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  1. Since everyone loved the good place theme last challenge, and I want to continue on some of my previous goals, so I'm just going to keep rolling with it I know I'm 2 days late, but I had an unexpected trip back to my Mom's so I'm just back and catching up now. 1) PUT ON MY OXYGEN MASK FIRST: This is something I use with clients a lot: “In the event of an emergency, please put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.” But I really struggle with myself. But it's my number one theme for the next month - I come first, above everything and everyone else. I'm not sure a great measurable way to do this, but it's my number one goal because it's the most important, and I need to remember it to complete the rest. 2) Exercise Daily + 5 Minutes of High Intensity Cardio This doesn't necessarily mean the gym, but i have to get in at least 20 minutes of movement each day. At the gym, I have to end every workout with at least 5 minutes of something high intensity (sprints, rower, burpees, etc) that gets my heart rate up. Bonus points if some of the exercise includes the dog: 3) Nutrition I'm not going to write out the details here, but long story short: I took a big step back and looked at when my anxiety started really getting bad, and it seems to be when I started eating whatever I felt like again. So I'm going to be going back to eating how I used to to see if that helps. It'll be a slow transition over the next two weeks to get there. 4) No electronics in bed / Read Instead Read for at least 10 minutes before bed each night instead of using my phone in bed. 5) Get set up in Virginia / Life (continuation) a) Continue to follow my weekly to do list b) Finalize putting together furniture / putting things away c) Determine and work towards a standard schedule 6) One hobby based hour each week (can accumulate) This doesn't have to be the same thing, it just needs to be time spent on a hobby that is not work and is not working towards any other goal other than this one (so studying doesn't count). 7) Go to therapy I really don't want to do this, but I've got appointments with a few people to find a good fit, so I'm going to go. I'm also going to try the online therapy until I find someone that is a good fit. 8) Become more decisive (continuation) Same as last month: Small decision = 10 minutes Medium decision = 30 minutes Big decision = 1 hour That's it!
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    Yeah - if you don't put on yours, you won't be able to help others. And logically, it makes sense - I just really This past weekend I did put others first - even though I was exhausted, I flew back to where I grew up last minute for a baby shower and a funeral. But one of my big priorities for myself this year is to see family more often (the last few years, it's been once a year IF that). And part of why I don't see them more often is travel anxiety - and one of the reasons why we moved to Virginia was to make it easier for me to see them. So it felt important not only for my family, but for me, to make this first one. And I'm glad I went - but man, I'm so exhausted now.