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  1. Monk has a hernia. Monk can't lift weights, or do anything else stressful on her body until further testing is done. Monk has thrown in the towel.
  2. Everyone says that you have to lose it slowly. I just wish it wouldn't go so slow. If I could even get 2lbs a week that's 8lbs a month...if I could even manage that right now. I have figured out (through reading past journals) that I am missing my walking every day. I was doing that every single day, rain/sleet/snow/whatever. So I'm going back to doing that as well as the Dance Central time. When I got down to 213 (my lowest since I was probably 10 or 12) I had added in bike riding for 2 miles twice a week, basically sprinting. I hated it, but I was seeing results so I was doing it up until th
  3. I don't know. I feel like I am missing something but I don't know what. Previously when doing my paleo most of the time thing, I lost SO much weight so damn quickly it was almost like I was sick. I could tell from week to week that I was losing it. Now, I don't know. I feel like my thighs have put on weight, and I feel heavy. I know I haven't moved much, with the weather being absolute crap, but they say it's 80% food, 20% exercise. I have been doing resistance bands but...bleh.
  4. I have actually been doing well. I haven't been able to walk, but I did shovel some of the 6 inches of snow that we received over the week, so I'm going to consider that an alternate. In addition, I did work out twice last week like I said. I went and picked up some asparagus, carrots, green beans and Brussels sprouts and I'm going to have those along with dinner this week to try to increase my calorie intake. I'm also re-reading Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint book that I have, and really going back to basics, in addition to reading the Whole9 website. Which reminds me, I ate cake and ice c
  5. Ok I'll try adding in more vegetables and seeing if that will help any. Thanks all
  6. I can have some fat I just can't have a lot. When I was in ketosis for 2 years I must have done something because I get a lot of pain if I eat too much of it. Like if I keep my diet the exact same but add a lot of olive oil, bam! kidney pain almost immediately after. Protein I haven't had a lot of problems with as I can eat a big steak and feel fine. And the carb phobia is because I was very into keto for a few years and I went from 260 to 245 while on it and keeping carbs below 25 where I was stuck on a plateau. Soon as I added more carbs (in the way of carrots and paleo treats) I went back
  7. So currently I'm trying an eat more to lose weight challenge and I'm having difficulty in doing so without having too much fat and carbs. I'm previously ketogenic and don't want to go above 60 carbs as carbs are very very bad for me. However because I have issues with my kidneys I can't go too high in fat either so I'm having problems trying to meet 1900, keep carbs low and fat not too high. Currently my diet looks like this: 1900 calories 10% carbs 40% fat 60% protein Breakfast 2 large eggs 3 strip uncured bacon 2 oz sausage Lunch: 2 cups spinach leaves 2 tbsp bacon chopped up 1 egg 3 oz ch
  8. So today is the first day of the rest of my -I hate that quote. So I learned a lot from my previous challenge. I learned that maybe just maybe, I wasn't eating enough. It's still funny, I think, that I can't just stop eating completely and the fat go away. It almost feels logical- food = fat so less food = no fat. But the science behind it makes that completely false. I started eating more to lose weight, I started walking and continuing my body weight workouts. The ONLY thing I changed was the started walking and the amount of calories I consumed. I went from 267 to 261. I had energy up the
  9. Monks (and some hunters in strange lands) have the ability to make people think we've given up. It's a skill so well practiced that sometimes even we believe we've given up. But we don't. We can get the crap beaten out of us, fall flat on our faces and sometimes just lay there, tanking dirt until we decide it's a good time to get up and keep the raid going (or rez everybody...it's situational). I'm about to reset. I'm about to hop up, straighten my gi, get my stick and keep fighting. My last time here was about learning and I learned quite a lot. My stall, my failure to lose weight was because
  10. I was originally trying to go for an an animation degree, to get into the cartoon or gaming industry. Both of whom are cut throat and unless you know someone's dad who started a business or knows someone else or you're the next Gnomewise, you're not getting in. I already have $60k in debt and no degree at all to show for it so I'm stuck being a secretary or a customer service rep and hating my life because I screwed myself up so hard I have no way out.
  11. I was feeling okay until today. Had a really big hit to my mental health. My next challenge is going to be a huge one. I have to either figure out how to finally get a degree and get into another industry without screwing up future plans, or tell my heart/soul/chi to stfu. I thought I was over this, but apparently all I've been doing is bottling this up and it's affecting my weight loss as I'm binging to find a way to fill the pain/anger. Somethings gotta give.
  12. This is exactly right. When you see people who aren't beautiful on tv being nearly nude, they are being made fun of. I don't even walk outside in shorts/skirts past my knee for this reason.
  13. Fixing body issues is harder than it should be.
  14. So Friday, I worked out pretty good, and I felt like crap afterward. Usually after working out I feel amazing but this last time, not so much. I really felt like I had been run over by a truck. Sat & Sun I did some heavy lifting by helping my bf work on his bike and keeping the bike lifted through some gnomish wench and pulley system thing that he rigged up and I had to lift the bike...don't ask... but by Sunday I was really feeling out of it. Monday I felt so bad that it took everything I had just to walk from one room to another. So I didn't work out. Tuesday I usually do my cycle at w
  15. I have tried so many times to do my own hair to no avail. My hair is thick, natural, and a 4b which means it's naturally nappy and course and hard to work with. I've tried youtube videos, I've had professionals try to tell me what to do, it's a lost cause. Unless I want to walk around with a fro all the time I have to go to a hair dresser. Unfortunately.
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