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  1. Thank you!! Yeahhhh definitely need to start focusing on sleep a little more, since that hasn't been great the last few weeks. Also, you two! I'm going to have it out on my balcony some days, does that count?
  2. Thanks I have zero symptoms but I know that's not how it works, so getting tested is my top priority. It's an indoor spin bike so it shall stay inside with me all winter
  3. So here's a fun update. One of the people in my pathfinder group (one that gets health screened every day, we've been playing it super safe) has tested positive for covid. I was around her on Sunday, so scheduled a test and all of that. But, no gym (+ self isolating) until a negative test, and after I know everyone else in the PF group also has a negative test. The good news is I ordered my bike today so that will arrive Wednesday! I decided it was my "YOU'VE BEEN DEALING WITH A GLOBAL PANDEMIC" present.
  4. i so miss hanging out at a bbq place all day drinking and waiting for a table for my brisket. one of the best parts of texas.
  5. I've been so thankful for all of the online resources to help with all of the math, hahaha. SO MUCH. Any recs for setting her up? Of course I've got my DEX high, but still have till Sunday to make any changes
  6. It's been really interesting to learn about rogues. I wanted to do the knifemaster and give up the trapsmith ability so I could get a little more combat, because I like that - but I really like the idea of having to use a bit more strategy. I just started playing pathfinder this year, so still new to the game all around, and there's just a LOT to learn, especially with the rogue - but it's a good thing because it's forced me to really dig in to the rules. I loved the bloodrager though. so much smash. but the switch to rogue also aligns with my new training philosophy personally, too. Excited
  7. So, funny thing - I saw one on my walk with Felix last night after not seeing one for many years. I probably just noticed it because we were talking about it, but still. Yeah I've heard MI is great at plowing because they're used to it. That was a big thing in TX - the tiniest snow/ice would be a huge deal because there was no infrastructure to deal with it (and there shouldn't have been, money better spent elsewhere). I should review my emergency kit with you, mister safety officer, hahah. i have the basics because I hate getting stranded anyway, and am stubborn and don't like to call for help, and AAA, but still. Also pls do not do that again we'd like to keep you around for your rurik 2025 campaign 😬 I would probably still be in my 2010 civic if I hadn't crashed, it, hah. I drive so little (outside of my long road trips) that spending money on a nice car just doesn't make sense - I think I filled my tank once last month and I get ~250 miles to a tank hahah. Plus, if this one gets dinged I don't care like I would with something new and shiny!
  8. Yeah, I'm going to say Rurik has the best experience here hahaha. Even Massachusetts doesn't top Canada for snow! One of my requirements moving here was a parking garage, and I got that, and I live in an apartment complex, so while I do already have a shovel and an emergency kit in my car (and AAA), I will hopefully not need to use them at all. I never mind off topic btw
  9. hah, I grew up in an area with a ton of snow and can confirm that while tires do make a difference, what you're driving also makes a huge difference The fit did fine as long as I weighted it and was careful and didn't try to drive through anything too deep so just going to be careful I drove a Yaris for many years in the snow, and a Civic before that, so I'm not too worried!
  10. I actually looked at subarus earlier this year when I realized I was moving back north, and that was my number one choice, but decided I liked not having a car payment better 😬 Gonna end up doing what I used to do and fill up the back with sand/kitty litter/etc and rugs and hope for the best. Gym + Pathfinder are 1.5 miles away, I can get groceries delivered, and most of the rest of my social life doesn't include driving, so that will help!
  11. I was referring to the SECOND video on that post, where I fell on my face and cut open my arm pretty bad hahahaha. NOT the first one 😛 With only 3 lives left, and that concussion question.... maybe handstands aren't the best goal hahah
  12. Yeah! Actually when I lived in Massachusetts I used to go snow shoeing all the time Gotta find some winter focused groups of friends here haha. Mine is a sport and is very low to the ground (yeah, I know, the word sport shouldn't be on anything that you need to turn the air conditioning off to get up to speed on the highway) sooooo it's gonna be fun. 😬