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  1. So the home gym.. Has a weight set I got when I was 20 as a gift..back on my first attempt to get in shape (this one is attempt 3 and it finally stuck). Has a bench that you can incline and decline with including all of the attachments for everything from incline bench to decline crunches. Weight rack..but just a basic one..not solid enough for me to do squats with (I'd tip it over when I slam the bar back in..lol). Barbell that's barely been used (the knurling tears my skin up..lol). 265# in plates. Also have an EZ bar and one of those free weight bars that you can toss plates on.
  2. Ok, vacation is over..I haven't been to the gym in weeks..so that's going to change today..gonna just go in without a plan and ease back into things..my vacation kinda roughed my legs up a bit so I just want to focus on some mobility stuff, dynamic stretches, and form checks on myself today..make sure my range of movement is solid before I jump back in. Surprisingly I didn't gain any weight on vacation..considering I was drinking from sunrise to sunset most days everything from mezcal to margaritas to my weight in pacifico. Which gives you a good look into how hard it is for me to eat w
  3. My face when I saw you all let this post die a year ago, here's to hoping my epic beard can breathe some life back into it. At the very least @Guzzi will appreciate all my hard work.
  4. I retired my old username as soon as it became an adult.. (literally it hit 18 years around the time I decided to do away with it).. So this new one.. Missoula is where I live now. Squatch..short for Sasquatch..I've been called both interchangeably for the last year or so by people in the hiking/outdoors group I run..pretty sure it's because I'm big, burly, bearded/hairy, spend a lot of time in the woods, grunt and growl a bunch.
  5. So, cool thing I found on Google Music and I'm sure the other streaming services have it as well: you can pull up a list of your most "liked"/"played" songs. Use that list to build a workout station. I did a few weeks back, discovered a bunch of songs I haven't listened to in awhile that really motivate me..built a pretty amazing workout list with a wide variety of genres..but all stuff I can move to and enjoy.
  6. So, bodyweight staying the same, strength going up. You're basically going through a Recomp, your body is burning fat AND building muscle at relatively the same rate. If you want to increase strength more, add 100-200 calories to your diet, if you want to get back to cutting then subtract 100-200 calories. Sit at those numbers for 6-8 weeks and see what happens. Also worth eating around your maintenance (tdee) calories for a day every few weeks..just keeps that furnace (metabolism) burning brightly.
  7. I figured I should probably add, if you want to try those numbers out I gave, first use a tdee calculator (IIFYM.com has the best one) to figure out your TDEE. Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is your BMR plus work/activity (how active you are during your day, how often you exercise, how intense that exercise is, etc). This is the total number of calories you should be eating to maintain your weight. Base your calorie deficit off of this (no more than 1000 below). On MyFitnessPal, from a PC (I'm not sure the app can do this) go to the Goals section (under the My Home tab), click "Ed
  8. Lifting increases speed, totally a real thing. Good work! If you ever find yourself in a place where you've got access to a Trapbar, throw some Trapbar Speed Deadlifts into your routine, these have a massive impact on improved speed!
  9. *stumbles in* Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey everybody, MissoulaSquatch here (formerly known as Ajaxus on these here forums, retired that handle after 18 years recently..thank you Deadpool). I'm not exactly new to these parts, been around NF for a little over 3 years now. CNF15 alumn, member of NF Academy, NF Yoga, think that's about it. This is kinda my respawn/new battle log/accountability post through the ridiculous amount of vacation time I've got coming up (3 weeks of vacation between now and January 3rd..yikes!) TLDR on what happened before I started this today: Quit smoking 3 years and
  10. The science is still divided on the impact that dietary gelatin/collagen consumption has on our bodies. So if you're looking at it for those purported benefits, that's worth acknowledging. Yes, I do realize this is an old post, but I still wanted to add some thoughts. I've considered bone broth powder myself, but honestly I can't justify the elevated cost for such a low yield of protein/serving. The best way to go is a blend, which most protein powders are moving that way now. Something whey isolate/egg/casein will do the trick. I'm personally a fan of Trutein or Pro Jym..if you've
  11. @Draugin since you linked a 7 year old post from Leangains about IF, here's one from last year on their study: https://www.strongerbyscience.com/intermittent-fasting-study/ Tldr version: No significant difference between IF and a traditional deficit in terms of fat loss, marginally better performance on blood tests by IF participants. Overall conclusion: you do you, but don't expect any magical results from IF. All that said, IF is a great tool for some people (especially those late night snackers who struggle to set boundaries) and if it works for you keep at it. I kinda skimmed the
  12. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. That's your short answer. You can lose weight on a caloric deficit while still consuming carbs, and you should feel better about your athletic performance and/or recovery times with the right fuel. If you aren't tracking your food intake, start. Learn where you're at before you do anything else (especially reading the next paragraph). Also start reading up on IIFYM approach to eating..if you want to fix how you fuel your body then learning the basics of macro tracking can get you set in the
  13. Want to add one more thing: Some of that might also be loose skin..you lost 25% of your body weight (fuck yeah), some things are going to be saggy for awhile until the skin snaps back. All that said, muscle burns calories. If you find that your leaning out is plateauing, you might look into increasing your calories for awhile and getting some strength training in to build some mass. Do that for 6-8 weeks, then start to cut your calories back (keep the protein intake up) and watch those last bits just fall away.
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