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  1. Okay, so I meant to elaborate on this, but apparently I just decided to end it with a period yesterday, haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† I'm really okay - managing my mental health is a lifelong thing. But a couple of things going on right now that I need to pay extra attention to: Days are significantly shorter here than I'm used to, especially this time of year. We're looking at me taking both my morning AND evening walks in the dark now. It's also significantly colder outside, and while I have the gear to get outside warmly, it just means getting outside takes LONGER, and sometimes that required time makes it difficult to just go outside when I need 5 minutes. With my ADHD, I also spend a lot of time LOOKING for things, and I don't have a great set up for winter gear yet, so they end up kind of... everywhere. And then I get frustrated because I know I need to get outside, but I can't find the thing in between me and getting there. I'm alone during the week now, which in itself isn't so much a problem - I'm a person who very much enjoys being alone and have always been very independent. But managing all of the animals, sticking with routine, the dark, the holidays, all while being in a different country and over 2k miles away from any other friends and family who I probably won't be able to see until May of next year at the earliest - it's just a lot. Like I mentioned, I'm okay - I'm just going in aware that sticking with this challenge is a necessity for my health, not just some fun thing I'm doing. I've worked hard to set up my office to make it as warm and bright and airy and cozy as possible and I'm digging it so far: Also I just set reminders on my calendar for 230pm each day to remind me to go outside for an afternoon walk before it gets dark
  2. Last few days have been good - I've been doing a "light early start" for the challenge, knowing that the first half of this week would be crazy at work due to being off Thurs-Sun for the Thanksgiving holiday. Honestly, the biggest thing between me and rocking this challenge is going to be my mental health. Walking (Frodo) - Yesterday was the first day in forever that I didn't hit 10k steps, which is crazy to me because a few months ago (even as close back as September), I was struggling to hit that every day. I knew I was low on activity, but thought that shoveling (we had a snowstorm) would "make up" for the steps and I only ended at around 9k. Oh well! I've already hit 5k today and it's not even 9am, so I have no doubt it was just a fluke day. Spellbooks (Gandalf) - I've stopped trying to get a new system to work, and have gone back to an old system that works here as my base. I'm not great at doing this the night before yet, but I'm getting better at planning my days, so this is a work in progress. I'm also working on automating a lot of things I do, but that's taking some time. Pathfinder (Aragorn) - Was up and out the door at around 7:30 this morning Food (Sam): Have everything I need for food for the next few days, still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving so not a whole lot to plan.
  3. Right?? And I was so trying to figure out how to use Merry and Pippin for food, but Sam felt better here since he'll continue on my journey and help keep me taken care of. Plus, need some of that comic relief, right? hahah They're so good, right? I need to find where they originated from so I can give credit - I found them on a google image search that was not linked to any sort of artist.
  4. Not stupid at all! I updated the title date -= I had forgotten to put the dates there! πŸ™ˆ It's the 5th to the 25th of December
  5. Since we're going to hit the 20 year anniversary of the Fellowship of the Ring was released (12/19/21), I thought it was only appropriate to make a LOTR themed challenge Spezzy and the Fellowship of the Gainz This challenge is about: building consistency with training in general, but particularly with strength training again. maintaining my current level of walking eating enough food planning and following my routine each day, regardless of what's going on externally The biggest struggle I have right now is really around routine - my husband is only here half the week right now and it's not consistent, and because he's only here half the week I have a hard time taking time to focus on things like workouts or planning when he is home, though we're going to start doing more of those things together again when he is home, and we've been getting ready for the week together which has helped force me to plan better all around, so we're figuring out ways to make it work! But it's taking some getting used to, and with life going to only get crazier and less consistent over the next few months, I need this routine of things I do each day to be rock solid so regardless of what else happens, I get everything I need in. I may keep up with this theme in 2022, but forgive me for combining characters for this challenge - I didn't want to make up goals only to assign them a character, especially for a challenge where the goal is to focus on the basics more than the specifics. So - goals Frodo 90-110k steps/week. This is my current weekly average milage, but it is going to be very dark and very cold soon, and I need to keep this up in order to be able to take the pass of Caradhras. Gandalf Managing my Spellbooks nightly. Spellbooks are what I call my notes, plans, schedule, to do list - because a wizard must review their spellbooks before each night and my IRL character is a Magus. So it's only fitting to have these be