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  1. Workout for Monday 6/15: Squats - 5*5 w/ 40 lbs Push Presses - 5*5 w/ 35 lbs Power Cleans - 2*5 w/ 35 lbs
  2. Workout for Saturday 6/13: Squats - 5*5 w/ 40 lbs Bench Presses - 5*5 w/ 40 lbs Deadlift - 1*5 w/ 87 lbs (87 because some of my weights are the metric ones, yay craigslist)
  3. I have never heard of quark... I just googled it, and it sounds interesting. I should mention that I do sometimes eat Greek yogurt as I have a good dairy tolerance. I will see if I can find some quark.
  4. Here's what's going on so far: Workout on Tuesday 6/9: Squats - 5 sets of 5 reps (5*5 shorthand) w/ 30 lbs Bench Press - 5*5 w/ 40 lbs Deadlift - 1*5 w/ 80 lbs Chin ups - 3*7 - assisted Workout on Thursday 6/11: Squats - 5*5 w/ 30 lbs Overhead Press - 5*5 w/ 30 lbs Deadlift - 1*5 w/ 85 lbs As for protein, I already eat eggs and/or meat at every meal (with veggies! wooo veggies). I am having a whey protein and kale smoothie on workout days now, too. On a side note, I rode my bike over to get a hair cut today. Yay lighter, thinned out summer cut!!
  5. This time around I actually have some real numbers I'm going to be using for my challenge. I've been doing some lifting over the last few weeks even though I skipped the last challenge. Main Goal: Increase 30 lbs in each lift over the next 6 weeks (5 lbs per week) Current lifting weights are: Deadlifts - 80 lbs (Goal - 110 lbs)Overhead/Push Presses - 30 lbs (Goal - 60 lbs)Bench Presses - 40 lbs (Goal - 70 lbs)Squats - 30 lbs (Goal - 60 lbs) Quest 1: Lift 3 days per week, increasing the weight 5 lbs per week Ques
  6. Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. Weeks 3 and 4 were both great on my body weight workout. I replaced some if my off day yoga with gardening and woodworking, such a nice time of year to be outside! For my out door activity I did several rounds of disc golf, and helped some friends move. Going on a hike up Lone Mountain (inside Las Vegas) this evening.
  7. Week 2 workouts are treating me well. For my hike this week I did an 8 mile loop at Red Rock. It was gorgeous!
  8. Week 1 went fairly well. I did a 2.5 mile "bouldering" hike at Red Rock. Got my 3 body-weight workouts in. I didn't actually get my yoga done though, because I spent all of Tuesday scrubbing my pool with a 4 inch brush, which was in itself quite a workout and I was very sore.
  9. This is my second 6 week challenge. I skipped the January one. During the last one I met the primary goal... to fit into my old jeans. However, I fell short of some of my secondary goals for improving strength. So, for this challenge I want to gain more Strength as well as Flexibility (Dexterity). My mini goals to help achieve this: 1) Complete a Nerd Fitness Body Weight Workout 3 times per week Str: 5, Con: 3 2) Do a Beginner Yoga routine 2 times per week Dex: 4, Con: 2 3) Hike or other outdoor activity once per week Con: 1, Stam 2, Dex: 1 My side life quest continu
  10. Finally getting around to updating this (silly holidays)! So, I can now do a 20 second plank. Not quite my goal, but twice as good as before. I can't do a full push-up yet, but can do thrice as many knee-push-ups as when I started. Best of all though: My jeans fit!
  11. 12/11/14 Walk 1 mile 12/12/14 Walk 1 mile 12/13/14 Walk ~1 mile playing frisbee golf 12/14/14 Walk ~1 mile downtown 12/17/14 Walk 1 mile 12/18/14 Walk 1.5 miles
  12. 12/8/14 3 sets of: 18 squats 10 second plank 3 knee push ups 10 (8lb each hand) "free wight bench presses" 10 lower ab leg lifts 2 sets of: 10 (8lb) triceps 10 (8lb) biceps 20 (2lb) deltoids Walk 1 mile with dog and baby
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