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  1. Alright, so far I've managed to keep my diet good, though I did just receive two care packages from the States, which included a mountain of candy and kraft dinner. So, I have stuck that stuff in the back of a cabinet for now, because out of sight = out of mind. Kinda. haha Monday I decided to go all out and really make the day count, so I worked out and did a short run working on hills, mostly. A little over 2km, but no flat parts at all. Either going up or down the whole damn time. I hate hills, I really do, so I count this as a win, and something I would like to put into my practice more often. I found a new trail to go on that would actually take me on that same course and lead me to where I work, which is nicely nestled into the side of a mountain as well. However, I'm too embarrassed to run in front of people there just yet. Perhaps I'll work up the 20 seconds of courage, because those are some hills to be conquered! Tomorrow is a day off work, so I plan on going for a nice long run, on some flatter streets (my normal route for about 5-7km). On Friday I'm leading a hash trail, so I'll get a nice workout there too! I should hit 13km easy this week! New shoes were received in the care package as well, so I'm slowly breaking those in with walks to work and such. All in all, I'm feeling alright in the first three days of this challenge.
  2. Fellow soldiers of the world, hear me! I am the powerful Ares, and I have returned to you after a long hiatus to make up for past mistakes and forge a brighter future for us all. Firstly, let me express my regret at leaving you to your own devices. I chose to leave to pursue an even more fearful enemy, one I have not known for a long while. Since that enemy has been satisfactorily defeated, I am returning to begin anew the battle we all war against: the war of self. Okay, enough of that, then. I'm here again 'cause I entered into a new relationship, but back again because I don't want to be fat and happy anymore, just happy. Here's my goals for this challenge: 1.) Log in 13km weekly. Measurable, more than do-able. This does not include my mileage from the weekend, which I can usually do up to 10km just on Saturday. This will be during the week, and in reality, if I go out two or three times a week, I should be able to do this easy. My usual run is about 4-5km anyway. 2.) Eat bread no more than once a week. Measurable, more than do-able. I should also be tracking meals to keep up my food log and monitor calorie consumption. I'm not actively cutting calories, but I'm trying to stay under 1500, even on "bad" days. 3.) Strength training twice a week. Measurable, more than do-able. These goals are pretty easy, I think, but this is more to get back into doing the things, rather than telling myself, "Eh, you can run tomorrow," and then never doing it.
  3. Alright guys.....so here we are again. Powering to the end! We got this dudes and dudettes!
  4. I did get a lot of knitting in. Unfortunately for me, my 220/110V converter had a meltdown and almost set my apartment on fire, so I got about a half hour of gaming in before I had to unplug everything and open windows for the smoke. Haha. Unfortunate for me, but it was an old converter, so it was bound to happen sometime. Xbox is safe, though, I think.I haven't been able to check it, since I haven't gotten another converter yet. I finished knitting my blanket this morning around 2 am, though, so that was nice. Been working on it here and there since August. Really got down to it in these last few weeks though. Starting a new project as soon as the mail gets here with my package today. A hat for my friend Mike. I'm really excited to see the yarn, since it's actually made from recycled saris from India! Cost a pretty penny, too. But I think he'll like it. I haven't done much of anything this week, other than finish things for work and knitting, haha. No running all week. (Maybe TMI, female stuff, if you don't wanna read then skip to next paragraph) My hormones have been all over the place for some reason or another, I think it's a cyst popping. I went to the clinic yesterday, but they were closed. I really need to get in there next week though, since I also need to have a pap redone, since my last was abnormal and the doctor wants to make sure I don't have cancer. So, all in all, a pretty stressful week. Finals are coming up in a week, so I've been preparing all of that. But now that's done, so I don't have to do anything for two weeks, yay! Until grading happens....boo..... I haven't much left my apartment this week except for work. Been stressed, so lots of crying, sighing, yelling, and eating. Oh, the eating. It hasn't been really "bad" food, just a lot of grazing. Seems I don't stop. Dried fruit is my kryptonite right now, it seems. I'm craving sugar like nobody's business. I bought some bananas to freeze for an "ice cream" snack, but still, it's too much fruit. That's a lot of sugar. I have a goal for the end of the month, though, and I will get to it. It's not an unreasonable goal, and I should get there with the progress I make anyway. Once January hits, I'll have to be really vigilant, because my mother is coming to visit and I know we'll be eating out a lot while I take her around the country to see the sights. I'm hoping I can get a car by then, so we don't have to rely on public transportation for everything. It'd be nice if I could just drive. I'm not sure how feasible that is at the moment, though. Gotta get my Korean license first. That might take a bit. I'm going next week though to try and get the process started. So many things happening next week. Woo! This weekend is a little getaway for me and the man. One of my friends is getting married in my Korean "hometown," so we're going to that on Sunday. Korean weddings are the best.
