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  1. jcmgm

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? This was part of one character's arc. You've got this! <3
  2. jcmgm

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Good luck with everything coming your way! You'll do it great! not an English Major but well... The gifts of imperfections, when we drop the expectations (and chains) of perfection, we are happier I think. Wabi-sabi, as they say in Japan. There's beauty there.
  3. jcmgm

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Have a nice end of the weekend! You'll get things in check, you can do it!
  4. jcmgm

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    Live shows are the best! (usually) I really like the new/old goals! See you soon!
  5. jcmgm

    jcmgm Here we (still) go

    Ok! So last day of this challenge. let's recap. I had some time to go introspective and I think I found out why I'm lagging in some of my objectives. I'm kind of wrecking my days if I take my phone to bed. Last week I committed to leaving it out of my room and I've been reading more and sleeping better. Waking up is easier and find me with more energy if I don't end the night watching Youtube or social media or Netflix. Will work on this! Regarding the objectives. Walk to Mordor: I didn't walk every day 30' but I've walked more this month. I just need to gear up to continue to do this during winter... perhaps grabbing some rainproof cover for my bag when walking home from the University. I don't want to break my laptop. Run run run: I didn't run any day. Zero. I was afraid I would hurt myself because I'm heavier than ever. So.. I'm planning to switch running with riding an indoor bike, works even better with all the rains and cold days we're starting to have. Do the HIIT or sprinting there. Lift the world was easier. I didn't do all the workouts I planned, I twisted a knee on yoga, I had to take it slow after that. But I'll be leaving the heavy kettlebell and do bodyweight instead this next challenge. Lay some strong foundations. Start from the beginning. Yoga and mobility were the easiest. At least every night I did some poses or stretchings and with my Yoga Teacher Training, I had many days covered. However, I would like to develop my own home yoga practice Write and read I wrote almost every day so I consider that also done. The same for reading... it feels so good to go through books once again. Art/music Piano and drawing were my artistic choices this challenge. (The guitar had 2 strings cut so that was impossible to go on, I'd need to get the new ones...) Meditation was a staple of every day. My yoga classes all included meditation. And the other days I would spend at least 5 minutes focusing on my breath. Biology This was trickier. Work can get chaotic here in my group. I achieved 1/4 of my goals. But a PhD course on advanced statistics (GLMs and R) opened up and I've enroll to that so those 2 I considered them postponed till that. I did some kind of SciComm, on the World Penguin Day. So recapping, I could say it was a 6/10. Next challenge I think I'll be focusing on cleaning up my eating (scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist). Continue to develop some key habits and getting into the habit of working out. My body, my mind, everything feels better when I move so I need to find the way to do it even when the climate is adverse, or the work days long. If not then I end up feeling worse. Aching. Have a happy Sunday! Here we call it 'el último DominGoT'. Today it ends!
  6. jcmgm

    jcmgm Here we (still) go

    It was not so great! Haha.. the photos didn't load up, so it was kinda... boring hahaha... But it is done. This week is going good. So far I've done all of my goals.
  7. jcmgm

    jcmgm Here we (still) go

    ... Ok.. ok ok.. cool cool cool cool cool cool This month I've got a plan, a big plan. Huge. Lots of goals. Let's break it down Body Walk to Mordor I've started to walk again, ditching the car so I'm adding 30' of walking every day. Run, run, run. Once a week I'll go sprinting. Most likely hill sprints to make it easier on my knees. (Having run two 10k I know long ones make me bored so, fast and hard). Preferably, on Saturday. (If weather is bad... I will do it on an indoor bike, watching something on tv) Lift the world KTB workouts thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Swings, Squats and Deadlifts x15, 3 sets Yoga and mobility Yoga every day... I'm going strong with my Yoga teacher training, I have to do 4 classes obligatory per week. I've started to do some yoga sessions at home also. Mind Write I want to write every day. Right now I'm writing 4-5 times per week. So let's turn up the volume a little bit and get to the whole week. Read Reading was something I did all the time, but since smartphones appeared, and Internet so accessible, I've been reading less and less (books). So 30 minutes every day is my baseline goal. Soul Art/music I want to get back to draw and play music every day, so I'll be drawing or playing the piano. Trying to get back used to read sheets... so hard. Meditate Everyday, at least 5 minutes, in connection with my breath, and myself Biology Ok, these are not daily goals or habits but weekly. Week 1: Organize with the aquarium and fix the penguin box for me measurements Week 2: Start working with R and GLM for publishing my thesis Week 3: Prepare infographics or threads for SciComm Week 4: Continue learning R and SciComm It is a lot... But I work better this way