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  1. DAYS 8-12 Goal One - Get your ass moving. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, muscle up and lift the bar: 1/3 - Lifted tonight. Squats (5x5 @ 85lbs) and deadlifts (3x5 @ 105lbs). I fucked off the beginning of the week so I'll be doing all three in a row. Again. One day, I'll learn. Walk (or run) it off, buttercup: 1/2 - Snugs and I went on a run today! I have... a lot of feelings about this even though I know I shouldn't compare current me to me that ran my first half marathon because lol. But whatever. We did 1.36 miles (which was more than I'd intended, but once I
  2. Yup! It's all uphill from here or something like that. LMAO Yup. I'm a freaking raven, really. SHINY RUN LIFT BAR DAYS 5-7 Goal One - Get your ass moving. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, muscle up and lift the bar: 3/3 - Nailed it. I got in my last lifting session on Thursday, which was bench (5x5 @ 80lbs). I didn't do a second olympic lift, but I did do some stability stuff with the dumbbells and some hanging practice. (My grip is terrible. I'll never survive aerial again if I can't get my grip back. Sob.) Walk (or run) it of
  3. Week 1, Days 1-4 I didn't get my challenge posted until yesterday, but whatever, I do what I want. Goal One - Get your ass moving. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, muscle up and lift the bar: 2/3 - Lifted last night, about to go lift tonight. Last night was bench (5x5 @ 75lbs) and seated OHP (5x5 @ 47lbs). Tonight is squats (5x5 @ 70lbs) and deadlifts (1x5 @ 95lbs, 3x5 @ 115lbs). (Weight edited in once I finish.) Walk (or run) it off, buttercup: 1/2 - Went for a short walk around the block with the wife and child yesterday. It wasn't as long as I'd have like becau
  4. Ty y'all ♥ Yup. I have a hard time with C25K for some reason - it either feels like too quick a ramp or not quick enough. I've got a loose idea of what I'm planning on doing, which has worked in the past for me. I tend to start out with walking/running intervals, kind of like C25K does, but I end up doing distance-based rather than time-based. I'm way too finicky about my mileage to be like "ten minutes in better turn around, that'll be like 1.5 miles" nahhhh I gotta do the 2. XD Thanks for the encouragement!! And def stick around. ♥
  5. Guess who's back? Back again? Stillskies is back. Tell some friends. (Please don't.) Anyway, I have been dragged from my grave to come back for the ten year anniversary challenge! Which means I... have to remember... how to do the things that I spent two years way back when learning how to do, because time is a bitch and so is depression. Such is life. And speaking of life, there have been some big changes!! Mostly, you'll notice I'm here, with the rangers, and not back with the monks where I used to hang. This is because I sadly had to say goodbye to BJJ in 2015 becaus
  6. All The Rest of The Days Work has been busy. I'm trying to stand up a new team by the first week of April, and we're ridiculously behind. So, a lot of my time has been spent on that. Outside of that, I've mostly been binge watching Gilmore Girls and having fun RPing. And playing with the cats. Lots of playing with the cats. Challenge-wise, this last week was a bust. Didn't do anything challenge-related, so this week was a fail. Rolling with the punches, but I definitely think I know which princess I'm doing next month. So, yay. Moving on.
  7. Cats in bags are always cute. Work has been crazy, but I've been... around. More or less. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wrapping it up.
  8. Thank you~! And I will, eventually. CAAAAAT. And no worries! Thank! ♥
  9. Looks like it's the season for promotions. Thank you! Oh man, I'm so far from blue. SO FAR. Need moar training...
  10. I love chucks. I stopped wearing them because they weren't work appropriate, then I got rid of my gray low tops and my lavender high tops and then I had none. So now I have classic black and white chucks and all is good. I still dress like a college student and I have no regrets. Comfy clothes are comfy. Trying to be! We'll see how it goes for me...
  11. Not an update, but: GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT HER FOURTH STRIPE? THIS GIRL. :D The professor made a joke that I'm a forever white belt since I should technically be a blue belt at this point (been training for over a year, but with frequent breaks whoops~), BUT NOW THE BLUE BELT IS IN MY SIGHT AND I AM TERRIFIED. That is all.
  12. Days 011 & 012 & 013 & 014 I'm liking this bullet approach, especially since I'm not even going to try to do daily updates. I just... don't find I have much to say these days. Probably me being too much in my head, but. Thursday First day back after all sorts of meetings. Catch up day! Woo. Fortunately not a lot to catch up on thanks to me doing it during the meetings, but. Went to the gym with E at work and beat her up while I did core. Went to the gym with stars and did volume squats and bench. Nothing too excited. Friday I was going to go to the gym, but whoops. Too
  13. This one is a murder mystery - everyone gets to tell their own story and interact with the overall plot as plot things are posted. I'm having fun so far, so. SO PRETTY. Also ridic # of lines, but SO PRETTY. They are a part of training, and for the most part, I honestly don't mind them. Usually, as they come more often, they start to shift towards technique rather than strength, but there are a few that just... refuse to use technique. And I'm like, noooooo. Hanging in as best as I can at any rate! I tried doing some after the big game I was in crashed, but none have kept my interes
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