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  1. Hello fellow Havik! I felt the same way about facebook, I wasn't sure if it would help and yes, I also felt it was overwhelming. I also missed the forums. Your goals are good! Don't forget to check in!
  2. Gonna try to make a comeback. :)

  3. I am back and I have to warn you, I am about to whine. Because I have to get this out of my head, get it out to community, and get this in MY PLAIN SITE or else I won't try to get back up. After a year and a half of signing up here at NF, I am now the heaviest I have been in over 6 years Not the heaviest I have ever been ...but I am quickly getting there. I hate physical activity so much lol. And love to eat so I can't find a harmonious balance. Plus I am spending what little free time I have trying to improve my art skills (when I am not being interrupted by puppies, children, an
  4. Been a few weeks and things really got out of whack. But I have been trying to maintain a healthy (or healthy-ish) breakfast. Come to find out that I wasn't fighting bronchitis. I was having an adverse reaction to a new medication I was on. It was pretty much causing me to be in respiratory distress. :S So after that, I decided to just take things very slow. No walking at all. I am pretty much recovered now. Hardly coughing at all. Not having accountability here has caused me to just eat whatever I want. I got very depressed when they took my weight at the doctor's office. I haven't been t
  5. Been off track these past couple of days. Now my kiddo is sick. Gonna try to get back on track as soon as I can. Hopefully I won't put it off for too long. Haven't been tracking and this morning I skipped my walk. When I eat, I have been sitting down and focusing on eating. Not doing anything else to distract me. So far, it's helping.
  6. Yes, I have been fighting bronchitis all month. Had to go back to the Dr last Thursday for stronger meds because I just wasn't getting better. And my body was definitely telling me to SLEEP. It kinda has been a stressful month, so it might be a combination of several things.
  7. Saturday - 2,177 Consumed Sunday - no tracking Been exhausted lately. I'm not one to take naps, but I took 2 this weekend. Long ones! And today I am about to pass out. Got 7.5 hrs sleep last night, plenty the other nights. My husband thinks it's my medications, but not cause drowsiness except for one and I haven't taken it in days. Caffeine levels have been the same for over a week now (2 cups, half decaf). Been a busy week, but no more than usual. Idk what it is but it sucks not having energy. It's so strange, I was bouncy and energetic on Friday. Then towards the evening...BAM, it hit me
  8. Busy morning so far and almost kinda sorta made a mistake....but caught myself and did something I never did before! I stopped to get my kiddo a quick breakfast and ordered something small (so I thought) for myself as well. When I realized how many calories were actually in those fried little potates, I threw half away! I didn't even care that I paid money for them, which is usually my excuse for polishing things off. I feel like they didn't have any power over me /toss
  9. Thursday 2,308 Calories Consumed Had a severely dry throat so I made a home concoction to help. That kinda set my calories way over lol. The bronchitis will not leave my body! Had to visit the Dr again and got stronger meds. Feeling much better now. Today 1,791 Calories Consumed Morning walks have been fun and getting easier and easier doing it first thing in the morning. Never thought I would!And I realized today that I have defeated the vending machine demon. Again. I don't even hear it's once alluring call! I've been reading this book referred to me by a fellow NF friend called Int
  10. Yesterday's Calories 1,567 Consumed Whaaat!? SHUT UP! Haha! Go me! I've noticed that since I switched to eggs in the morning instead of my usual greek yogurt, I am more satiated and haven't had any cravings for unhealthy sausage and biscuits. Also been looking into foods that keep you fuller longer. And (this is something I am proud of too) aside from the pizza at the hockey arena, I haven't stopped for fast food in a long while! Been eating what I have at home. Still no sodas, either! Sticking to the reg/decaf mix in the mornings. I didn't even finish my second cup thi
  11. I also wanted to share this because, like the shooting star, it made me grin like a fool during my new morning "adventures." Been awhile since I've seen Scorpio (or that is what I was taught to call it growing up). Long time, no see old friend! When my family went camping when I was a kid, my dad would take a flashlight and show me all the constellations he learned as a kid himself. I love the stars and always wanted to discover as many constellations as I could. Sadly, I never went too in depth with it, but I am still fascinated by them. maybe I should start searching for more co
  12. Yesterday's Calories 1,889 Consumed Under 2000 again. Which at this point I believe I will set a limit at 2k per day. I really had to convince myself to not think, "Oh, I'm not over 2000, I can eat more!" And then busted. No, that is going to have to slow down. Water 6 glasses - Haven't been tracking too much because aside from my coffee, water is all I am drinking. I have only had one small had diet/half regular soda since I began tracking my water, which has been a few weeks now. Walk this morning - Doubled it to 10 minutes. With both dogs, which is a challenge in itself, lol. Too
  13. Yeah, that is what I am telling myself right now. If there is anything I can allow to slide for the time being is caffeine. I have already started to lessen my heavy cream and work my way to black coffee. That alone can save me 100 cals. You have Taco Tuesdays, too!? We usually do, but sometimes we make them other nights instead. *Then we make Lego Movie references* I love to steam my bell peppers first. Usually in the microwave for a few minutes. If I have time, I will bake them in the oven with cheese for a bit. But yes! VERY thrilled with them!
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