  5. Ugh, my introversion is showing..... I definitely don't want to people today. I haven't had the opportunity to unwind from the weekend yet, since I got home late last night after spending three hours on public transportation. It's the worst. Mondays are the worst. After work is finished, I totally plan on shutting myself in my dark apartment, making some tea, and wasting the evening knitting or gaming. Maybe both. Not at the same time, but probably both. Ugh, totally unmotivated to do anything today. At least my food is prepared already for the day. Don't have to worry about that.
  6. Holiday attack plan success! Didn't have dessert, so that's good. Limited to one plate, and because I was late to the party, most of the food was gone anyway. Had an excellent time, did drink a bit more wine than I intended, but hey, it happens. Turns out my sister-in-law and brother are expecting! So, good news all around there.
  7. So, that new NF article couldn't have come at a better time. Seriously, good timing. I woke up knowing that, yesterday, I had every intention of running this morning. But morning is hard. Morning is cold. This morning was rainy. I thought to myself, "eh, I can't be bothered. It's raining. It's too cold. I'm too tired. I need to check my email." Thus came the kick in the ass I needed to lace up my shoes and get a quick 5km in this morning. Seriously, I think sometimes Steve is in my head. As for your question, awesomesue, I am going to slow down during the holiday meal. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I have old comfort foods, and end up shoveling food in, rather than tasting it. I'm going to concentrate on portions, by making sure that I can try everything, but perhaps just a little bit of everything. Slowing down also has the advantage of being able to listen to my body when it says, "that's enough. I'm satisfied." AND, to make sure that I'm able to listen, I'm limiting alcohol consumption, because we all know that a second or third helping always seems like a good idea when you've had a few drinks, not to mention the empty calories in drinking. This is my holiday battle plan! Mwahahaha!
  8. Did it again. Just went running. Another 6k down. I had a moment tonight when I really didn't want to go out. It's cold, it's wet, and I spent 9 hours at work being super productive. I thought to myself, "I could just do it tomorrow. I could just stay in tonight and get some laundry done." Then I kicked myself in the head mentally, and walked home from work, put on my shoes, put in the laundry, and went out. The laundry was just about done when I got home, and I felt much better after some frustrating students today. This whole Zombies, run! app is getting really interesting. I might go out tomorrow too, since the holiday is Thursday and everything. Want to get some good mileage in before relaxing with all the tryptophan. Speaking of holiday, I'm totally prepared for this holiday, and am going to make some good decisions. I'll actually be celebrating with some American friends of mine! I haven't celebrated Thanksgiving in a few years, now. Emigrating to a country without turkeys makes things difficult to have a "real" holiday. Usually I just let it pass like another day. I get off work early tomorrow, which is nice. I think I might go out to a shop and get some long pants to run in. Or might just stay home and go for a run. haha. Choices, choices!
  9. Thanks guys. It was a slow weekend, with the cold creeping in now. Only logged about 5 km. But, it's something. So, in order to get a few more k's added, I'm going on a run tomorrow! My classes tomorrow are being cut short because I'm the teacher and I can do that. (mwahahaha! the power!) So, tomorrow should be a good day. I'm starting to wind down the semester, got three weeks left. OMG I just want them to go away. Fudged a little this weekend with a bread snack. Yes, I could've made a better decision, gone with something else, but I didn't. So, there's that. I'm owning my decision and know that I won't have two in a row. No matter! This last weekend was a time for pampering. Boyfriend took me on a date night to the aquarium and then a special dinner (tacos!) and rented out the swankiest 5-star hotel for a night. I got a real bath. Like, in a bathtub. If you think that might be over-exaggerating, it's not. Tubs are not standard in Korean homes, so I haven't had a real bath in a few years. It was luxurious. Also, ganked the 5-star toiletries. woot! So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with my progress so far on this challenge. I'm not exactly where I thought I'd be, but I'm getting there. I'm making better decisions, and that's what this whole thing is about, right?
