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  1. No, it's awesome! I think your suggestions will be super helpful Thanks so much for sharing your progression, I totally have the same thing where I want to see and feel progress, but need to be mindful of what I can actually handle:
  2. Hey friend! Just popping by to be SUPER EXTRA REDUNDANT (but I still mean it): Congrats with your great veggie eating and general awesomenesss making it into the NF blog!! I will be a non-anime lurker following along to cheer you on with this challenge Also, could I ask some advice about killer workouts? How do you balance working really hard but also not having to lay immobilized for 24hrs to recover? Please impart some of your epicness unto meee
  3. So glad you had such a kickass weekend and a great start to week1! I think it's cool that you recognized when your body needed a bit of a break.
  4. Day 3: Noodle arms!! Ow ow. But soreness = progress, right? So far I've done (arms/back): Monday: beginner bodyweight totals: - 18 full and 12 knee pushups - 30 dumbbell rows @ 15lbs each side Tuesday: pull up program totals: - 14, 5, 4 full pushups - 13 pull up negatives - 15s, 17s, 14s grip hangs - 10, 10 dumbbell rows @ 15 lbs each side Wednesday: Beginner bodyweight totals: - 18 full and 12 knee pushups (really tough) - 15 dumbbell rows @ 15lbs each side (also ouch) - 30 tricep dips added so as not to overdo the ouch And tomorrow the pull up program will be more arm/lats/back craziness. Is this too much?? I'm stretching a lot, and will see how this week goes with only Sunday as a rest day. Maybe I will have to modify my bodyweight workout for more legs and less arms, since my squats and lunges are getting a bit too easy (Howdidthishappen????) We shall see...
  5. Thanks!! Yeah, so far flossing is on track but have a few sore spots that bleed : / Guess it's a good sign I should be making it a habit! Thanks! Hope you're doing well Oh man, I'm with you on the no coverage! I can't wait to get a teaching job so I can stop putting off health care needs. And maybe magically also get coverage for physio, haha
  6. Hah!! Just googled hollow body hold since it sounded like some kind of pretzel move to me, and found this to share for kickass motivation: (Although I know now this isn't the regular kind xD)
  7. Following along for doodle and art magic! Hope you have a great challenge
  8. Hopping over here from the artsy thread Awesome challenge! My regular squats are getting too easy (past self says "WHAT?") so I may borrow some pistol squat inspiration from you, if you don't mind! Also, awesome job killing it with the drawing. It's totally the kind of thing that gets easier to do regularly if you're just having fun and not putting too much pressure on yourself. And then improved skills magically and sneakily start forming... Hope you enjoy the house hunting process, and good luck with your challenge!
  9. Here's some other things I've drawen recently that I'm not ashamed of Nice arts! I love the jellyfish, and also your signature quote. I actually really needed to read that / the linked article, so thank you! Also, is there a button for the spoiler, or do you just write in the [ ] text into the post like normal?
  10. Hurray for the arts and the art-making people!! Here's to a great new challenge, everyone
  11. New challenge here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/63158-cinderellis-vs-gravity-in-the-fight-for-chin-up-victory/
  12. Ok, for real this time, I really REALLY want to get going with my chin ups and pull ups!! We've had an ongoing battle over the last two challenges, and so far I've lost. It's been a wee bit discouraging. No more! Even though I will never have this level of fluffy-tailed greatness, this guy is still my role model Main Quest: Achieve chin up (and then maybe even pull up) glory Quest #1: Keep up with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x per week, gradually adding difficulty. Make sure to keep up the good stretching work! Reward: +4 STR +1 DEX Quest #2: Follow the Pre-Armstrong Pull up Program on non-BBWW days. Also, make a tracking chart.http://armstrongpullupprogram.com/the-pre-armstrong-workout-for-pull-up-beginners/ Reward: +5 STR Quest #3: Don't help the gravity nemesis. Eat well! Eat only 7 servings of grains or sugary treats per week. Also, REMINDER: two bowls of cheesy popcorn does not equal one serving. No cheating. Reward: +3 CON Quest #4: Floss floss floss! Cause who needs plaque weighing them down? I have never ever been able to do this consistently, and I really want to start. I think I will have more success in the mornings, since at night I tend to forget / be too tired to feel like bleeding. Floss 6x per week. Reward: +1 CON +1 CHA(Shiny teeth and nice gums mean charisma power, right??) I'm also going to make a better effort to keep posting on here, even if things aren't going super well. But of course I hope it does go well Grading:A= 85 -100% completed = Full points B= 70 - 85% completed = 0.75 points C= 55 - 70% completed = 0.5 points D= 40 - 55% completed = 0.25 points F= Aint gonna happen!!
  13. Love this guy!!! (He will solve all your car problems, right? Looks pretty capable to me...) Sub-ed
  14. Nice work!! It is nice to see those damned scale numbers going down, even if it's not your main focus. I bet your kickass whole30 work (shhh Easter doesn't count) made a big difference Also money wise, big big congrats on getting to a more stable place! I'm so excited to get there, even though it's a long way off for me. Try not to feel too bad about it... money causes so many crazy stresses and guilts as it is. You've clearly worked hard to be where you are See you in the new challenge!
  15. Whoa, amazing samurai!!! Makes me want to bust out my ink stick and rice paper (in a noob-type fashion, anyways ) Thanks for the kind words Looking forward to the next challenge!
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