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  1. If money is that tight, do you really need the gym membership? I have never used a gym. I have a set of dumbbells and an elliptical I bought used. I only spent about $150 for all of it so far. It is really easy to find the $30 or so I need when it is time to level up the weights. I run outside when the weather aligns and the hobbits are with their fathers.
  2. ...or more fear of falling. I started doing OCRs this year. I have completed the Warrior Dash and Conquer the Gauntlet. I have discovered through this that I actually have a fear of heights and falling from them. I seem to do fine going up and coming down, but the transition at the top seems to get me. I lock up and have trouble moving. I was able to work through it during Warrior Dash, and only got hung up on one obstacle but I did make it through. Conquer the Gauntlet was a bit tougher, and I had to find creative ways through some obstacles when I locked up during transition. I find myself doing the same thing when I play at the park with my kids. Is there anything I can do to help with transitions? Should I just keep working at them until I feel more confident?
  3. Despite getting derailed for two weeks due to sick hobbits, I ended pretty strongly. I think my new routine is working well. It was too easy to make excuses to wake early so I started exercising after getting the kids in bed. It also encourages me to get my evenings chores done and it feels like everything is running smoother. I may not have always done what I intended, but I have at least kept moving and done something. I am really starting to notice increases in my endurance and strength. I am getting much better at not mindlessly logging into facebook. Not where I want to be but much better. I only got about a quarter of the way through my book. I wound up reading another fiction book and that took time away from my goal book. At least I'm reading.
  4. If you get morning sickness (or all day sickness as I had), frequent snacking can keep the nausea at bay. I grazed all day when pregnant with my girls.
  5. The Mass, It's rituals, roots and relevance in our lives by Joan Carter McHugh. It's a fairly good book. In depth without being tedious. Ive read about 20% because I got side tracked and read a fiction book my oldest has been asking me to read. I've gotten. Rather side tracked this whole challenge. I did great the first week. The next two weeks I had sick kids so was needing to sleep in a bit. I switched to doing workouts at night after the kids go to bed so I wouldn't have exhaustion as an excuse. I still struggled to get anything resembling a workout done. This week is almost a mini challenge to get my new routine set. I have also been dealing with a lot if emotional clutter. I have been having a difficult time forgiving my babies dad and was still very angry about the divorce. I was finally able to let go of the anger, but the next step in the grief cycle was depression. Thankfully I am getting past that fairly quickly and just feel sort of meh. It was funny that I knew I was moving past anger when my dreams changed. Usually if I dreamed of him it was just me screaming about what a horrible person he was and all the terrible things he did while he laughed. This time it was just me calmly telling him what I had wanted out of a relationship and how I was disappointed in him and the relationship. I woke up so emotionally drained but it really signaled a turning point. Right now I am doing fine. I just finished my first run on the roads. My hip feels great but I am exhausted! It's too bad my oldest hobbit isn't here. I had her walk on my back last week and I think she managed to finally get my hip back into place. Now instead of waiting for the chiropractor I just have her walk on my back and it pops back into place. I still go to the chiropractor but it's nice to know I have another option. Now I am sitting on my front porch about to read my book.
  6. Check out the Warrior Dash. It is meant to be one that anyone can complete. I'm starting there because the others intimidate me still. I'm not ready for American Ninja Warrior style obstacles yet!
  7. I think this week went well. I got up at 5 three days to get in workouts early. I skipped one day due to exhaustion and missed a running day. I really like using zombie run 5k trainer. It gives me something to look forward to instead of dreading cardio day. I am still just using the elliptical. My hip set hard last time I was at the chiropractor and I need to give it time to set and heal before heading outside. I have been pretty good with cutting down on facebook. I did log in twice a day a few times, but the second time was because I legitimately needed to look up something and needed facebook to find the info. I got what I needed and logged off. Progress is being made. I am hoping to get to the point that I don't feel the need to log in daily. I haven't even started reading. I think that will be my goal for today.
  8. I love reading your posts for this challenge. You are on an amazing journey right now. Becoming a mother isn't necessarily a single moment in time. You gestated for nine months, and it has only been four months since you met your child. You are still becoming a mother you can recognize with confidence. It took me years to feel sure about being a mother. The transition is rough! Hang in there! If it helps, find a community of others going through the same journey. Find a mother's group or baby story time at a library. It my be your time to learn from others so you can teach other in time.
  9. I did this last challenge. I had everything set up, fully intended to follow through, then just stopped the second week. It was frustrating but I pulled through. You can do it!
  10. So I realized that Warrior Dash is 2 months away. I need to get serious about training! I started using Zombies Run 5k trainer last week so I will be good if I stick with that. The older 3 hobbits start school next week so we get to get back into a routine. I'm so mentally exhausted right now that I can't really think of much to say. Overall life is great, even if it is crazy busy. Goals: Body: 3x cardio/3x weight lifting per week with 80% completion. I also am going to start loging to keep track instead of trying to keep it all in my head. Mind: I am trying to cut down my screen time to be more present in what I am doing. My goal is to log onto facebook no more than once per day. It became a mindless habit and I caught myself logging on just to see and it was taking way to much of my time. Spirit: Read 1 spiritual book in its entirety. This will be easy to track and I have a stack of books I have been meaning to read.
  11. I went back to check my research and found the same information as you. It shows that it can lead to decreased inflammation if the fats are removed and only in the absence of allergies or intolerance. Thank you for pointing this out. I have a personal aversion to dairy and have notice a huge improvement since cutting it out, but I also suspect I have an intolerance to dairy.
  12. I was remembering that I was advised to cut out dairy years ago when my blood work started getting messed up, but mine was due to high triglycerides not blood pressure. These are separate issues.
  13. Welcome! I am doing my first obstacle course race in October and I am very excited! My best advice is to start slow and work your way up. Martial arts should help with flexibility. A couch to 5k program may help with building running endurance.
  14. If your doctor gave you the all clear then it is safe to do an exercises. My diastatus us very noticeable. (still there since I still struggle to do anything consistantly) there is a sudden pooch where the abs are separated. If you want a second opinion check with a physical therapist with experience in diastasis issues. Start easy and avoid crunches, planks and twists if you are still concerned.
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