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  1. Didn't get much for gardening done this weekend. Mostly just sorted through my seeds to pick out the rest of the veggies I want to start inside, and a bunch of flowers to start. But I did do some adulting! Did the dishes I had been ignoring for too long, vacuumed (twice, actually), broke down and took outside the plethora of amazon boxes that had accumulated inside. And I did two fun things! I hung some art up that I had bought like, 5 months ago: And hung up some candle holders I got from a consignment store, repurposed into a necklace rack:
  2. I used to kind of like river rock, but it's mostly the placement I loathe here. The dogs have to run through like, a 30 foot swathe of it to get to the back yard and kick up the rocks everywhere. Also, a good chunk of it apparently didn't get fabric put under it, so weeds still grow in it and it's super annoying to weed the rocks out. I'm discovering that it's really difficult to get rid of if you decide you don't want it.
  3. I am soooo antsy for it to get nice outside. I'm dying to get started gardening. I need to rearrange some stuff, and split a ton of hostas and sedums and move a ton of Lily of the Valley, and cut down a couple trees (that fell over and we've delayed cutting because they were still alive >.>), and to get tons of mulch freshened up, and I need to put in garden bed borders, and I'm totally going to expand the area for some the veggie garden (by some I mean I'm prolly gonna close to double it... :D ). And so much more. AND GET RID OF THE STUPID RIVER ROCK. Hate that stuff... I need to go buy a couple more seedling trays so I can start some more stuff also, tonight.
  4. Mmmmm, super strong drip bar coffee with an extra shot of espresso in it. Great way to start a Friday!

    1. Purple_Panda


      Power-overwhelming? :D

    2. Maeghaan


      Damn right! ***twitches***

    3. Purple_Panda


      ^ Made me snort-laugh for some reason. LoL!

  5. Holy hell, I am mad breaking out right now. What the hell.

    1. Toshimi


      I've found that putting cider vinegar on a cotton ball and letting it sit on the breakouts for a few mins can help a lot.

  6. So the weather last weekend was AWESOME. I decided to open the windows and air out the house, since there was a nice breeze going also. I really should have vacuumed first.........
  7. Noooooo, today is dips day on my workout schedu;e

    1. Daflyboy84


      Best of luck on your dips. Remember, 80 percent of success is attempt!!

  8. I live with my long term boyfriend, so having a couple people avaliable helps a ton. He leaves the house in the morning a couple hours after I do, so the dogs are only alone around 7-8 hours on a given day. Lots of different things to chew on to help keep them entertained. That's also part of the reason we have two, so they can help entertain each other when we aren't around. Different dog breeds matter quite a bit, also. Some breeds just need a lot more attention or stimulation to keep them happy and out of trouble. Labs are pretty easy going all around, my german shepherd requires a bit more attention though. I think a lot of people that get dogs and have problems with them mainly have issues because they didn't do much research on different breeds and ended up with one that just needs a lot of attention exercise and stimulation. I'm pretty content with our situation now, the two cats and two dogs both get along very well overall and play with each other and seem to keep each other out of trouble pretty well. We also have a largish house for just two people, and were very picky to get a house with a large yard so they could play outside lots.
  9. Pictures! Do I have pictures! (this is my mom in this photo, not me)
  10. Oh, that's awful You're such an awesome friend though, for doing that!
  11. Seedling pictures! This is the Rainbow chard and Amaranth: And here's the tomatoes (with some peppers further back): I started some Hellebore seed I had last night. It's kind of old, so they'll take a good long while to germinate, I'm sure. But, Hellebores are so pretty, and so expensive, I had to try growing them from seed.
  12. I've finally settled into a weekly rotation of meals. It takes forever to find a good combo, but it's so convenient once you do. Makes grocery shopping super easy. If I want to try a new recipe, I sub it for one of the weekend meals since I usually have extra time on weekends.
  13. Ahhhh, wrapping up a double workout with a nice steak. Mmmmm...

  14. You make me want to pick up my trumpet again. Haven't played much in years now, but it was so fun!
  15. Oh, man, I dearly wish I had easy access to a pool for swimming. Keep it up!
  16. ohhhh, sleep is so hard. I like sleeping, but I also like finding random funny gifs on the internet..... Hehehe... I compromised with sleep on my weekends. I get up an hour or two after I usually get up, and do some stuff on my computer, or run some errands or read a book for a bit, and then if I'm still tired I can take a nap. Cause naps are awesome.
  17. /contented sigh This continues to be the best gif ever.
  18. Ohhhh, I'm gonna have to check out chore wars more! Looks intriguing! SnowOwl, a bunch of my seedlings have popped up already! Some of them had sprouted within 5 days. A heating meat really does make a ridiculous difference. I'll have to post a picture later, they make me happy
  19. It is a well known fact that I would not function without cheese, so I feel ya
  20. Yeah, I haven't done much of the seasons yet, but I anticipate being a sad panda once I run out of content
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