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  1. Aww hi everyone!!! Sorry that updates have fallen by the wayside. Doing well with my challenge... may have to do a restart the next time around!! <3
  2. Aww thank you all so much for your support. It's been a weird week, that's for sure. Thanks so much Drich! I really appreciate your kind words. Strategy is going well so far! Thanks friend. Oh man I missed you guys too!! That would have been epicccccccc Metaphysical fitness- RIGHT?! Thank you so so so much. And thanks for the magical photo of Gabriel. Love!! Thanks Eve!! I definitely hope you'll be there next time!! Rest days are there- the Metaphysical Fitness stuff is not super hardcore a lot of the time-- some of the videos are only 5 minutes OMG it was so cold. SO COLD.
  3. WAIT SHUT UP YOU JOINED THE DRUIDS?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
  4. Week 1 Update: WHELP this week became entirely unexpected. Found out on Wednesday that my grandfather passed away, so an unexpected trip to Minnesota has happened (and is where I am now). Felt a bit derailed and less committed to this than I would have liked... so may do a bit of a reset for week 2. Movement: Well my 4 yoga classes has been 2 this week. Going to try and get one in in the morning before heading up to northern MN for all the funeral stuff. MPF stuff- good! Getting the daily ones in. mmm C+/B- so far. Nutrition: Umm food haven't been doing as great as I would have like
  5. EEP already need to look in on so many people and cheer you all on!! Getting there! Yeay I love having stalkers. hehe thanks for adopting me!! Makes me happy haha that's awesome!! Yeay for joining the Druids!! <3 Yeay yeay yeay Awesome!! I'm so into anything that makes me super-anything YEAH you did! Yeay. Been thinking about you and hope you're doing well my dear.
  6. Awesome!!! Yeah yeah! HI!!! Yeay!! What does that mean?! I like being adopted. Yeay! and forsake my Druid-nature?!?! Well.... it was a close call. I've always felt part druid, part warrior, part assassin. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN Thanks Max!! Awesome!!! Can't wait to read about it!!
  7. Well it's been awhile since I've been around these parts!! Teaching at Camp Nerd Fitness and feeling another transition in my life coming along, I'm super looking forward to this challenge! Keeping it super simple for now- will fill out details throughout this week! Mind-Body Alchemy Deep alignment of my mind, body, and spirit. This whole year has been a freaking massive uplevel. So many things confronted, experienced, let go of, assimilated... And I'll be honest, I've had a lot of shifts and changes happen since I was a full time yoga and fitness instructor- particularly in my body
  8. Working on a full write up for my website... for now just have to say-- I think I cried from happiness at least 8 times throughout the weekend. Getting to teach yoga and meditation to you all and hanging out and playing was so freaking amazing. Also, this is probably my first post in the forums in like a year or more. You guys got me! Love ALL of you.
  9. You get it Spider! Totally understand the need for breaks- you are still a Druid, through and through!
  10. Hey druids new and old! Happy to be finishing out the year with you all!
  11. Well, this has been a crazy year. So much in and out. It's been awhile since I've been around these parts... Late August I almost sliced my finger off and had hand surgery. I wasn't able to even down dog, let alone do handstands for a month. Before really recovering I hopped a plane to Costa Rica for a few weeks for an event and an adventure of a lifetime.... and then less than a week after coming back, I finished selling all my belongings and moved across the country. That didn't work out, so I moved across the country again. Spent a lot of time hiding from the world/ totally re-evaluating
  12. Yeay Turtle!!! Oh my gosh, so much this- it's SUCH a persistent voice! You'll find your balance
  13. welcome Draco! Agree with Turtle-- scaling back can totally suck- and I'm really glad you are taking care of yourself and not quitting!
  14. Great to see you here! And I love the goals- cleaning out, making strength progress-- so awesome
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