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  1. lucky fire dragon

    lucky fire dragon breaks free and remembers to feel awesome

    Here you can see the happy dip after the 36h fast
  2. lucky fire dragon

    lucky fire dragon breaks free and remembers to feel awesome

    Short updates so far: Monday: - meditation went well - fasting was more than planned and as it feels good, I call it a happy accident - suck it up action was looking into the logistics for my upcoming silent retreat end of April and it triggered quite a load of stress as I am lacking participants, but the venue is counting on me coming. If I have to cancel it, I should do so soon, while cancellation fee is still manageable, but it would be very sad for me to cancel and I should probably just get more advertising out. In case you haven't noticed yet, I am not very good at selling my expertise, so I hate that part and do too little on it. I keep hoping that word of mouth will do it for me, but it doesn't. People who attended so far always loved it and often tell me months later how they are still benefiting from it, so I don't understand why they don't send their friends, but then again there are so many offers of events out there, people probably don't even have time. idk Decided uncountable times that day, to not let myself wallow in it but face it and rise to the challenge, and by seeing how hard that is I can seel how needed it is and how much I have to grow in this regard still. I chatted to a friend who is a good business person and knows me well enough and asked for his advice. He recommended I record a video message and sent it out to my list, with a special offer for those who sign up within the next 10 days and juice it up by listing all the benefits people get out of it. I thought, great I'll do that, only to come down with a proper cold and my voice is, well, not the sexiest at the moment sooooooo maybe no video message right now Not sure if I somehow created that to get around the video message as I have very mixed feelings around it. Gaaaah, why is marketing so hard?! - fun thing was shifting the mattress finally onto the floor as mentioned before and so far we both really like it. Youngest now thinks, she has such a weird family she is the only one sleeping in a bed now (her brother prefers the mattress on the floor as well) and says it's so awkward because she knows no one else who sleeps on the floor. Teenage problems for real, poor her no training yet as I went instead to get some errands done and buy a new vacuum cleaner to replace the broken one among other things ------------------ Tuesday: - meditation was tricky as my mind was all over the place about the retreat planning - fasting came easy due to the cold - suck it up action was doing some calls and emails that had been waiting, plus getting my planned work done despite feeling quite under the weather. It's mostly throat and chest that are infected, with some dull feeling in the head as well and overall fatigue, but as the day went on, I ended up doing everything I had planned, except my workout. So yay on that I did not have the energy to come up with a juice newsletter about the retreat just yet, meh - fun thing was tackling some embroidery. I had started on a dragon shape long ago and picked it up only to decide I had made the crosses to far across (it was going to end up huge!) and that it will look much better more condensed, so I spent the whole evening undoing it but hey, I had needle and thread in my hands! Now I only need to decide if I still want to that same dragon or rather something else and then what to do with the cloth afterwards (meaning practical use) and am running a slight risk of decision paralysis still no training ----------------- Wednesday (today, so just started) New day new dawn Meditation was very distracted, only the group meditation had me focus properly. But a win was that at 4am I thought surely this cold gives me an excuse to lie in and do it later... instead I asked myself if that was the inertia loving body-mind talking here or conscious, free-will mind. The answer was pretty clear, so I decided I got this and I won't let the lazy habits of my body run my life and that I'd probably get more rejuvenation out of my meditation than out of the crappy dream sleep that was likely to follow at this time in the morning anyway. Hah! And it did rejuvenate, too, despite all the thoughts being all over the place (yeah I know this battle is far from over, but there too I won't give up and just grow stronger until I have some control over my mind as well) So all in all I count that as one of those wins that seem smaller and are quicker forgotten than they deserve. My fun thing for today might be a salt bath with vigorous rubbing to get my circulation flowing and then napping for an hour, hoping it will get me sweating all the illness out and get better quicker. Later I have the lady coming, who cleans for us once a week and will have to suck it up and tell her, we will have to let her go Our budget is just too tight at the moment and while hubby always said that is the wrong place to cut down on, even he could see that if we put the money aside that we pay her, it would actually go a long way towards our summer holiday with the kids and that is a wonderful motivation to do the cleaning ourselves. If I had more work, we'd have the budget, but as it is at the moment, I have more time than money and then it seems silly to pay someone for something I can do myself. We will all miss her though, and not just for the cleaning, she is a most wonderful woman. Oh, on the work front there are some good news as well!! Yesterday the company contacted me, where I am scheduled to teach meditation for a course of 4 weeks next month and so many of their employees signed up for it, we have to divide them into 2 groups, meaning I get to work twice as much there as planned, squeeeeeee I held an introductory workshop at their firm in autumn last year and they obviously liked it well enough Now I am a bit nervous and very, very excited!
  3. lucky fire dragon

