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  1. Thank you! I'm hopeful that my healthcare experiences will be much better now that I'm in MA - my experience so far says so. Some other stuff has come up on my bloodwork that no doc has even thought to look for - so super encouraged, all around, that some of the weird things going on will be completely solved very soon. The good news is for now, unless some sort of complication comes up, I should be done with procedures around my IUD (or now, lack thereof). Feeling better and better each day - feeling really grateful that we're finding things and moving forward at least.
  2. Thank you! There's a chance things can just even out over the next few months, but waiting on some bloodwork still to get some more answers. Me, to a doc, a good 8-10 months ago: "Could these issues be caused by issues with my IUD? I also have x, y, and z symptoms." Doc: "Nope!" Me, now: "I have X, Y, and z symptoms" Doc: "We need an ultrasound stat" Thank you!! Definitely good to feel taken care of and listened to, for once, at least!
  3. Hiiii. Still here. Went to the doc Friday. IUD malfunctioning, couldn't get it out, she had me at an ultrasound on Monday and in with a doc today and it has been removed by the fancy doc. Really glad this doc listened to me because the doc today said it could have gotten a lot worse over more time and that it needed to be removed "yesterday". So now the next few days are healing and taking it easy, really. Daily walks are good and within 20 min of waking up but not really counting it since I'm not setting an alarm and sleeping in quite a bit (I've been exhausted). Rurik's mom is coming to visit in a few days so will get back to a schedule after that. Will push movement as it feels good over the next few days but most movements hurt right now so movement may be just super light yoga. Good news is this could be the reason I've been having some crazy health scares lately, so now we wait and see what happens and see if my body evens out
  4. Soooo don't have the home gym space set up yet, but...
  5. Okay but... why would anyone NOT want to split wood? Especially when you can make wood splitting races? Or maybe an... AMWAP (as much wood as possible) workout?
  6. Thank you both! I think the new doc was partially my fault, partially situational, partly them. I'm doing a bunch of research this week on the best way to present things to doctors, communicate with them, etc. - so that I can go in Friday to this new doc more prepared
  7. Okay, so I said I'd come back to this, and I got distracted by doing more stuff that had to be done ( ), but that's okay. Here I am. So let's see, for daily movement and workouts, I actually have a plan for the first time in a long time and worked on that over the weekend. We're building a home gym here, on the new property, in our 2 car garage. It needs to be cleaned and the roof replaced before we can do that, though, so - Got a gym membership at local powerlifting/bodybuilding gym (I'll probably keep this long term, too, but it will be primary for now) Making it a goal to have my body ready for light olympic lifting again when the gym is ready Focus will be barbells, dumbbells, cables, bands, and bodyweight. Programming will be: (copying from what I told @bigm141414 , thanks for asking and making me write it out :D) Push/Pull/Legs for strength, with a work set of front squats or goblet squats every gym workout regardless of what day it is. This way exact days don't really make a difference, and it's an easy enough split that I can do some workouts at home with dumbbells and it won't mess up programming, since numbers don't really "matter". It's also one of my favorite splits that's hard to do when you're doing oly more seriously, so now is a good time. But I can also double up days if I want an extra long workout on a weekend or something (so do pull and legs, for example) Gym workouts will be: Main Lift in the 4-6 rep range Secondary lift in the 6-8 rep range As many or as few accessories in the 10-12 rep range as I can fit in with the time I have Then 30+ minute walk every morning (one of my other goals) Yoga or mobility every night (one of my other goals) At least one endurance walk or hike each week I'm considering setting the spin bike up and seeing if it's still running because that feels like something I could really focus on listening to my body during, too. But I need to figure out the cardio part and get my lungs working right again, too. Other updates: I'm excited to