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  1. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    haha she won't get in the bath with me, but likes to sit NEXT to the tub and if I go under water to rinse my hair she freaks out and thinks I'm drowning.
  2. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    She panicked this morning because I locked her out of the bathroom for 5 minutes. Her anxiety is a big thing. The weird thing is, she's generally fine when I'm not home in her crate (if I leave her out of the crate, about once every 6 months something happens, and she destroys everything, so crate it is). But if I'm home, she needs to be next to me, always. I should have named her Elmer or Velcro. This is actually really interesting. I sleep with an air purifier on but it does not have a timer to shut it off automatically. I woke up today before my alarm went off so that was nice.
  3. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    Also, coaching hahah #shamelessselfpromotion This is the understatement of the century. Madi thinks her sole purpose in life is to be near me. It's actually a problem we're working on. So, pavlok has a shock clock which shocks you to get up, but I'm not sure I want to go that route yet. I got the second fitness band for $30, and I'm thinking of picking up an XL fitbit band and putting it on my ankle. That way I've got vibration coming at my wrist and my ankle and maybe that would help? haha. For sure. Madi and I are working on reformatting our relationship, in many ways. She's so bonded to me but is terrified of everyone else. We do already spend a lot of time together - she's super high energy and a no dog park dog, so we have to combat that living in an apartment, which is always a struggle. Walking more will be good, though. Honestly, it's something I've struggled with because walking with her is not a stress relief at all - it needs to be a training situation at almost all times and is super unpredictable.
  4. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    It's a fantastic program overall Focuses a lot on mindset, which is most important. The price tag is easier to manage when your work reimburses for some education costs
  5. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    hahah yeah, it's a play on words. I really hope it does work out. But I'm really encouraged. And relieved Getting my Precision Nutrition Certification Super stoked about it. Screens can really mess with your sleep, all around. I have a big problem with it, and not only am I looking at a screen, but then I continue to look at the screen longer and stay up because of it. Ben doesn't even plug his phone in in the bedroom, I need to get into that habit too...
  6. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    So, week 0 pretty much coming to a close. My only week 0 goal was to get up by 8:30 every day and I didn't do that great. I'm having issues with my alarm and not feeling it/turning it off in my sleep, so that's a problem and the goal to find something to wake me up is on. I'm wondering if I get a large band for my fitbit and put it around my ankle, that would work. Anyway, trying to come up with things! Other than not being able to wake up, this week I've focused on: 1) I went to the dentist, which I was dreading, for good reason. But I went. And I do have to go back for a few appointments, but catching things early > necessary. 2) Ben's dissertation defense was this week so really, supporting him in whatever way I can. 3) I got an iPad with the pencil and have a really great work set up I'm thrilled with now. I won't WANT to work from the couch! 4) I went to the psychiatrist for the first time. That was scary. Won't go into details here yet, but results were positive and I feel a sense of relief if our plan of action actually works. 5) I made a "life schedule" that says exactly when I work, when and where I go to the gym and sets aside time on certain days each week for appointments, errands, and extra "stuff". I set some recurring bi-weekly appointments (bodywork and therapy) and have those slots open and available for other life stuff on the off weeks. I'm really excited and think it will work really well. 6) I cancelled my (third) gym membership which will save $55 a month So it's been a busy week. Excited to officially "start" the challenge!
  7. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    Hiiiiii Desk vs. couch makes such a difference. I have an entire set up here that really helps, including my headphones, and no TV / other distractions. I get so much more done at my desk than anywhere else.
  8. Miss Marissa - Trying a new thing

  9. Alright! So last challenge went pretty much awesome. I wasn't perfect, but at the same time, I did good enough to be happy with my progress and consider it a success. This challenge will also include some travel (May 9-15). This challenge will build on the last one, so it may seem similar. 1) Exercise Every Day This needs to include at least 30 minutes (accumulated) of walking the dog. 2) Break 150. Now that I'm maintaining around 152-155 easily, (after maintaining 165-168 most of the last 2 years) for the last 2 months, I'm ready to start maintaining the upper 140's. But for this challenge, the goal is to get to (and start hanging out around) anything under 150. 3) Work at my desk whenever possible Do not work from the couch. 4) No phone in bed Read instead 5) Get up on time. Week 0 - by 8:30 every day Week 1 - by 8:15 every day Week 2 - by 8:00 every day Week 3 and 4 - by 8:00 every day I am not traveling 6) Meditate 1x per week 7) Study 1x per week
  10. spezzy simply succeeds!

    Keeping it simple this time. 1) Exercise every day 2) Finish out at least 30 days of elimination diet. I am on day 4. 3) Go to therapy. 3x. No excuses. 4) Journal daily for at least 5 minutes. Include positive notes from each day. 5) No phone in bed. Read instead.