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  1. Popping in here quick! (Sorry, I LOVE this aspect of nutrition haha) When you eat a carbohydrate, your body stores extra water - any energy we don't use right away is stored in our muscles as glycogen. One gram of glycogen = 3g water So if you normally don't eat any carbs, and eat 100g of carbs, and then sit on the couch and do nothing (expend no energy), you could, in theory, gain 300g of water weight. None of this is fat, of course - it has a lot to do with why you'll lose a ton of water weight on a low carb diet the first week or two. In ad
  2. Week Three Review So, rating green for things that went well, blue for things that were okay, red for things that didn't go great. Name Represents Goal This week's review Skadi Daily Movement, Getting Outside, Getting Sunshine, Getting Fresh Air Walk 2x Per Day Last week was low milage wise, but still got in the walks - it's been brutally cold (-30 to -42) so getting outside, b
  3. Quick mid-week update! Monday and Tuesday were really tough - I didn't sleep at ALL Monday night or Tuesday night, and wasn't feeling well, which made stress and anxiety at super high levels that I really didn't feel like I could come down from. I struggled keeping my moods in line, but ended up taking some time to myself and allowed some kindness with letting things go a bit so I could just allow myself to come down from whatever massive stress spike was going on in my body. Yesterday, even though I was exhausted, started to feel a bit better and even convinced mysel
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if their standards are still super high - things seem to just be like that more often than not here. What's your favorite widely sold coffee? Always looking for new ones to try! Right now the best I'm able to get that's pre-ground is Ethical Bean or Kicking Horse, so life could be worse, but I definitely miss some of my favorites from back home (or Austin, too, for that matter). I definitely want to hit all of the provinces, including more of this one - but of course the pandemic is messing that up. I'm hoping when I come back for the summer things will
  5. We. Have. SHIRTS!!! Back and restocked by popular demand! Check out our updated merch store! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/nerdfitness/ Shirt, tanks, hoodies, bottles, and stickers. Check it out! *Note: we're running this through Spreadshirt. A few things: Shirts are printed on demand, and stock is dependent on what is in stock at Spreadshirt - so if the store is out of a specific size or color, check back in a few days and see if Spreadshirt has gotten it back in stock. Spreadshirt occa
  6. Weekly Update Time! Rating green for things that went well, blue for things that were okay, red for things that didn't go great. Name Represents Goal This week's review Skadi Daily Movement, Getting Outside, Getting Sunshine, Getting Fresh Air Walk 2x Per Day Last week's total milage was about 5 miles lower than the previous week - but I still walked 2x a day every day e
  7. ha - I'm such a coffee snob, I haven't made it to Timmy's yet. I've been pouting about not having my grinder with me up here in Canada and how I'm going to make it through without it till I go back home to MI to get it 😂 I feel like I need to try Timmy's at least once before I head out, though. Or when I get back Haven't spent any time in Toronto - mostly Montreal (when I was younger, as it was 4 hours away and you could drink at 18 instead of 21, hah), and now we're in Manitoba - where, I've learned what a good, solid winter is hah! It looks like the average summer temperature where
  8. Thanks! ADHD is an interesting one - I wasn't officially diagnosed until I was in my 30's, and it was a long road to get there, and I kept being told that a lot of my adhd symptoms were also symptoms of my auto immune (hashimotos), so my thyroid levels were likely off - when in reality, I just needed to focus on my ADHD I think there are levels of ADHD, and regardless of if we're officially diagnosed or not, figuring out systems that help us cope with however it is our brains work is the most important thing - and not feeling guilty that our brains work a little differently, or f
  9. Thanks! I'm excited to spend the summer here once I come back - I've only spent any time in Canada in winter, so can't wait to see it when it's "warm" hahahaha And yes, I'm not sure if there are more Tim Hortons in Canada or more Dunkin Donuts in New England 😂 😂 😂 😂 hahahaha something > nothing, right? I always feel like I want to be back on track so I can post something positive. But the negatives are just as important to talk about!
  10. Yeah! Lots of sunshine especially on those super white days is just GORGEOUS The only thing that we've linked the swelling to is stress. It's been an on and off thing for years now - and I've been to a ton of specialists, allergists, etc., done full elimination diets, allergy tests, didn't wear any makeup or lotion and used only specific prescription soaps for a few months - the works, and I'm officially allergic to.... nothing (well, nothing that could be causing the swelling in the ways it's doing it). It also happens to my feet and hands, always in the middle of the night, and
  11. Alright, loooong overdue for an update but things have just been hard, and then I had a lot of guilt for not updating. Last week's news stress hit me HARD, along with figuring out some life stuff (and deciding to stay in Canada an extra month), and (I think stress related), I woke up Sunday with the lower left half of my face and tongue as it was inflating at around 4am, which is always fun. Thankfully this is just something my body does, so while it's annoying, it wasn't alarming, (though, a little embarrassing to look like someone who got a very poorly done lip injection / plasti
  12. Try refreshing the page? You should see a piece at the bottom that links directly to the server, which if you're on mobile should either open it in your browser, or with the app, depending on if you have the app installed. I just double checked the code and it is now showing up on mobile for me
  13. Absolutely! When you link it doesn't make any changes to your discord or forum accounts. What it does do is: a) It changes your display name on Discord for the Nerd Fitness Rebellion Server (not other servers, just the NF Rebellion one) to match your forum display name. b) It adds a note to the admin side of your NF account that tells us what your discord username is, and it is set up so that if you get banned on the forums, you get banned on the discord server (just the Nerd Fitness Rebellion one, not all of discord), and vice versa. So basically it allows
  14. I'm super late to the game here, but have had so many of these conversations with Rurik over the last few months with looking at setting up my own character, as well as talking through a lot of the stat points. We didn't end up landing on the same places (and that's okay!), but here is what I've used to base mine off of, with some things y'all were talking about: Levels - How do you decide what level are you? I think I always struggled with "Who is my Level 50" because of a few reasons, one is that life is constantly changing and evolving, so it's a moving target, and can pote
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