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  1. Thanks. And I'm slowly getting better. May go to work tomorrow if I'm better. May do that when my wrist heals. And I will have fun with ash piece (step closer to learning how to do that gunpowder art...though may need a responsible adult to watch over me).
  2. kaelvan

    Druids place

    One of my groups on Insight Timer been "forcing" me to think of something I'm grateful for each day. Some days it seems so hard, but rewarding.
  3. Got really sick past two days. *sigh* Way to end this challenge. I learnt you can make "paint" out of ash. Will continue this. Going to be really cool when it's done
  4. The great thing about having the woods, abandoned buildings/railroad, and that tiny park close by, it's the perfect places for my training. I hope the snow melts soon.
  5. kaelvan

    Druids place

    Thanks Turtle So what did everyone learn from their challenge? I learnt quit a bit about myself. I actually not bad as I think talking to people. Though later on the day goes way better than in the morning. I'm actually funny. I always thought people just tolerate my humor. I'm not as self conscious about my looks. I now wear tight working out more (though have to buy new ones since they're way too big). Maybe I can be crazy next challenge being able to wear just a sports bra...or am I just being crazy? Hey if this keeps up, I can feel good wearing a bikini this summer. I can easily push through not wanting to do something. Which helps make me do stuff I can't believe I can do. Also, make it easier not to give up and quit. I need difficult goals or I'll just get lazy and do the bare minimum. I'm getting bit more control of my emotions. Take two days ago, I got a ticket. If this was few months earlier, I would of easily started bawling when dealing with the cop. Also, helps I'm not worried as much. It's like I'm in way calmer state than my typical self of few months ago. In a way, feel in lot more control. Not kicking myself for not getting perfection on my challenge. Which is not my usual because I'm bit of a perfectionist. Definably getting lot easier.
  6. kaelvan

    Druids place

    Guys, I'm going to be cheating on you next challenge. I'm going to be checking out the Assassins. Forgive me
  7. It's different with each group. For the druids, we only did 3 mini challenges. Our theme was dragons. (My dragon still needs much more training, but he's better than before the 6 weeks.) So I'm looking forward to new set of goals. Going to be focusing on learning the basics of parkour and working on setting up a workout to work on my flexibility.
  8. I did not know that. *nod*Lets jump on a less depressing topic. To everyone doing 6 week challenge, how do you feeling knowing that it's almost over? I learnt bit about myself this challenge. Look forward to finding out what I discover next challenge
  9. Been pretty bad updating this for past few days. Oh the joy of my Mac not having a charger (wasn't going to spend $75 for a charger I found for $25). So finally have a charger. Slowly getting control of all the crap I have. Don't look forward to go to the other side to get rid of stuff. I'm afraid might find a body or two. Also, want to strangle my parents. Nothing says having to hear my mom go off how that girl, who was killed by the terrorists is an idiot for going overseas to do humanitarian work. And went off about how the parents were idiots for allowing her because we all know that parents have all the say in adults' lives. Part of me just wants to choose the "dangerous" country to travel to piss her off. I'm pretty sure my mom's phobias are getting far worst. Anything I plan or attempt or even just do naturally, ends up her panicking about it. Wish she would just lay off. *sigh* Need to save up to get out here.
  10. So I can see end of 6 week challenge coming near...had to adjust few goals since I can't be too ridiculous, but I actually did pretty well. I learnt quit a bit about myself. Push-ups is basically so close I can taste it. Sadly, I think might of hurt my wrist from work. Oh the joy of overusing my hands because my alcoholic of a supervisor keeps doing things the hard way. I notice it even more when trying to working out. Don't want to go the doctors. Worst enough last time (with my thumb) with my insurance. And it's way too draining. Have no clue where to go get my pixie, since my old hairdresser will be horrified to even ask for it.
  11. Early Valentine for you. It only seem fitting.
  12. Are you implying there's other colors besides black?
  13. Certain days I notice I can't run correctly. I'm almost like I'm drunk on the treadmill. But that could be it rabbit, I mean Turtle.
  14. Can't tell if Congress is being serious or just trying to avoid actual work...who keeps letting these people vote on regulating the internet

  15. Finally got a charger for my Mac. Yay. So recap. Been mixing up the types of planks. Reverse plank got to 120 secs. And both side planks at 30 secs. I read a book on mix of geekery. Not a bad book, but atleast it was free on Amazon. Good chance of me finishing another or two today. I been forcing myself to talk to more people. Though when I was on my working interview, I was the most comfortable with talking to people. I think I might do better talking to people later in the day. Somehow my art piece of Joey Ramone looks off.
  16. Sriracha making everything including chocolate and Tabasco sauce much better.
  17. I think next challenge, I will be forcing myself to cook more meals, even if I can survive on salads, vegetarian chili, and eggplant. I'm way too lazy to actually really cook anything. Which is sad because I'm not that bad as a cook, just super lazy. Sorry. It only seem fitting.
  18. Let's get this gif party started Now if you need me
  19. One last question, what's the deal with your (Australia's) crazy ads for bushfire survival plans? (I'm a huge geek of PSAs/PIFs) I can't figure out why it looks like an explosion happened in all them. Please don't tell me that's normal in Australia. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt6RM-yjsig OK I'm done making jokes at Australia's expense.
  20. Hey guys. I was thinking of joining the Assassins for the next challenge, since I want to get into parkour. Basically I just want to hi to the possible peeps I might get to know over next few weeks. So hello *wave and awkwardly scamper off*
  21. Got back from my working interview, I absolutely love it there. I really hope they liked me just as much as I did of them. *cross fingers* Let's hope this works out. If not, cry a bit and try to find a place just as good as there.

    1. ValkyrieGrace


      Good luck! Wishing you the best!!

    2. LadyGrey
  22. Nothing says fun like freaking the f*** out on how the forms I need to sign is no where to be found on this site they gave me and my interview is in less than 2 hours. Kinda want to sit and cry now

    1. TMedina


      Take a deep breath. Roll your shoulders. You are doing the best you can do, given the situation. That's all you can ask of anyone.

    2. kaelvan


      OK calmed down a bit. I just really want this job.

    3. TMedina


      Is good - stress is natural. Channel that anxious energy; make it your confidence and enthusiasm. Use it to empower yourself. And good luck! Fingers crossed! :D

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