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  1. Thanks for all your help... I am able to run fast enough that I need 2/3 mins after my runs to get my breadth back to normal...Will try out the hal higdon program...lets see how that goes( on rest days I will most probably do calisthenics...I don't want to discontinue it). And will have to compress the 8 week training to 5 weeks. I can include fartleks on Saturdays. I don't think Ican add hill training to it too...it will be too much. FYI : Fartrek sounds really funny!!! I prfer to do it roughly...I become pretty bored if I don't have to anything to think about and just run slowly. Hence I had already decided that I won't run more than 40-40 mins a day. It saves time and I just had planned to improve my speed slowly..But that was until I decided on my race.lets see how it goes.
  2. week 1 report: body weight training: worked out twice in the week running: 3 times split training: twice headstand training: did it twice. I will rate my first week of the challenge as average... Yesterday I decided to run a 5k race (my first race) on 22nd Feb...so I will have to change my schedule a bit so that I can run my best!!
  3. I don't have a bow...What should I do?? I think I will use a broom as a bow...make those one eyed monsters so much scared that they would think that I am coming to broom them!!
  4. Hi guys...I am an assasin who loves to run....I actually came to this forum as I have a problem and hope that running experts can help me solve it. I have just completed c25k program and am able to run 30 mins comfortably(which comes to arnd 4.2k). Right now I am trying to finish 5 k in 30 mins, by adding sprints in my running. Yesterday night I decided to run my first 5k run(which is on last Sunday of Feb). Hence I was trying to find a program online which would help me improve my time. Can you guys help me?
  5. Does climbing up and down count as one set?? then 6 for me...otherwise 12.
  6. I finished the mini mini quest of 50 chops and did 20 crawls yesterday....stairs..here I come!!
  7. starting with font splits..have heard one has to be careful with sidesplits, they can damage the knees if not done properly. hence only concentrating on front splits for now(heard it is possible to get them done in 3 months if it is practiced regularly.
  8. can someone help me with splits?? I am trying to incorporate them in my workouts but have no idea how to progress with them...today I gave a try and saw myself i a stupid situation..I was stuck while I was halfway down. I couldnt go down further and couldn't go upwards and panicked. I had to ask by roommate's help to help me get back up.
  9. tried the crawls..I did 4, but my form wasn't good...does it count?? when I read about sword chopping, I literally burst our laughing. You can count on me to do it tomorrow
  10. ok..the commando fizzled out in his training during the end of the last challenge...you guys must be wondering why?? life happens!! flu and not taking into account my gmat prep screwed up the challenge..and anyways, I hadn't set specific goals for the challenge too...which I am changing for this one!! then here my plan for the second challenge goes: 1. Calisthenics – I will be following convict conditioning for it (i) pushups- currently able to do full pushups(2 sets of 10) 10 – close pushups – 2x15 8 - close pushups – 2x10 6 – full pushups - 2x25 4 – full pushups – 2x15 (ii) squat- currently able to do 2x15 full squats 10 – full squats- 2x50 7 – full squats – 2x40 4 – full squats - 2x35 (iii) pull-ups – haven’t worked on it 10 – 10 proper horizontal pulls 5 - 5 horizontal pulls (iv) leg raise – currently able to do 2x10 flat straight leg raises 10 – hanging knee raises – 2x15 7- hanging knee raises – 2x10 4 – flat straight leg stretches -2x20 (v) bridge - currently able to do full bridges 2x8 10- wall walking bridges- 1x3 7 – full bridges – 2x15 A >42 B > 35 C > 30 D > 25 2. runninng run 1.5 miles asap(it took me 21 mins yesterday) for running I jst have completed c25k training.(can run for 30 mins continuously and not run for 5 k continuously)..so the plan for this challenge is tue - run for 30 mins and try to increase the distance with each run thrus- run sprints(400 m running and 200 m walking) sat- run 1.5 miles afap(as fast as possible) A – under 14 mins B – under 16 mins C – under 17 mins D – under 19 mins 3. splits – have to find more information on how to progress into them…planning on adding them to my workout most probably after 2nd week of my workout need help from the assasins guild on how to approach this. I am thinking to start with the 4 stretches mentioned in this page http://ashotofadrenaline.net/how-to-do-a-full-splitz/ A - 3 times a week B - 2 times a week C - once a week 4. headstands - I will be following the guide given by steve A - 3 times a week B - 2 times a week C - once a week I think I will not follow the points system from here on...the grades are just for overall assessment on my challenge
  11. I am heading to assassins...I don't thin anything else would suit me(maybe scouts...)
  12. final results come out in a month. the quant and verbal score is given on spot
  13. ok...now to rate my workouts....I will give myself a C for my performance overall....My basic workout consisted of calisthenics and running....so Since I didn't allot points at the beginning to each of them I would do them now for the fist 3 weeks(Level 1): Calesthenics: STR: 3 DEX: 1 STA 1 Running : DEX 1.5 STA 3 CON 0.5 for the next 3 weeks(Level 2) : Calesthenics: STR: 1.5 DEX 0.25 STA 0.25 Running : DEX 0.75 STA 1.5 CON 0.25 For my Level 1 I would give myself an C(maybe a B- if the option was available) and D for level 2(the next 3 weeks) For my life goal I will most probably assign an F(didn't work on it at all) So overall it comes out to: Level 1(50%) STR: 1.5 DEX 1.25 STA 2 CON 0.25 Level 2(25%) STR: 0.375 DEX: 0.25 STA: 0.44 CON: 0.07 Overall stats for my challenge: STR: 1.875 DEX: 1.5 STA: 2.44 CON: 0.32 I will be joining Assassins for my next quest....This one was totally uncommando
  14. hmmm...haven't been too active on the forum because of my gmat exam...gave it yesterday. It was good. ok...now for the review of 6 weeks: It was full of twists....Did the first 2 weeks properly. Then suffered from flu leading to no exercise in the 3rd week..didnt do anything in the 4th week and then my last 2 weeks were decent. (spent the first 4 days of the 5th week to get back on track with my exercise)... Have 2 more workouts to complete my c25k program. Now I am able to do 20 pushups in one go( I did my first set with 13 pushups and second one with 20). Almost completed my level 6 bridge(2x13) from convict conditioning program...finished level 6 for abs and am currently doing 30x2 squats. Lots more to do...which will be part of my next challenge. This one was a bit disorganised.
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