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  1. I'll admit, I'm dragging on this one. I've kept up with the climbing, and most of the running. The yoga is having difficulties because my husband and I are now moving, so that means my yoga swing is packed and waiting for the next house. I'm definitely taking it easier on myself these next few weeks since there'll be a lot of lifting and hauling in the near future.
  2. So sore, so busy, too much momentum to stop! I've managed to keep up with my goals so far, but it's only a few days into the challenge. My husband is also doing a p90x challenge (not through here) which he wants me to do with him, so I'm scared I may crash and burn. Still going so far, we'll see how this goes!
  3. Her rope snapped, the anchor at the top of Cirith Ungol had come free and she was holding a slack rope in her hands. Bracing herself she continued the climb, holding on to ropes of web that met her as she ascended. She was getting close, the monster was likely silently waiting for her, hopeful of a snack consisting of more than orcs and unfortunate vermin. She had read of this demon, Shelob. She was confident in her fighting skills but hoped to avoid a confrontation with the creature. It was time to traverse the web, carefully, using the web and the rock to hopefully evade her adversar
  4. Just took a lead climbing class, never thought I would've come this far in such a short time!
  5. The gym I climb at just changed up their routes, I love having new stuff to work on! Lots of 5.9 and 5.10's, even a couple 5.11's that I really want to try. So excited! Also, deadlifted 110lbs and completed a 40min 5k. Not bad for someone who couldn't run a single mile a few short months ago. I've never been so fit, ever!
  6. I've successfully tackled my first 5.10a! Taking a lead climbing course in February! Purchased a hangboard and pullup bar to help practice while I'm at home. Also purchased an aerial hammock for yoga, aerial, and trx training! I've never been so excited, happy, and fit in my entire life!
  7. She held her head high. She had made the start and she was proud of how far she came. I can do this. She had to keep going, had to be stronger, better, faster, and had to get higher. She paused her run at the base of the mountain and looked up, she had a long climb ahead of her. MAIN QUEST A brief intro – After a crazy awesome first start I am back for another round. I love rock climbing, and am still new to the sport, At the beginning of the last challenge I was climbing about a 5.8 and was hoping to have a long term goal of a 5.10a. Now I've climbed a 5.10a and am not planning on s
  8. Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for the support and well wishes! Things have been going pretty amazingly! I have been climbing AT LEAST 3 days a week, and it's been fantastic! Routes that I'd never dreamed about attempting I can now make it up! I'm moved from a 5.8+ to a 5.9+/5.10a! I'm thinking of upping my climbing goals to 5.11a or so, I know it will take me a long time but that's part of the fun! I've been running twice a week, like I planned, I don't enjoy it near as much but it's still going well, and the weather has been nice for trail running. I've actually been sleeping at night, maybe
  9. I attempted a 5.10a! I fell off halfway through but booya! I've also added yoga into my crazy mix. I kern't feeeel mah leggs! And my arms just hate me.
  10. I've fallen off the wagon! My thesis advisor wanted me to write a bunch more for the manuscript and I ended up unable to write anything fictional. I don't even remember where I was going with the plot at this point! I may or may not have 50,000 words this month but they're all just divided up into multiple science papers.
  11. Maybe I need to change my goal to climbing a 5.11 or something, I think I'll get there! But gahhh, it's getting cold! I like trail running and that just stinks in this weather. Must keep running from zombies, though!
  12. I climbed a 2 5.9 routes today! It was sloppy, but it happened! A couple routes I'd been struggling with last week finally happened. Finally made it up!! WOOOO!
  13. I escaped the zombies for today, we shall see what tomorrow brings.

  14. My challenge is up! (in my sig) Also, I really like the 1-1 buddy idea as well.
  15. My current fitness goal is primarily to become toned. I’m pretty skinny, but squishy, so some muscle would be awesome. I love rock climbing so my main quest is to climb a 5.10b route. I think by the time I get to being able to do that I’ll likely be pretty darn toned. Some things I would like to be able to do with my soon to be fit self are: Improve my upper body strength (pretty important for climbing) Be able to do a pull-up (that would be awesome)Maybe a hand stand? I’m kind of tall and gangly, that might be a stretch. Take a yoga class (improved flexibility would be awesome)Run a
  16. She set down her walking stick. Never again. She said. Never again would she be required to lean. She would stand proudly on her own two feet, and nothing could stop her. She looked to the forest and the mountain beyond which lay before her. I will conquer you. She began her run through the forest, dodging the ghouls that tried to stop her, outpacing them but only just barely. She knew if she was ever to become the assassin she dreamed to be, she had a long way to go. Her mind had always been sharp, but her body had crippled her for a long time, and it was now time to stretch her legs.
  17. Hey! I'm finally on NaNoWriMo and my username is MrsWho My working title is 'Undertaker' SynopsisBeing sick, or disabled, is difficult enough. Then the medical bills roll in. Just as a young woman is getting her life back together and standing on her own two feet, the crippling debt knocks her down again. A faustian pact results in her selling her humanity in order to pay for her new life. That's not everything I have right now, but it's a teaser
  18. Hi! I would love to join, this seems like a lot of fun! I've never participated in NaNoWriMo before, and apparently can't register? (The site is writers blocking me!!) But I think it would still be fun! I have an outline, and 3,000 words so... omw! I'll let you know if nanowrimo ever lets me register. (or is it just too late? do they love deadlines so much?)
  19. It had been years since I’d seen the light of day. Trapped, in a dark crypt, I found that it took time for my eyes to adjust to the harshness of the bright world around me. I could stretch my legs for the first time, breathe the fresh clean air. My muscles ached, and while I find myself thin, I am not fit, barely able to run after so long. I knew, I was not done yet, I would not be defeated. An Amazon is not meant to hide in the ground. I would run among the trees, climb steep clifftops. I am free! This is just the beginning. [story time aside. I am 23 years old, weigh 165 lbs and am 5’1
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