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  1. I'm adding bowling into the mix of exercise. My kids are part of a kids bowl free program at the nearby lanes and I paid a fee so I can bowl 2 games everyday with them. I took my youngest this morning and she was only interested in the first game then gave up so I bowled her frames in the second game. I ended up throwing 3 games, averaged 138 with a high of 154. Not bad considering I haven't bowled since October and was using a new ball I got as a gift.
  2. Continuing to workout with the bands a few days a week as well as daily pushups. I had a level up moment today when I overheard two moms talking outside of my daughter's dance class while playing with her and her friends. They would run up the handicap ramp then grab my hand and I would lift them up and over the railing like they were a kettleball (they all weigh around 40 pounds so it works) after hoisting the three of them over the railing 8 or 9 times I heard the mom say, "He's just solid..." I've been steadily dropping weight and am approaching 210 which would be about 20 pounds since January. My scale says 212, 23% body fat. down from 26% when I got it earlier this year. Veggies are still working and getting one in at lunch and dinner or doubling up if I miss a serving. Sleep remains a sticking point, between catching up on Arrow (just starting season 3) and the new Stellaris game I've been turning in after 12am this week but will get back on track with it the rest of this week.
  3. So my workout program is simply 5 reps of Squats, Chest Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Rows in a circuit and repeat 5 times. I'm sure once I get into heavier resistance I'll have to adapt it but for now its good because I can do it quickly and its just getting me used to working out at home. Adding in the veggies hasn't been an issue, I always have a fridge full of veggies. For lunches I have baby carrots, cucumber slices, or spinach salad ready to go. At dinner time a bag of steamfresh veggies are a staple. I wish the rest of my family ate more than just broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots but it will have to do for now. Meditation and getting to bed has been a success as well so far. I set a reminder on my phone for meditation in the evening after the kids and wife go to bed so I can enjoy some peace and quiet. Once the weather gets a little nicer I may do this outside.
  4. I think I'm going to do a Stronglifts 5x5 using my bands. The set I have has 6 bands ranging from 5-30lbs and came with handles, ankle hoops, and a door buckle. I need to do something in my home as a gym membership is not an option until I find a job and I can't invest in weights right now either. Hopefully I get a new job and my house sells soon, The plan is that my new one will have a garage so I can expand more. I just discovered Arrow on Netflix and is a great show to have on while doing bodyweight workouts.
  5. All who wander are not lost yet I have wandered so far I need to make my way back to the path. This challenge will focus back on some basics and coordinate my challenges with goals in the academy. I want to choose one challenge from each of the modules, one life challenge, and one challenge to get me closer to my epic quest. Challenge 1: Mindset - I've completed this module so I want to add a daily meditation habit here. I'll complete a minimum of a 5 minute meditation daily and use my insight timer app on my phone as well as some guided meditations to complete this challenge. I'll add meditation into my dailies on Habita app to track my success. Challenge 2: Nutrition - I've been on level 4 for some time and want to make the jump to level 5 this challenge. I will add a serving of vegetables to every lunch and dinner and go at least 2 full weeks with no pasta. I'll use Habitica app and each time I have a veggie with a meal give myself a point. Challenge 3: Workout - I've just invested in a nice set of resistance bands and will use them to complete bodyweight level 3. The final day of the challenge I will complete the Boss Battle and move up to level 4. Challenge 4: Life - My sleep habits have gone terribly awry since losing my job, I've been playing video games or watching Arrow until 1 or 2am then I get up at 6am and drag all morning. I've wasted these mornings sitting around with my daughter rather than taking her outside and being more active. I know I can't just start going to bed at 10pm and expect to fall asleep so I will gradually scale back my bedtime each week. Week 1 12:30am, Week 2 12:00am, Week 3 11:30pm, and Week 4 11pm. Each night I'm in bed before my goal I'll award myself XP. Challenge 5: Epic Quest - I've kept my weight under 215 for several months but now I want to push and get below 210 and closer to the goal of 180 so I can be more serious about handstand practice.