see some of the new iOS16 features around focus to see if they could help me with my ADHD. The idea of having a different home screen just appear when I'm at the gym (or at my desk ) would be huge. I'm going to pick up the new Apple Watch - I've been using my old 4 Series since I got an iPhone again, and I've been loving it for the most part, but the 8 has blood oxygen level testing which is something I'm struggling with medically, so even if it consistently worked inaccurately, that would be a huge help to have. I hate spending money on fancy things but I have been really utilizing the old one, and I think the new features/functionality is worth it. At least I have a birthday in a few weeks haha! I am really enjoying my headband earphones I got cheaply off amazon for yoga. I was really hesitant to order some because I was convinced they'd all be crap, but I'm impressed. The only downside is when I put my forehead down sometimes it stops the yoga because my head presses the button My step counter from yesterday says that I did 15k steps walking and doing yard work yesterday, even though I didn't have my watch or phone on me for a good 2-3 of those hours as they were dead. I'm guessing it's closer to 20k, based on what this says I do per hour walking around the yard. I got a cheap little wood chipper and was able to chip most of the branches on the property over the weekend, including some huge wild grape vines we had pulled down because they were trying to climb (and kill) a bunch of our trees. Felt so good to get those gone! 6. I feel like this whenever anyone talks to me about this house and the paperwork: ==================================================================================== Daily Tracker - my weeks start on Monday so all I have so far is this morning. I did better than usual, but not great, and didn't hit the 30 minute goal, so giving myself a instead of a 1) Be outside for my walk within 30 minutes of waking up 2) Yoga Nidra, Breathing, or Meditation __ 3) Daily Exercise of at least 30 minute __ 4) Yoga before bed __ 5) Spellbooks / Scheduling __ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = i did it!, = kinda, =NOPE NOPE NOPE, __=not yet ====================================================================================
  8. Week one has basically flown by, but a few wins: I have a gym membership again and we went to the gym for a workout I have sat down and figured out a general fitness plan for the next bit. We made a ton of BADs (Big Adulting Decisions) and got some balls moving on some things that we needed to do We now have a bathroom with a door that CLOSES Feral kitty has let me pet him at least 5 whole pats in a rowat least once a day for the last week Week 1 Tracker: TRACKER: 1) Be outside for my walk within 30 minutes of waking up 2) Yoga Nidra, Breathing, or Meditation - started strong, ended bad 3) Daily Exercise of at least 30 minutes. 4) Yoga before bed 5) Spellbooks / Scheduling Key - I did not do the thing - I am doing the thing part way - I am a responsible adult and did the thing. Soooo as you can see the biggest thing I'm struggling with is getting up, which makes sense because this last week has been one of those weeks where my insomnia is really bad. I've also had a lot going on mentally, which hasn't helped with the insomnia (just a lot of really big, important things on my mind). I've been having some health issues that have been getting worse the last few years, and I'm finally in with a doctor to try to figure it out. We got some preliminary blood tests back which is nice, but I didn't really feel supported by the new doctor's plan (and really tried to keep my head up after the appointment, but the follow-ups were just as discouraging), so I have a new appointment with a new doctor at the same place next week that the place thinks might be a better fit, so I'm hopeful she can at least direct me to the right specialists. My breathing is affected, and I don't feel 100% safe working out on my own so am working on a plan for workouts where either Rurik can go with me or where it's during busy hours at the gym. I'm 99% certain I'm recognizing triggers fast enough to be able to catch myself before I get to the point of fainting, but these fears are definitely weighing on me a bit when thinking about where I can and can't push my body right now. Hoping to make it to the gym at least 3x this upcoming week. My laptop is about to die and I don't want to lose this update, but I'll come back with a plan for next week shortly.