represented by Gandalf the Grey. Aragorn Get up out of bed and be outside and walking by 7:30-7:45 every day, and follow my routine. Aragorn will be acting as my pathfinder here, and guiding me on the start of my journey each day to make sure I get there safe. Samwise Meal plan and prep at the beginning of every week, even if loose. Eat breakfast by 9am, lunch by 2pm, and eat dinner. Take my vitamins, and don't have caffeine after 3pm. Gimli, Boromir, Legolas Non-walking exercise daily. This is going to be a combination of heavy strength training, bodyweight training, and some martial arts training. Combining these three for this challenge, though if I move to another challenge I may separate them. Right now, though, they all fit in for different training styles - and I don't want to create goals just to create goals, so they all go together. Pippin & Merry Was going to make this one around eating enough Lambas bread/second breakfast, but I think Sam is going to make sure I eat enough on his own with all of his pots and pans πŸ˜‚ Spend 20-30 min a day doing something that's just for fun, and 100% for me. And that's it! I'll probably edit a bit more and tweak it a bit, but pressing submit before I overthink it πŸ˜‚
  6. Twas the week before the Challenge, when all through the forums, All the nerds were stirring, even the quietest lurkers. The new forums were up in their subforums with care, In hopes that the Challenges soon would be there. The nerds were nestled all snug in their threads, while visions of achieving their goals danced in their heads... Welcome to the 2021 3-Week Challenge General Chat Thread! Come one, come all. Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and settle on in. Is this your first challenge? AWESOME. Welcome! Struggling figuring out your goals (regardless of how long you've been a challenger!) ? Ask away here! Also, quick 'business' side note - We're going to be putting out a survey in the next week or two asking for feedback on the forums and things you'd like to see in 2022 - so please be on the look out for that! I'll be posting a thread about it in the Rebel Army Basecamp - but will also post the link here and make announcements to make it really hard to miss
  7. Week Three Update Walks: Hit 82356 steps last week, which was under my goal - but we also got a snowstorm that lasted a few days, and I did my entire shoveling without my fitbit on - so I'm going to count this! Will be adjusting goals down to 70-90k now that I'm shifting to strength being a bigger goal Non-Walking Exercise: Got in yoga every night before bed 6/7 nights, so that's a big win. No workouts but muay thai sunday with my husband and that was very nice Food: This went really well last week. Just gotta keep it up. Sleep: Didn't do fantastic last week, but didn't do bad either. This week aiming to get out the door by 7:30 - and have rocked it 2 days so far, so going to keep it up. This week's goals: Focusing on routine has been going well for me, so keeping it up. 70-90k steps Outside and walking by 7:30am Eat by 10am/2pm and eat dinner Non-walking exercise daily Yoga every night before bed Plan day night before Stick to routine, even if it’s just for the animals sake.
  8. Week Two Update Walks: Hit 117827 steps last week 20k of that was a day hike Non-Walking Exercise: I got in a strength workout on Monday, but then realized it was going to be nice out this next week for the last time before it gets frigid for the winter, so focused on Walking. This will continue this week as this week will be warm, but starting Friday it'll be below freezing for our high temps, so will shift to more strength then. This next week, focusing on one other non-walking exercise daily, which means anything counts (yoga, strength, etc) Food: This went really well last week. Just gotta keep it up. Sleep: Didn't do great here, but got closer each night. Switching this goal to be outside and walking by 7:45 - which I was this morning. This week's goals: 90-100k steps Daily non-walking exercise Eat something small before 10am, lunch by 3pm, eat dinner Take vitamins, no caffeine after 3pm Outside and walking by 7:45am Plan the day the night before
  9. Week One Update Walks: Hit 105,800 steps last week, easily. The 90-100k feels like a good goal, and a good activity level for me, so I'm going to keep that up. Non-Walking Exercise: I stretched before bed a few nights, but really only got in one strength workout, and no cardio at all. Realized I need to get exercise done FIRST, my brain has too much troubles switching gears right now mid day, and night only works for stretching (strength keeps me awake), so goal will be to get SOME sort of non-walking exercise before work each day. Food: I rocked this - and am going to keep it exactly as it is for next week. Only missed 2 afternoons of vitamins and that is huge for me. Struggled hitting 3pm for caffeine, but hit 4pm each day. Sleep: Didn't do great here, but got closer each night. Keeping this goal the same. This week's goals: 90-100k steps Non-walking exercise before I start my work day Eat something small before 10am, lunch by 3pm Take vitamins, no caffeine after 3:45pm In bed by 11:30, out of bed by 8am Plan the day the night before
  10. These were definitely the theme of the week, and I think that I realized in this last week that with my ADHD and my attention management issues, leaving mid day to go to the gym is disruptive at best, and that a walk is what I need both mentally and physically. So shifted things around a bit and am aiming to get my non-walking exercise in before work each day, after my first walk, and I'm hopeful that will help!
