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  1. This is exactly what it's talking about You got it! Great job.
  2. Yay! Great job! Why are you not counting the mixed grip DL? Because it was a "fourth" attempt?
  3. Vella found a spot she likes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yesterday! DB Bench: 45x5x10 DB OHP: 25x5x10 Hammer Curls superset with Tricep Rope Pushdowns Lat Pulldowns superset with hugging machine Abs Second session: I went to a light yoga class
  5. It completely destroyed me. Working up slowly on volume. Body so not used to it. This is the puzzle I did: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Okay, so beginning of week TWO. I want to do an update and then say what I'm going to do different this week to do better. 1) Biceps - Last week I got in a workout M, T, R, F, Su The workout Thursday sucked because my body was so freaking sore from M,T that I just couldn't handle it and had to leave early. I'm used to working out low volume, 4 days a week. So this is definitely a shakeup. This week's plan: 6 workouts. Do yoga and/or swimming at least one of those days instead of lifting. 2) Lean out a bit: So I've been having some personal stress still (a theme from the last few challenges, this has not ended), though it's getting a lot better. Anyway, last week I didn't really feel like eating much, so I didn't, which isn't a great thing. I ended the week up 2lbs, but that could also be hormonal. Anyways, this week I got back to normal habits and did meal prep: So I should be good the next few days! I just need to stick to the plan. 3) Miles with Madi I missed one day last week and that was the day Madi was in daycare. Yesterday it downpoured all day, and today it is downpouring now, so we'll go for a walk if the weather clears up. The plan for this is to just do it. I originally wanted to try doing it first thing in the morning, but I've been struggling with sleeping at night (insomnia is not new to me) and I've been allowing myself to sleep in a bit later than would give me time to walk madi in the morning. Working on this, but that's separate. So just sometime throughout the day. 4) Relax: This one's been going well. I did a puzzle last week, this week since the puzzle is done I'll be reading and I also am going to go floating at least one day. Need to schedule it, working on schedule today. 5) Social - so I did this last week, but don't have plans yet this week. I will need to somehow make them. D:
  7. Yesterday's workout: 5x8 safety squat bar (175,200,185,185,175) Pistol squats Walking lunges Banded hip thrusts Good mornings GHD sit-ups Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The last time I got a new bed Vella took it: So I got Madi a new bed and put it right next to the other new bed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Well Vella has decided that Madi's new bed is her new bed so looks like that is decided. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, I had thought about a shelf, but I also keep my breakable things on shelves, so I'm not sure I want to teach her that she SHOULD be on shelves, ha. I'm thinking of getting her one of those cat trees or something - other than my desk and my bookshelves, this room is completely empty (mostly a yoga space). I just made Madi a bed next to / under the desk that she looooooooves, so now it's just figuring out the cat. Thank you! Yes she has ENDLESS energy. No matter what I do she's never tired, ha.
  11. hahah when I first got Madi, I'd throw the ball for her, she'd run after it, sit next to it and be like "HERE IT IS I FOUND IT" and when I'd be like "No, bring it to me" she'd come to me and then lead me to it. Now - fetch is her favorite thing in the entire world. She will play for hours. I'm lucky enough to have found an apartment with a small yard, so we can sit outside and just throw the ball for hours. She's not great with other dogs, and is definitely resource guarding when it comes to toys (things we're working on), and we used to play inside the house only, and everywhere I was she would just bring me the ball and then sit and wait... all day. But now thankfully because of the yard there's an "outside only" rule and she got that one quick (so now she just wants to go outside all the time )
  12. ooooomg so cute! I would LOVE to do the whole foster thing, but unfortunately being an apartment dweller, my apartment has a 2 animal limit - and a hefty fine + "seizure of extra animals" in the lease, so i'm afraid to even try to sneak it. Madi is a rescue and has.... a lot of issues. We're getting better though! My apartment complex's dog park and a walking trail around a (small, man made) lake just opened and I discovered that it's a .25 mile walk to the dog park, a .15 mile walk around the perimeter of the dog park, and around the lake is .25 miles. So yesterday we just walked to the dog park, and then I walked the perimeter a bunch of times while throwing the ball for her. Today we walked to the dog park, and after about 20 minutes of ball throwing and walking around another dog showed up (Madi isn't great with other dogs yet, let alone dogs we don't know), so we left and walked around the lake and then walked home for 34 minutes and 1.6 miles. She definitely seems to like this new thing better than just walks.
  13. Hip Abductor / Adductor Machine. Keep in mind I think for the majority of people this machine is a waste of time and not the safest. I use it very specifically part of my ACL rehab protocol.
  14. haha Vella does like to sit next to me. I am working on a complete office renovation (well, as much as I can considering I live in an apartment) and have been trying to think of a good place for Vella to sit without getting in my way.
  15. hahaha TRYING. i can't make a fist. maybe i'll start doing this pose all the time: