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  1. Meet prep is in full swing, and it's deadlift day. By default, it is a good day.

  2. Been gone for a while...time to get back. Again.

  3. Note to self: skinny jeans and quads do NOT mix *waddles about*

    1. Toshimi


      there are a few companies that make "athletic fit" jeans! http://barbellapparel.com/

    2. smashmp


      Ooh! Thanks! I'll check them out :)

    3. Papa Raf C

      Papa Raf C

      This is why I always wear shorts. Other people just don't understand...

  4. Futzing around with macronutrient ratios...much confused.

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    2. Noname123


      Are you strength training? I get between .8 and 1 g/lb. I've read it's overkill but at my calorie intake it's very doable and hasn't had a negative impact on anything. Just make sure you get enough carbs before/after too for recovery and energy and you should be good.

    3. smashmp


      I am indeed strength training - 3x's a week and a karate class once a week (soon to be twice a week). I guess I'm paranoid about overeating, especially carbs. I tend to eat a medium-sized sweet potato or brown rice on lift/karate days. I've been at a bit of a plateau bodyweight-wise while food caloric intake has been relatively consistent (around 1600 cal/day) for the last few months. Strength gains have been plentiful, however, bodyweight/measurements have been about the same wit...

    4. smashmp


      Gah, got cut off...bodyweight and measurements have been about the same with some +/- fluctuations here and there. Trying to determine whether I'm eating enough or not for fat loss.

  5. Chill as a mofo. You can stream his album for free on his website! http://music.sufjan.com
  6. I've been listening to Sufjan Stevens during my lifts. It seems so counterproductive but damn is it soothing. I feel a lot less rushed.
  7. I'm gonna have to continue to peruse the linked site a bit; some really cool info. You weren't kidding about the sciency side of it all. Thanks!
  8. As someone married to the opposite of the surfer/athletic-type, I'm going to disagree on the point on oppression. The same could be said about men's bodies (I really don't want to say "dadbod" but there it is) being accepted, even sought after, but women are expected to maintain a very unrealistic standard of beauty/weight. I understand the discomfort he may have being that I'm proactively working on my health and fitness and changing before his eyes. The only "oppression" would be if he sabotaged my healthy dinner by dumping a few tablespoons of sugar all over it. That's extreme of course, a
  9. Lol I'm actually the ass-grabber/slapper in the relationship. Funny how that works sometimes.
  10. Most certainly not! I'll have to add this to pics of other ladies that lift. Also, to update, I finally womaned up and said something to my husband and made my goals clear and that bodybuilding is not my end-goal. He apologized for seeming in any way unsupportive or discouraging. He also mentioned he has a hard time keeping up due to aches and pains in his back and knees and stated more concern for my safety than anything. He says he feels old and is disappointed in himself that he can't keep pace with me. To which, of course, I said everyone has their limits/pace and that I'm there if he's r
  11. Everyday is leg day...except when karate is the following day. Lesson learned. ::hobbles away::

    1. Why not?

      Why not?

      You lost me at "except".

    2. smashmp


      Lol, I normally don't lift the day before karate, but I missed my usual Sunday session because of the holiday. I'll just look silly waddling around when I first stand up.

  12. And just like that, it's over. Not much new to report, other than I had a very busy weekend and still managed to get a good lift in. I've started squatted heavier without my belt. Previously, I was unable to DL 205 without a belt, but knocked out a set of 3 yesterday with no belt and good form. Still wearing the belt for 215, but overall, a vast improvement. Speaking of belts, I'm pretty excited to officially wear my new rank in karate this week. It's been a good challenge and really helped me shrug the plateau I'd hit both in my lifting routine and my body measurements. Since this challen
  13. I'd bring it up with your instructor. Or, ask before any of your partnered exercises begin what level of intensity is expected. I've run into this in my Shotokan class. There's a guy who is twice my size in his mid-40s who refuses to dial back when we wind up as partners. Mind you, he's roughly 6'2" and I'm 5'4" and female. I generally don't make mention of his refusal to dial down, but between sets, I raise my hand and ask our sensei a question or two and slip in a question about how much power to throw behind it. That usually calms him down, since he's not entirely aware of his own strength.
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