  11. Hallo Hallo! I ran a security patch on the forums this morning, and along with it, an update that had some bug fixes and a few small other feature improvements. This was a minor update and you shouldn't notice anything huge. That being said - with every single update, we tend to find a thing or two that's broken - so if you see or find any new bugs, feel free to reply back here KNOWN ISSUES SO FAR: --> Member Titles are not showing up. Thanks for your help everyone! P.S. Community Survey coming soon so we can focus the next round of improvements based on your feedback
  12. WOW what a week it's been already and it's only day two πŸ˜‚ Yesterday I ended up having an extra long work day for reasons I couldn't predict (just one of those days!), but was able to make it through the day and still got in 2 longer walks and 14k steps, so happy with that. I decided on the second walk instead of non-walking exercise because I knew with a 14 hour work day with days getting shorter very quickly, a walk would benefit me the most. Food wise have been doing an apple as soon as I get back from my morning walk and that's been good. Last week I got a vitamin case that lets me split out pills morning/night and that's already been a huge help in me remembering to take them, but also to split them into two batches which is easier on my stomach. I haven't been planning my nights before, but will start today - I just got a few new projects I need to map out anyway so that will help me understand my schedule better, too SLEEP will be the biggest struggle - will hit that bedtime tonight!
  13. It was the night before the challenge, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.... no, really, we're all exhausted, and I'm surrounded by sleeping, snoring animals, including this one who I think has successfully stolen my heated blanket and made it his own. Anyway! Zero week went really well as a good set up week but also a good "realistic with myself" week. There's a lot going on and because of that, I've adjusted my goals a bit and edited the original post. NEW GOALS: This last week I did hit the food stuff and the steps - it was one of the tougher weeks and still succeeded in two areas and I'm pretty pumped about that. The rest weren't perfect, but I did significantly better than previous weeks, so happy all around! This next week is looking to potentially be tougher, so gonna just take it one day at a time and feeling fine, just need to stay on top of this challenge/self care stuff or I probably won't continue to feel so fine On to week 1!
  14. thanks everyone! It looks like it does have something to do with my stomach being empty - drinking some vitamin water first thing in the morning (the full calorie, for the sugars) and the apple by 10 seems to be doing the trick! Today I started to get nauseated a bit before lunch, but I skipped breakfast, so ... I think we're on to something
  15. Gonna start updating even though I'm not implementing everything really yet. Haven't made it to the gym but went for a run today. It was short and mostly walking but hit 16 minutes of cardio minutes, so goal achieved. Steps on track. Hit food goals, too. Will hit in bed goals tonight. And yoga. Working on it
  16. Thank you! It looks like i joined 8/1/10, and did my first challenge in the challenge before the October challenge (for some reason I thought my october one was the first) so I'm a bit late but I've missed a few challenges along the way so we'll just go with it πŸ˜‚ What's the craziest is I had no idea when I signed up for this forum that literally every single element of my life would be changed forever by that decision. Thank you! It's just been so frustrating because it ends up dictating a lot of my schedule and/or goals - like I am not going to the gym when I feel nauseated, but I planned my schedule so that's when I have the time in my schedule to go. Or, I'll be really hungry and then open the fridge and NOPE. Nausea. So it'll be huge once I figure out at least what's going on so I can work around it.
