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  1. 1) You may want to pre-grease the pan a bit, as the eggs will stick like a mofo, even to a non-stick pan. Supplement with some omega3 and use a little coconut oil! 2) if you foresee yourself consuming them all within a work-week, you'd probably be ok to leave them in the fridge. Any longer and you'll want to freeze some. I usually eat 2 per meal so it doesn't take long to burn through a batch. 3) I re-heat with the microwave directly from frozen. Microwaves don't do eggs any justice, but when you're at work with no other options, you take what you can get. The end result is NOT THAT BAD. 4)
  2. Hey! I'm going to be in Phoenix Oct 4 - 8 for a work conference and have a few things I'd LOVE to do in my free time while I'm there: * See Incubus. They're playing the Comerica Theatre on the 5th * Visit Jerome AZ to see Maynard's (of TooL) vineyard and the Caduceus Cellars Tasting Room http://www.caduceus.org/ * Experience some Mountain Biking, Arizona style * Locate and purchase another set of Vibram Fivefingers Incubus is easy. I happen to have that night off from conference activities, and they just happen to be a favorite band of mine. Visiting the vineyard is more of a challenge but
  3. As it turns out, yes. Seriously though, the hill has trails for all skill levels and speeds. The stuff you saw in the video is some of the more advanced riding - stuff you wouldn't ride until you've had some experience riding downhill first. As mentioned - Alethea wound up taking a wrong turn, paniced and broke her self. For something of a much easier pace maybe this is more your style - taken last year as a 'warmup' for the silverstar leg of our trip. I have to say - i'm not as death defying as you claim me to be. MUCH of the footage you see in my videos are taken by my much more s
  4. Silverstar Mountain, Vernon BC Canada Here's my trip from last year - I'm still working on the 2011 movie, which will feature a cameo appearance by Alethea.
  5. I know! Just felt I needed to defend myself.. Especially since I've barely been a presence here in the past little bit.
  6. Hey hey hey now.. There were warnings read and waivers signed before we got on that chairlift (note my avatar). I am not to blame. Shall I post some pics of you and your modified eating utensils? LOL. I didn't need to stick anything in her tires - she pulled off her epic endo all by herself - and I have video proof of it to boot. Not in the ER... But waiting rooms, maybe. You forgot to mention Alethea, that you still managed to have a good time, despite the injuries.
  7. Definitely. The park site is great for general basic maintenance stuff. But when you start getting into specialized, less common maintenance/repairs you need something more than their site can provide. The barnett's is great because it covers nearly every specific make/model/year of a part with specific instructions for each.
  8. This was awesome enough to warrant it's own thread. What I would add is a little known secret to reduce pinch-flats: Dust all your inner tubes with a small amount of talcum (baby) powder. Most new tubes come with a hint of talcum on them already, but often it's not enough. The dust will add help prevent your inner tube from sticking to the inside of the tire which will HUGELY reduce the amount of pinch flats you get!
  9. I don't even want to know where my post was in the wastelands.. probably dead last. It's been 3 weeks since i updated here! Been very busy packing, moving, reno-ing and unpacking. Averaged around 4hrs of sleep a night in the last week and a bit, have been eating like crap the past month (as in - paleo? what's that?), and haven't worked out at all (except for the whole moving thing). Now that it's all over, and life is uhhh. normal? again, I can start focusing on myself again as well. An awesome benefit to the move is that I'm now close enough to ride or walk to work - so hurray! forced fitn
  10. You certainly could. We've dodged plenty in our day on the less steep bits.
  11. +1 There's nothing.. and I mean NOTHING.. more exhilirating and satisfying than conquering an epic dirt ride with your mountain bike. I'm pretty lucky in that I'm only a few hours drive from some of the best actual mountain riding you can find.. Until you discover downhill riding... then all bets are off..
  12. Slow going for my challenge so far. I've been too tied up on my lunch hours to get out and ride, and my evenings have been too tied up with house cleaning and packing to do much else. Diet's been really lax lately too - also as a result of us trying to keep minimal groceries in the fridge. Been far too much snacking and eating out for me to be happy. This move can't come soon enough. I can't wait to get back to some semblance of 'normal'. I haven't even had time to check in on NF as much as I'd like. Work's been nuts and it's generally working hours where I find the most time to get my
  13. Thanks Kain! I just realized that I still had my old YT acct in my sig. I stopped using the email addy it was attached to, and so have stopped using that acct too. The movies will stay up for posterity sake, but I'm using my new acct for future movies. I noticed you subbed me, so I'd suggest subbing this one instead/too - http://www.youtube.com/user/jwywal Getting EXTREMELY stoked for my trip in July. I'm already planning ahead and storyboarding some of the clips I want to get. Going to have no less than 5 cameras out there this time, so I should be able to get some stellar footage from
  14. I am LOVING how many new faces are throwing their hat's in the ring this round. Gonna be an exciting one! Welcome to you all!
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