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  1. First, panty hose will keep you from chaffing, but since that is a little weird. Goldbond powder is what I use with boxer briefs. I live in Texas and during the summer I use the powder on a daily basis. No problems anymore.
  2. This will be my first challenge. I have only been on Nerd Fitness, for about 2 days, and I plan to start my challenge as the next challenge begins. But, first... I have never actually been an athlete. I used to work out about 18 hours a week, all in various martial arts. Then, work, school, and life...a few years later I've lost a lot of muscle and put on a more than a little fat. I'm not in horrible shape, but I am no longer in the shape I want to be in. My wife currently rotates around family, school, and gaming. Time to get up and get moving again. For the past few years my job h
  3. I am planning to start with the next challenge, once I can firmly dictate my goals. I only have two so far, which are: work out everyday, and stop drinking soda. The soda thing is almost gone anyhow after a few days at Wizard World Austin as they just cost way too much, and four days of no soda basically turned into a detox. But, they aren't fully defined past that. Right now, I am working on sorting out the forums so I can set up threads I want to get going, and trying to figure out what work outs I want to do. Everything I did previously was martial arts, and I flat out can not afford
  4. I'm in. I just signed up last night, as I think NF is the place I've been looking for. As for the introduction.. I'm just your run of the mill geek. I will be finishing college in Dec. with degrees in English, History, and Creative Writing. In between the consistent reading assignments, research assignments, and writing assignments, I play DnD, organize and judge Heroclix (sometimes getting to play), watch movies, read comics, and play with my kids. Past that I sit around and research everything I can that I find interesting, oh and make super hero themed flash cards for the kiddo.
  5. Popping in to say hello. I am new to this site, but not to fitness--just dreadfully out of practice. I like what this site has to offer, and I am glad to be here among fellow geeks and nerds.
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