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  1. At my Mom's for the next few days Trying to catch up at work from camp, plus starting to get everything set up for when we head here for the summer, but also still working on getting the mortgage and realtor stuff up so we can start looking for a house for when we're heading back to Canada. Thankfully @Rurik Harrgathhas been doing a great job holding down the fort back in Canada, getting the current house listed, and all of that jazz. Thankful for him! I have slept a LOT - I had some auto immune issues with the food at camp and it's definitely been taking some time to sleep it off. My brain is seriously fried. Water is good, workouts are not (waiting till I get home because my ai flare is pretty bad rn), but chugging along all the same. And I have walked 3 miles both mornings first thing with Madi, and the views here are amazingly gorgeous and relaxing, so that's helped!
  2. Alright! Quick update from my phone as I'm heading back to the airport from Camp. I've walked a LOT the last week, but my Fitbit died the day I left and my phone has logged very few steps so who knows how far I have walked - but it was a lot. Water has been good but food has been hard. Did the best I could with what was available. Workouts wise I've not been working out at camp, but did have a workout of "move all the plates from one side of the gym to the other" this morning, so that counts. Flying to MA to see my Mom for a few days and then will be headed back to Canada and will be focusing on helping Rurik with getting everything ready to go before the start of our big trip!
  3. Hiiiiii wish I could be there for the first 2 weeks to cheer you on in person, but I will just have to do so afar! You've got this!!
  4. Quick update, everything is going well so far, just super busy working on getting everything ready for camp AND everything else. Training - I stretched for 20+ min yesterday, just lightly, but I did it. Outside of that I've been doing a few squats here and there, and playing with Felix outside a lot, running around and pushing my lungs a bit. I'll get in a bw strength workout today, feeling up for that! Walking has still been going great, that won't really be a challenge until Sunday when I'm officially out of my normal routine. Water and veggies and spellbooks are good! I'm really liking a new notebook that I have been using for my spellbooks and the format all around, so feeling really great there.
  5. So, for the most part, I've found it works really, really well. The biggest thing really that I've found with this is to just start doing it, be messy, and modify each day as you go to figure out a system that works best for you. I use a pencil with a great eraser. I am still changing how I do things all the time - I started using a different format notebook last week, for example, and like it a lot better than the notebook I was using before. For the weekly planning - I have an icebox in a to do list app that I pull from for this where I keep everything I know I need to do. I know that if it's in the icebox (I can attach a date to it when I put it in), I know I can forget about it until weekly planning. When I put it on a day on weekly planning, I can forget about it until that day. This makes my overactive and overstressed brain happy. So it's working out great there, especially at the end of the night if I can't sleep, if something randomly comes into my brain I just throw it in the icebox and I know I can handle it later and give myself permission to forget about it. For the daily planning - I used to plan out every hour, and then as I'd make it through my day compare and see what was taking longer and shorter than I would estimate (most things took 2-3x as long as I thought they did). But over time I got better and now I just plan out big work chunks based on what kind of energy it requires (answering client messages, writing a program, and filming a video all require extremely different energy from me, so I block those tasks). So I basically schedule milestones and anchor points. Anchor points are where I go to lunch, walk the dog, work out, etc - they're a planned break from work. I find it strangely motivating to be able to hit a milestone (all programs written, for example) by the end of that work block, so why I mention this specifically ) Also since a lot of my goals are anchor points (like a second walk or a workout), and most of my days are fairly predictable, if I miss the night before i just do it first thing before I start my day and that works fine!
