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  1. Glass, Great job with your challenge! I could really stand to pickup a little more of your drive and work ethic!
  2. Wow, Shadow Lion, I can't believe all you've accomplished in the way of goals and getting a better understanding of how to get there. What a successful challenge!
  3. Alone From childhood's hour I have not been, as others were I have not seen, seen as others saw* I could not bring my passions from a common spring, from the** same source I have not taken my sorrow***; I could not awaken my heart to joy at**** the** same tone and all***** I loved, I loved alone. *sÉ” **ðʊ (when next word begins with consonant. ði is for when next word begins with a vowel) *** sÉ‘Ër oÊŠ; **** æt ***** É”Ël Cool poem.
  4. Hey all listening, I'm sorry I pretty much completely ghosted out for a while. I've been going through a bit of a rough patch, and I feel really bad that I haven't been on to support the people I'm following, or even update my own thread for people who are kindly supporting me. Here follows an emotional dump. Otherwise, I think my shoulder is improving. I have been using heat to try to loosen it up and have seen the physical therapist as well. I think it would really benefit me to get a massage as well, but I don't know if that is in the cards just yet. With being in and out of town and having my schedule switch around a lot lately, I haven't been able to get in all five workouts per week, and I'm starting to wonder if five days of workouts (not counting walking) is just a bit too much, especially going into fall with music things starting up again. I have generally gotten in the swimming and one day of weights, but the other stuff has been harder to fit in. I'm trying to go for a strong finish this week as the last week of the challenge. I have gotten in my ab routine, and I will either swim or do weights tonight, I haven't yet decided which. I need to put it in my calendar to make sure. I'm feeling a little embarrassed for my progress on the music room. I haven't done much but keep it straightened up since looking at the paint chip. I think what I should do is paint one wall. If I think it is a lot, I'll keep it as an accent wall and paint the other three a more muted tone. I don't know why I'm so scared to commit to it. It's just paint! I've had a few meetings with my nutritionist and have made some modifications to my diet, but I think there is room for more. I'm considering giving up dairy for a few weeks to see how I feel. I am wondering if, like gluten, it might be a problem for me. I'm going to try to catch up on the threads I've been following this week. I feel like such a slacker.
  5. Good on your mom for not only looking at taking care of the new kitties, but already planning on getting them all fixed! A lot of people don't remember that part.
  6. I was out of town for a while and I'm still working on catching up with people. A lot has happened for you lately. I'm glad most of it seems to have resolved more or less. What did you think of the Minions movie?
  7. Are you trying to learn it by ear? Or are you trying to learn how to transcribe? Are you transcribing to notes, or guitar tab?
  8. That seems like the logical thing to do. I just don't really like pastels that much. I need to take another trip to the paint store, I think. In other news, I think I figured out what is going on with my shoulder. I really don't like it. It looks like the problem is being caused by playing PS4 games that are heavy on R2-button use. My spouse and I went away for a few days to visit his family, and I didn't play at all for those days. When we got back, I noticed my shoulder was feeling pretty decent. I sat down to play Inquisition for 2 hours, and afterward the pain/discomfort/stiffness was horrible. There is something I am doing when playing that my body really doesn't like. I'm not sure what to do about that. At least, I think I need to keep to shorter sessions, if I'm able to play at all. I was JUST getting into it, too.
  9. So...amazing. How did you do that???? So the music room hasn't come along much yet. I was out of town for most of a week visiting my husband's family and only just returned. I'm having second thoughts about doing the WHOLE room in the color I picked, but I haven't the faintest what other color would work if I just did an accent wall. Maybe I should just go for broke and do the whole thing, and if I don't like it, change it next year. Darn you, Devil of Procrastination by Indecision, I will beat you yet! In other news, I need to transcribe into the machine some music a colleague and I have been working on. We are composing via improv, which means afterwards we need to go thru and pick out the good stuff to write down and repeat while leaving the rest behind. Some of our recordings sound pretty great. I hope I can get it down right.
  10. This afternoon I get to work with my new awesome violinist friend to work on composing some (more) songs! ....This time I will make sure the recording device is working properly... I need to be careful about gesturing with my arm while singing. I have noticed that the way I do this has been aggravating my shoulder, and of course that is the arm I use to gesture. It is so strange. It goes back and forth between feeling almost better and feeling kinda awful. I haven't figured out the patterns in between yet either.
  11. Good luck with the coding! I wish the best for you in the coming weeks and that you can leave this rather shady boss for a better opportunity.
  12. Dantilla

    I am Jaex: Avenger

    A good place to start (I think) is with music theory or composition exercise books (though obviously those two focus primarily on Western classical music). The one I'm using is "Composing Music" by William Russo. I used to have some textbooks on music theory but have lost those somewhere along the line. Another good thing to do is just play your instrument, without attempting to play a piece you know. Though analyzing pieces you like can obviously help. I was actually meaning posting musicky bits so the group can hear, but composition advice is always welcome as well. I have another session with my violinist today to work on some things we put together on our second session. I tried to record our second session so that we could write things down after, but apparently my recording device has a button that should never be pressed (by me), and we ended up recording a bunch of tracks of silence. I tried to write down what I remembered, and came up with one song through and some snippets of others, and then also in the last two days wrote down some snippets for us to play with today. I have also learned that I love writing melodic tritones.
  13. I love climbing. It's so great, you and the rocks. I'm glad you had such a great time at the festival. You do such awesome things, you are making me reconsider my life choices....
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