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  1. Getting stuff done. Whoo

  2. Excited for this Saturday. Get to see an old friend.

  3. Nothing like day 2 of my challenge and I already want to hide in my bed for the rest of my existence

  4. Respawn time. Oh and I got my hair done finally.

  5. Tomorrow is last day of taking meds for good. Shall be my next challenge to show what I'm made of.

  6. Do I get a cookie for recruiting people to NF?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BlackTezca


      I would give you cake but that would be a lie :P. Maybe some pie on Saturday XD

    3. shaar


      Bacon cookie?!

    4. kaelvan
  7. Curious if anyone uses Insider Timer as well. It's one of my favorite meditation apps

  8. We broke Steve. MAHAHAHA

    1. DrFeelgood
    2. marvelfangirl


      How did we break our illustrious leader?

  9. So it's offical I'm going to Camp NF...pretty sure be lot better than that camp I went to when I was a kid.

  10. Taking pride in creeping my brother out with my flexibilty

    1. Mr_Willes


      Very curious about what you did to him, or made him see...

  11. Happy have glasses again. Let's not break these while workingout too.

  12. Need to get everything together. Must motivate self to do it now.

  13. Can't tell if Congress is being serious or just trying to avoid actual work...who keeps letting these people vote on regulating the internet

  14. Got back from my working interview, I absolutely love it there. I really hope they liked me just as much as I did of them. *cross fingers* Let's hope this works out. If not, cry a bit and try to find a place just as good as there.

    1. ValkyrieGrace


      Good luck! Wishing you the best!!

    2. LadyGrey
  15. Nothing says fun like freaking the f*** out on how the forms I need to sign is no where to be found on this site they gave me and my interview is in less than 2 hours. Kinda want to sit and cry now

    1. TMedina


      Take a deep breath. Roll your shoulders. You are doing the best you can do, given the situation. That's all you can ask of anyone.

    2. kaelvan


      OK calmed down a bit. I just really want this job.

    3. TMedina


      Is good - stress is natural. Channel that anxious energy; make it your confidence and enthusiasm. Use it to empower yourself. And good luck! Fingers crossed! :D

  16. having hard time focusing on reviewing how to restrain a dog when they choose a pug as their example dog. The pug is just that cute.

  17. Note to self: don't read comment section on any video to even mention feminism. Great way to feel crappy and angry.

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    2. Bekah


      I agree with Flea, just dont do it!

    3. kaelvan


      Unless it's videos done by the small group of geeks who geek on about pic/PSA videos. Those guys give YouTube hope

    4. Bookworm_Tess
  18. 5 minutes straight of assisted shoulder stand. It hurt after the 3 minute mark

  19. Figured out it wasn't my Macbook, but the charger. *sigh of relieve* Since that will take few day to get shipped might as well clean out my Mac's fan and keyboard. Those need it

  20. Yay no ground hogs were harmed this year.

  21. Metal makes Pokemon battles more intense

  22. Can't tell been playing Pokemon too long or is there is lot of lines that can be really misinterpreted

    1. Stonie


      so many innuendos. xD

  23. *sigh* Don't look forward to fixing my Macbook myself this week.

    1. Steppinon D'Arrows
    2. Moriartea_time
    3. kaelvan


      Done lessor things for my Macbook since Apple Store employees couldn't fix a simple problem twice in a row. I just hope don't have to weld anything (something says it's that damn metal piece that's the problem).

  24. Wait there was actually a Punisher movie? Does Marvel know about this or anyone for that matter?

    1. TMedina


      There were actually two or three - two with an actual "Punisher" character, and I think a third that hinted at it.

    2. Brawlrus


      I enjoyed Dolph Lundgren as Punisher, even if he was way too tall for the role. Thomas Jane fit the role really well. I found it a bit boring, though.

  25. Got an interview with an vet office. Maybe I can get out of this place I'm working at and be with more stable people

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    2. Ayla14


      Good luck. I just recently had to get out of my job because of 'unstable' people.

    3. TMedina
    4. kaelvan


      Thanks guys. *fingers crossed*

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