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  1. If you live anywhere remotely rural, often a great idea is to contact local farmers and buy bigger quantities frozen. I live in a city, but there's a group here that has contracted with a farm a couple hours to the north and once a month they bring down a truck full of meat for the group. We get much, much higher quality meat, slightly cheaper than the grocery store. Another thought, certain cuts of meat are a lot cheaper than other cuts so that's something to look for.
  2. I work from home and my wife is doing the mommy thing, so jobs in the cities mostly only affect us indirectly. So far the trip has been beautiful and even with unusually high temps, not too icky sticky.
  3. Took video of a set of empty bar bench presses and a set at 150 lbs, which is my current working weight. I'll get those uploaded into the form section later in the week once some work projects are done. Made our second purchase today: Rings, for helping to workout while we're travelling (2.5 weeks leaving Thursday, then again for 2.5 weeks in july, then 5 weeks around CNF) when we're not sure whether we'll checking out gyms in various cities or what.
  4. How 'bout those pain killers...
  5. Went up to 255 on my DL today. I had previously been feeling pretty shaky about my grip strength and was planning on doing 1 set double overhand, then mixed grip for my last 2 sets. My first pull with a mixed grip was laughable, as in that made the lift so much easier i would need to add a considerable amount more weight. I finished out my sets all double overhand other than that 1 mixed pull. I think for now I'm going to just keep going up 10 lbs each time, maybe 15 or 20 if I'm feeling chipper and see how long my double overhand grip can keep up. Torn though, i could do 1 set double overhand
  6. I'd think restrained and outside was about even on the mommy-value scale with inside but free, maybe higher on exceptionally nice days.
  7. Currently I'm just doing the bar for squats and without much weight and a rack have been having trouble getting even that into a good low back position. That was my intent mostly just based on the fact that most of my knowledge comes from reading Starting Strength and that's what he recommends. May give high bar squats a try for the athletic benefits.
  8. Shannon's pretty big into crochet and knitting, as are a few friends we're meeting there as part of our ~7000 mile fall road trip. They were describing it last year when we visited a while after, and then when it lined up with our passing through that part of the country on our trip, figured why not. The gentlemen are planning to sip whiskey and do a scavenger hunt picking out things like someone wearing more than 3 home made woolen items, or a group of more then 2 men without women. And probably carry bags of purchased yarn. "Spezzi and I are the only "full time" warriors, I think, but we m
  9. Yeah, she's basically 1/2 of the HR department as I see it, if we had departments. Depending on where we move, I'm probably going to take it and reuse most of it, even if some parts need to be redone. We're probably not moving till the fall or winter though, so we decided we didn't want to wait that long. If anything though, we've spent far too much time researching potential cities rather than actually building this rack. Who knows though, some of the places we're looking at are cheap and small enough where paying for a gym might be cheaper than building one again, especially if it's one of
  10. Eating vegetables within any sane sense is almost never a bad idea. Eating the other things that made you feel like you weren't sure if you should eat vegetables is a bad idea.
  11. depending on your genetics and diet, going from 0 pullups to 20 pullups in 8 weeks is somewhere between impressive and impossible. It was pretty rough for me going from 4 to 10 in 6 weeks and i put on muscle faster than most. Also, you'll need some recovery time in there to actually build strength.
  12. You should come to http://www.sheepandwool.com/festival with us. Going with some friends unless we end up moving right then, it's apparently a pretty grand time. It's 2 weekends after camp so it could be like a present for Kelly to make up for you being gone for camp.
  13. Oh yeah, and haven't bought anything other than food. Oh, i guess we bought new rubber dish washing gloves for my wife, but necessary cleaning supplies are definitely not what we're avoiding buying here.
  14. That's because they're pure sugar and gross.
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