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  1. Looool. I was talking about the game. However, after posting this I did accidentally walk in on him and his girlfriend in the middle of a dirty video call. Whoooooooooooops.
  2. Oh boy. First week of this challenge did not go well at all. Mid-challenge respawn! I think it's over complicated and the points thing isn't working for me. Last week was incredibly stressful at work and I let everything else slip. Streamlining the goals. There can be only 3! I want to succeed in this challenge and if that means moving the goalposts because I am weak, then so be it. I think I need some penalties rather than points. Food: No sugar. (Failure penalty: 25 burpees) Exercise habits: 50 squats a day, first thing in the mo
  3. Because the person we take with would be his brother or his dad and stepmother. Urk. Tracking today : No sugar 10 Tracked food 1 diet coke No cleaning but I did some major work admin that I want to throw in. Solving about a hundred problems at once. I think I can give myself 10 points for awesomeness. Ben is on a date with his girlfriend tonight so I'm watching nineties kids movies at home. Still don't really feel like working out thanks to the sharks gnawing on my uterus but I'll get there once it's over.
  4. Tuesday: almost made it to no sugar but then one of my students gave me a chocolate. It's tough being benevolent dictator of a munchkin empire. Still no workouts but I cleared off the couch (+10) and only had one diet coke, and tracked all my food. But yesterday was pretty tough as I was part of a meeting with one of my adult minions and it ended with him crying. Hopefully it will prove to have been a learning experience for him. We'll see. But... My ultimate reward has been revealed to me. My parents have given me an early birthday present: a week in a self catering timeshare in Orlando, n
  5. Tracking post: Week 1 Monday: tracked food, no workout, no squats, 1 bonus diet coke, read. Of to a stumbling start. I am already in the negatives points-wise. But hey, the Expanse AND Legion AND Westworld are finally out. (-10)
  6. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations and welcome to the world, Rowan!
  7. If I really need to focus then I resort to asoftmurmur.com, but otherwise I like to listen to instrumental indie/rock, electro-swing or classical. I usually just load a random playlist like this one:
  8. Heh, I was not intending innuendo there but if you want to read it into it, I won't stop you. Juicy details - OK! Oh shit! You caught me. I changed my name as part of a major respawn; felt like a real fresh start. It came from playing PUBG - the pettiness of brutal murder was great. This is also my steam name. Plus it works well for this challenge - Petit Mort. Today is Sunday here so I'm gearing up to start tomorrow. Looking at my challenge in a fresh light, it seems a little overcomplicated but I guess I can divide it into things I must check off every day, vs th
  9. Antidepressants and unhealthy habits have pretty much put my libido in a Saharan pit, so, hey guys, here's a super fun challenge. Of course, this being a public forum, I'll be working hard to keep it to innuendo and limit the juicy details. Food: - track on MFP every day - 10 points for every day without sugar - 10 points for every healthy meal - better hydrate... 10 points for every bottle of water consumed. - limit to 1 diet coke a day Brain: - read at least 30 minutes before bed every night House: - clean for 30 minutes
  10. Whee, so exciting. Awesome goals. Following for the mini Vries.
  11. Woo! Bravo. I'm eager to hear about the climax of this challenge adventure - a mini vries! I'm amazed by how much you kept at it too. It's an inspiration as we start getting ready for the next challenge.
  12. I know. My fiance is Texan. We spend every summer there between contracts. I absolutely love it. If you get a chance to go through DFW again, Rodeo Goat has the most amazing burgers I've ever had. Here's a link to their website. I had the Olivia Darling but all their burgers are delicious.
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