  10. Today, my bullet journal was scheduled for a run. Alright, cool. I'm running today. Luckily, the weather was amazing today. I spent all day inside, at work, and finished my last class earlier than expected. However, my motivation to run had completely depleted throughout the work day. I walked out of the door saying to myself, "I'll run tomorrow." What a stupid thought. That kind of procrastination and lack of discipline is how I got to this place in the first place. If I want to get better, faster, stronger, I have to change my outlook. I have to change my life to make any sort of progress. Doing the same things will yield the same results. So I decided on my walk home that I'd be able to get my shoes tied and warmed up before 5 o'clock, and do a couple kilometers before the sun went down. No big deal. If I just run for like, 20 minutes I should be fine. So I did that. Shoes laced: check Hat on: check Warmed up: check New running mix: check I wanted to go about 3 kms. I knew I could do this very easily, without much fuss, and without taking a lot of time. Every km counts, right? As soon as I started down the street, I felt instantly better. The air was rushing through my lungs, my pace was good even if a little slow(still getting over the cold), and my body felt free. So, naturally, when I got to the mark where I should have turned around, I happily told myself, "Eh, a little more won't hurt." I kept running. I went on a route I absolutely hate doing because it's uphill for an entire 1.5km. Yes, uphill the whole time. It has a small reprieve at the top, then downhill a bit, then back up, up, up. I kept running. I ended up running 6.3 km in about 43 minutes. It's not the fastest, it's not the longest, it's not the most grueling, but I did it. Today. Like I said. Also, today was the first day I tried that Zombies, Run! app and it was amazing! Does it actually take into consideration your acceleration, or is it all pre-determined? I outran all the zombies on my up, up, up portion of the run, but not on the kinda-level, little-incline portion later. Was I really that tired? 'Cause I thought I was flying.
  11. We never eat the mess food. He usually orders in. Today we were watching the Rousey/Holm fight, and he seems to have a bit of motivation to get in shape again. He used to be a fighter as well. He really wants to do it again, so that's some good motivation. I'm going to continue taking him food as long as he wants it, haha. I enjoy cooking and usually make way too much for just myself. Got a good 11k in this weekend. Should have done more, probably could have, but I didn't. This next week should be good. The knee feels fine, is the normal size, and there's no popping in my ankle. So, that's great.
  12. The tomato sauce was a success, but I don't really follow a recipe, per say. I suppose I can post the "-ish" directions. I'll do that! Okay, getting out today, gonna go see the boy, have a weekend of trails planned. I'm going to take it easy, though, since I'm still not 100% about my knee. There's a trail we're supposed to do tonight, but I might just phone it in and either walk, or just sit and wait for everyone to get back. I'm still recovering from the cold, too. Aaaaand now it's raining. haha. So, if the raining doesn't stop in a little while, I'm not running in that. I don't need to be sicker. I did a ton of food prep yesterday, so that's great. When I get back from the weekend I don't have to worry about anything. Just stay away from bread products, and sugar drinks, and I should be fine this weekend. Time with the boyfriend is always hard to stick to the diet....he's not the healthiest. Anyone have tips to deal with that? I've told him I'm on a diet, and that I want to lose weight by staying away from certain foods and drinks. He's actually on board with the sugary drinks, too. He's completely stopped drinking soda, which for him was basically water. I'm really proud of him for that. However, he lives in a military dorm, and doesn't have much access to a kitchen, so he gets takeout for everything. There's not a ton of choice there. Good thing is I think he's kinda/sorta trying to get on the weight loss train, and has asked me to bring him some food I made this weekend. I'm really hoping he's going to be trying, too, as it will make it easier on me, and because since we've started dating we're both getting fat and happy.
  13. Thanks guys. After a few days of rest other than walking around at work, my knee is feeling remarkably better. I plan to take a walk today just to see how it's doing. No running, and a short walk. It's at least back to normal size. My ankle isn't sore anymore, but has this weird popping sensation, which I experienced last year as well. Dunno if it's the cold, or what, but I saw my surgeon about it last year and he told me as long as there isn't pain, it should be fine. Meh. Still gonna take it easy. Got some cold medicine yesterday and I'm feeling much, much better. Had some weird dreams.....but that's cold medicine for you. No weirder than usual, I guess. Just.....vivid. My boyfriend was in one, and I woke up, reached for him, then got sad 'cause he's not here. Boo.... (Okay, end of chick moment) I'm getting really restless around the house. I've cleaned just about all I can, and today I've decided I'm making tomato sauce from scratch. So, there's that. Have a good day everyone!
  14. Well, luckily, I'm a huge fan of puns. I believe I said to my boyfriend the other day, "If I could marry puns, I totally would, and I don't even like the institution of marriage." I had one meal that included bread, but that's because there was seriously nothing but pre-made sandwiches at this function I was at. I suppose I could've picked them apart, but I didn't. But I didn't have two in a row, which is the best thing. Other than that, going along well. Except for the recent injuries I got somehow on a trail run. Left ankle (previously broken) was rolled three times, so it's a bit sore, but nothing big. Then my right knee is swollen to about twice the normal size, and I have no clue as to why. I can't really bend it all the way, so I'm thinking it's just runner's knee after a pretty active weekend. Also lost to the office cold. This sucks in the worst way.
  15. I am feeling better. Cold effectively beaten! Woot! Got another 5k in yesterday. Tomorrow's a big running day too.
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