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  1. Week 3! I'd like to say time is flying, but its not really - this week had a few set backs, but I'm still managing to keep mostly on track! I think the main thing I need to work on is my food choices, its getting to that difficult time of year and I'm constantly find myself applying the 'very next meal' technique. Here's to making the next week even better! Battle Log 24/11-29/11 MondayNothing because I injured my shin muscle last week so I wanted to give it a proper chance to rest. TuesdayYoga This wasn’t as hard on the shin, but it still limited my flexibility a little bit WednesdayCr
  2. Man! This week was such a busy week! Work was just hectic and even when i wasn't at work I seemed to be just go go go... I went out for dinner 4 out of 7 days! Not because i couldn't be bothered cooking, but literally because I needed to catch up with a bunch of different people, and dinner always worked best for them! But I still managed to keep mostly to my plan...although there were a few cases where my willpower slipped, because I was just exhausted from all the decision making - but that's life, and I am not going to let it push me off the bandwagon, I am hanging right in there and plan o
  3. Hey NordicGiraffe! Looks like you're killing your challenge as well! Awesome work, keep it up!
  4. Update! I need to have a little 'woot' time...I just found out yesterday that I scored 86% on my recent thesis submission for my Honours year, which means I will be awarded a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE! Historical nerd level unlocked! yiew! But in other news, challenge has been progressing too! Workouts 13th-15th ThursdayAcademy Recruit Workout - women's pushups, but everything else without variations! (I wanted to level up my academy profile too!)Yoga FridayWeights/BodyweightWarm up: 2mins rower, hip flexor stretch, adductor stretch, pigeon pose, arm circles etcMain Set 1:1x3x15kg snatch
  5. Mid-week check in time! So, my workouts started out great in my first three days of the challenge, and I've managed to document them all. My diet took a bit of a pounding on the very first day, but I made some good choices that lessened the overall negativity, so I'm gonna take that as a win! And yes, all (treacherous) food/drink choices are documented... THE JOURNEY SO FAR: Workouts 10th-12th Monday HIIT ClassWarm up: Jog, 3xhill sprints, shoulder rotations, walking lunges, tagMain Set: 2x1min 14kg Kettlebell swings 2x1min 14kg Goblet squats 2x1min alternating 5x push up (womens
  6. Haha that is definitely the work of my trainers, not my own ingenuity! But thank you, and congratulations on your feelings of awesomeness. I hope that in time I will also experience this stage of enlightenment
  7. Ok! So I know the challenge doesn't strictly start until tomorrow, but I'm so dang excited I wanted to share my last two weeks' progress as a bit of a warm up ;-) Battle Log 27/10 - 2/11 Monday 50 minute walk (leisurely) HIIT ClassWarm up: Suicides, Stair Climb, Tag, various body rotations.Main set: - Handstand push up variation (Feet on block Pike pushup- 1 min) - Kettle bell deadlifts (20kg? 10 reps?) - Glute bridges - 1 min - Bar bell bent over rows (14kg? 10 reps?) - 1 legged squat (other foot elevated behind) - 1 min - Dish hold 2x30 seconds - Plank 1x30 s
  8. Hi Cinalyc, you challenge looks just....awesome! I'm an aspiring ranger too, although my current activities put me more in the warrior/druids range. How long have you been climbing for? I went to a climbing gym last week after an extended (8 year...) break, and I'd forgotten how much fun it is! All the best for your challenge!
  9. Hi NordicGiraffe, I just read your feed too We are very similar! 'Appearance is a consequence of fitness' is also one of my driving forces, because summer almost here (in Australia) and I'm feeling the pressure for beach season! I wish you all the best with your training, and feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to chat! (I'm not much of a runner, but willing to offer metaphorical pompoms!) Hi Blaidd, Yoga is pretty restorative for me so I see those as my off days, and the Saturday session is only optional, as it depends on my work schedule I also make sure I take pretty good care
  10. Hi Everyone, my name is Maddy, I'm 23 and live in Melbourne, Australia. I've just finished my honours degree in history and now its time to make health and exercise a main priority of my post-uni life! I've been a pretty avid gym rat for the past couple of years, but have been struggling through an extended plateau. I've recently changed up my routine a little bit, and lifting and yoga are taking centre stage! My Main Quest for this challenge is to build the habit of this new routine and the habit of eating mostly Paleo (level 6/7), but also to document my progress/regressions so that I can
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