  9. https://landing.nerdfitness.com/challenge-replays The Importance of Rest: Pushing Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Wizard Roundtable:
  10. Hi friend! How has zero week gone? does this mean a new notebook? and yes pls post pics
  11. Alright, Week 0, Day 3 Not so bad so far. Waking up and getting outside has been the hardest, which isn't surprising. For some reason my schedule has really shifted over the last few weeks, to a later schedule (I don't like this, so am going to work on changing that) - but also this morning I was awoken by my doctor's office cancelling my doctor's appointment today, so I was dealing with that a bit and then went back to bed and cuddled with Felix because I was just so crushed (I've been waiting for this appointment for months, but thankfully we've sorted it and they can get me in Friday). I know that wasn't the "right" call, but it was what my feelings needed in the moment. I've been doing the yoga nidra before bed, but it's at least happening, and doing additional yoga as well. Yesterday I did a dumbbell strength workout before work, in my new office ( ) nothing fancy but definitely felt it a bit. My entire body is exhausting from going non-stop all weekend, and just fatigued from the hike in the heat. Spellbooks is going well. Have to change things up because of the drs appt but made a new plan for the next few days and feeling good about that! TRACKER: 1) Be outside for my walk within 30 minutes of waking up 2) Yoga Nidra, Breathing, or Meditation 3) Daily Exercise of at least 30 minutes. 4) Yoga before bed 5) Spellbooks / Scheduling Key - I did not do the thing - I am doing the thing part way - I am a responsible adult and did the thing. A FEW OTHER MISC WINS: This last weekend, we cleared the rest of my Mom's stuff out of the house and then scrubbed/primed my new office and then moved my stuff in. I still need to paint, it's VERY bright in here with it just being two coats of primer , but it's the biggest and best office I've ever had, and I'm feeling really lucky. It has enough room for my desk set up AND an exercise space, so I was able to use that space to workout WITH THE DOOR CLOSED to keep the 4 cats and 2 dogs out and it was just absolutely wonderful. New office room: Also, one of my mother's (now ours) cats, is feral. She got him knowing this, and the goal was never to tame him - she doesn't like being touched by cats but needed a good mouser. Anyway, over the last 6 weeks of being in the house, we've been really working with him and his boundaries. Some days he lets us touch him for a second, maybe get in half a pet, and one day he let me scritch his neck, but for the most part we're still at "go running whenever you see a human or hear a noise and get scared". We've been a bit worried with my office being cleared of my Mom's stuff about how he'd react because it was FULL of stuff, and he had hiding spots - now he really doesn't have any. But he's really been taking it well, and last night during yoga he even came in and fell asleep in the dog bed next to my yoga mat while I was doing yoga. It feels like he's starting to feel safer and safer around me, and he's choosing to spend time in the same space as me, so I'm feeling very lucky there, too Also, yesterday was Felix's third birthday, and we had a fun little celebration
  12. Yes, this. Very much this. I would also accept pie of the apple or berry variety We will 100% absolutely be taking in all that New England in the fall has to offer including all of its pumpkin spice everything It's been a good 10 or 12 years since I've spent a fall here, too, and its my favorite season, so I'm excited to go all in. I'm not as big of a fan of pumpkin itself as Rurik is, but I am as big of a fan of apple, and like you mentioned, sarakingdom, pumpkin spice is great on apple pie. But we plan on doing apple picking and then make apple pie and pumpkin picking and then make pumpkin stuff and jack o lanterns of course! There's so much typical fall stuff to do here we probably won't even have time to start scratching the surface, but we're so excited for fall in the most magical place for fall again. And pumpkin spice will make a huge part in that But yes, everything here is already pumpkin spice everything, EVERYWHERE, but I feel like that's caught on everywhere now. Even in Canada in the prairies everything was overly pumpkin spice branded. We live right in the middle of mountains and farms, too, so it's just kind of a really great place to be for all fresh everything and are about to be spoiled, big time. And we're gonna make a lot of pie. Because pie.
  13. ha, yeah, I've heard that elsewhere as well! It was our first mountain together! Thank you!
  14. I come bearing gifts Challenge Replay page that includes download links for resources: https://landing.nerdfitness.com/challenge-replays Day One Livestream Replay:
  15. Good luck with this! Reactive dogs are a challenge - thank you for doing it right and working with her.
  16. I LOVE the star trek reference here. It's so perfect haha. I've had a few clients who have walked/run 10k's and half marathons in their apartments or houses - one due to general safety issues, and the others during covid. @Rurik Harrgath can tell you first hand of all of the times he caught me walking around our old utility room (it was a good loop) trying to get my steps in. It's not always pretty, but it still counts, and honestly? For habit building? I think these days when we find creative solutions and still do the thing are even MORE beneficial than the days where everything is perfect and we get everything in exactly right.
