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  1. Must... resist... chocolate and peanut butter everything. Soooooooo delicious.... so hard to resist.... so hard to eat in moderation..... 

  2. Whoa. I haven't had coffee in a few weeks (or caffeine in general), and then decided to get some this morning. Coffee house brew bar. And on a whim, I had them put a shot of espresso in also. HELLO, CAFFEINE SHAKES!!!! Weeee!

    1. TMedina


      :D  I love those "I can hear the sound of colors!" moments.

  3. Prepping to get back on the wagon! One week's worth of breakfasts and lunches all made up! Of course, doing it the first time is the easy part, doing it every week is the hard part.

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      You can do it! I'm trying to get back on the wagon myself. I believe in you!

  4. I don't understand how people aren't as excited as I am that SpaceX nailed their rocket booster landing today! It's so awesome, I'm totally nerding out over here!

  5. First day with a new med. Fingers AND toes crossed that it helps!

  6. I HEAR YOU LIKE TO CUDDLE HERE! Tristan and Holly were adorable cuddling this morning <3
  7. I left a note in the other doodlies thread, but I'm ghosting this month to try and get my shit back together. I'll be sure to pop in with gifness on occasion though! Kick some ass!
  8. Sometimes, a mocha makes the morning so much more bearable <3

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Mochas are one of my weaknesses :) So delish!!

    2. Maeghaan


      I'm currently sad cause my coffee shop discountinued peanut butter mochas :( It's probably for the best, though.... 

    3. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Those sound good o.0 I like white chocolate mochas

  9. Hey, I'm gonna ghost this month (kind of like I ghosted the last half of March... :/), but I'll be sure to check in on occasion for cuddlerific gifs!
  10. Fell off the wagon hard. /sigh. I suspect perhaps I may be dealing with PMDD? I don't know. I didn't really notice until we went to 4 week challenges that it really seems tied to my cycle (my excuse for not noticing is that I have a hormonal IUD that makes my period super light, so it's barely of note most of the time). I'm going to ghost this next month - I'm going to try a bit of daily journaling to track my moods a bit more, see if I can id a pattern. I've been in the habit of taking a nap when I get home from work lately - I'm going to try and break that pattern to see if the sleep is something I NEED or just something I really really WANT. If it's something I just want, I probably need to speak with my doctor about doing something new with my depression meds. I'm also going to slowly try and get back on the diet wagon. That's really all for now. I want to get set back into my healthy habits as a routine before I try adding to it all again. I'll try to check in with all y'all though, until I get back full time! Thanks so much for following, it means the world to me! It's nice to get replies back when venting into the void <3
  11. Time to slowly haul myself back on to the ol' wagon again...

    1. Aerisand


      As long as it's the right wagon for you !

  12. Hey! Sorry I pulled a disappearing act this time around. Except on Line. Love phone chat Anyway, I'm going to take a month off to ghost. I feel off the wagon hard mid March, and am going to take April to slowly get myself back on. Also, things will be either super busy or super boring depending on the weather for the next month or two. But! I'll still check in on occasion to root you all on! <3
  13. Having a rough go of it mentally again. Time to bring it up with my doctor :/ Seems to be really tied to my cycle lately. My only resolution for the rest of this week is to try and be nice to myself, I don't have the willpower or energy for much else.

    1. Lokesbrah


      I am sorry for you. If you need anything let us know. The HQ is for us to help one another. Take it easy and remember "You are never alone, for there's always a Rebellion going on"

    2. SnowOwl
  14. I feel like every time I get going well, and start talking about how excited I am to be doing well, I self sabotage and crater hard :(

    1. SnowOwl


      But you are still here and still going!

    2. EllieTheMage


      I'm a bugger for doing the same thing. Just pick yourself up and know that having fallen down doesn't discredit all the good work you did prior! :)

    3. TMedina


      It's not a fail until you stop trying. And even then, you're just re-grouping!

  15. Dude, I am soooooooo annoyed with keto right now, lol. I've been on for most of the new year now, but I haven't lost. One. Freaking. Pound. after losing 35 last year. I even just posted in one of the reddit keto threads for help, which is huge for me cause reddit scares me. All I want to do now since it hasn't been working is eat all of the Easter candy.
  16. Good luck with that! I always like remodeling projects in theory, and I like the end result, but the process usually involves the BF and myself arguing and sniping at each other about how things should be done, heh. I do think I'm going to later this year slowly redecorate/surface remodel my bathroom, though. The peely wallpaper is getting on my nerves and it's boring.
  18. The base is a recipe I found in an Amazon review, oddly enough. 1 cup of Mango Butter, 1/2 cup Shea Butter, and 1/4 cup Coconut Oil with like, 10 drops fragrance. I got the mango butter and shea butter both off of amazon in bulk.
  19. Thanks! I had been keeping them just on a clothes hanger that hung off a lamp, but it looked kind of tacky and it was super weighed down, heh. I don't think I fully appreciated how many I have now until I got them all hung up on the candle holders. I may have a problem... One way or another, I will get rid of it! THE. WORST. It's unfortunately low priority right now, though. I really need to replace some fabric in the rest of the yard and put down fresh mulch before I start tackling another project that big.
  20. Pampering day goals - Finally make my homemade body butter (with shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and sweet pea fragrance). Take hot bath complete with bath scotch. Take bath by candle light. Listen to relaxing music during. Exfoliate. Apply body butter. Keep smelling my own skin because I love sweet pea fragrance. Go to bed early and sleep in cause today = my Friday this week :D
  21. Aerial silks are so awesome! I discovered a place nearby has some classes for them! I'll have to see if sometime I can fit that in.
  22. I'm going to try and convince my benefits office to let me use my Flex dollars on one of these: We shall see. I'm technically just over the edge of overweight into obese right now, so I asked my doctor to write a letter for me saying they want me to get one, I'll see if it works, heh.
  23. Kettlebells look fun, I might have to try and work some of that into one of my challenges someday! Concerning your back and other pains, have you considered trying to work in deadlifts? They're great for getting all sorts of your body into shape, and they really help your core and back. I know some types of back pain are really helped by improving core and back muscle strength. Also, I think they're fun I'm just starting with them, so I don't do a ton of weight yet.
  24. Oh, man, plantar's. I've had my run ins with that (even had to call into work once because my feet hurt so badly I could barely walk). It helped me immensely to make a point of doing some basic foot stretches many times while I was sitting at my desk throughout the day (Such as raising my feet onto my toes while sitting down, rocking your feet side to side on your toes to stretch out your arch nicely), and whenever I got up to go to the bathroom or something giving myself an extra arch/calf stretch against a wall (the image below, hold for at least 30 secs, slowly leaning into wall to get into the stretch more). Lots of people have success with using a ball or roller against their arch, but I never was helped that much. But make sure whatever you do you keep doing it to try and ward it off.
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