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  1. Must... resist... chocolate and peanut butter everything. Soooooooo delicious.... so hard to resist.... so hard to eat in moderation..... 

  2. Whoa. I haven't had coffee in a few weeks (or caffeine in general), and then decided to get some this morning. Coffee house brew bar. And on a whim, I had them put a shot of espresso in also. HELLO, CAFFEINE SHAKES!!!! Weeee!

    1. TMedina


      :D  I love those "I can hear the sound of colors!" moments.

  3. Prepping to get back on the wagon! One week's worth of breakfasts and lunches all made up! Of course, doing it the first time is the easy part, doing it every week is the hard part.

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      You can do it! I'm trying to get back on the wagon myself. I believe in you!

  4. I don't understand how people aren't as excited as I am that SpaceX nailed their rocket booster landing today! It's so awesome, I'm totally nerding out over here!

  5. First day with a new med. Fingers AND toes crossed that it helps!

  6. Sometimes, a mocha makes the morning so much more bearable <3

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Mochas are one of my weaknesses :) So delish!!

    2. Maeghaan


      I'm currently sad cause my coffee shop discountinued peanut butter mochas :( It's probably for the best, though.... 

    3. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Those sound good o.0 I like white chocolate mochas

  7. Time to slowly haul myself back on to the ol' wagon again...

    1. Aerisand


      As long as it's the right wagon for you !

  8. Having a rough go of it mentally again. Time to bring it up with my doctor :/ Seems to be really tied to my cycle lately. My only resolution for the rest of this week is to try and be nice to myself, I don't have the willpower or energy for much else.

    1. Lokesbrah


      I am sorry for you. If you need anything let us know. The HQ is for us to help one another. Take it easy and remember "You are never alone, for there's always a Rebellion going on"

    2. SnowOwl
  9. I feel like every time I get going well, and start talking about how excited I am to be doing well, I self sabotage and crater hard :(

    1. SnowOwl


      But you are still here and still going!

    2. EllieTheMage


      I'm a bugger for doing the same thing. Just pick yourself up and know that having fallen down doesn't discredit all the good work you did prior! :)

    3. TMedina


      It's not a fail until you stop trying. And even then, you're just re-grouping!

  10. Mmmmm, super strong drip bar coffee with an extra shot of espresso in it. Great way to start a Friday!

    1. Purple_Panda


      Power-overwhelming? :D

    2. Maeghaan


      Damn right! ***twitches***

    3. Purple_Panda


      ^ Made me snort-laugh for some reason. LoL!

  11. Holy hell, I am mad breaking out right now. What the hell.

    1. Toshimi


      I've found that putting cider vinegar on a cotton ball and letting it sit on the breakouts for a few mins can help a lot.

  12. Noooooo, today is dips day on my workout schedu;e

    1. Daflyboy84


      Best of luck on your dips. Remember, 80 percent of success is attempt!!

  13. Ahhhh, wrapping up a double workout with a nice steak. Mmmmm...

  14. Does anyone here pay for Premium MyFitnessPal? Do you think it's worth it? Are there any alternatives that will give you the stuff Premium MFP does?

    1. thekatisalie


      I do... I don't really think it's worth it. I got it just to be able to set my macros by grams. Now that I know what that equates to in calories, I won't be renewing.

  15. Got my blood drawn for lots of tests today. I'm torn between hoping nothings wrong, and hoping they find something to explain the exhaustion and forgetfulness :/

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      I understand that. I got diagnosed asthmatic at the doctor's office on Wednesday and at first I was bothered. But most things can be treated and figuring out the problem makes things much easier!

    2. fitnessgurl


      Low blood sugar, maybe? That's how I get if mine's low.

    3. sailsgoboom


      I've been there, but with different symptoms. :-( I hope it's something with an easy remedy!

  16. I"ve never been able to get mug cakes to work, and it makes me sad :(

    1. fitnessgurl
    2. Maeghaan


      They're either severely overcooked, or too eggy in texture. Reducing the power on my microwave doesn't seem to help much either.

  17. I think I killed my tris doing dips yesterday, just keeping my body still during knee raises made them hurt again :(

    1. Merrin


      Feel the burn, LOVE THA BURRRN. But do take care of yourself, don't push too hard!

    2. Maeghaan


      Heh, I'll be ok. My quads hurt more than my tris today, so my tris feel better! :P

  18. I try to stay away from all pop, and am usually successful, but geez, Coke Zero, you are my savior today

    1. Maggie-Miau


      Every now and then doesn't hurt :)

  19. OW. Too many lunges. Knees and quads hurt ><

    1. TMedina


      Butt in a good way! :D (don't forget to stretch, when you can)

  20. New Feb challenge is up, woooo!

  21. I want to start planning Feb's challenge! :D :D :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Atrytone


      Go ahead! I drew up a rough plan of mine back in Week 2! :D

    3. Ballad
    4. Maeghaan


      But I actually have to do work this afternoon :*(

  22. Sweet potato fries are delcious. It's a good thing I have a very strict limit on how many I can eat right now (cause carbs), because I'd eat them for every meal otherwise.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deidara


      sweet potato fries are dangerous... once you start you can't stop

    3. Lara


      I did find them too sweet at first, but now I'm addicted and like them more than regular fries

    4. Akura


      I just had some for the first time. Incredibly tasty!

  23. Mmmm, fried cauliflower...

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