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  1. Gonna start updating even though I'm not implementing everything really yet. Haven't made it to the gym but went for a run today. It was short and mostly walking but hit 16 minutes of cardio minutes, so goal achieved. Steps on track. Hit food goals, too. Will hit in bed goals tonight. And yoga. Working on it
  2. Thank you! It looks like i joined 8/1/10, and did my first challenge in the challenge before the October challenge (for some reason I thought my october one was the first) so I'm a bit late but I've missed a few challenges along the way so we'll just go with it 😂 What's the craziest is I had no idea when I signed up for this forum that literally every single element of my life would be changed forever by that decision. Thank you! It's just been so frustrating because it ends up dictating a lot of my schedule and/or goals - like I am n
  3. Crazy to think I've been doing this for 11 years, but here we are And I wasn't going to do a theme this challenge but then I remembered that it's October, and well. So here we are. This is a WIP, but happy with it enough for now! Goals may evolve week by week. EXERCISE Walking - 90k-100k steps/week Gym - 3x/week Cardio - 4x/week Yoga- Daily FOOD So I'm having crazy nausea issues, especially in the morning (no, I'm not pregnant, an
  4. Happy Monday everyone! Scratched my eye last week and wearing my glasses, but still here and still progressing - just for the most part staying away from screens outside of work hours as much as possible Sleep has also been bad the last week or two - so hoping that clears up soon because waking up multiple times throughout the night is reallllly starting to get to me haha. Still no sleeping pills and still no coffee, though I did buy coffee so I can try a reintroduction to see if I think it's a problem or not, but I haven't done anything with it yet.
  5. Yeah - and I think that's why I didn't get one right off the bat because I wasn't sure what I'd end up doing with/without the stool. I've generally been standing until about 2pm, not really using the stool much, and then sitting the rest of the day, and that's been working really well so far. The stool is meant to be leaned against, too, so supposed to help with some of the fatigue. I've previously had standing desks and really liked them, but they were never sit/stand so the sit option was on a tall drafting chair, and that messed with my body big time, so I stopped using them.
  6. He is obsessed with Rurik and gets full on anxious when he leaves the house or walks in the other direction from us on walks. There have been many times where I have feared that I have been replaced, but but still wants to sit with me in the office most for some reason. I feed him in here and it's Jabba the Meatball (https://www.instagram.com/p/CRmV6yahvi0/) free so that's probably why haha. So, I actually showed this to Rurik as a prototype as this is the exact idea I have been wanting for quite a while, but mine would have to be bigger because there's no w
  7. YES. All this. Rurik said something after a post office ordeal (that took a good extra hour and drive across town it didn't need to) about how he's been dealing with how broken things are his entire life - so of course it doesn't take as much brain power because it's broken exactly how he expects for it to be broken. But because I'm learning the system for the first time - I have to learn those ins and outs, because I expect it to be broken like the USPS is broken 😂 I'm getting to the point where whenever I do something I just am going to start saying "Hi, I'm sorry, I just moved
  8. Thank you! I'm really enjoying it so far Excited to finish it up! Thanks He wouldn't have it any other way - if I close the office door and he's locked out he will pace in the hallway outside until either Rurik notices and lets him in or until I hear his little pitter patters and let him in 😂 He'd prefer if we were touching, but I have yet to find a 2 seater that's good for ergonomics ha! I'm really liking standing so far - still definitely getting used to it, and only doing about half the day. I feel it in my hips, but I'm also keeping moving
  9. Last week review: 1) Hit my 10k steps/day - Got 69k for the week, so that's not bad! Had a few lower days but made up for them later in the week. I'm counting this as a win. 2) 10 minutes stretching every day - Not really. A little, but not as I had intended. 3) Up by 8:30 - No. I was up by 9, though, I think. 4) No coffee / no sleepy pills - Yes. 5) Work / Life balance (finish work after 8 hours, take weekend off) - Yes. So not great, but not bad either. One big thing that's been a struggle is that the set up I had here was not working for my
  10. You're totally right here. I think a lot of the exhaustion and burnout I'm feeling has to do with this, honestly. I move so often and have lived in so many places, I didn't think twice about the move to Canada. But going back and forth a few times took a lot out of me (2-3 days of travel each way, plus routine disruptions) and dealing with all of the government paperwork and that now is so overwhelming. There's one thing that I'm working on and the document checklist (so the checklist of the documents I need to provide) is ten pages long. I priced out having someone do it for me a
  11. Yeah, these are both huge, even though it's hard to "see" that they're huge because I'm still just... sleeping 😂 But I know this transition will help me long term, and am already starting to see differences in the morning and how I feel, so hopefully I will be ready for my dear Barbella soon! ❤️ Thank you!! Thank you!
  12. A day late, but hey, I'm here. I've been struggling with challenges a bit lately, and I realized the problem - challenges look a whole lot different these days than I used to. I'm not excited about them, or goals, because they're so different and far off from what my goals used to be - I don't really recognize myself a lot, if you look at my schedule and my fitness right now - and I don't like that. I want to get back to being that person, but with everything that's gone on the last bit, my body just hasn't been on the same page, and it's been a bit of a battle fighting it. So o
  13. Monday morning update! 1) STEPS: 80k steps/week LAST WEEK: Hit - 9578 Mon, 7541 Tue, 14529 Weds, 9081 Thur, 12625 Fri, 13076 Sat, 11291 Sun for a grand total of.... 77721 steps for the week. Some early stresses Monday and Tuesday got me behind on steps, Weds I decided to focus on destressing and walked extra, Thursday my hip was hurting real bad (even to just sit down), and Friday we did okay. By Friday was at 50k - which left me 30k for the weekend, which should not have been hard because we planned a hike. However, the
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