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  1. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    yesterday's workout: squat - overwarmup 280, work sets 4 sets of 5 at 230 GHD GHR BW Donkey Kicks Romanian deadlifts
  2. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    haha yeah, yoga and meditation definitely go hand in hand, especially at this studio that I like. They also have some meditation classes/workshops that I will likely try.
  3. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    haha thanks! 6 sets of 4 is just an easy way to disguise "24" reps, and 24 reps at any weight is exhausting, honestly. Thankfully this week I get to drop down to 20 reps, but still SO MANY REPS.
  4. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    Yeah, I wasn't sure HOW to measure it, so didn't put it in. I also have discovered this week I need a much better set up, but with an impending move, am going to have to make do with what I have. So this weekend I need to get my wifi speaker connected to my watch because I think that will help a lot. For bass - I've always loved the instrument - I was a bass performance major my first 3 years of college. I think there's a lot of under-explored territory with bass, and that you can do a lot more with it than people give it credit for it. I played saxophone growing up, but living in an apartment, I need something I can play with headphones - so out of my choices there, bass was an easy decision.
  5. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    thank you!! it definitely just takes practice and focusing on the next step - you can get there! I think one of my first challenges here, I was deadlifting 135 and was afraid to bench press the barbell. and remember progress isn't necessarily linear - there are ups and downs, and that's a part of it, too. consistency over time and you'll get stronger!
  6. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    today's workout: deadlift 350x1, 385x1, 405x1 345 6 sets of 4 then 1.5 rep hack squats, toes to bar, aaaaaand that's it.
  7. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    hahahah it's a curly line, but now I can't unsee the puppy. I also like puppies.
  8. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    hahaha yes my goal exactly
  9. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    Deeper Update: Sunday - Workout: Bench day. Did: 195x1 over warmup, then 165 for 4 sets of 5 Then accessory was muscle snatches (up to 45kg), chest supported rows, overhead press with dumbbells, curls, flyes, front raises, reverse flyes Started tracking food. Working on finding a good solution with my apple watch, but did track, using a new app. Unsure of what app I'm going to keep using. Tracked probably 90% Did stretching after workout. Meditated 10 minutes, Basics 2, Headspace. Did not play bass. Worked on nightly schedule. Made this challenge. It was an off day so I didn't work in front of the tv Monday - Workout: Yoga. Went to the yoga studio I mentioned I had 20 classes at, turns out I have 30 classes. Moar yoga for me This was a huge win because I tried to come up with every excuse not to go, and I went, and had a great time. Continued to track food using the new app, tracked about 80%. Meditated as a part of yoga (it's a meditative yoga, starts and ends with 10 minutes of meditation) Tuesday: Workout: None. One thing I didn't account for here was for busy work days when I can't make it to the gym, but also, it's downpouring / thundering and lightning, so walks or swimming aren't an option. I did do mini yoga sessions throughout the day, but that goes in to my stretching goal, not workout goal. Body work: went to massage / chiro Meditated 10 minutes, Basics 2, Headspace. Tracked about 50%, and forgot to make schedule. Positive thing: Got to bed by 10:30 So it looks like zero week will be a lot of working to remember to do things, and working out the kinks :).
  10. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    Okay! So I made a tracking spreadsheet Because I am motivated by shiny ⭐= complete ➰ = not 100%, but not 0% ❌ - not complete blank = not needed Goal Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Train Every Day (7d) ⭐ ⭐ ❌ Eat to Perform (7d) ➰ ➰ ➰ Body Work (2d) ⭐ Stretching (7d) ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Meditation (7d) ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Bass (7d) ❌ ❌ ❌ Nightly Schedule (7d) ⭐ ❌ ❌ No Work TV (7d) ⭐ ⭐ ❌ One Positive Thing (7d) ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
  11. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    I'm super excited to try it to see if the distance works - I always lose track while swimming. I normally just do sprints, though - EMOM stuff, since it's more of an active recovery or some quick cardio, as the long distance stuff really negatively affects my lifting. New fun tech is fun though! brain.fm is my absolute favorite. I bought a lifetime subscription when they were first starting and so glad I did - I listen to it at work allllll the time, plus right before bed. I've considered trying "sleeping headphones", but am unsure i'd find them overly comfortable. Could solve some problems, though!
  12. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    Now I want a puppy even more hahah
  13. spezzy

    Bulk like the Hulk on the Road to Cap (Part 4)

    Serious answer - (as long as you're bracing proper in the first place) - when you want to. If you are properly bracing WITHOUT a belt, adding a belt can give you something to brace against, which can help you lift more. If you're not properly bracing in the first place, a belt will just be an unnecessary piece of expensive equipment you carry around with you. But you never NEED or SHOULD have one. There are world record holders pulling over 900lb without one. It's 100% a personal preference
  14. spezzy

    CM warms up

  15. spezzy

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    Thanks, Tank I'm not sure of the exact charity, but it's for service dogs. Puppy charity meet > for profit meet every time.