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  1. Weekly check in. Weight has stayed the same, 178.8, which I'm happy with. Lots of training, I know I'm probably gaining muscle so not freaking out. Kept to the no fast food, but my home cooking could use a lot of cleaning up. I'll focus on that next time, just want to make sure I get the habit of all home cooked (and a few restaurants) down.
  2. http://pinterest.com/pin/467881848761524355/ Pinterest, I spend way too much time there. And I'm all about the lazy. I keep watching Hairy Bikers and get grand notions because they make it look so simple.
  3. Weekly check in! I know I didn't do it or post last week, but better late than never. Last week I had gotten down to 180, this week: 178.8 Already belly danced today, have derby training tomorrow night. And no fast food whatsoever so far.
  4. I love making my own pizza. I just perfected the recipe for a really nice whole wheat crust.
  5. New week. Glad to say I did complete all goals in the first week so it's been a good start. Posting my weight at the start of each week and will add the measurements at the end of the challenge. Weight: 181.6. So it's up a small bit despite keeping to my goals, but I know the reason why. Not to go into too much detail, but my weight fluctuates by at least 2-3 lbs during a certain week of the month, so the starting weight may have been a bit off. 6 week challenge means this will happen again in a few weeks, but at the official end I should be hormonally balanced enough to give an accurate re
  6. Limerick did travel to the UK and Germany last October so probably! That's the A team I'll be trying out for at the end of this year.
  7. Hello everyone! So glad to see a belly dance group here! Dance is part of my challenge. 4 days a week I'm doing a DVD from www.Worlddancenewyork.com. They allow you to stream them for 3 months at a much lower cost than if you were to buy a DVD and have it shipped (being in Ireland it would probably cost a bit). I'm trained in Raqs Sharqi and Tribal, but going back to basics soon as I'm starting to teach my own class for beginners in April.
  8. Forgot about my other stats I need to put up. At my last challenge I ended with STR - 1 DEX - 3 STA - 2 CON - 3 WIS - 3 CHA - 2 Goals for this challenge and the 6 points gained: 1. Dance - DEX 1, CHA 1 2. Derby - STR 1, STA 1 3. Food - CON 1 4. Reading - WIS 1
  9. Best of luck with your goals, it's important to take care of yourself. My patron Goddess is Cerridwen, but I am looking into some warrior deities to draw strength from for my training. Bright Blessings.
  10. Good luck with min skills! Trying to pass it myself and make A team for my league.
  11. Thanks Trolleybags! Slight change to my steps. Just been announced that rookies are invited to Bootcamp January (roller derby) on Sundays. So for the month of January it's derby 3 days a week, dance 4. The Sundays will be with the A team and consist of intense skills/endurance drills, so me and my fellow rookies will probably be collapsed and vomiting in the corner after hour 1 (3 hour sessions), but it will be a good learning experience of things to come.
  12. Round 2: FIGHT! Second challenge starting today. Been really excited about getting into this again. While my first challenge went well, I didn't have much time to write about it, so I'm not going to pretend I'll be any better this time. I'd love to get into the role playing story aspect, but for now I need to just focus on my efforts. My ultimate goal is to make the A team for my Roller Derby. I'm a rookie at the moment, and I have almost a year (December 2015) to get ready for A team try outs. I think losing some weight will help me greatly, so that's my first focus. My first
  13. I'm in Ireland but willing to travel around the EU.
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