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  1. Since been forgetting about this, decided to come back to this. So this week found out I'm small (xsmall if we are talking about Old Navy) for tops. That I am 10 in pants, but 12 (maybe 14 if we are talking about Charlie Russo? store) in really skinny jeans. I still don't feel comfortable in regular bras (so sports bras for life). I have bat wings now (curse you losing weight). And I'm now down to 148 lbs. And now got chunk of my money paid for Camp NF. Whooray!
  2. And I keep finding lot of Kay (Kae) on Okcupid. Fantastic way to end up with bad jokes if I ever date another Kay.
  3. That remind me of my favorite new webcomic poledancingadventures.com
  4. I also found out I can do a bridge pose. Wonder why I never tried to see if I could do it before? And I apparently now a small/xsmall top wise (long way from large)
  5. Whoo I actually flirt for once and it wasn't totally awkward (for me atleast). Besides that, I'm getting my backbend bit more further down. And I found out I can do a bridge. Handstands work in progress. And I the recommended exercises for parkour from here. Apex has lot of good info.
  6. When I magically get a full time job (and get a bit more self esteem), I want to take pole dancing at this dance studio near me.
  7. I have no clue how to use charcoal. It's just too hard for me (tool itself I mean). I need it more like powder.
  8. Good thing I have a pile of apples at home right now. Apple chips here I come.
  9. There's so many interesting girls on here. Note to self must work on social skills
  10. One girl apparently messaged me back. Yay. And I'm having a conversation right now. This is kind of fun. My writing isn't going so hot today. Oh well
  11. Zhang Huan is my favorite. Love his sculptures and artwork made out of incenses. He tends to use his country's (China by the way) past and mixes the present into his work. I seriously want to get as good as this guy. As for writing wise, Alan Moore influences a bit of my write. If I could write a comic as good as him, I be pretty damn happy.
  12. No, actual ash from incenses and matches.
  13. I apparently now can get one of my legs behind my head. I just need to find a way to keep it in place. Ah the magic of boredom.
  14. If you're fine with crap fun movies, then District B13 you should watch.
  15. So it's offical I'm going to Camp NF...pretty sure be lot better than that camp I went to when I was a kid.

  16. Today I messaged few girls. Maybe I might get a response from from one of them. Also, had hard time with writers block with my script, so I wrote nonsense about Batman making ridiculous small clothes to get revenge on his dead parents. Nothing says getting my 30 mins in with Batman fanfic. Weird exercise, but it did work.
  17. Tomorrow I shall do the crazy thing of talking to a girl. *gasp* Now I'm off to finish writing for today.
  18. So I jumped into online dating and I found a girl I use to be friends with on there. She turned out pretty cute.
  19. Opps didn't realize it was up already
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