    lucky fire dragon breaks free and remembers to feel awesome

    mmmmh, that sounds like perfect summer to me It does, doesn't it? Now that I've done it though, it doesn't seem so big at all anymore and the 24h are way less scary Yip That's the idea. In fact it's the main reason I picked up my French courses there I love experimenting and I find that curiosity helps me in so many ways tackle things with more ease and health. Funny enough the chocolate and cookies I made took a while before I even had any Yesterday I dug into some cookies, they were quite nice - the rest is in the deep freeze for now. Hubby tried the chocolate and actually liked it! I was very surprised, because he normally likes his chocolate way sweeter than I make it. He said we mustn't let the kids try for fear they would eat it all up I am not worried. Am just secretly wondering if I am retraining his taste slowly over time... first the mattress green light and now this. Wonders never cease. Talking about the mattress WE DID IT!! Finally, it's on the floor and we slept now 2 nights on it, finding it indeed much better for our backs and slept well. Hubby says it feels a little like camping, lying so low down in the room and it is really weird still, but in a bad way at all. Thanks! It was very rewarding too. Had a full kg less the next morning and I thought, it's probably mostly water and will be back on quickly but so far I am staying at the lower weight. Am very surprised and not complaining Renewed my spirits very much. True! That is a huge freedom. I don't have that altogether just yet, as I cook for the family and have to make sure the kids get their breakfast in and have their snack packed for school, but even so I have more time and freedom already. Also it feels really liberating to be independent of something that you always thought you can't do without. I like that part too. Kind of like when you learn to hold your breath for some time and reach a point where you feel clear and light and totally at peace without breathing. Which always amazed me so much, that of course after those moments I suddenly felt the urge to breathe again do you know what I mean? Similar here. At times it's totally nice and then when I think, now I've got it, I find myself planning the next meals instead which is fine as well. I really like the concept of fasting and feasting Thanks, I am really chuffed and it completely resparked my motivation Well life came towards me and brought on a cold that pretty much killed my appetite soooooooo I went for 20 hours into yesterday, having skipped supper the night before without aiming to. Then I had a late breakfast plus lunch yesterday and am now aiming for lasting until lunch again to have the 24 hours as planned. Lunch to lunch might be easiest for me as that is our main family meal and I can fill up properly plus eat with my dear ones. On weekends it sometimes switches to dinner, so I might do it different there. With the 16:8 I learned to feel good without food during the morning and that helps me now. However I don't want to fix the meal times when I do eat to much alike, not that come lunch I will automatically be hungry, just because of the time. Variety in schedule might be my friend here, we'll see. How long have you been doing the 16:8 now? How do you like it?
  4. lucky fire dragon

    ✦ Adamantium Legend ✦ ... not another cyborg story...

    yay yoga!! I was wondering if there was anything you could do to start getting some movement back into your life, no matter what of how often etc and there you're at it already Congrats! Isn't it amazing how much easier our moods and minds can shift when we treat ourselves to any kind of movement? That is such a bummer about your gym On the one hand I really hope they get something together for you, on the other I kind of wish you'd find a more reliable place altogether. So I am just envisioning you happily training somewhere convenient with great passion and joy To me, the atmosphere in the group also always makes a big difference. Part of why I like going to my gym is, that everyone there is so nice. Always considerate of each other, smiling and greeting, apart from the odd exception who is clearly very focused on their training program and living in their own world so long. But all in all, one feels welcome and like it's a fun thing to be there. Makes a huge difference to me. Then again as Hatter and you said, once you are on the inside of it, you might perceive things differently and grow so strong that you're not even scared of those guys anymore which would be kind of cool as well of course... The bjj sounds really cool! The past authoring sounds intriguing as well and those things are really tricky. Doing them properly does take time, yes and I love how your mind brings up the things the end up cheering you up. Clearly a very healthy mind you have there Also been meaning to tell you that I am soooooo impressed how self aware you are plus brave. The reason I remember the day you were able to perform in the middle of anxiety is (apart from that being an amazing feat) that I was working with a method that taught people how to feel their feelings without gritting their teeth into any stories around those feels. It's unfamiliar for many, but very liberating. I had to find a teacher to learn and here you are, coming up with it all by yourself!! There are many things like that in your journey. Here I go reading books, going to seminars and doing all kinds of things, only to learn stuff that you come up with naturally as you so bravely face yourself and refuse to give in to the shadows of life This is pretty extraordinary but you most likely aren't aware of it at all, because you're doing what you can and it happens. Still, not everyone would and not everyone is able to and therefor as Owlet said, you are a wonderful inspiration to us all Now - with all that innate strength and resilience - let's see you rock some movements again. Whichever it is, I think, you will feel so much better so quickly again Weather you celebrate some strength coming back or enjoy playing with different riddles and moves, it's bound to be great Oh, and wanted to ask: are you still going for walks? Do you have snow? I know the swifts are far away still, but I actually heard the first birds sing again in the morning with us and it's such a wonderful sound. Made me think of you, welcoming your swifts ...
  5. lucky fire dragon

    Annyshay - PENGUIN!

