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  1. Summary: I met my total distance goal. I met my average at the end. I'm not sure I kept up on my body workouts... I did organize my house a bit. So overall? I met my goals! Yay!
  2. You haven't failed. You've just not hit the goal you wanted. Because, you got a great workout in over the course of this challenge! That's never a failure.
  3. Thank you! I hit full-blown coldness on Wed. But today I went for a walk and did weights. I think the cold is passing. But I hit my milestone! Yay!
  4. So close! I hope you're doing awesome on this week!
  5. Okay guys! Sorry for all the quietness...I went on a holiday trip, which I had planned for. What I had -not- planned for? Lack of Internet there. My bad. Let me take my notes out... Friday (5th): Travel Day. No exercise completed. Sat (6th): Walked for a total of 3 miles. Sun (7th): Walked for a total of 2.5 miles Mon (8th): Ran 4 miles. Tue (9th) Ran 4 miles (Same course as prior day). Wed (10th): Walked 2 miles. Felt totally junky. Thurs (11th): Walked 3 miles. (Actually, more like like 3.1. But meh.) Friday (12th): Travel Day. No exercise completed. Sat (13th): Walked 2 mile
  6. Wed + Thur: The walk does me some good. I catch my breath and stretch my body. Parts of me are tight. Still, I am getting close to the next town. Only a little bit further, I tell myself as I carry on. Walked on Wed: 2 miles Ran Thur: 4.5 miles Total Distance: 52.5 miles
  7. Tuesday Cont: My feet have grown tired. My legs ache. This is the furthest I have gone from my town at this pace. I usually ride in the wagon with my da and the goods to sell at market. Now, I've agreed to run this path by myself. I had thought I was fit. I take a deep breath. The coin is worth it. I carry on, but slow down a little. Walked 1.5 miles with the dogs. Total Distance: 46 miles
  8. Woot, Neva! Find a good balance for the upcoming week and you've got this next wave down!
  9. I liiiiiiiive! Apologies for the delays in post, but this past week was 'holiday' time for me and that lead to me being very busy. So let's see here... Tues (Last week): Swam another 1 mile. Wed (Last Week): Ran 3 miles. Thur (Thanksgiving): Day Off/Recovery Friday (You get the idea): Body workout of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. 30 min. Saturday: Walked 2.5 miles Sunday: Ran 4.5 miles in 48 min. I was excited about this one. Monday: Did a body weight workout of pull-ups (various), push-ups, and sit-ups for 45 min. Walked 2 miles. Today (Thus far): Ruck march for 3 miles in 45 mi
  10. I had no idea! That's actually kind of cool. As for the push-ups, maybe do regular push-ups till you can't do anymore, then switch to knees...? Or throw in some reverse push-ups? =3
  11. Monday (Cont.): Once the river had been crossed, my clothing was sopping wet. I pulled out a new pair of pants and stripped off my shirt, placing it over my pack to dry. For now, there was no need for a shirt. I set off, walking. Walked the dogs for 2 miles. Total Distance: 28.5
  12. This may be my favorite 'theme' for a starting challenge yet! Way to go for it. You're diving right into it!
  13. Monday (Thus Far): After reaching the next valley, I found a river running across the trail! I had not heard of such a waterway. Perhaps the unusually warm weather this year had diverted the water's path, but I did not know. Still determined to continue my trip, I folded my shirt up and put it into my sack and held it aloft. Swam 1 mile in about 39 min. Total Distance: 26.5 Assessment: I'm 1/3 of the way there. I think I'm making good time, but I need to pay closer attention. I'm not sure if I'm averaging 3 miles or not.
  14. Sunday: A short break, time of rest, then it's back on the trail. I'm working my way slowly up a hill, heading into the next valley over. Today, did some walking on hills for 1.5 miles (a little more, but why not keep it simple?) Total Distance: 25.5 miles
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