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  1. While I have the mind and heart of a BeachBabe (code: I love laying around/playing at the beach, boating, kayaking, swimming, ANYTHING WATER), I don't have the body of a BeachBabe. I have been too nervous to book a beach vacation becuase I don't even want to get in a swimsuit. The last time I was at a beach I wore shorts and a tank the entire time. So boring!!! I am going to the beach next summer and learning how to surf. Now...for the how to get comfy in swimwear goals: Goal 1: Walk 10K steps each day Wear Fitbit pedometer daily Walk a mile in the morning Walk a mile after work Goal 2: Replace breakfast with a protein shake This will make the decision easy, make sure I get in the most important meal of the day so my metabolism gets revved, and help me avoid junk food runs at morning break. Goal 3: Complete the Basic Training program Goal 4: Get everything I possibly can done on my house I'm currently living without a kitchen, flooring, or most major furniture during a remodel. While there are some things I can't do, there are some I can. My goal will be to do all of those things as soon as possible so that I am never the hang up. Touch up master bedroom paint Sand and paint bedroom ceiling Touch up bedroom 1 paint Stencil bedroom walls Touch up bedroom 2 paint Pick carpet out Select kitchen faucet, appliances, and door knobs Select and purchase hardware for rest of house Paint door frames Fix gas leak in fireplace Unpack all boxes in garage Take donations to donation center
  2. Alarep- I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a major appetite change with them, lol. Helps ease the pain a little. I'll keep ya posted on the fitbit as soon as I get it! I totally get the not spending money on weight loss things anymore. I'm the queen of "Ooh, if I only had that...". My justification for the fitbit is that it calculates calories (I'm a numbers girl, so I love that), and it sends alerts to your phone if you haven't hit certain step goals by your set times. I think that will be super motivating. I know having the pedometer made me stop and look to see if I was getting enough activity- definitely motivated me to get more! Thanks Harness, I am getting back to kicking the crap out of this challenge!!!!!! I plan to knock out a ton on my house this weekend! Day 22-25 Update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo! Appetite horrible becuase of steroids. I could seriously eat 3 dinners and not be too full. What is up !!?!? I'm scared to get on the scale this week... 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day-Week 4: Get 8,000+ steps per day- Still don't have my pedometer but I'm about 98% sure I haven't hit those steps once this week. 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- definitely hasn't happened. Level-up Life Goal:Finish painting my house! No progress onpainting, however the kitchen is officially gone! Time to start the reconstruction process! I guess this is my super slacker week. I will try to make up for it this weekend!!
  3. Thanks jfrankovich! I think you're right about calorie counting. It will give me a guide while still allowing me to taper off of my bad habits. I LOVE MyFitnessPal! I've used it on and off for a while now. Seem to lose weight faster when using it. Coincedence? Day 18-21 Update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo! *edited: not as worried about the number. Going paleo proved to be much more difficult than I originally thought. I have cleaned out my kitchen, but there are still a lot of other activities that I'm learning to work around. For right now my plan is to continue to eat healthier and in appropriate proportions- Diet hasn't been great, but hasn't been horrible. I was sick and ordered to stay home per my doc. I'm on steroids which seems to up my appetite...but I still lost. Week 3 weight: 225.8 pounds, LOST 6 pounds!!! 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day-Week 3: Get 7,000+ steps per day- Friday I made up for the shortage on Thursday, then lost my pedometer. I know I didn't get enough steps because I was resting and trying to get better, as I will likely be for another few days. Also, lost the stupid pedometer at my uncle's house. Oops.Can't wait for the new fitbit!!! 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- definitely got extra sleep this weekend. Not waking up naturally though. Maybe the meds? Level-up Life Goal:Finish painting my house! No progress
  4. Thanks Harness! No joke about walking. It's crazy! I've thought about riding a bike to work, but I work in no man's land so there are NO sidewalks and people don't share the road too well. Jumping rope this week should help with the steps, lol Thanks!!! I'm plugging along, lol. Um, kinda did demo the whole house. I had plans when I bought it to paint, carpet, done. Then everything went wrong. I live in the Murphey's Law house... I'm just now getting to the point where I CAN paint. And when I was starting in on that project I found mold in the kitchen. It's in half the cabinets and the wall, so I have to take those out. Might as well take the other half out and just start over since they aren't in great condition. It all sounds so easy, but then I get in there and find 5 other major problems with each new project. Take for example when I was having the exterior siding replaced and the crew had to work around the plumber becuase come to find out the back yard sewage line had a hole in it. If I could do one project and move onto the next smoothly I would be so excited! But then, that's the joy of life right? If it all went according to plan there wouldn't be any mystery or adventure! Day 18 Update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo- Eating was much healthier and in proportion. Avoided the monster cookies at the Deli I went to. YAY ME!!! 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day, goal week 3 is 7,000: only 5,623 yesterday. I'm going to try to get more to make up for the gap today! Day 19 goal: 8,400 steps 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- staying at my aunt and uncle's house babysitting. Their dogs kept waking me up all night. Need more sleep! Level-up Life Goal: Finish painting my house-no changes yesterday
  5. Day 14-17 update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo- Massive Fail! Having a lot of trouble working around not having a kitchen. Plus, I'm not doing well with temptations. Last time I weighed I had actually gained 2 pounds from my original weigh-in. 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day, goal week 3 is 7,000: So far I've hit it every day! 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- half there. Most of the time I get to bed early, but not every time. When I don't I wake up late, and NOT naturally! Level-up Life Goal: Finish painting my house- I've gotten one bedroom prepped, one prepped and primed, and the living room half prepped. Making good progress!
