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  1. if we ever get down to Texas how about we spend that afternoon getting BBQ with all the nerds at a place instead of the grocery store 😂
  2. Okay! Weighed in at 148.2 this morning, so there's a starting weight. I'm still doing the 10lb/10 weeks PVP, but since I've already gone over my goal of hitting 150, I might try to maintain for a few weeks before seeing about pushing down further. My body generally tends to lose better if I do a few weeks of maintenance in between larger (I've lost about 10% of my bodyweight) drops before I start to drop again. I don't NEED to lose any weight and I'm happy with my aesthetics, but I've always wanted to see how lean I could get at least once in my life, and since I don't have any po
  3. Thanks, all! The garden has been one of the most helpful things I've done, health wise, I think. I have really high expectations of myself, especially with my job being that of a coach - it's really easy to beat myself up when things aren't going perfectly. I'd love any tips, too! I got diagnosed a few years ago but still struggle like crazy. I've found quite a bit that works for me - but a lot still doesn't hahahaha this is great I don't have enough coffee in me for a better reply,
  4. Weighed in both today and yesterday at 148.2, so I've officially beat my goal (spreadsheet says 126%). Going to continue here - haven't decided if I'm going to aim to maintain the rest of the challenge, or get to 145, which has been a goal I've wanted to hit for about a year - but since I lost the last bit so fast maintenance for a few weeks might be the better idea. Going to see what the next week takes me as I get into my new routine up here in Canada!
  5. Okay, so that challenge title is terrible, but it's stuck in my head so 🤷‍♀️ Especially since this isn't an Eminem challenge (though @Rurik Harrgath did say I looked like him while I was bleaching my hair wearing a white tank top 😂 ). But I am in fact back (back again) and ready for action. This is actually a garden challenge. Earlier this year I made a challenge where I established my mental "Garden" - where I have different characters (grotesques) that live within that garden, and I have to tend to t
  6. Alright, I'm back just in time to close out this challenge and start anew. The last bit has been really tough, honestly, but I got everything done and it was really nice to have my Garden to fall back to when I realized things were just too crazy to manage pushing goals. I knew exactly what I had to do to keep health a priority, and I followed that - unfortunately that also meant that time for being here was less available, but that's okay. I ended up setting up SD residency which added an extra week to my plans (meaning I had to leave a week earlier than originally p
  7. The additional protein will definitely help! It's not carbs itself, but more that they're a form of sugar, cause a glucose spike, insulin release, and drop again - making you feel hungrier, for the apples and the oats. Oats will be more than apples, generally, but with apples it depends on the kind of apple. This goes over sugar in different apples - so picking a lower sugar apple will be helpful here, too! https://furthermore.equinox.com/articles/2013/10/apples
  8. Hallo hallo I am back too! The last few weeks have been crazy with packing up my stuff, putting it in storage, spending a week in another state, then heading up to canada - I haven't been working out or eating great, but doing what I can and focusing on the big rocks (walks, veggies, protein) and I was able to make some progress still and that was nice. Got in and weighed in at 151.8, which gets me almost to my goal, but - I wouldn't be surprised if that goes up int he next few days as it normalizes, so this weekend's weigh in will be more realistic and will be intere
  9. Hey all, I'm still here - just this whole moving thing plus the vaccine thing has been taking all of my extra energy. Still focusing on protein and lots of veggies and keeping sweets to a minimum. I'm not weighing in this week or next week because my scale is packed in a box and headed to a storage unit. I'll weigh in again after I get in to Rurik's. It'll be a different scale than I've been weighing on so that will be interesting but I'm just gonna go with whatever it says and not overthink it.
  10. Alright y'all, I am long overdue for an update. The good news: I haven't given up! Between getting my covid vaccine (both shots! and I'm currently waiting out the side effects of the second - which aren't great but would still do it again in a heartbeat), Felix getting terribly sick last weekend (and the $750 vet bill 😳 ), and getting everything prepped for the mood, I've just basically had to revert to tending to my garden. I'm still not too far off goals - I haven't been logging my food (but I've been eating almost identical food each day) or going to the
  11. Coming in this week at 159lb 15oz (and hitting that under 160 mark 2 days in a row now, first time back under 160 since feb)
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