  17. Crazy to think I've been doing this for 11 years, but here we are And I wasn't going to do a theme this challenge but then I remembered that it's October, and well. So here we are. This is a WIP, but happy with it enough for now! Goals may evolve week by week. EXERCISE Walking - 90k-100k steps/week Non-Walking Exercise: Daily - with at least 2x from each category: Yoga, Gym, Cardio FOOD So I'm having crazy nausea issues, especially in the morning (no, I'm not pregnant, and yes, I'm sure). I've also lost 8lb in the last month unintentionally because of it, so the first experiment on the nausea is going to be: Eat something with simple sugars that's easy to digest by 10am, Have a small meal by 3pm This can change throughout the challenge, but that's where I'm at now. LIFE Sleep In bed by 11:30, out of bed by 8am (this will get earlier each week) Planning I used to plan my day the night before every night, and keep a really solid life planner to do list where I knew what was going on in my life at all times. I don't have that anymore, so I want to build my systems back. At the end of each night, I need to do a reflection on the day, and also plan the next. And so, challenge:
  18. Happy Monday everyone! Scratched my eye last week and wearing my glasses, but still here and still progressing - just for the most part staying away from screens outside of work hours as much as possible Sleep has also been bad the last week or two - so hoping that clears up soon because waking up multiple times throughout the night is reallllly starting to get to me haha. Still no sleeping pills and still no coffee, though I did buy coffee so I can try a reintroduction to see if I think it's a problem or not, but I haven't done anything with it yet. Anyway, got in a workout each day this weekend (first workouts in WEEKS) and felt good. This week's goals: 1. Workout every day - 15-20 sets total, no more. 2. Stand at least 75% of the day 3. 35 miles walked for the week 4. 160g protein/day 5. 4 servings of veggies/day
  19. Yeah - and I think that's why I didn't get one right off the bat because I wasn't sure what I'd end up doing with/without the stool. I've generally been standing until about 2pm, not really using the stool much, and then sitting the rest of the day, and that's been working really well so far. The stool is meant to be leaned against, too, so supposed to help with some of the fatigue. I've previously had standing desks and really liked them, but they were never sit/stand so the sit option was on a tall drafting chair, and that messed with my body big time, so I stopped using them. My big thing with this is that I figured the harder it is for me to adjust, the less likely I am to use both functions, so it will basically just turn into a seated desk. So that's why I went with the motorized sit/stand this time vs the desktop or the crank ones - because I figured they might be JUST a big enough PITA to not want to use haha. I'm ADHD with an emphasis on the H - so I'm always moving and walking around so I know that this has already helped a ton. I may be premature here, but I have a feeling my in a few weeks review will be the same They can make a huge difference! I've had many jobs where it's walking on concrete floors for 8-16 hours and it's almost like your feet just get so tired of having weight on them.
  20. He is obsessed with Rurik and gets full on anxious when he leaves the house or walks in the other direction from us on walks. There have been many times where I have feared that I have been replaced, but but still wants to sit with me in the office most for some reason. I feed him in here and it's Jabba the Meatball (https://www.instagram.com/p/CRmV6yahvi0/) free so that's probably why haha. So, I actually showed this to Rurik as a prototype as this is the exact idea I have been wanting for quite a while, but mine would have to be bigger because there's no way he'd climb a tiny little set of stairs, he is a ferocious house wolf not a cat.
  21. YES. All this. Rurik said something after a post office ordeal (that took a good extra hour and drive across town it didn't need to) about how he's been dealing with how broken things are his entire life - so of course it doesn't take as much brain power because it's broken exactly how he expects for it to be broken. But because I'm learning the system for the first time - I have to learn those ins and outs, because I expect it to be broken like the USPS is broken πŸ˜‚ I'm getting to the point where whenever I do something I just am going to start saying "Hi, I'm sorry, I just moved to this country and this is my first time, can you please explain it to me like I'm five?" and stop trying to figure so much out for myself! I can't imagine doing this with a language barrier or not speaking the language - at least where we are in Canada EVERYONE speaks English.
  22. Thank you! I'm really enjoying it so far Excited to finish it up! Thanks He wouldn't have it any other way - if I close the office door and he's locked out he will pace in the hallway outside until either Rurik notices and lets him in or until I hear his little pitter patters and let him in πŸ˜‚ He'd prefer if we were touching, but I have yet to find a 2 seater that's good for ergonomics ha! I'm really liking standing so far - still definitely getting used to it, and only doing about half the day. I feel it in my hips, but I'm also keeping moving and doing things like marching in place or CARS and that's helping a lot - and I wouldn't be surprised if doing those things more often consistently will make a huge difference. Not yet! So I'm still trying to figure out what to do here. I got a chair and have been sitting for some of the day, and I also got an active stool that's specifically made for this - but I haven't used it that much yet. I haven't felt like it was too necessary so far, but I am standing in shoes and have found that more comfortable. Design wise I haven't decided between a carpet or a clear mat for under the desk, so I've been kind of waiting to decide on that first haha.
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