  17. Also, I wanted to start this challenge with a win: yesterday was my 1,000th day in a row that I have gone for a walk. we climbed a mountain in celebration. a lot of my new goals will eventually be around hiking, and this mountain was a great start for where we are at fitness wise right now. time to find another for next weekend
  18. We really have - and complete transparency here, we're trying a lot of new things at Nerd Fitness right now. One of our big focuses is creating and providing more free content, and I've been working with leadership on different ideas of how to integrate the forums back in to everything else we're doing at NF. So many of these challenges are super valuable, and applicable to everyone here, too, so it's silly we don't find ways to use them and integrate them already We're also hoping to bring the forums in a bit more so that this community doesn't feel as if it's completely separate, and more people will start joining because they know about it again (which is a completely understandable piece of feedback we received in the survey that we are looking at ideas to remedy ) We're starting with the technology that we have available, but are 100% looking into ways to improve tech for the future. It may be a bit clunky (where I upload things here once they're posted on FB) at first, but we'll grow up over time, too, and learn from each thing! After this one, please don't be afraid to provide feedback or suggestions on how we can do better next time, too (and what you liked about this one!).
  19. Okay, so beginning of last challenge, things were feeling like this: Right now, things are feeling a bit better, like this: My goal is by the end of the challenge, for things feel like this: TL:DR; (or really, too long to write and there's no need to bore everyone with details We sold our house in May with the intention of full time travel, and in a total plot twist we have decided to stay in New England and take over my mother's property, which has been challenging on a lot of fronts (both in amount of work involved and the emotional elements). After 2.5 months, we now have the majority of her stuff out of the house, we have the basic repairs done that make this property livable, and a lot of the paperwork is almost done, so it's starting to finally feel like we can breathe a bit and start to actually settle in without having 100 urgent things banging down at us constantly. I'm also entering my last year of my 30's during this challenge, and while I'm inherently okay with aging and don't have an issue with it, I am definitely starting to have a lot of feels around it and I'm sure the fact we're moving my mother into senior housing and looking at her "final" phase in life isn't helping the emotions. This is going to be a heavily druid challenge, really, because yoga will be a forefront. I've been able to really keep up: Daily Walks (just hit 1,000 in a row yesterday) Veggies with every meal Water Things that are going better after last challenge, but I'm still struggling with: Movement: I hit daily movement most days in the form of yard work and moving stuff and cleaning, but I need to start actually doing full workouts again. Nightly Stretching/Yoga: I started off last challenge with 1-2x a week and now I'm stretching a good 6/7 nights Routine: With everything as crazy as it's been, everything's changing often and it's been Relaxing and calming down: I feel like I'm constantly in go-go-go mode and can't turn off. This is affecting both my physical and mental health and my anxiety is through the roof because of it. I've been experimenting with yoga nidra and some general breathing stuff, and that's already helping, but I'm definitely in the very beginning of learning to practice these things. I started logging food with MacroFactor, and am loving it. I'm NOT going to make this a goal, but just wanted to make note I am doing it and working on it, but it's the lowest of my priorities and is something that will start to feel easier the better I get at my actual goals. So, with that, since routine is a part of the problem, instead of trying to write out and stick to a perfect routine, I'm going to tie different time constraints into my goals. Obviously if I don't make time constraints, I'm not going to either not do it or not give myself credit for doing it, but the goal is to build in some anchors within my day at which I take care of myself, and that I'm not forgetting about it till 11pm. GOALS: 1) Be outside for my walk within 30 minutes of waking up I've got the daily walking in the morning first thing habit down (just hit 1,000 days in a row yesterday!), but what we don't have defined is what is "first thing". One of my scheduling struggles is getting out of bed on time, for no reason other than I don't have schedule restraints that prevent me from doing so, being the most eastern located person on my team. So the goal is to get outside and be walking within 30 min of that alarm and waking up. Eventually, I'd like that to be less, but for now, even 20 seems unrealistic. 