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  1. thank you! This challenge was quite a struggle. End of year on summer gets quite hectic south here
  2. The plan is simple. Nutrition Track calories and meals with MFP and/or journal (first 2 weeks) One fruit per day (0/21) Not rush eating and listen to what my body says Body Walk everyday. (0/21) Gym 3 times per week, starting this wednesday. (0/8) Mind Journal everyday. (0/21) Read 30' everyday (0/21) Soul Yoga, breathing, meditation everyday, at least 5', or a single mindful pose (0/21) Miscelanea Backup all my photos to googlephotos before losing that free real estate. (0.5/1) Start my blog, rambling about stuff, it's just
  3. Truest words ever. I love huuuuuuuuuuge deks
  4. jcmgm

    jcmgm Coming back

    Ok! Had a long weekend, catching up with friends thanks to the restrictions being lifted off -FINALLY. We're out of the stay-at-home phase and into the social distancing phase. So taking care and all that jazz, but it was so good to see friends and spending some time together. I knew my goals were too ambitiuos but nevertheless that's what I'm aiming at. so far Walk everyday. (4/16) Journal everyday. (6/16) Backup all my photos to googlephotos before losing that free real estate. (0/1) Yoga/breathing/meditation everyday (5 min at least) (5/16)
  5. Same here hehe. Well... but no goal is worse than... wrong direction? Dunnno All things must pass and one day you'll hear from those grant-ers Here we've wainting for over 9 months for a review on a research paper. Sending lots of strength!
  6. Glad to hear your doing well! Get cozy and hygge! And get all the sunshine you can get. My city is also known for long and bad winters... for how north up we're. There's all the Patagonia south of us with colder, shorter and harsher, but well... they got snow.
  7. Winter is coming north there? Does days get too short? Hope your doing well!
  8. Love the goals. ❤️ How are you doing?
  9. jcmgm

    jcmgm Coming back

    Thank you! It's good to be back I've have reconnected with photography after a monthes long hiatus
  10. So I remember that I had a great time here, and was used to being somewhat accountable. SO better late than never We were one week into the quarantine when I started my last challenge, now we're out of it - kind of - after 230 days or almost 32 weeks... WOW I've written my Yoga monograph, about the interconnection between the scientific research of breathing and Yoga pranayama and other breathing techniques. I loved it My goals for these two weeks are few. Walk everyday. (0/16) Journal everyday. (0/16) Backup all my photos to googlephotos befo
  11. this is going to my list! This one is rough. It took me some time to get used to budget, plan, and get all the things needed for cooking and eating better.
  12. oh, this ought to be mentally exhausting. I've got some of those also. Hope you're having a nice start of the week!
  13. jcmgm

    Jean devises a plan

    oh Tai chi has been calling me lately. Funny how more "peaceful" I've become with time... First Taekwondo, Kickboxing... now Yoga and Tai Chi! Have a nice week you too!
  14. How's everyone coping with?
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