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  1. Looool. I was talking about the game. However, after posting this I did accidentally walk in on him and his girlfriend in the middle of a dirty video call. Whoooooooooooops.
  2. Oh boy. First week of this challenge did not go well at all. Mid-challenge respawn! I think it's over complicated and the points thing isn't working for me. Last week was incredibly stressful at work and I let everything else slip. Streamlining the goals. There can be only 3! I want to succeed in this challenge and if that means moving the goalposts because I am weak, then so be it. I think I need some penalties rather than points. Food: No sugar. (Failure penalty: 25 burpees) Exercise habits: 50 squats a day, first thing in the morning (Failure penalty: no diet coke that day - it's enough of an addiction that this can motivate me) Life: 20 minutes cleaning every day (Failure penalty: no TV) Our romantic weekend away was a glorious success, despite wiring issues at the cabin that meant the hot tub had no bubbles. We had some intense talks about each of our needs and desires and where we want to go with this, and found ways to be naughty despite shark week putting certain areas off limits. Food during the trip was excellent too but there was SO MUCH of it. Seriously, the one meal, we had ordered barbecue. They set up a table for us outside with candles and champagne and kept bringing more and more food. Ten dishes in and no sign of stopping. Eventually we decided they couldn't give us more food if we fled. So we went for a stroll to walk it off and I'm still full two days later. I think we're a lot closer than we were, because we'd been drifting apart for a bit. Had a lot of fun trying out the new Stardew Valley multiplayer beta together today. So that was a success.
  3. Because the person we take with would be his brother or his dad and stepmother. Urk. Tracking today : No sugar 10 Tracked food 1 diet coke No cleaning but I did some major work admin that I want to throw in. Solving about a hundred problems at once. I think I can give myself 10 points for awesomeness. Ben is on a date with his girlfriend tonight so I'm watching nineties kids movies at home. Still don't really feel like working out thanks to the sharks gnawing on my uterus but I'll get there once it's over.
  4. Tuesday: almost made it to no sugar but then one of my students gave me a chocolate. It's tough being benevolent dictator of a munchkin empire. Still no workouts but I cleared off the couch (+10) and only had one diet coke, and tracked all my food. But yesterday was pretty tough as I was part of a meeting with one of my adult minions and it ended with him crying. Hopefully it will prove to have been a learning experience for him. We'll see. But... My ultimate reward has been revealed to me. My parents have given me an early birthday present: a week in a self catering timeshare in Orlando, next to Disney. Woooooo! Now to decide if we take someone with us or have loud sex instead. Our romantic long weekend has had a shark shaped spanner thrown in the works but we're still going. Might just take a hard drive full of old school mystery science theater 3000. To relax from work stress I've booked a facial after work today. Now I need to try to drink ten bottles of water before then... or you know, other goals.
  5. Tracking post: Week 1 Monday: tracked food, no workout, no squats, 1 bonus diet coke, read. Of to a stumbling start. I am already in the negatives points-wise. But hey, the Expanse AND Legion AND Westworld are finally out. (-10)
  6. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations and welcome to the world, Rowan!
  7. If I really need to focus then I resort to asoftmurmur.com, but otherwise I like to listen to instrumental indie/rock, electro-swing or classical. I usually just load a random playlist like this one:
  8. Heh, I was not intending innuendo there but if you want to read it into it, I won't stop you. Juicy details - OK! Oh shit! You caught me. I changed my name as part of a major respawn; felt like a real fresh start. It came from playing PUBG - the pettiness of brutal murder was great. This is also my steam name. Plus it works well for this challenge - Petit Mort. Today is Sunday here so I'm gearing up to start tomorrow. Looking at my challenge in a fresh light, it seems a little overcomplicated but I guess I can divide it into things I must check off every day, vs things I can get points for as a kind of bonus. So, things to check off tomorrow: 1. Track MFP 2. Read for 30 minutes 3. Clean for 30 minutes. 4. 50 squats. 5. Workout/yoga I think I can make diet cokes cost 10 points, and sugar costs 100. Rewards are calculated on Friday nights, so I can make appointments at the spa for Saturday if I've earned massages/facials that week. Next weekend (long weekend) we're going on a romantic trip to this place: Hot tub on the deck awww yeaaaah This should be worth a couple hundred points for sure, if ya know what I mean.
