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  1. Yeay hiking!! Glad you are going to join in on the mini challenges!!
  2. Nice!! Don't give up! You're doing awesome. Even if this challenge results in little improvements, you will still be further along than you were at the beginning!
  3. oh man haha add in some cinnamon or cacao powder or something like that!! Even a little bit of raw honey would probably be okay
  4. Yeay Anna!! Love this update. Hope the sleep has continued to be excellent!
  5. You are doing amazing. I hear you on the creativity- please remember- you are worth it, what you have to say and draw and create matters, because no one else can do it the way you can! Fear is okay. Giving in to it forever... well I know you won't do that!!
  6. Of course! You are doing great. Even if things aren't perfect day to day, it's the overall commitment that matters!!
  7. Week 3 Report Handstands Kickups: Week: 6/7 Overall: 18/21 Workouts: Week: 3/3 Overall: 8/9 Grade: Barely at an A overall, but I got it! Clean Eating: Super strong at the beginning of the week, which was good because this weekend with my family I was more at around 80%. On Thursday night I totally ate ice cream for dinner and it was AWESOME. Week: 90%+ = A Overall: B+/A- Walking: Lots of walking!! Yeay!! Grade: A Selling Stuff: Still at nothing! *** Mini Challenges: Meditation: 130 Minutes this week! Awesome. Walking: 41.2 Miles So far!! *** I am so excited to have a weekend of nothing going on coming up. I have lots of fun work to do, but it has been tough feeling like I have enough time when 3 days of every week are completely taken up! Not that I'm complaining... they've all been awesome things. Looking forward to the second half of the challenge!!
  8. Yeay for joining in on the challenges!! If it makes you feel any better, not that you sound upset by this, when I go to classes like that I still get confused, and I can name every freaking pose in sanskrit. I just don't understand the going that fast!! Hope you find another studio soon! Curious-- have you been doing any shoulder pre-hab? Especially for things like lever holds, an evenly strong and open shoulder girdle is essential. I've messed up wrist and elbow tendons from gymnastics training, and it all leads back to things happening in my shoulders. Full range of motion and strength building is key- especially when you are working toward full leg extension. I hope this isn't still bothering you, but if it is, I have a proposition for you- I'm going to be at WDS and I'm obviously coming to Amy's bootcamp (I got so pumped when I found out you were going to be teaching some of it!!!) and I would be super happy to look at your form and see if there is anything I can do- I'm a certified adult gymnastics instructor and I teach a lot of shoulder/wrist pre-hab to athletes and yoga clients who come to me out of alignment. If it doesn't happen, no big deal, but pain is no good and I would rather you aren't feeling it!!! Also, I challenge you to a handstand-off. Wall holds and free-standing holds. I think I got ya on the wall, but free standing is part of my challenge this time around as well!!
  9. It IS that weekend!!! I'm wondering if I can secretly run away from the conference for like 4 hours and then come back and pretend like all of the mud on my clothes is a figment of everyone else's imagination. Also, y'all would probably crush me... the only one I've ever done is Warrior Dash, and I've never done it even close to sober. This will be me: BUT I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS because Team Nerd Fitness. Keep me posted.
  10. Awesome!!! I LOVE that book-- it's so key as part of me getting off my ass and just starting, not waiting for things to be perfect before I started working for myself. Can't wait to see what shows up from you!!
  11. Okay y'all, let's get this going!!!!!!!
  12. Day 18 Report It's amazing how much easier it is for me to eat well when I don't have a giant jar of peanut butter taunting me... post-cleanse I've realized that sad sad sadly peanut butter is a food that my body does not react well to. Which is probably a good thing, because it's an emotional comfort food for me, which means I can eat a crap-ton of it. Also haven't even really been thinking about food because I have been focused and working, which is great, though there is way too much social media happening. Next challenge might involve a social media fast! Like that's even a thing. RIDICULOUS. Anyway: Handstands: Got my kick ups in. Feeling so much more comfortable with them, and love that I know that I'm going to hover for a second pretty much every time. I actually dreamed I held a handstand for a minute last night. Looks like my subconscious is working with me... nailing it. Clean Eating: Again, 95%+ today. Still have dinner, but I already know what I'm going to eat so that's perfect. It's a quinoa salad, in case you were wondering. Walking: Still gotta do that today, but it's in the plan as soon as I post this message! Selling Stuff: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *** That's it so far! It's been a good week. Heading out of town for a couple of days with my family, who are flying in tonight to visit me. Also, happy Solstice everyone! Harness that fire energy and kick some ass!!
  13. Thought I'd chime in... this definitely happens to me. It's really weird. It happens more often when I'm not thinking about food, or if my digestion is off- like for a few weeks after I finished a cleanse I wasn't hungry at all and it freaked me out. Same if the amount of hours I train goes down- my body thinks I'm storing or something because I'm not burning 1000+ calories and am therefore not hungry. Having to remember to eat is so strange. *** By the way, I already told Tin Man this, but I'm coming to Boston mid-November and I expect bacon bourbon brownies, a ridiculous adventure or 5, and some major CrossFit schooling for this Druid chick. You all have been warned.
  14. Thank you!! Handstands, headstands... totally different, though similar in physical/energetic alignment. The majority of it is mental! I don't really know how to describe how I teach in like a traditional 'style' sort of way. Alignment-based flow yoga would probably be the closest. Sometimes there is a lot of movement, sometimes more holding, but I love creating sequences and challenging people in their minds as well as in their bodies, and to find a deeper connection to purpose, heart, and all that other ooey gooey awesome stuff. We also go upside down and balance on our hands a lot Regardless of what level you think you are at! Yeah! It was pretty rad. Sleeping hasn't exactly been happening, but I'm pretty okay with it. Long sunny days give me more energy! ME TOO. SO MUCH. It's become my replacement for caffeine. Not that I don't still drink coffee, because I definitely do. But Handstands and Wheels do a lot of the same thing!!
  15. lol reps for giggles. Sometimes in my strength and barre classes I tell people we are doing 3 minute planks just for funsies. They love it, I swear. You got the meditation this week!! haha me neither, it freaks me out. Yet, I'm a freaking yoga instructor who lives in Colorado, so obviously I have one. There are some gnarly crust punks who live down the street from us who use their bathtub to brew kombucha. Think about that for awhile.
  16. Hey litaita, how's everything going??
  17. Great updates, and I think it is so wonderful you are revising your goals to a place where you can be successful and not stressed about it! You are doing awesome!
  18. Hey! Just saw this new thread- great updates-- your smoothies and juices sound delicious. Bummer about being tired... hang in there!!
  19. Sending healthy, energizing thoughts your way! Great work with cooking and editing. You've got this!
  20. Hang in there! If you can, when you crave bread and carbs, try and eat some protein. I know easier said than done especially with a crazy schedule. Recognizing the effects bread has on your body is a big step though!
  21. Hey shadawyn! How's it going this week?
  22. Great update!! That's a great idea about how you are monitoring your weight- looking for trends instead of freaking out about minor fluctuations. You could get your kiddos to do yoga with you!! Just a thought!
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