2) Yoga Nidra, Breathing, or Meditation Every single day. You'll notice this is my second listed goal, because it needs to be a priority and is going to be insanely hard for me to do. I don't have to do these well, but I do need to put in an effort. I specifically want to focus on Yoga Nidra, as it's highly recommended in therapy circles with some things I'm struggling with with a lot of great data to back it up, but breathing exercises or meditation would work as an alternative in a pinch. My goal is to do this after lunch each day, before heading back to work, but any time throughout the day works. 3) Daily Exercise of at least 30 minutes. I will do this before work at least 3 days each work week, and the rest of the days I need to start by 3pm, unless otherwise planned for. This can be strength, cardio, or work around here (sometimes the physical labor here is harder than a workout ) - but I've got to get it done. * 4) Yoga before bed Can be any length or style, but must start by 10:30pm. *We have 4 cats + felix now, as my Mom had 2, so this gif is more appropriate than I'd like to admit. 5) Spellbooks / Scheduling This has been a focus, but hasn't been specific enough to really measure how well I'm doing or not. i also have been forced to really focus on the day to day, vs the larger picture, so: Schedule in anchor tasks into calendar, and then schedule everything else around them Start each week with a list of goals I want to accomplish, and break that down by day At the end of each day, review what went well and didn't go well and adjust for the next day if there are any adjustments to make, and plan the next day. Be honest with myself about what didn't go well - if it's mental health, that's fine, if I'm too busy, that's fine, but if I don't do something because mental health and I say it's because I'm busy, that's not fine Start to look out at this month, next month, etc - especially since we have a longer term plan now, and have a full house of renos to do, the better I am at being realistic with timelines and when things can happen, the less time we'll be living in a construction zone, or we can at least minimize it. But also - I don't want to miss out on life because of renos, so just trying to fit in necessary life things like doctor's appointments and hair cuts, but also some fun like ren faires and oktoberfests And that's it! Good luck y'all!
  20. Welcome, one and all! Our next challenge is about to begin! Please pull up a chair and take a look at our menu: Challenge How-to (Updated 2/6) Create Your Challenge Zero Week Mini Challenge Guild Chat and Discussion Threads Adventure Parties and PVP Challenges 2022 Challenge Dates What'll it be?
  21. Trying something a bit different this challenge and joining the rest of NerdFitness for a ZERO WEEK MINI CHALLENGE The goal is to take a walk each day, for 5 days in a row. The walk can be of any length at all! The challenge will run 9/6 to 9/10. You don't have to create your challenge before you join the mini challenge (and actually, you don't have to participate in the 5 week challenge at all, if you just want to do the mini challenge, that's fine!) This will be a great way to stay on track during this upcoming week between challenges, as well as a way to go into your next challenge with a big win under your belt. Also it will help us all stay connected during that week! We're running this alongside NerdFitness It will have a Facebook Group where we'll have livestreams from coaches on the NF team (Coach Jim will be doing the most, and I'll be doing at least one as well) with tips and tricks on how to get started, stay motivated, and build consistency across all areas of fitness. The livestreams will be uploaded to youtube and I'll post in this thread afterwards, so if you don't like FB, you can just do everything in here in the forums There will also be prizes We ask that you officially sign up here - you'll receive your main resources and facebook group invite that way, and this is how you officially sign up for the prizes. SIGN UP HERE
  22. SIGN UP HERE Hi all! FYI - Next challenge we're going to be having a ZERO WEEK CHALLENGE. Forums will go live Sunday, 9/4 Challenge will run 9/6 to 9/10 You don't have to create a challenge before you join the mini challenge You don't have to participate in the challenge at all, if you just want to do the mini challenge This will be a 5 day Walking challenge - we'll all commit to walking every day for 5 days. I think it will be a great way to stay on track during zero week, or, build some momentum going into the challenges Also it will help us all stay connected during that week! We're running this alongside NerdFitness It will have a Facebook Group where we'll have livestreams from coaches on the NF team (Coach Jim will be doing the most, and I'll be doing at least one as well) with tips and tricks on how to get started, stay motivated, and build consistency across all areas of fitness. The livestreams will be uploaded to youtube and I can post them in the Mini Challenge thread afterwards, so if you don't like FB, you can just do everything in here in the forums There will also be prizes SIGN UP HERE
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