  6. I had a no slip up day today, I kept my carbs low and my proteins high, and fat where it should be and kept it under 1800 calories. I had an egg and 2 slices of bacon for breakfast, shredded pork and small piece of cornbread for lunch, grilled pork chop and 2 veggies for dinner and a veggie smoothie at night to keep my sweet tooth at bay. I had a great feat of willpower when my wife asked if I wanted some ice cream and I declined it for a 16oz veggie smoothie.
  7. The weather has been great so I've been outdoors a lot. I've been walking around 3.5 miles at a local park with my daughter and dog at a 3-4 mph pace, I'm pushing 50+lbs in the stroller so I'm happy with that speed. Sleep has been better and I've been in bed by 12 all week, last night I went to bed at 10 and got a full 8 hours of sleep. The morning goes much better with a smoothie, a long walk, and a nice big cup of black coffee when I got back. The key will be not to take a nap with the little one after lunch. My girls started "Little Kickers" soccer practice and I make sure I'm moving with them. I so wanted to change up their shirts to make a Walking Dead reference but my wife hid all the sharpies in the house when I told her about it.
  8. I tried one from another forum post that was spinach, apple, pear, grapes, banana, cucumber,lemon juice, and lettuce. It tasted much better than i thought, mostly picked up the granny smith apple taste.
  9. So I can get a huge bag of local spinach for 7 bucks at the local farmers market. My wife makes a salad everyday for work which still leaves me with a huge bag of spinach. I don't mind salad but i hate eating one every day. What are some good fruits to pair with it for smoothies? I never had a green smoothie but i put spinach in with frozen berries and liked it. Do grapes pears carrots and other stuff work in a blender? All i have is a simple Ninja blender. Sent from my LGLS990 using Tapatalk
  10. I gradually moved to black coffee by cutting sugar out that reducing the creamer i used each week. Maybe just reduce the spices you currently use until you get to plain black coffee. I honestly just drink Folgers Black Silk in my Mr. coffee and am happy. I do indulge at a local coffee shop at the farmers market every Friday he uses excellent flavored roasts that taste like you have creamer in it even though its black. Sent from my LGLS990 using Tapatalk
  11. About 2 months ago I lost my job at a company that I've been working at for over 8 years. Being a husband and a father of two I initially went into damage control mode and ensured our finances were handled without major disruption to our lives and I've successfully navigated those waters. Lately the actual job loss had set in and the difficult task of getting started once again and finding a job has stressed me out but I've done a good job of internalizing it so the kids don't pick up on my depression. The last 8 weeks I've been a recluse, I talked to a few friends but it feels like the ones from my previous work don't know how to handle this any better than I do. I ran into someone from my company that had been there as long as I had and when I said hi and shook his hand I could feels is awkwardness and discomfort radiating off him so I said nice seeing you and walked away. Okay enough complaining and on to business. Main Quest: Find a New Job!!! My finances are under control until August so I don't need to jump on something right away but I need to find my next career path. I've gotten shot down a few times already, I'm in a holding pattern on a few opportunities, and I'm sure there is a vast array of careers I can transition to once I discover them. During this quest I want to continue to research companies and careers I can transition into. I have 15 years of hospitality and casino experience as well as a Master's Degree so I know there is something I can do. Quest 1: Exercise Plan. I'm home all day with an almost 3 year old and a dog and the weather is starting to break into spring. In the mornings I'm dragging along (see quest #2) when I should be getting out in the fresh air. We need to walk to Mordor. Each morning, weather permitting, we will go for a walk. I have a few different paths measured out from my 5k training including a half mile track around a park and a 3.2 mile path in a nature preserve. I don't have a jogging stroller so I'll walk with the youngling and hound and track my steps on my phone's pedometer. I've been averaging 4000 steps a day around the house so I want to set my daily goal to 8000 for now and develop a walking habit and see where my average takes me for next time. Quest 2: Sleep patterns. I have devolved back into my old habits of staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning, waking up at 6am to help my wife and kids get ready for work/daycare, dragging through the morning, then taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoons when my