  6. Woohoo for a B!!! I have never split wood, always looked crazy hard. I'm impressed that you did! Now get those girls a good support system- skin isn't elastic!!!
  7. Bahaha! I am the worst painter and such a clutz, which is why I ripped all the carpet out before I even started, lol. No paint in my hair this time, but definitely had it on me a few times over the last few weeks, lol. I have primed a bedroom and prepped another bedroom for painting. Fun stuff!!! My eating is atrocious. Other than that I'm doing pretty well. Went to bed late a few nights, but getting enough rest most of the time. Getting plenty of activity. Plugging along...
  8. You didn't sound preachy at all! And that is all great advice. I think the water, salted cucumber, and hummus are going to be life savers! Also, had never calculated how many calories were in a grape and grape versus donut calories. Such a cool way to think about it all! Thanks for the tips!!!!
  9. Thanks for dealing with my outburst Shoobie! I totally get the explaining yourself thing. And I'm amazed that you have a language barrier. You speak better English than me, lol. I think I've hit my breaking point is all I really needed to say.
  10. We have donuts that pop up a lot. And then every Friday morning we have something brought in (rotates between cookies, muffins, sausage biscuits, and kolaches). No one else is dieting at work, so often times it's just a coworker that brings chips or pizza and offers to share. For some stupid reason the second I see food my brain goes into 'gotta have it' mode. Why? I don't usually even want it. It's weird. I have a drawer with nuts and beef jerkey. And veggies in the breakroom. What do you do when there is something that smells so good like biscuits or pizza?
  11. *hugs back* Shoobie- I do not at all want you to think that I was coming down on your or condoning you in the least!!! I love that you are here making healthier choices just like I am trying to do! And I think it's extremely important not to make these issues the center of our life, I completely agree. I just read your statement and my first thought was, "yeah, it is what it is. I just have to deal with it..." And then I got kind of angry. You see there is a lot of research that proves that although genetics play a role in PCOS and many other conditions our generations are being pelted with, the majority of what actually happens with the genetics is determined by lifestyle. HOWEVER, we have been taught completely incorrect things about food. The hole reason that Paleo is such a major topic right now is because by going paleo you remove a lot of the issues in your life that we're facing. Same thing with the vegan and raw foods movements. I'm not saying anyone is better than the other, I'm pointing to the fact that we have been told the foods/drugs we are consuming are okay and obviously they're not if disease can be eliminated by removing those foods. They're poison, toxic, addictive, and I'm mad that they've been put into our society and defended the way they have. Also, don't get me wrong. I AM NOT A VICTIM. I know that I chose/still choose to eat crap. But, I was brought up thinking that crap could make me fat. Not that it would be addictive (from chemicals that are purposefully put there), would create arthritis, or lead to PCOS. A lot of the cancers that have skyrocketed in the last 20 years have been bolstered by the diet we have been told is okay. It's scary to think that you can't even get produce from the grocery store that isn't covered in pesticides. You have to find organic (which is limited in many stores) and even then you're not necessarily safe. It's absolutely ridiculous. And I'm mad that we have to deal with diseases because politicians don't care enough to create laws that eliminate this stuff. It's scary. Wow, I'm not sure where that all came from, other than just it's been building up and I finally had my 'aha' moment. I'm tired of feeling like crap. Like I have little or no control. I hate that I am 26 and need a knee replacement. And I'm through playing their games. I don't want to be on the rat wheel anymore, ya know? Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Cancer is horrible, and having to watch someone lose their life to it is probably one of the worst things to experience. I applaud that you helped take care of your family- you're an amazing woman for doing everything you did! The stress from that situation is unimaginable. Again, I think you're amazing! I'm not attacking you in the least. I just step back and think, what if your dad didn't have to have cancer (maybe it wasn't started by the foods we are told are okay, but chances are it was fed by them). And then your family didn't have to hit that rough patch of life the way you did? What would that world look like? No, life isn't perfect and we will have adversity. But when there is evidence that the foods and medications we are told are safe are actually creating many of the diseases we are living and dyeing from, it's too much. I'm sick of it.
