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  1. spezzy takes it one week at a time

    im going to just leave this right here:
  2. spezzy takes it one week at a time

    today i got up at 7:45. It's a start! Last 2 days gym: Sunday was deadlifts, and I way overreached, I added numbers to my already aggressive program and failed. I got a pretty cool picture of the failure, though: So I dropped the weight to 60% and did doubles up to 70% and called it a day. Yesterday's gym went amazing though. I went in super sore and unsure of what I would be able to do. There's a new girl at my gym who seems to be about the same strength as me (or, at least it seems, her numbers for benching were almost identical) and we shared the bench which was really nice. Her form is pretty much perfect and she's really nice, so that'd be cool to have people to lift with. I'm such a headcase lifter (I NEED certain things for it to go right) so getting out of my comfort zone was a good thing. For bench, I did doubles, 65kg, 70, 75, 77.5, 80, 80, on my third double at 80 I misgrooved the first rep like crazy so dropped the weight to 75 and did 1 last rep. 80 is not my PR, but it is my meet PR (176 in freedom units), so that was a really big mental block for me. feet up pause - 3x3 at 60 waiter's walks hang clean to 3 push press dips and that's it! rest day today, so playing a bit with my ADHD meds and dosage there to see how a little more affects me (since I am planning on working 12 hours anyway). Don't worry, doctor approved experiment. So hopefully I will have a super productive update later today!
  3. spezzy takes it one week at a time

    SO I DID NOT GET UP AT 7:30 TODAY. I got up at 8:30. However, I made that decision last night, not this morning, so I'm counting that as a win. I had a late workout yesterday and was wide awake at 1:30am so made the conscious decision to move my goal to 8:30 for today. That's not saying it will be acceptable full time to switch this goal, but right now the big goal is getting up when I say I'm going to get up and not lay in bed for an hour after my alarm goes off, so for now, that's a win.
  4. spezzy takes it one week at a time

    Updates! Friday I went to the gym and did: Technique Bench Day: 65kgx2x3, 70kgx2x3, 75kgx2x3, 77.5kgx2x3 (so 12 reps total, upping weight every 3 sets) Feet up triple pause bench 60kg for 6 sets of 3 Wall Walks 3 sets of 5 3 Snatch + 3 OHS: a bunch of sets here, from 65lb to 105lb. and some other light stuff. Saturday was a complete off day from everything for me. Ben and I went to a PL meet he had a client competing at, then I had to take Madi to the vet (she's broken), and I did some shopping and general puttering. This morning I got up and made a tracker for this next week and planned out the week. I feel really good about it. Habits I'm focusing on: 1) Gym 4x 2) Floss and mouthwash every night 3) Meditate 3x 4) Up by 7:30 am every day I have a list of 8 small tasks, and 3 BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS ADULT TASKS (2 go together, and one is easy, just takes a lot of time), 1 appointment. I'm going to focus on this template and updating it weekly and then will share the template with y'all if it comes out good!
  5. This challenge is going to be a bit different I have some bigger goals, which I'll review in this post, but the plan is that each week I will revisit each of the bigger goals, and make realistic, smaller goals at the beginning of each week. 1) Build biceps to spare I'm back on the getting stronger train. Now, as we know, lifting and nutrition both play a vital part in this, so goals will be in those areas. I also want to try to maintain this general weight (around 150-155lb), so this isn't a bulk, which means nutrition is even more important. 2) I'm late! No, not THAT kind of late. I function on something that Ben calls "Staci time". Which means, things take however long they take, and I get there when I get there. So these goals are going to be related to being on time as well as time management. 3) FOOT STUFF again, not THAT kind of foot stuff. I broke my toe. I need to be careful, and to rehab it properly. But going to use this as an opportunity to focus on strengthening my feet and ankles (they've been collapsing a bit). 4) Responsibility? What's that? I have an insane amount of adulting to do coming up. So I'm going to set up times to do each adult thing at the beginning of each week. 5) Read every night with Ben This is more of a specific goal, but it won't change week by week. The reasons behind it are multifold, but I'll leave it at that
  6. [[Note from spezzy: the other thread got to be 150 pages and started to break stuff, so I closed it and we're starting again here.]] [[Those of you new to this thread, here's Bruce's original intro: I saw that there was a womens only thread. And out of politeness i did not read it because a) I don't want to hear about their lady parts or whatever and it is just none of my business and rude. So I thought i would start a men's only thread in the hopes we could talk about men's health issues. Improvements to our man specific health due to exercise and lifting....so for any women reading this right now I would ask that you please stop.....go ahead and go...right now...*ahem*.....]] This is just a continuation from here: http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?7707-Men-ONLY-please/