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  1. Well I'm about to go car shopping this weekend so after I aquire a good mode of transportation, I'm all for getting a meet up going. I have a friend and his wife interested in the program, though they're currently on leave in GA.
  2. Sorry about the lack of updates, was pretty busy during leave. Missed a few days of works due to traveling too though I'm back at it. Today, I ran 1.6 miles to work in the morning in 45 F weather, which compared to the 100 F I was used to during deployment that was pretty cold for me. lol I'm slowing getting used to Florida weather again.
  3. Not really but I'm going to try to do more paleo home cooking at my parents while I'm on vacation. The area I used to live in is a real big healthy thinking area, and my mom is a dietary and health expert so she'll correct me if I stray off the path. lol
  4. Alright! On the first day, I completed 5 sets of the BBWWO during my lunch. I lost track of time so I missed mess deck hours but that's ok. I snatched some fruit and filled my waterbottle for lunch. Today, I did 50 mins of high intensity cardio on the cycle, I would run it but getting on a treadmill while tranversing the Atlantic is asking for trouble. I wanted to do a full hour but time constraints made me knock 10 mins off. I did 5 mins of high resistance and 5 mins of low resistance and kept bouncing back and forth. Also missed lunch again, so now I have a bag of trail mix and water while
  5. Just tossing a line out to see if there is anyone in the Jacsonville, FL or Mayport, FL areas.
  6. I used to live in Hillsborough, NC. I'll be home between Nov 16 - Nov 24 on leave if anyone wants to meet up and work out. I need to extra push since I tend to get lazy on my vacations.
  7. Ok! Right challenge this time! Name: Caprarius Age: 22 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 180 lbs (Gonna change during the 8-10, we're doing weigh ins) Race: Half-Elf Class: Ranger Stats: •Strength (STR) - 0 •Dexterity (DEX) - 0 •Stamina (STA) - 0 •Constitution (CON) - 0 •Wisdom (WIS) - 0 •Charisma (CHA) - 0 Main quest: •To get stronger, better, faster. (And to kill that Great Jaggi!) Goals; 1.Do the beginner bodyweight work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Starting at 5 sets and ending at 10 sets on the sixth and final week. 2.Do atleast 30 minutes cardio on Tuesday, Thursday,
  8. Hello Rangers! I'm starting up my Level 1 Rebel challenge with this next six week challenge and I'll will officially join your ranks after that.
  9. I'll drop by the tent at some point. I'm running or cycling every other day at the moment. Though trying to go all out on a treadmill on a ship is asking to be thrown off at the next roll of a wave.
  10. I know I'm a bit early for the Oct 27th to the Dec 1st Six Week Challenge and way too late for the current party, but I might as well throw up what I have before I forget or the IT's bring down our internet for "repairs" and sometimes no one knows when it'll come back on. I'll repost this again when the next one is up. Thanks for understanding! Name: Caprarius Age: 22 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 180 lbs Race: Half-Elf Class: Ranger Stats: Strength (STR) - 0Dexterity (DEX) - 0Stamina (STA) - 0Constitution (CON) - 0Wisdom (WIS) - 0Charisma (CHA) - 0 Main quest: To get stronger, better, faster. (A
  11. Been playing Civ 5 pretty hardcore recently and Warcraft 3 again with the guys on the LAN. Itching to get back on Guild Wars 2 in Nov.
  12. I have the tendency to throw in cursed items into my guys. For a good laugh, I kept throwing in gender changing items. They because afraid of any gear they found in the dungeons.
  13. I've been hosting Path Finder games on board this deployment. You can assume it gets a bit strange with guys who are stuck in the middle of the ocean for long periods of time. lol
  14. Any suggestions on what I should do on the off days of the Beginning Body Weight work out? I would like to have my only complete rest day be Sunday while the other six days have some kind of work out plan. I have limited space at the moment but in a few weeks I'll have all the space I'll need back in the states for work outs, and a nice Olympic sized swimming pool at the base gym for laps before or after working hours.
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