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  1. spezzy

    Spezzy's Better Late Than Never Challenge

    Thank you!! We're all alive and walking around so that's amazing in itself - so I really can not complain. It's just definitely caused me to shift around priorities and deal with it. Some days it's harder to keep positive for sure, but in general I feel pretty lucky
  2. spezzy

    Spezzy's Better Late Than Never Challenge

    Just did the math and around 425. If I hit my year end goals it'll be between 443 and 466. Of course none of it counts unless in a meet, but getting there, hah.
  3. spezzy

    Spezzy's Better Late Than Never Challenge

    Thanks! It IS one of those things that's possible if you work at it and keep at it For raising arms, or really anything else that people do right before a deadlift, is usually a way to make sure you are setting up properly. Arms up for me helps with setting my lats on my back so my upper back stays tight. I think watching someone's set up is more informative of what they are doing than watching the actual lift
  4. spezzy

    Spezzy's Better Late Than Never Challenge

    Updates! Last week I was unable to train most of the week because of issues with my hip and arm. Yesterday I finally got back to the gym, and had a great day. Deadlifted 455 which was a 30lb PR: Then did some overhead press and lighter deadlift speed reps. Physical health wise, I did make it to chiro last week, and 1 massage, but missed my second one. I've got things scheduled for this next week. Nutrition I have not been doing great - dealing with the move and trying to use up the food in the house and not feeling well. I haven't been doing bad, just not perfect. C so far. Move has been going GREAT. Still need to find new doctors.
  5. So! I'm a week late. But I actually have been rocking this challenge, even though I haven't posted it yet. 1) LIFTING: As of right now, I'm planning on doing a competition December 22nd. That's 22 days away. My training has been lackluster lately due to still dealing with injuries from my car accident back in September. Some days I've got it and other days, it hurts so bad I leave in tears. I AM working under guidance of many doctors (currently 4 D:), so don't worry, I'm not pushing past what's smart or recommended. But I said I was going to do a meet in 2018 - and it's important to me to actually do it if at all possible. I initially was aiming for a 1,000lb total, but right now I'd like to just do it, and hit PRs on every lift. Since I haven't competed in 3 years, that should be easy. My current PRs (meet / gym) are: Squat: 122.5 / 135 Bench: 80 / 95 Deadlift: 185 / 192.5 2) PHYSICAL HEALTH STUFF: Over the next 2 weeks, I need to get xrays, an MRI on my hip, and a EMG/NCS test (nerve conduction study). In addition to that, I need to, at minimum: Chiropractor 1x a week Massage 2x a week (1x is with Chiro) 3) MENTAL HEALTH STUFF: With a lot going on right now, plus the amount of physical pain I'm in on a regular basis, my anxiety is at an all time high and I'm experiencing symptoms of depression again, for the first time in years. My training has been off more than on, and a lot of my normal coping mechanisms are just not being done. Get up every morning and walk at least 10 minutes outside in the sun before work. THIS HAPPENS EVEN IF IT'S RAINING. If it's completely downpouring, I spend 10 minutes outside on the porch meditating. (I've done this every morning the last week --> I couldn't handle an entire challenge, but could handle that one thing! ) Some sort of activity in addition to the walking every single day. This could be a 20 minute workout, a 20 minute walk, a yoga session (at home or in a class environment, etc). Just something, every day. 4) NUTRITION: Following that last goal, my nutrition has slipped and that's a part of it too. Eat at least 3 meals a day that have a protein and a vegetable Limit to 1 sweet per day (and sweet must fit in with paleoish guidelines - so an RxBar, milk filled protein shake, etc.) 5) LIFE: I'm moving from Texas to Virginia the week of Christmas, after this challenge ends. My mom is coming down and we're going to make a road trip out of it so that the little dog that's terrified of airplanes can come too. We already have a lease signed and a place to live, thankfully, and the majority of what we have is getting sold or going to be donated. That being said, there's a LOT to do. Work on the move at least 20 minutes each day, following the list I'm going to put together today. Work on accepting the fact that some things might not get sold on time, due to time restrictions for things that are higher priority (training / physical health / work) and may just need to be donated FIND NEW DOCTORS AHEAD OF TIME. This will be partially difficult because my health insurance is changing, but thankfully my costs are going through the car insurance, so I should be able to find someone to go to and set up the appointments before I leave here. I already have my next challenge planned for when I get into Virginia - really excited about that. But first step is getting there!