  12. #1, I have had the same mindset about PCOS and my arthritis (I have crazy arthritis that is totally unexplainable other than, "you're just seriously unlucky". No, seriously- this is one of the most well-known docs in my state for joints and said he has NEVER seen someone so young have bone spurs where I do, let alone the quantity. Awesome, I'm special. We all know that though! ). However, when I was reading your quote it hit me all wrong. Why should we have to say things like, "Meh, it's okay...." or "we deal with whatever we have to deal with"? That's absurd. Again, I want to reiterate that I'm always making statments like this, have been for 13 years, so I'm really pointing the finger at myself. I don't want to deal with whatever. I want to figure out WHY it is happening and do everything in my power to change it. I've read a lot of research that points to diet being the cause of 99% of these crappy deal-with-it deseases. I'm so over it. It's time to take control and make a real change. I hate living by what I think my knee can handle. Or wondering if I'm going to be able to get pregnant down the road when I'm ready to have kids (sidenote: there's no man at the moment- so there's no chance right now anyway, lol). I want to be happy and free, and I deserve to be. I'm making my resolution to change my lifestyle completely to see if diet change can cure my unexplainable issues. Kay, end soapbox lecutre to self... #2, Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being willing to give me the push, prod, kick in the butt I will need. Because I will need them. I have stopped and thought to myself several times since the beginning of the challenge, well I screwed up. Why don't I just quit until the next challenge...and then I think of how awesome everyone is and I pick myself up and keep moving in the right direction. Everyone of you have been a motivating factor in that journey continuing on. THANK YOU!!! #1, Don't hate your body! It's the machine that carries you around this world!!! Plus, if our bodies are almost identical then that means you hate my body. Would you say that to me? Probably not. So why then do we make it okay to say it to ourselves? (Again, speaking from personal experience. I say things to myself that I would never even think about someone else's body- let alone ever tell them.) It's not okay to degrade ourselves. We are amazing beings created by an awesome God and it is high time we realized that and rose to the occasion!! #2, Holy cow you're weight loss is AWESOME!!! I'm SO PROUD of you!!!!! #3, So pumped for the fitbit!!!! Like literally can't wait. Another. Second!!! #4, I'm excited that you stopped by and checked in on my page! I'll definitely hit your thread up later tonight and check in on your journey thus far. Let's keep at it and smash our goals!!! Bahaha, I'm in awe of me waking up before my alarm as well. Honestly it was kind of a pie-in-the-sky goal that I was thinking I would write and we would just see where it led. I'm stoked that it's going as well as it is! :-D In regards to controlling my temptations and environment, sometimes it is controllable and others it is not. There are a lot of family functions where it is not. But, I live alone so I control the foods in the house. I jsut cleaned out the bad junk!!! At work it's 50/50. We get all kinds of treats, and I'm working on fighting that temptation...it's a work in progress. You make a great point of not being able to resist when it's in front of me. I'm working on finding good substitutions to have on hand when that junk appears at family/work events. Any suggestions are welcome! Day 12 update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo- Paleo most of the day. I'm still really excited about the progress and ability to resist temptations at work. Family is another story... 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day, goal week 2 is 6,000 per day- 9,000 ish...I wasn't around a computer and forgot to record before I cleared :-/ Still hit my goal though! 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- I was a house guest and woke up when the host did. Not enough sleep, but woke up without the alarm. Level-up Life Goal: Finish painting my house- nothing Day 13 update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo- Massive Fail! Not even sure what to say... 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day, goal week 2 is 6,000 per day- 11,852. HECK YES!!! 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- Nope, not so much... Level-up Life Goal: Finish painting my house- nada.
  13. I like those steps. That's kind of where I'm at. I'm just making strides in the right direction. I watched an interview of Kris Carr today. She said that she thinks of it like she's on the highway to health. She thinks about things of terms of 'how will this get me going faster in the right direction on my highway to health?' She also talked about it being okay to stop and take a look around at the scenery. Just don't make it a daily habit or part of your normal life. Just enjoy treats here and there and then hop right back onto the highway to health. I like this thought train a lot more than 'being on the wagon'. It implies you're never able to stop. Probably in many people's minds it doesn't, that's just how I see it in my mind, lol. Day 10 update: 1) Lose 15 pounds by going Paleo- WOOHOO!!!! Paleo ALL DAY!!!!!!! :-) 2)Get in 10,000+ steps of activity/ day, goal week 2 is 6,000 per day- 6,415 steps. Woohoo for small victories!!! 3)Get enough sleep to wake up naturally- I'm in bedd 45 minutes early...need to get off laptop to make it count...typing faster! Level-up Life Goal: Finish painting my house- got my kitchen 2/3 of the way packed. Now just need to get paper and pack the breakable stuff! Then back to our regularly scheduled programming of painting...
  14. I've never heard him say that, but I'm sure he does. Sounds like a Steve statement. I like it, so I'm going to adopting it! Yeah, I'm going to start living vicariously through me on a papasan chair!!! What are you holding in your profile picture?
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