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  1. OKAY, edited the initial post a bit with more GIFS :D. my long term goals haven't changed, but I haven't done great at challenges lately. I've been asking too much of myself, really, and like last month I had to take a serious step back and just focus a lot to get work plus all my adult tasks done. So a few things: Now that I'm settled in my new job, I can focus on creating a good schedule. I thought I'd be able to last month, but that was overreaching. I have a bunch of short trips coming up over the summer! I have a bunch of other things I want to do work wise (not essential, but additional) I have a princess to save I need to find someone to rent out my apartment before I move Now that I'm settled in my new job, I can finally get on a good schedule. The truth is, while i have health and fitness goals, those come easy to me. I don't struggle with those at all. I will get up and go to the gym every day I'm supposed to. I will eat healthy. I will meal prep. These are just kind of a part of my life. So I'm going to have one job: On Sunday of every week, I will sit down and plan the entire week and put everything in my calendar. Then, I must follow my schedule. I'm realllllly good at self discipline. So I can use this to create the habits I want to create, like getting up every morning, walking the dog, and meditating. I will also schedule time for "fun" like Zelda and puzzles. My one job is to make and follow the schedule. Easy, right?
  3. I've gone through all of the settings again to make sure I'm not missing something and have reported this again. I've contacted IP Board multiple times regarding it but unfortunately it has not been fixed. We are aware of it though, just waiting on the fix.
  4. I don't, I have someone on it though
  5. yeah that'd be a bug. unfortunately since it's google plus likely not one that's far up on their list
  6. you can do a search of content created by you (advanced search--> content by author), however i'm not aware of how to do a search of things you've liked. https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/search/
  7. wasn't aware it was only enabled for guild leaders, looks like it was a feature added by one of the updates and that was the default setting. enabled it for everyone.
  8. We'll be adding in more moderators and guild leaders soon.
  9. These are issues with the software itself. I've contacted IP board (multiple times). Unfortunately, I don't have control over this element I've gone through every setting a ton of times to see if I can find anything, and looked for plugins to change the settings, but haven't been able to find anything. For the tapatalk thing, the only thing I can do is make sure the software is up to date (which I do on a regular basis).
  10. there are multiple versions of nerdfitness.com
  11. I've changed it so you can only use the correct theme that works.
  12. Yes, the rebels will be getting a guild leader (or more)
  13. Hey guys! I'm reopening this section of the boards. Use this for any issues you're having with the boards, general questions, or feedback/ideas for the blog/etc. Note: I removed all threads that were related to the old software. The rest should all still be here.