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  1. Tomorrow is last day of taking meds for good. Shall be my next challenge to show what I'm made of.

  2. *cough Ezio cough* Need to get that coughing checked. Seriously, Ezio is a stylish motherf***er. He's even got the swag to match it.
  3. Part of me feels like I failed a bit on this challenge, especially the part for volunteering as much as I wanted (oh the joy of it constantly deciding it wants to snow or rain...next time I won't chose the outdoors with the dogs).
  4. Thanks. Today I went on a pretty dangerous road (since trying get over my fear of driving...fun how that was instilled by my mom) because NY state hates roads and paving is for squares (but put rocks on mud is the way to go). I had such an adrenaline rush I haven't had in a while.
  5. I think I'll push it off until the end of holidays. We apparently are going to be "celebrating" Easter with my mom's side of the family (little backstory these people basically stop talking to my mom because she defended my aunt, who has been helping my grandparents, but because she said no more on being "abused" by them, she got isolated by mom's side of the family. Only reason we are going is our aunt asked us to do that since she's moving). I have no clue if my jackass cousin will start in about gay people, but I might tell him off. I will try to stay enough under the radar for my mom since she can't drink (recovering from her co-depending on alcohol to get through dealing with her family). I might tell my grandma (dad's mom) about being lesbian since she's the ultra-liberal that walks the walk and she's the few family member that don't suck. Also, working on my anxiety since I'm now getting off my meds in 2 weeks. I need to do this in order to gain control in my life. Also, to get over my fear of going and socializing with people.
  6. I really love that piece, BlackTezca. Po looks awesome. I so I decided to make my webcomic into a satire. After attempting to write an outline for it (so hard sitting down and getting through writer's block), I realize I would love to poke fun at dystopian genre, especially after look at at this one series that showed everything wrong with what's happening the genre.
  7. I know my mom be little more easier to talk to her about it. She always joke it's twice the wardrobe.
  8. And I chickened out when I heard my dad refer to the dead gay activist in House of Cards as a fag. Thanks dad for making me feel really uncomfortable. I couldn't even tell him off. I feel like such a loser for that. I feel like a disgrace to my own morals. *sigh*
  9. Hope it all works out for you. Drama kind of sucks. But yay for the 3 min plank
  10. I have to prepare for the worst (it's just habit I picked up). I want to do it Saturday; though if I find good opportunity tomorrow, I'm taking it. Got covered in head to toe in peanut butter making the shelter dogs' treats. Great way to not want to look at peanut butter for quit a bit. Had really long and great workout today. I got pinwheel down. And my back been getting more flexible. Also, I think I did 2 pushups today. Couldn't really tell since my glasses were off (not breaking these too). Also, talked to an old friend who I haven't spoken to in 2 yrs. Still feel bit bad I made her suffer from my issues at the time even though she forgive me. Maybe next challenge make amends with the people I basically hurt during my darker days.
  11. 30 sec plank (wasn't really pushing myself for longer)
  12. Do I get a cookie for recruiting people to NF?

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    2. BlackTezca


      I would give you cake but that would be a lie :P. Maybe some pie on Saturday XD

    3. shaar


      Bacon cookie?!

    4. kaelvan
  13. I curious if the doors in my house can handle a pull-up bar since so much of the house has not done so great this brutal winter
  14. Curious if anyone uses Insider Timer as well. It's one of my favorite meditation apps

  15. Pretty sure I have horrible luck with having women drop off the face of the earth. Oh well *sigh* Now know how much I owe for my ticket. Wasn't the worst, it only less than $200. I was expecting way much worst. Now need to see how much I have in my bank, so I can finally get my hair cut (hair's attacking again). Think of maybe being wild and crazy and just tell my parents I'm lesbian this week. Just want to get it over with. Now just waiting for the guy to call and finish bit more of the process for working with the farm animals. Oh yeah this weekend, I finally got to see the place. Love it there. They have a sheep the jumps through hoops and a pig that plays the piano. Oh and emus (let's hope don't have to go to war with them like the Australians did).
  16. Something old (about year or 2 old ) Something new (or still work in progress...yes few burns on there from the ash)
  17. I notice getting more bendy with my back. Was able to geek out with this girl this evening about travel (went on about Holi festival folklores), which was nice. That gave me spring in my step about online dating (I was starting to get tired over it and wanting to quit). Decided to just completely outline all the backstories of everything in my webcomic. I been having ridiculously hard time actually writing anything for that. Instead I been writing ridiculous stuff, like Batman Robin fanfic (still have no clue how that happened).
  18. We broke Steve. MAHAHAHA

    1. DrFeelgood
    2. marvelfangirl


      How did we break our illustrious leader?

  19. Think just bad ache, but it might also be that I'm just sick. And hopefully because I'm hitting my first issue with online dating not many girls to chose from and not many responding now. Is it wrong I'm approaching women myself instead of waiting for them to do it themselves? *sigh*
  20. I think a girl was hinting at a date or I'm really getting a mixed signal. Also, need to find a way to deal with all the back aches from working on backbend
  21. I notice if I comment on something they wrote or ask a well thought out question, I get more responses.
  22. Omg I loved the Venus of Willendorf. One of few things I actually remember from Art History (that and all about those columns)
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