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  1. Spezzy Focuses

    I realized I forgot to answer the question on how many events there could be in strongman. And the answer is basically unlimited. And every comp can do whatever events they want. A lot are similar enough that once you sign up for a competition, you can work specifically on those events, but some of the most common are: Loading: Atlas stones, keg loading, sandbag loading Flipping: tires, fingal's fingers Throwing: keg toss, caber toss Pulling: deadlifts and every variation you can think of - deadlift, axle bar deadlift, tire deadlifts (basically a shorted ROM deadlift), car deadlifts Squats: car squats, squats (not often but they show up) Clean and Jerk type things: log clean and jerk, axle clean and jerk, circus dumbbell Carries: Yoke walks, farmer's walks, sandbag carries, husafel stone Random other: truck pulls, grip events (like hercules hold), Conan's Wheel sooooo yeah there's a lot basically if it's an odd shaped object (aka not a barbell) and it can be flipped, carried, or thrown overhead, you'll find it in strongman
  2. Spezzy Focuses

    The gradual approach was my initial intent, and then a good coach moved here and was available and I figured lets just do it. But with all of the other change in my life and other things up in the air, it just wasn't a good choice. I'm still super excited about strongman, but the gradual approach feels much more manageable for me. For do I change my programming based on training on a calorie deficit - short and easy answer is no, it's all based on nutrition. But it's a bit more complex than that. First, you'll see my goal is to get to 153-155 by the end of the year, which is 11 weeks, which is around .75lb per week. So this is such a slight deficit I won't really notice the difference between maintenance and cutting. It won't feel as easy as eating in a surplus. The biggest thing that needs to change while working in a deficit is expectations. The larger the deficit, the harder it is going to be to make gains and the less energy you'll have in the gym. Sometimes it's mental and you can push through, and other times your body just needs more fuel. I change my programming based on my current goals performance wise, but I use periodization - so my intensity, volume, and frequency are changing all the time. Ideally, when intensity is at its highest, right before a meet, I don't need to be in a calorie deficit. Thankfully I've never needed to do any drastic weight cuts, and the goal with cutting weight 15 weeks out will help prevent me from needing to do that. When looking to change body composition, on the most basic level, you can do one of the following things: Eat less, move more Eat less, move less Eat the same, move more Eat the same, move less Eat more, move less Eat more, move more. This plays on calories in / calories out. What strategy to start with depends on where you're at currently. For me, my plan is to actually eat more and move more. My calories have been fairly low lately because my intensity and volume has been fairly low, and I'm planning on ramping up to training 6 days a week again (including conditioning and yoga) so in order to stay in a small deficit, I'm going to need to eat more. But there have been times in my life where I take a few weeks and eat less and move less. I'll typically do this after a big event or a hard training cycle where my body is just beat and needs a few weeks to recover. And it works just as well. One level above the amounts your eating, what you're eating and nutritional timing is also really important when you want to perform at a high level on a deficit. For example, I do carb cycling, and eat the majority of my carbs around a workout, and ALWAYS get 1g of protein per bodyweight. On my heaviest workout days I'll actually eat at what I've estimated is maintenance for that day (or maybe a tiny surplus), and then on rest days I'll take a larger deficit. I plan my "cheat" meals (I hate that term, but for lack of a better term) after my heaviest and longest workouts. I'm a huge proponent on quality of food, but a lot of people do really well on IIFYM that allows them to eat less-quality food as long as they hit their macros, but your metabolism has to already be in a healthy state to do that and have it work like it's supposed to. Sometimes you'll see lifters close to a meet needing to cut some weight to make weight, and they'll add in some low intensity cardio - that's eat the same, move more, and doing something like the elliptical or walking on off days or a short HIIT after their lifting - because those shouldn't mess up your lifting and are a way to eat what you need around your workouts while being in a larger deficit. And all of this depends greatly on your body. So your current leanness, your metabolism, etc will all change up the exacts. So short answer: no. Long answer: I start by figuring out what I want to do programming wise, and then adjust nutrition.
  3. Spezzy Focuses

    Making that one decision cascaded into making a ton of other decisions that were all up in the air and giving me anxiety (like - when to get surgery?) - so that really was the big thing. The meet is also women's only and 15 mins away from my house so it's perfect and should be super low stress.
  4. Spezzy Focuses

    soooooo I picked out a powerlifting meet. So, I know what you're thinking: Staci, didn't you JUST switch to strongman? Hear me out. Here's what I know right now: I need surgery, playing it by ear right now, but likely in the spring. Since it's a chronic umbilical hernia, and it's small, it's a "fix when convenient" kind of thing. I really like the new challenges that strongman training is bringing With that I am overwhelmed with the amount of events I need to learn I work best when I have a very specific deliverable goal I can not find any strongman events in the state of texas after one in 2 weeks, which I am not doing I still love powerlifting. Powerlifting and Strongman compliment each other I'm nervous going heavy on some of the strongman movements I'm not great at technique on. So, here's my plan - Do a powerlifting meet in February of next year. That's 15 weeks from now Do it as a 148lb lifter (The end of year goal of getting to 153 will help this since I can just water cut the rest) I focus on getting stronger on the big 4 lifts. I use strongman events (light!) for accessory or for conditioning to the big 4 lifts. I can focus on one or two at a time, as they fit in with powerlifting, but be able to focus on one new event at a time. Still hit all of the goals here, have a meet completed, and be completely ready to start more serious strongman training when I'm not so new to everything and it won't seem so overwhelming. After the powerlifting meet, I use that as a time to re-evaluate the timing for my surgery. This way I have a goal that will make me get leaner and stronger, and will still learn strongman technique so can compete once events start opening up in the spring I feel 10000000x better about everything now that I have a plan.
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    I don't remember the last time it was changed, but it's been a long time. This is the current list pulled from the admin panel.
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    this is the official list...
  7. Spezzy Focuses

