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  1. Having too much fun with the physical part of my challenge. Social part, like pulling teeth.
  2. Do they make customs because a rainbow ice cream cake would drive it home?
  3. I sadly live at home because of this economy and New York state knows how to chase everyone out of the state with our taxes. My mom keeps forgetting I'm my own person and keeps thinking I'm going with her and my dad (and younger brother maybe?) when they finally move. My mom uses my past on me to keep a short leash on me. Then, acts like she doesn't do that. But I should talk to her and tell her everything. I'm going to need really big cake now. Maybe throw in ice cream as well. No one can get angry over cake and ice cream, right?
  4. Teaching myself contortion is really going well. So much fun seeing what I can do now.
  5. Ok need to figure at a way to get my mom to stop worrying about me to death. She's really bad. I didn't text her quick enough and she was acting like I was kidnapped by terrorists. *sigh* Wait until she hears I'm going to Camp NF, she's going to have a heart attack. If only I could get this leash she has on me lot longer. Hard enough trying to have a social life if I'm not allowed in quit a few certain places (why haven't gone to a lgbt support group, which been wanting to go to for while now). I don't think she gets I'm a grown woman. Now questioning if I show even bother try dating if I really can't go anywhere. *sigh*
  6. Note to self, don't try handstand on rug. You're going to get rug burned.
  7. And...I think I'll do this when cheese is lot cheaper (almost cried over the price for one of the cheeses). Instead I need another recipe with spinach involved. But I with make baked eggplant tonight atleast. Found a place in town to get my hair done. Now just need to pay off my ticket and make a payment for Camp NF, then be good to set that appointment. Looked into join few things (there's trivia night on Friday) after going to the library. Also, having way too much fun acting like I'm 5 again. Fun way to get over the fear of being upside down
  8. Arrr you kidding that sounds like so much fun
  9. I have my hair control me too. That's why have to follow the curly waviness that is my thick hair or else it will try to kill me. Hair already tried to kill me in my sleep
  10. Taking pride in creeping my brother out with my flexibilty

    1. Mr_Willes


      Very curious about what you did to him, or made him see...

  11. I think I have an idea of where I like to get my hair done. And tomorrow I shall scoop out the few ideal places. Possibly Wednesday work on my dating profile.
  12. I need to build up strength to do that Assassins Creed workout. I'll just save it on my Stumbleupon.
  13. I'm still working on my ash piece. I need lot more ash to finish this, but I did learn quit a bit about ash. I know you can draw and paint with it. Plus, bit cheaper than real art supplies.
  14. Well I'm doing a meal a week, but this week I'm making this spinach lasagna. I've been having serious craving for spinach lasagna for the past few days. It's just so delightful. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-vegetarian-spinach-lasagna/?scale=6&ismetric=0
  15. Trust me planks can easily give you more strength, especially if are a jackass like me and do that plank challenge, where you end up going up to 5 mins. So good luck on your challenge.
  16. Happy have glasses again. Let's not break these while workingout too.

  17. Having little too much fun reliving the lava game. Manage to climb on the big dresser of mine. Though Glass Menagerie might being hating me for stepping on it (if books have feels).
  18. Ok I wrote for 30 mins on my webcomic script. It felt great. Though sounds really crappy, but who cares. I got something down.
  19. I know what I'm making this week vegetarian spinach lasagna since I been obsessed this one frozen meal that makes delightful one. Though do think I can do much better. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-vegetarian-spinach-lasagna/ I shall go grocery shopping tomorrow since I'm almost out of food anyway (besides bunch of pizzas in the freezer).
  20. Ok I have an idea of what I want my hair to look like This: With bangs like this: (I have bangs like this, but they sadly now cover my eyes completely) I think this hairstyle will go with my new glasses that are coming today. *excited face*
  21. Hopefully everyone is doing good. Just like to check in see how everyone is. And which are doing 6 week challenge.
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