little one naps. Yeah its 6 or 7 hours of sleep but that split probably isn't the healthiest and I could use that 2 hours in the afternoon to clean, workout, or job hunt. At the end of the quest I want to roll back my bedtime to 12am and no longer nap in the afternoon. Each week I will set a bedtime reminder on my phone 15 minutes earlier than the previous week and roll my bedtime back to 12am. Quest 3: Cut the crap, food that is. These Easter baskets full of candy have been tempting me for weeks. I have such a sweet tooth I have to fight myself to not take a few jelly beans, or eat a Cadbury Egg when the kids ask for their treat. They only get one piece of candy a day which is why it's taking so long to get it out of the house. The house always has a plethora of fruit in it and I need to continue to reach for that instead. I will decrease my candy consumption by 43% during this challenge, reducing my intake of candy to 1 or (usually)more piece a day to 1 piece 4 days a week. I'll log my piece of candy in my food log to track this. This challenge isn't too assassiny but some of my longer term goals fall inline with the creed so I'll stick around these forums. My overreaching Epic Quest is the one handed handstand but I need to get my weight down, my strength up, and learn to bend much more than I can at the moment and it may take years to get there. That's what life long goals are for right?
  12. Been following the bodyweight brigade level 1 workout. I plan on leveling up to level 2 at the end of the challenge. For inverted rows I've been doing bent over rows with a resistance band since I don't have anywhere to do the inverted variant. Eventually I'll have to figure out what to do for a pull up bar since I have no real door ways on the first floor or basement to put one in.
  13. It does but it could also be a blessing in disguise, my wife and I were postponing a fight for when my company would ask me to relocate somewhere else in the country for career advancement. Luckily I had a month of vacation time saved up when it happened and unemployment kicked in right away so money isn't too much of an issue. The money I save on keeping my youngest home with me rather than paying a daycare is a huge help and its allowed me great "Dad" time.
  14. So at the end of the last challenge I had the misfortune of losing my job and the stress of ensuring minimal disruption to my family. I navigated the waters carefully and financially we'll be stable by saving money on childcare and decreasing some spending without living by candlelight with a transistor radio for entertainment. We were already pretty minimal in our spending but we never really worried about shopping for the best deals to save a few bucks. Now I have all the time in the world, or 26 weeks, to find out what the next step will be and start down a new path. This challenge is going to help start this new journey while also utilizing my abundance of free time to take care of my body. #1 - I will work out daily, Monday through Friday, while my daughter naps in the afternoon. She is a good napper and sleeps for around 2 hours between 1 and 4 every day. Thats perfect for me to eat a light lunch, workout, do some cleaning, and get a shower before she wakes up. #2 - I will get more sleep. I've been going on 5 or 6 hours a night for so long I don't even know what a full night's rest is. For this challenge I'll be in bed between 10 and 11 every night and continue to wake up at 6am. I don't want the lack of a job to get me in even worse sleep habits. #3 - Continue to eat REAL foods. With the ability to get to the farmer's market regularly, being a savvy shopper, and having plenty of time to cook, I want to continue to improve my diet. The goal is to limit myself to no more than two processed foods a day. I'm not full paleo, I still use dairy and occasionally some bread for a sub or sandwich, but I want to stick to fruits, veggies, and meat for the bulk of my diet #4 - Life goal - By the end of these 4 weeks I want to have a good idea of what I want to do for a job in the future. I've worked in hospitality for so long I really never explored other options. I have a Master's degree so teaching at a college is an option, and I have years of managerial experience which can translate into any operations or manufacturing setting.
  15. The hardest part for me is my basement has some carpeting over cement floor and a drop ceiling. I'm 6 foot and can touch the ceiling without jumping so some exercises I have to duck my head and keep my arms down if jumping is required. There are no door frames for resistance bands or pull up bars either. There is a support pillar that I may be able to wrap my bands around but I'm not sure how sturdy the decorative wood around it is and the sofa is in front of it. I guess I'll just work through what I can and adapt the best of my ability.
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