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  1. I'll have to experiment with this. I've also wondered if I'd do better with a sumo deadlift.
  2. Thanks for the input and the video. Very informative.
  3. Deadlift video has 5 sets in total 4 warm-up sets and 1 AMRAP set. Weights are 135lbs x 5 / 185lbs x 4 / 225lbs x 3 / 235lbs x2 & 245lbs AMRAP Overhead Press is 2 sets at 105 lbs. First set has my usual grip width, second set has a slightly wider grip width and wasn't sure which looked more "correct." First set felt better, but it may been fatigue for the second set that made it feel less strong.
  4. I just wanted to provide a bit of an update to my experiences with the program so far. I'm now on week 8 while on a 0.5 lb/week bulk and loving it. Despite having to take off 3 weeks (only got into gym 2 times in that period and no leg exercises) due to travel, holidays and injury, I can certainly tell my strength is increasing. The AMRAP set is really proving this. Before I had to take time away from the gym my last 130lb AMRAP set on the bench press was for 7 reps. Yesterday, 7 weeks after that 7 rep set, I was able to hammer out 10 reps with at least one more in the tank. This was a great boost to my confidence and over all happiness considering my current weight PR on the bench is 140lbs for 5 reps. My deadlift and squats really suffered from this break since it was a knee problem I was experiencing, and couldn't do any leg exercises for 2 weeks. My DL set before the break was 275 for 5 reps. I had to roll back to 225lbs, but I managed to get 7 reps. Last time I did 225 was only for 5 when I was still running SL. Boom, rep PR for that weight. Then again at 230x7, 235x7, 240x8, all rep PRs. Squats was a similar story. Last weight PR pre-break was 225 for 3reps (this is the day I hurt my knee.) Deloaded to 200, which pre-break I managed for 6 reps. After the break I managed 7 reps at 200, 205, and 210, more rep PRs. My progress doesn't feel held back by this program like with StrongLifts. With StrongLifts If you have a really easy time with your lifts, you add 5 lbs. If you barely made it, you add 5 lbs. GSLP rewards you for kicking ass in the gym. You have the ability to make bigger jumps in weights (after a 10 rep last set), or get a rep PR on a weight you've previously moved. It's still progress and it's added volume. I don't feel like I'm going backwards if I have to deload like I did with StrongLifts. So after 2 months, yeah GSLP is way better (for me) than SL ever was. I'll update again in about 2 months to see how they go.
  5. Add in some sets of paused deadlifts after you 1x5 at a lighter weight. Say your 1x5 was for 225lbs drop to 185 (about a 20% deload) and bust out 2 sets of 4 paused deadlifts. What are paused deadlifts you ask? Simply put, you pull the weight only a few inches off the ground, hold for a moment then finish the lift as normal. This will increase the time under tension and light your glutes on fire. I currently do that with my GSLP program as 1 working set of deadlifts a week aren't enough for me. Video example by the manlet, Jonnie Candito. https://youtu.be/Xj4uoLT7TqI?t=2m40s
  6. This. It was a good jumping platform for me as well to move onto something that was more to my liking.
  7. I think Phrak's idea of doing a 3x5 for the pulling motions is to keep the pull/push ratio in line. I really dig doing the upper body lifts first even if it's only because its just different from what I as doing on SL. I don't feel gassed when it comes time to do squats or deadlifts.
  8. I've been using a slightly modified version of Phrak's and each session takes right around an hour. Some days I'll e feelign really good and get done in 50min sometimes in 70min. I've actually dropped out the shrugs entirely and replaced them with facepulls.
  9. The cue I found useful for this is to imagine squeezing an orange in your armpits.
  10. Yeah I didn't quite have the camera in the right position to catch the full rep. What is interesting to me is that my arches collapse on the eccentric part of the lift, but as soon as I start the concentric portion, my heels plant down. Perhaps I'm not maintaining tightness on the way down? I'll certainly be practicing on keeping elbows down. Thanks for the input.
  11. So I'm needing some keen eyes and folks that are more knowledgeable than me.
  12. I just did a 10% deload from what my last working weights were while doing Candito's program. So far so good, but then again this is only week 3.
  13. If you're not able to complete a basic human movement, such as a squat, without serious pain or discomfort (beyond just muscle soreness) then likely there is a physiological problem. Good idea to seek a Dr for sure.
  14. Nice! I thought you were going with Texas Method however. I really enjoyed Candito's program, but I just could not get in 4 days a week to make the most of it.
  15. I think that is why I was able to make such good progress even while on a pretty heavy cut, the weights I was moving the first 2 months was really easy. I was about the time I got to a BW squat and DL that things started to get tough.
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