  9. Antidepressants and unhealthy habits have pretty much put my libido in a Saharan pit, so, hey guys, here's a super fun challenge. Of course, this being a public forum, I'll be working hard to keep it to innuendo and limit the juicy details. Food: - track on MFP every day - 10 points for every day without sugar - 10 points for every healthy meal - better hydrate... 10 points for every bottle of water consumed. - limit to 1 diet coke a day Brain: - read at least 30 minutes before bed every night House: - clean for 30 minutes every day as soon as I get home from work - 10 points for cleaning in lingerie Relationship (this was hard to make into smart goals because it involves more than one other person's needs and schedules): - 10 points for going out on a date - 10 points for hanging out together doing stuff other than watching TV - 50 points if I finish reading The Book about poly stuff even though it is dense and dull - 100 points if I you know what with the you know who in the you know where Exercise: - yoga on rest days to be sexy and flexy - 50 squats a day - darebee workout program for amazonian sex goddess warrior body - 10 points for every swim in the school pool Loot - 50 points: facial - 100 points: massage - 150 points: dinner at Brown House - 200 points: dinner at Patty's -250 points: free pass day
  10. Whee, so exciting. Awesome goals. Following for the mini Vries.
  11. Woo! Bravo. I'm eager to hear about the climax of this challenge adventure - a mini vries! I'm amazed by how much you kept at it too. It's an inspiration as we start getting ready for the next challenge.
  12. I know. My fiance is Texan. We spend every summer there between contracts. I absolutely love it. If you get a chance to go through DFW again, Rodeo Goat has the most amazing burgers I've ever had. Here's a link to their website. I had the Olivia Darling but all their burgers are delicious.
  13. Just counted all the paper money I found while cleaning. 589 China 110 Hong Kong 342 Malaysia 65 New Zealand 466 US 199000 Korea 5 050 100 000 Zimbabwe (actual value is 0 ) Total value in usd: $895 KACHING! Cleaning is awesome. BRB, going to swim in my pile of money.
  14. Took another break from cleaning and did my squats while watching Ben play vermin tide. Then decided to do my workout. Guess what? More squats! Son of a... Didn't rest adequately so I wasn't able to finish the plank. I'll retry it later.
  15. My body seems to like waking up early and I tend to be more productive if I get up and get stuff done first thing. Once the stuff is done I can climb back into bed for cuddles. This morning I set the laundry to go again because I forgot it was in the machine for three days. It's now in the dryer and another load is going. Will I defeat the whole laundry mountain, dried, folded and put away? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion. Tried some light saber tricks and almost broke the TV. I have decided that the light sabers need to make it to Ecuador if there's even the slightest chance. They were expensive and they're heavy but they're special. Doing some serious cleaning now. Took out the giant bag of trash and cleared up all the shoes and laundry that's scattered around. Aiming to have the whole place worthy of Mary Poppins by the time we go out to dinner. It's a lovely day though windy and chilly so I might take Ben's bike for a ride. Still no sign of my keys but there's a chance that my spare is on his keyring. Or I'll go for a stroll around the mini lake. I need to get outside. Going to do my squats and get back to cleaning. It's funny how they were so hard at the beginning but now I can do all 50 in the time it takes Ben to go downstairs to the door of our building and come back again. I finished the Man in the High Castle. I don't really get the hype. For once I think the TV show is better. The stilted talk got to me. Started Vonnegut's Galápagos purely because it's set in Ecuador and it's hilarious. If the world ended and it really was up to these morons on a cruise ship to save humanity we'd all be screwed. I keep daydreaming about living in Ecuador, grilling on a barbecue in the garden, eating glorious fruit, hiking to hot springs and waterfalls, sketching in the historical district... Why don't we have time machines yet? At the same time I feel guilty about being so excited because Ben is really down that his girlfriend won't be able to come with us. He has fallen in love with her and he's both scared of his own heartbreak and that she's going to be left alone to deal with hers while he has me to help him through it. I know this is kind of hard to wrap your head around. It took me a while to be okay with it myself. But looking at how much it has challenged us both to grow and appreciate each other, it's been really good for us. July is going to be very hard but I think he'll be able to get through it working on his Fiero and hanging out IRL with his best friends. He said if he had met her 3 months earlier then we might have decided to stay in China. We were back and forth on it for so long. I would be able to see the payoff from all the work I've put into developing the curriculum, and I'd be here through the whole accreditation process. Building this school from scratch has been such an awesome experience and I've built one of the very few real friendships I've ever had with my boss. But we've signed the contract and we're definitely ready to get out of here. China is great but it's not the lifestyle we want and it has turned us into hermits who never leave our apartment. A big part of my Ecuador daydreaming comes from trawling the internet for activity groups in Quito. I've even found a yoga studio in Cumbayá that offers meditation. I watched a bunch of House Hunters International episodes there and there's some great stuff in our price range. I see us settling down there. Having kids. Building friendships and setting down roots. I hope it is as good as I want it to be. And he'll be able to really do what he wants to do: a brass band that competes internationally in a well established music department. As for me, after some time I might be able to switch over to one of the IB schools to follow my passion for inquiry based learning. But in the meantime I might be able to do my masters through our school; that's something that was mentioned in our interview. So much hope and so many possibilities. This was a long post. Break over. Back to work.
