home with migraines and didn't do shit. I still feel like not doing shit but I need to work. Thankfully I can work from home so that is awesome. Cooked real food yesterday for the first time this week, the rest of the time I've been living out of frozen lunchboxes that I made earlier. Wich was amazing, not having to compromise good food for not giving a fuck. Yay that. So saturday tomorrow. We are heading into the city to have brunch with a friend and I'm going to take a look at some
  12. We are so damned conditioned to thinking that eating less will make us lose more it's scary. I'm the exact same way. It takes some serious willpower to NOT starve myself when I see a hippo in the mirror. The interesting thing is that we tend to cut out calories when trying to wake our body up, why do we never add more? I mean...it's just as big of a wakeup call for us as cutting. A friend of mine was always super strict with her intake, was almost never over 1000 kcal per day and working out....HARD! But she never lost weight. Almost instantly when she started eating more she lost weight. Magi
  13. Adrianne sighs and sits down at the end of the corridor and stretches out her legs. Man those torches was high up! But now they are all lit and she can almost see her hand when she holds it up in front of her face. Progress, right? She decides to catch her breath a bit and wait for anyone else that might be coming down another corridor. LE DONE! 250 calf raises finished, these were fun!
  14. I honestly think this is your problem. 1200 kcal a day? When you are working out again?! I think you are putting your body in starvation mode. Didn't your trainer at the gym tell you to eat at least 1700 kcal per day? Don't starve yourself. I get that you want to eat low carb but you can't cut out all the nutrition that your body needs. And we bigger ladies and lads need more energy to keep us going. And even more so when we work out hard and push yourselves. Try to stick to the number your coach gave you for a while, a few weeks at least, and then see what happens.
  15. Tuseday and I'm tiered. Or no, sorry, I was tiered. Got woken up by cat at 5 am, gave her some kibble, took one look at the clock and decided to sleep in. We have something called flex-time, it's like a counter that keeps track of our hours at work. We are allowed to have 20 h+ in the bank or 15 h-, that's the span. And hey, since I had like 6 h+ I decided to take a little sleep in. I needed it. Right now I feel fresher and more focused and that is super duper. So I skipped dancing yesterday. Didn't feel like it at all. I did however spend the afternoon and evening out in the garde
  16. Hey ho pepuls. I hope you are all doing OK. Personally I'm sore. Did my first at home workout session yesterday (about 45 min workout and then an hour long walk up and nd down sand dunes) and I feel it in my body. I feel great. ^^ I just wish I had had an easier time sleeping this weekend because I'm tiered as fuck. We'vespent the weekend and the dudes parents summer home down in the south of Sweden, and it's so damn beautiful down here it's insane! I mean....800 m to the ocean! I'm in love. Food is going better and better I feel. I've downloaded an app that helps me keep track o
  17. Adrianne comes trodding along, a little later then everyone else. But eventually she gets there and starts tossing stones. Walking done and stones tossed! May I die now?
  18. I did my first deep squat today with weights. I'm so happy I could cry! I did it! I DID IT!!!!
  19. I agree with the statements above saying that the diet is 95% of the struggle. But I also want to chime in about mental health. As someone who used to have food as a comfort for EVERYTHING I can safely say that when I managed to eat something, anything really, without feeling shame or anxiety about it was the biggest win in my life. So remember to be kind to yourself and to give yourself some slack. Sure it's a mental game but you'll lose instantly if you start beating yourself up about every little misshap that takes place. Be kind to yourself, show yourself love, and try to take some time t
  20. Adding myself very late to this party but I'm game! I'll start tracking instantly!
  21. *groans and drags herself to her desk* Like REALLY?! Why isn't it friday yet? Uuuuurgh I can't stand this week! Soo tiered! So damn tiered! I do belive this is because of Aunt Red that came around, I sleep like shit, I eat like....well...a little less good and I feel like I have uncomfortable clouds in my head. HAH, MYEAH, there is such a thing as uncomfortable clouds! Prickly ones. Nothing that destroys your brainfunction all together but fucks it up enought that you can't think straight. I had to ask a colleague yesterday about something I've known since I started working, 9 years ago!
  22. Oh I hear you about mom making mush out of the veg! Tasted like nothing, and I still can't eat boiled broccolli to this day. *shudder* It's disgusting! Thankfully there are a ton of other things we can eat then! I CAN however recommend oven fried brocolli with some seasalt and freshly squeezed garlic on top. It is suuuper good! Love that crunch. How do you find out what foods your body likes? That sounds super interesting! Fasting for me works just fine. But as I said in the above post - sometimes I do a 16 hour fast per day and sometimes I can't make it that long. Like right now,
  23. Yeah veg is hard. I just have like NO imagination when it comes to veg. I tend to get vegetarian meals when we go out to eat and I have many friends that are vegetarians. But yeah....I just need to try more stuff out, that's all. There is only so much you can mix into pancakebatter without making it gross. I do intermittent fasting at the moment. Or more I guess when my body tells me it want's food. Sometimes I don't eat over 16-18 hours and sometimes I wake up hungry. I do try to keep an eatwindow of 8 hours and fast the rest of the time but as I said, I try to listen to my body m
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