  6. Thank you! Don't worry I have already been teaching him all of the important things about America. I think we'll be getting back in just for America Day so we are working on this: Thank you! And yes absolutely We're just so happy to be having them again! Thank you!! Yeah, and especially with this just being the beginning (after we get my Mom set up, we then need to figure out where we're going to live haha) - so really taking the extra time to solidify the basics really feels like the smartest thing here, even though I want to commit to doing so much more. I just want to do ALL the things
  7. New Challenge is live! https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/forum/1323-current-challenge-may-8-to-june-11/
  8. Hallo hallo nerds! Last challenge kind of fell flat after I got COVID - thankfully, a super mild case, but my fatigue has been really hard. I crushed all of my non-exercise goals, though, (and kept up my daily walking goal) so I'm really thrilled with that. These next 2 challenges are going to be two of the crazier ones of my life, so along with being in COVID recovery, I'm going to make this challenge as simple as possible. For this challenge, the first two weeks I'll be traveling - first for a week for Camp Nerd Fitness, and then on my way home I'm stopping in Massachusetts and spending a week with my Mom, preparing.... because: When I get back to Canada, @Rurik Harrgath and I will then be spending the remainder of the challenge working on selling the house here and fixing up our new camper, which we picked up this last week and is our new home for a bit And then second or third week of the next challenge we're headed back to the states for a bit in the camper! We'll taking over my Mom's place and helping her with some renovations and repairs that are a just a bit much for her to handle and will be living out of here full time while we make the transition into her place, and then we'll have it as an office for me, a guest house for when people come visit, the world's most expensive catio, and then of course we'll use it for travel and camping too So - the simpler I can keep this, the better. Still keeping up my general magus/xp theme - 1) Spell Combat: Train Daily for at least 20 minutes accumulated, in some way, shape, or form 2) Agile Maiden (Spell) Nightly stretching or yoga. If I miss Spell Combat, I can do a full 20 minutes here and have it count for both. If I do spell combat, I need to do at least 5 minutes here. 3) Terrain Mastery: Daily walk, first thing, every day. This is something that's normally routine, but I'll be thrown super out of my routine so will be work to keep up 4) Arcane Pool: A Gallon of water and a veggie every day 5) Spellbooks: Review and plan schedule for each day the night before, with a loose weekly planning schedule at the end/beginning of each week And that's it, y'all! Once we get settled in MA there's a nice gym down the street that I can go to, so I'm pumped about that. But in the meantime, daily movement, water, and veggies FTW
  9. Come one, come all - our next challenge is about to begin! Please pull up a chair and take a look at our menu: Challenge How-to (Updated 2/6, I highlighted the updated sections for those who have read before) Create Your Challenge Guild Chat and Discussion Threads Adventure Parties and PVP Challenges 2022 Challenge Dates The barkeep is available as you start to put your challenge together - just head up to the bar and let them know what you'd like
  10. Now that this challenge is over and we're prepping for zero week, let's take a minute to reflect on this last challenge - how'd it go? Post below with your challenge review, or a link to yours in your own thread Ideally, you'll do your review before you start your new challenge - we will see much greater success in the new challenge if we take some time to reflect on the one we just completed, as well as talk about what worked and didn't work with everyone else to get ideas . It's not required, but reflection can have just as big of an impact as planning. Do well? Don't be afraid to brag on yourself! This is the right place! See someone who didn't do so well? That's why we're all doing this together, right? Offer some ideas to help So - how'd it go? Share with us below! Here's my favorite way to review: SUCCESSES - what worked well? STUMBLES - what didn't go so great? SET UPS - what will you change for the next challenge? One other thing that can be helpful to look at: What is one thing you learned from the previous challenge? P.S. The new challenge will go live today (Sunday, May 1) and will run from May 8th to June 1
  11. okay, monday I did a bodyweight strength workout and that felt good. Short, but good. Tuesday and Yesterday I basically just ran around with the dog in the back yard and tried to push my lungs. We have a little hill and running up and down that really got me out of breath. So I'd get out of breath, catch my breath, push again, etc, to almost do little cardio intervals. That's about what my body can handle right now, and I'm okay with that. I've been keeping up with my walks still (I still haven't missed a day) - and this morning actually thought I could walk at a normal speed without feeling winded, so that was nice. Feeling like I'm moving forward with this recovery! Sorry I'm not being more active with everyone this challenge, too. I've had to really keep every day to the bare minimums just to have the energy to get through, but every day looks better!
  12. Still here! All goals going well except for the fact that I still haven't trained, and I'm just walking 1x a day. But really happy with how well everything else has been going. I'm really lucky to have a lifestyle that has allowed me to sleep as much as I have, and to take breaks throughout my work day like I have. That's so helpful. I can't imagine recovering from this with kids or a job where you're on your feet all day. Going to train today, though, and then am going to train every day this week, even if it's 5 minutes a day. Need to start to build endurance.
  13. Hiiiii. I'm slowly starting to build energy up again post COVID life. I've thankfully not seen many symptoms outside of extreme fatigue, but thankfully I've been able to take it easy, keep up with my work, and just go with the flow. Still have been walking every day. The walks are exhausting, and even things like walking through the snow when people didn't shovel their sidewalks has been using a lot of extra energy. Have not done any strength training but started my nightly stretching/yoga routine back up on Monday and that feels like a good level right now. My body is aching to get back to more movement. Veggies with every meal is a huge GO, that's feeling more normal and routine and I haven't let myself skip any there. Water has been good, too.
  14. Thank you! And it looks like those will be my goals for this week, as I did not end up successful in staying COVID negative. The good news is - I still feel pretty good and am at work (I work from home!). Will definitely take it easy this week and will not push workouts and play things by ear, but walking, veggies, water, sleep = all number one. At least if this was going to happen, a full month away from camp is the perfect time.
  15. I am waaaay overdue for an update. Still COVID negative, which is great. Rurik is starting to feel better, which is also great. Goals have been a bit iffy, managing through this has taken priority. But we've still been getting in veggies with 2 meals a day, lots of water, and lots of walks. I've also gotten a ton done on my to do list since I've basically been locked in my office most days. So, feeling good, though it wasn't a great week workouts wise and really just had to play things by ear.
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