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  1. Spezzy tries something new.

    today's workout - lighter weight more reps less rest ohp at 95 5x5 bench press at 135 5x5 push press dumbbells at 45 5x5 walked with madi in the morning. also got madi's dna test back and she is not shar pei like we thought but: am staff (25%) am eskimo (25%) lab (12.5%) bichon frise (12.5%) min pin (12.5%) "mixed asian", "mixed companion" - 12.5% so it's interesting that she is 37.5% white and fluffy. also yes we walked today
  2. Spezzy tries something new.

    Week One Update! 1) No snoozing - I snoozed once, one day, but did so in my sleep. I woke up confused and realizing I did it, before the alarm went off again. I moved the phone so I can't do that again. I did not set alarms saturday and sunday. 2) Done. Madi and I walked at least a mile every single morning first thing. We've only done 8 miles though, so we need to step up our game for the rest of the challenge. 3) C? I stuck to my prepped food and template but didn't track most of the time. 4) I did get the schedules for 3 studios and got a groupon for one, but did not go 5) hahaha I did not write out a program however I did try 3 strongman things and have been asking around for coaching advice. 6) I did this all but one day!
  3. Spezzy tries something new.

    thanks she's going to be 95 sunday and really just is having issues with her body not working anymore. so it's very sad -> but i'm also thankful that she's made it to 95
  4. Spezzy tries something new.

    Today I woke up BEFORE my alarm. Madi and I then went for a mile walk. Workout today was safety bar squats, yoke carries, and handstand walks. That's it for now. Macros going well. Signed up for a yoga studio. Getting a massage tomorrow. Grandmother's really sick and that's taking a toll on me mentally but pushing along.
  5. Spezzy tries something new.

    I didn't have a TV growing up, so if I wanted to watch tv I had to go to my grandmother's house or a friend's house. We eventually got a tv, with an antenna, but really mainly it was for video games. books were always everything in my family.
  6. Spezzy tries something new.

    I used to force finish books, and then I went and saw Neil Gaiman speak and he said something about how our lives are too short to waste on books we aren't enjoying - like, there are only so many years to live and so many books, we should be enjoying the books we're reading. Now I'll force finish one if I don't want to finish it because it's making me uncomfortable (so like, if I'm learning something or it's a good book, I just don't like what's happening), but if I just lose interest I put it down and start a new one
  7. Spezzy tries something new.

    Okay, so. Yesterday I went to the gym and played around with cleans for the first time in forever. Today was supposed to be an off day but Ben sent me to the gym because he said I had too much energy and had to work. And I had my first great bench day in a good 6 weeks. Did 170 for 10 total reps in 2's and 3's. Then dips and axle bar grip work.
  8. Spezzy tries something new.

    Hey All! I've been considering strongman for a while, but wanted to hit my 1,000 powerlifting total first. It's taken me a while to fully accept this, but the truth is, my heart isn't in powerlifting and it hasn't been for a while. When I switched to focus on it, I gave up a lot of the fun training I was doing, and it became more of a chore than anything, so I've had troubles sticking to anything consistent because I'm not enjoying it like I need to. I'm not quitting powerlifting, but it's not going to be my focus for a while. I'm going to give strongman a shot, a serious shot, and see if I enjoy it. I really like grunt work, I like strength training, and I really liked the intensity of crossfit, and I really miss just "playing" in the gym vs. the precision focus required to excel in powerlifting. So, on paper it seems like a good fit long term for me. With that, I have some serious work to do. A few notes: 1) My 34th (!!!) birthday is October 11th. It's the end of the NEXT challenge, but for that, I want my 200kg deadlift. This also aligns with new strongman goal as pulling is a huge part of strongman. So I need to focus on that. 2) My overhead sucks and that's a huge part of strongman. I've been neglecting it and just using it as an accessory to bench, but now, the roles will be reversed and I'll be focusing on overhead with bench as an accessory. 3) While my gym has basically any of the strongman equipment I could ever ask for, I don't know how to do a lot of it properly, so I'd like to find some coaching to help me out. 4) Conditioning! My conditioning has been neglected. 5) I'm not getting any younger, and strongman is not exactly easy on your body, so I really need to focus on recovery. So I haven't put together a full challenge plan yet, but over the next few days, the plan is: 1) Put together a training plan 2) Find a yoga studio and sign up 3) Figure out nutrition. I still am focusing on leaning out a bit more, and want to continue that. 4) Look into some strongman coaching, or guidance, on how to do the movements. I think a few classes or working with someone would be worth it. 5) I moved 2 weeks ago: get into new routine Will update with exact goals and some gifs soon
  9. So the recent discussion of if a pullup is a realistic goal, I thought it would be really cool to make a compilation video of Nerd Fitness Lady Rebels doing pullups. Want to take part? Do one of two things: 1) Upload a video to your gallery here (http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/gallery/) and then shoot me an email with the link to it. 2) Email me a link to where I can download the video (youtube doesn't work, because I can't edit and add it to my video). Dropbox or even just emailing it works great. ALSO if you could include a sentence stating that we can use you in our compilation video. This is the only thing we want to use it for, so it wouldn't show up in anything else, I promise And include what you would want your name to appear as, and your general location. Thanks (and here's mine! http://instagram.com/p/gJCmvFRoAX/)