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  1. Good for you for going running nad not obsessing over the scale - I have a theory we're all healthier if we pack 'em away but that's just me. yes the odd meal may not fit the diet plan but its the old 80/20 rule, and you can do it regarding the sugary drinks. Go rock it!
  2. that perfection dragon is a beast! I find the mantra 'I'm going for progress not perfection' helps me a lot. And it looks like you're doing great!
  3. I'm now up to five outline- drawings for my Hissling tails. I've got two snake in eggs, one close up of a curled up snake using its belly as a pillow, one happy snake and one snake in a hand. I do these while watching my psych course reviews so I get some good time in. I'm going to scan them and either use them straight like that, add different backgrounds or try colouring htem with GIMP if I can figure out how it works. then I need to figure out what i have to do to publish these books.
  4. As to archery for an hour, its pull back three times and wait for everyone else to finish...i shoot quick so I don't keep tension on it all the time. Its awesome for your posture though! As to the weekly point count, there's a daily amount htat varies and everyone gets 49 for the week. I tend not to use it in case i miscalculate or need a splurge throughout the week but its still not coming off so far.
  5. went to the gym friday and sunday for an hour or so each, weight lifting. Tried rollerskating on sunday but found the brakes on one skate were missing. Need to order new brake. Waiting till then or till roomie can come with me to skate. food..i'm eating healthy and wihtin limits, trying to be really good but i'm not logging it well. Need to work on that.
  6. Week one: gym x 3, pass! and I tried rollerskating but i'm missing one of my brakes so risk assessment said, stop till you can get roomie to come with and get new brake. So I passed exercise challenge for week 1. I'm still having trouble logging becuase a) I eat varied things and I get bored logging, as it means logging on to the weighwatchers site and finding stuff and remembering b rands and ....yeah. I did eat healthy but proving it is the hard part...and I kind of need to do that. But I did eat healthy. Week 2, in progress. I'd better lose some weight or I"ll be miffed, i've been stalled for four weeks now and I only lost .8 of a pound since starting weight watchers and exercising. I'm trying to rmemeber to go by feel not weight but...its hard. We're all trained on metrics.
  7. Alienjenn, I think I have a better updated post int eh actual forum. These are different, simpler goals. And I failed then on the same thing I'm having trouble now, regimentation. I can go out and do it, but actually logging all the food i eat? boooooring. ;- ) and htat is why i'm having trouble.
  8. In terms of heavies and hospitals, freak accident tends to be the main cause. Sorry, i've seen worse injuries at school sport meets, or at least larger quantities.
  9. I'm first aider at most events - even if we just got disbanded- we're still here. I've called EMS more for allergic reactions than anything and fighting? The kitchen is where the injuries happen. Kitchen and allergies.
  10. I'm going to go out on a limb here and nominate an unknown artist: whoever created the Goddess of Willendorf. http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/Willendorf-Venus-1468.jpg&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf&h=283&w=178&tbnid=4bvHPLb609dCqM:&zoom=1&tbnh=186&tbnw=116&usg=__QB_e2ahhaATYpRM6cPdpQX5W5vY=&docid=lXgA6Pd5rbvOUM&itg=1&ved=0CIYBEMo3&ei=roP0VNqIMInooATWjoHABw I find it a very powerful statue, as it shows neolithic values in appreciating women as they are in some cases, big, bountiful, possibly/probably pregnant, and they chose to make that as one of their items of possible worship. That's powerful to me.
  11. Live Long and Prosper, Mr Nimoy, wherever you are.

  12. I wish i was musical. ;-D but i love the idea.
  13. 707 words of hissling tail written last night. I need to look into drawing or sketching for it too. that will undoubtably take me longer than the writing but c'est la vie. I want to keep it affordable for me.
  14. It grieves me. But i'm glad he didnt' have to suffer end stage COPD for longer. That stuff is nasty.
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