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  1. Tested my maxes on Dec 5. EXERCISE---- GOAL - START - CURR. 1RM - % BENCH PR.____227___175_____235_________ DEADLIFT_____292___225_____320________ POWER CLN___195___150_____ 205_________ SQUAT_______312___240_____305_________ CURL_________175___135____ 175__________ Quick update. Math coming later
  2. O_O It... it is GLORIOUS!!! *Saving to harddrive*
  3. Think of it like a journey rather than a destination. Just because you reached your goals is no reason to stop improving. Keep going, and see how far you underestimated your abilities.
  4. Human wastes have a few problems. First of all, as was stated before, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and the like bioaccumulate upwards on the food chain. We have already seen in rivers recieving treated waste streams of fish spontaneously changing genders because of residual medications leaving people's bodies, like metabolites from prozac. We have to determine whether or not chemicals like this can be effectively removed by particular plants. For example, certain swamp plants are actually poisonous; not because they produce poison, but because they uptake certain chemicals and heavy met
  5. Also, a picture of a kitten deadlifting a weight while wearing a chef's hat lopsidedly would ... purrfectly ... sum up this thread.
  6. I think people call fully-grown cats "kittens", for the same reason some people pray to "Baby Jesus". As far as plateauing, back in the Marines I did something eerily similar to stronglifts. When I did a de-load, I would always do the last set of my (at the time 6 sets for 5 reps) as a set to failure. You don't have to actually fail though, just on that last set just keep going until you don't think you could do one more safely or properly. Also, I would supplement the basic big exercises with exercises that work the supporting muscles more thoroughly. Just on days that you have the extra
  7. My name is Christopher, and it has been 40 days since my last Taco Bell "Surrounded by various wrappers, depleted sauce packets, and shame" binge. I did sort of have a slip, though. I had an instant pizza in my freezer that I cooked and ate in a single sitting. I started to feel bad til I actually looked at the nutritional information. It was a medium sized, wheat thin-crust Buffalo chicken pizza. 18 grams of protein per serving, 330 calories per serving, and 1 serving = 330 calories., 1320 calories = roughly half of what I need to be eating to meet my goals per day. So, I simply calculate
  8. Watch your step here; there is a crazy man slinging weights, running and falling down walls, sprinting whilst imagining marathon zombies hauling ass behind him, and practicing his martial arts, all in the interest of defeating and evading zombies.

    Sanity is not guaranteed nor even encouraged here.

  9. This thread is pure, unfiltered awesomeness. 191 proof. Continue nutting skyward unadulterated.
  10. Also, I have a new theme song for this challenge.
  11. Hello, my name is Christopher, and it has been 31 days since my last McRib. Technically, that isn't true. The McRib just came back out, but since it has been 31 days since any fast food at all. Sloooooowly inching down the weight lower and lower. I'll probably make the 10 pound goal, but just barely. 6/10 pounds down. I don't count the weight unless I am fully hydrated, which makes it harder to achieve, but a more meaningful weight loss. - I have been living off of steam-bags of vegetables, and steam-bags of salmon and tilapia. And protein shakes made with skim milk to make that 200+ gra
  12. I was going to make a supportive comment, but now I'm a little bitter because I'm drooling all over my shirt because of your food pictures. Way to keep kicking ass even as stuffed up as a build-a-bear.
  13. Hi, my name is Christopher, and it has been 29 days since my last Cheddar Jalapeno poppers from Arby's. And God do I miss them. Weight is hovering at the halfway point to my goal. That's fine for now. - Bench max is now @ 215!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 12 pounds away! - Curling 145 now. - I eventually said "screw it", and stacked 295 on the bar and tried deadlifting it. It took a lot of stretches, and warming up, and water, and psyching myself out, but dammit I got that sucka up! DEADLIFT MISSION: COMPLETE!
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