    Thanks! I think having expectations to do 15 mins (because that's what I was steadily doing before) was what was causing me to fail too. But that's like not lifting for a year and then expecting myself to be able to go back and pull over 400 again. But that's not how it works. Just like with lifting, I can start slow and get back there.
  8. Spezzy Focuses

    It's one of my favorites ever. Making an event out of eating vs. just mindlessly doing it. I find I enjoy the food better too. (And since we don't have tables at the couch, it means eating happens at a table always)
  9. Spezzy Focuses

    okay, so update. 1) I've meditated 5 minutes each day the last 2 days. 2) Yesterday I did some conditioning and went for a 30 minute walk 3) This week is a bit crazy work and life wise, so I am just getting in workouts where I can until the weekend. I haven't put together my programming yet, but I will by the end of the week. 4) I've been hanging out just under 160lb (like 159.3-159.8) after losing 2lb last week, so want to just keep under 160 this week. Trying not to drop too quickly. This morning's workout - I did bench press, dumbbell push press, waiter's walks, and incline bench for a super quick under 1 hour workout.
  10. Spezzy Focuses

    hiiiiiii anxiety is the worst - lets use this challenge to get through it! what are you doing to help make it less?
  11. Miss Marissa cuts the excuses

    have you seen amy's emotional eating toolkit? she has a mindful moment as a part of that that I think is fantastic. aaaaaalso I keep my gym bag in the car. Granted, I don't have to put new clothes in it or anything, but all of my "workout gear" is always in the car. I always keep a few pairs of socks and tshirts in the car as well, just in case. following along!
  12. Spezzy Focuses

    Still headspace, and still love it, and still think it's the best of all the things I've tried. I think one big problem that I was having was that I was requiring a 10-15 minute session each day and my brain just isn't ready for that right now. Headspace has options for 3 and 5 minute sessions so I've started back up with that - and accepting that it's okay if I can only do 5 minutes at a time right now, and as it gets easier, I can switch back to the longer sessions.
  13. Spezzy Focuses

    awwwwww this makes me want a kitten again. For me having a concrete goal that will help me out no matter what my long term goals are has definitely helped spark some excitement again. Here's hoping it sticks
  14. Spezzy Focuses

    Hi! I agree. It's definitely taken over little by little and it's time to take control. Thanks
  15. Spezzy Focuses

    Hi The last few challenges have been a struggle for me, and over the last few weeks i've really sat down to try to figure out why, and I think that, unlike times when I was totally rocking challenges, I haven't really focused on the long term goals like I used to. For example, when I very first started, competing at CrossFit regionals was a huge goal - and then after that, I wanted to do USAPL Nationals. But after I did both of those things, I kind of started coasting and wasn't sure what I wanted to do long term and lost my self discipline. And the truth is, I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do long term. I like strongman so far, and worlds sounds like a good long term goal, but I'd like to do a local show first before I set any goals like that. But the stress of not knowing what I want to do has made it worse, so for now, I'm going to accept that I need some time to figure it out. But while I figure that out, I've do have some goals in the meantime that I really want to hit, and should be able to by the end of 2017. They are: Performance wise, I'd like: 1) 200kg+ deadlift 2) 5+ strict muscle ups in a row 3) Be able to be in a comfortable scorpion pose on my forearms (this is a mobility goal) 4) Get back under 153-155lb (so basically back in the 148.8lb weight class) Level Up My Life: 5) I really want my anxiety to stop controlling me. Somewhere over the last few years I let my anxiety take over, and I stopped trusting myself and believing in myself. 6) I've got a few big professional goals I'd like to hit. So I'm going to be okay with not having a longer term goal right now, knowing I need some time to figure it out, instead of forcing goals to fit a goal I'm unsure about. So this challenge: Fitness: 1) Do programming at the beginning of each week for the upcoming week, and stick to it. (1,2,3) Include conditioning 2x per week (4) Include some sort of yoga 2x per week (3, 2) Nutrition: 2) Whole 30 plus dairy, rice, and oats (I know this seems like not whole 30, and it's not - but it's what works for me). (4) Every meal has at least a cup of vegetables (4) Every meal has to be plated (4) Level Up My Life: 3) At least 5 minutes of meditation daily (5) 4) At least 2 hours per week focusing on professional goals. (6) 5) At least a 20 minute walk each day without phone (5) And that's it!