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  1. Even with the business of the start of the semester, I felt compelled to write a post today. Plus, it helps keep me accountable for my actions xP When I was at home, I was able to eat healthy because I was cooking my own meals and had access to a variety of fresh foods. However, now that I'm back at college, I must settle for what the dining halls provide. This means preservatives, generic meats, hidden sugars, etc. Nevertheless, I know that it's possible to eat healthy--I just have to steer clear of typical college food (i.e. pizza, pasta, french fries, and such). Today everything was go
  2. Happy Birthday! It's great that you're being proactive by seeing a therapist about your binge eating.
  3. It turns out that I have some free time tonight, so here's an update: Week 5 Progress Report Grading: Goal 1 (Diet): B Goal 2 (Workout): C Goal 3 (Walking): A Reflection: I've noticed that during this challenge I haven't binged as much as I used to. I'm really proud of the fact that I've been eating healthy, and if I "slip up" by eating something like cookies, I'm able to move on. I no longer have the "all or nothing" mentality. As long as I'm being conscious of what I eat and strive to accomplish my goals, everything's alright. I thought I wouldn't be able to fit in any workouts this
  4. Don't worry about not meeting all of your goals yet. You should be proud that you have the right mindset for improvement and are planning how to get there. If you're struggling with eating, maybe you can shift your focus away from maintaining a caloric deficit to eating for nutrition (this means whole, real foods and hardly any gluten or sugar). Don't deprive yourself, but make sure you're treating your body with love and care. Here are some helpful resources I've used: Sexy by Nature book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1628600152/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&
  5. It's awesome how dedicated you are to goal tracking and self-development. Remember that slow and steady wins the race ;P I believe in you!
  6. Hey guys, sorry for being MIA. The end of summer has been a whirlwind with vacation, hosting guests, and moving into college. Here's a quick recap of the last couple of weeks: Week 3 Grading Goal 1 (Diet): A Goal 2 (Workout): A Goal 3 (Walking): A Notes My birthday was this week, and I made a "paleo" chocolate cake. I'm really proud of myself for accomplishing my goals and not binging on carbs and sugar (which is what the old me would have done). Week 4 Grading Goal 1 (Diet): B Goal 2 (Workout): A Goal 3 (Walking): A Notes I spent several days vacationing at the beach and going o
  7. Update: Just letting people know that I'll be going down to the beach with my family for the week, with little access to wifi.
  8. It's good of you for not eating the donuts at work, and it's even nicer of your for bringing some home to share with others. Here's some quotations that relate to your situation: "Everyday we find ourselves socially obligated to be around unhealthy foods, prepare them, and/ or eat them. The thing is, you just don't have to. It requires some willpower, but that can be mitigated with finesse and humor. To stay true to healthy foods, my most powerful and helpful motivator is the fact that I actively want to be healthy. Once I came to love my own choices and to honestly want to stay away from th
  9. Welcome to the Rebellion Zach. I'm also a college student and suffered from the Freshman 15. Nerd Fitness is a great resource and community that can help support you on your weight loss goals. But remember, it's not just about weight loss--it's a lifelong journey towards a better you. Think about your motivation, or reason, for getting in better shape. This shouldn't just be superficial (i.e. looking better) but about how it can enable you to live a better life. May the Force be with you xP
  10. Hey Presea, I can definitely relate to how you feel after binging. This week I also struggled with compulsive eating. Here's a quotation from Stefani Ruper's Sexy by Nature (a great book that I highly recommend). "We might go a step forward and then take 600 steps back, and that's okay. It's about progress. It's about healing. It's about becoming healthier and lovelier and more alive over time. It's about loving ourselves in the process and forgiving whatever pain and hardship bubbles up. You walk forward, you walk around, you walk back. You don't expect perfection. You journey." We may
  11. It was only week 2 of the challenge, so it's completely understandable that you haven't completed all your goals yet. It's great that you've put so much thought into your rituals and are working towards establishing them. It's cool that you got an adult coloring book (I've been thinking of getting one for helping me with stress). I can definitely understand how much time it can take up--once you begin, you get drawn in (no pun intended, haha) and want satisfaction by finishing it. Another idea is to listen to music or to an audio book and stop drawing when the song or chapter ends. Good
  12. Week 2 Progress Report Grading: Goal 1 (Diet): C Goal 2 (Workout): A Goal 3 (Walking): B Reflection: On Monday I ate compulsively, but it wasn't too bad, so I'd say it was a "B" day. The biggest setback was on Friday when I hung out with friends. We ended up ordering Chinese food, which I had 3 plates of. I also went out for ice cream, and then indulged in a midnight snack of yogurt and cereal. Although I ate unhealthy, at least I didn't have an all out binge. I'm proud that I never let one "bad" day carry over into the consecutive day. Also, 5 out of 7 days were "A" days. In conclusion, I'
  13. I'm trying to get my weight down to a certain range of numbers, but I agree, the number on the scale is misleading. I've been weighing myself weekly, but I've come to realize that the number on the scale should not be my main concern. Instead, I should focus on feeling good in my skin. I can determine my progress by how I look in the mirror and by how well my clothes fit.
  14. Week 2, Day 1 Check-In: In order to make progress with my diet goals, I made a weekly meal plan. I did really well up until dinner, but around 9 PM I went back into the kitchen. I ate some blueberries, cherries, and strawberries. I should have stopped there, but I also ate 3 pieces of dark chocolate, 4 pieces of semisweet chocolate (bad!), along with some walnuts and almonds. The con is that I strayed from my meal plan and ate compulsively. Nevertheless, the pros are that I remained mostly paleo and that I didn't let my compulsive eating turn into a binge (I was tempted to). I will end this
  15. Week 1 Progress Report Grading: Goal 1 (Diet): F Goal 2 (Workout): A Goal 3 (Walking): A Reflection: In addition to my slip up earlier in the week, I also ended up binging on Sunday (muffins, bread, pizza, ice cream, etc.). I've been doing pretty well by making goals and actively taking steps to accomplish them; however, I recently weighed myself and found out that I gained some weight. I felt discouraged because I've been trying to do well, and I know for a fact that my behavior could be a lot worse. It seemed like my hard work was fruitless, so I got the "what the heck" attitude and just
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