  16. OooooOOOOOooooOooooOoooOOOOH I want to try. *runs to get light saber* I haven't even managed a normal spin before but seeing the slow motion in that showed me what I was doing wrong. Ooh man it's much harder than it looks. I need more training with Yoda. The seagulls got my wrists.
  17. Got my butt out of bed and greeted the dawn with yoga. It was awesome. Decided to take my measurements pre-poop since the poop has decided not to cooperate for now. Up in gravitational relationship but down in inches absolutely everywhere, which means 1) water retention. Will drink more water today 2) gaining muscle mass 3) exercise is paying off 4) I'm going to have an amazing poop later Overall inches lost since 3/25 is 14 inches! Woot. Now I figure that if I get some cleaning done, do my squats and read for half an hour then all that's left to do today is track my food and it's not even 8am yet. Then I can feed my Sims addiction without guilt! Huzzah! I think today I'm going to trawl the Ecuador real estate websites and build my future house there. Sims Ben and Sims Kath eloped, and they need somewhere to move in together. They seem to really like woohooing in public places. Maybe that's what's missing from our IRL needs...
  18. I should make that rule for myself when teaching. I teach ESL kindergarten,not martial arts, but choosing my words more carefully would help my kiddoes to understand me more easily. I tend to ramble and lose them. My personal trainer only knows five words besides numbers in English: go, stop, follow me, rest
  19. I keep coming back to that 21/30 workouts thing. I honestly didn't think I'd make it that far. So far I'm getting lots of ideas for my next challenge. I should write them down before they disappear from my mind. Also, I woke up at 5am and I don't want to get up yet because a cold snap hit in the night and my bed is warm and I have a Ben to cuddle. So some brainstorming: Nutritional: I really need to work on this. I think I need to start counting macros again. I can still rely on the Obentos deliveries for lunch and salads for dinner but I should be counting to make sure I'm getting enough protein. I tend to undereat and then binge. Fitness: bodyweight works well for me because I don't have to leave the house so I have no excuses. I do well being told what to do, so I think I will keep working through this 30 day workout challenge app. I've almost completed easy plan 1. I could work through the levels. Looking at easy plan 2, it's too easy, so I could do 2-3 circuits of it. Adulting: still need to work on cleaning and building it into a habit. Ultimately the goal is to wake up to a clean slate each day. Secondary goal is to minimize belongings in preparation for the move to Ecuador. Mental: I should start working on my Spanish again. And finishing things that I start. This can tie in to the cleaning because finished = done AND materials have been put away. Funny that I'm so anal at work but dgaf at home. Spiritual: I should get back into my meditation and reading. I joined a digital sangha (such a shame that esangha is no more). I could jump on dharma wheel though. From what I've seen so far it seems a lot more readable. The Buddhist forum here on tapatalk can be a bit dense... Also, despite ditching Facebook I'm still spending a lot of time on my phone. I'm seriously considering getting a dumb phone in Ecuador. Particularly because then if it gets stolen it won't be such a big deal. A smart phone has been a life saver living in Asia but I think stepping away from it could help me acclimatize to Ecuador faster. I could do a preparatory 4 week "dumbish phone" challenge where I delete all the non-essential apps. So basically keeping wechat, tapatalk, MFP, duolingo and the workout app. Also need to figure out a forum-safe goal towards the NSFW goals I mentioned before. Euphemisms galore.
  20. Way to get back up after a down! My very zen boss, who has had an incredibly hard life and yet manages to maintain an aura of cheerful calm, told me once that life is full of problems and challenges and she approaches them one at a time with an attitude of "what can I do to help solve this?" and then moves on to the next one. I'm still working on the not letting frustration get to me part but it looks like you got this one solved! It must feel really awesome to be able to push yourself again after so long taking it easy. I'm looking forward to seeing you hit some sweet numbers.
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