    Yay for delicious holidays sounds like a perfect one and just at the right time, too
  6. lucky fire dragon

    The Imperial Lounge

    That makes total sense. Thank you
  7. lucky fire dragon

    The Imperial Lounge

    Hmmm, why do our points in the top corner lower when I switch to the TIE Advanced? @Anim07734 I thought it would up the points rather or did I misunderstand something there?
  8. lucky fire dragon

    The Imperial Lounge

    I for one am glad it's not snakes and don't mind veggies. For instance butternut with melted camembert cheese is one of my favorite quick meals for instance. Also adding grated carrots, some paprica and corn to left over pasta or the like is enjoyed by all of us. So yay for an easy upgrade
  9. lucky fire dragon

    The Imperial Lounge

    Sorry, I only discovered this thread now and also I did not contribute that much this week as I mixed up push and pull holds took extra care to record my wall handstand hold and did a wheel hold as well, just for this but now I see it's PULL hold of course, and I didn't do those. Oh well Will give it more effort next week!
  10. lucky fire dragon

    Suzaqu: running late, but here!

    OMG I can sooooo relate to that!! It was the reason all of my penpal friendships fell away sooner or later and email has not improved that either. I am much better at it then I used to but I must so watch for the gap not to grow too big for then I end up in exactly that place again. It's horrible. And knowing how unproductive it is, doesn't help at all either. Kudos for you to tackle that. Am sure it will be very rewarding in many ways and people will be so happy to hear from you no matter how long the gap has been Your garden looks brilliant! I want one, too, now! Woot woot on the squat win what a great moment to realize this! Sorry for the ignorant question, but what are soju and tuba? In German Tuba is the name for a musical instrument that looks like a huge trumpet, but I guess that is not what you are talking about here wouldn't put it beyond you though, with such a well rounded challenge of workouts, gardening and knitting Also yay for IF!! I have just started on that recently and am so happy to hear from others how they are doing. How long have you been at it? How do you like it?
  11. lucky fire dragon

    lucky fire dragon breaks free and remembers to feel awesome

    Also: I DID IT!!! Had my first 36 hour fast this weekend and surprise, surprise it did not kill me In fact, it didn't even strain me much, I was really surprised. Had a good workout yesterday morning and I don't necessarily feel hungry after those anyway. Had some herbal tea, but apart from that just water for the rest of the day, knowing that if I could last until 8pm I would have the 24 hours in. Then again it would be silly to break the fast at that time, because it would be so easy to go sleep early and have the additional hours in and tadaaa, I did it Even cooked a nice pot roast meal for the family during the fast - making sure there'd be enough left overs for me today - and made my chocolate as well! The hardest thing was not to automatically lick my fingers or nibble some crumbs while cooking, which I am so used to doing. (fyi I do wash my hands after licking my fingers, yes) Apart from that it was fine! This morning I woke up quite early and felt my empty stomach, but not in a bad way, just ... idk different. I got up at 5 am for my meditation (hmmmm, weekend) and did the Blessing of the Energy Centers one to give my body extra love, afterwards had my group meditation and then I had a true feast in choosing what to have for break-fast at 8 am Ended up with 3 baked bananas with some coconut oil and peanut butter, along with some dark bread and tea. Yummmmmmy So I will totally count that for my suck it up action for the day as it did take some willpower and totally freed me up from some fears around the whole thing. My fun thing for today was reading a tiny bit of Petit Nicolas to see how my French lessons on Memrise are paying off. The vocab was way beyond my current course vocab, but I understood a lot anyhow and I adore Petit Nicolas. It was the story about taking a picture of the class at school and how they fetched boxes from the basement to stand on for forming 3 rows and while searching the basement one of the boys finds a bag, pulls it over his head to act ghost and is of course completely black afterwards because it was a coal bag (I guessed the coal, but understood the bag and the black face) and so on... Youngest is doing her English and Latin vocab with some ambition now to stay ahead of me in points on Memrise, double win
  12. lucky fire dragon

    lucky fire dragon breaks free and remembers to feel awesome

    Me too Made the chocolate and some "monster cookie balls" with oats and peanut butter and they are both really nice I was a clever hobbit and added some gingerbread spice to the chocolate to have the treat of the flavor in a power food combo You like baking as well, don't you? Any recommendations for healthy, yummy things? I got over the fasting crisis by now and treated myself to a new book for inspiration and easier motivation that is called "Feast without Fear" encouraging to first fast and then feast with whatever your heart desires with a good conscience. That sounds like a deal to me Still, she also says, your body might want different things than before which matches my experience and I suspect that my dietary horizon needs some broadening for me to have diverse enough ideas for what I could want to eat - does make any sense?
  13. lucky fire dragon

    lucky fire dragon breaks free and remembers to feel awesome

    Will do then I did do the 12 reps in the end, it just felt a little too straining on the elbows somehow (?), but then maybe I only do like 8 or 9 in the second set and work my way up. I know generally it would probably make more sense to up the weight and do less reps. Just want to make sure I am familiar enough with the move itself before I do that. But it's actually not that hard and as I can tell when my back is straight, I should probably be fine to go a bit heavier. Maybe I should switch to 3 sets of 5 reps instead of 2 sets of 12... so inexperienced at these things. It was too funny, when I started playing with the weight training section I said to hubby in the car: "Maybe I should head over to the warrior guild for a visit. Ah, but then we do have assassins who lift weights as well..." and his facial expression was so funny only then did I realize how this sentence must sound to a NF muggle Awww, you're so sweet Thanks! Hope so too It actually got way better on the weekend already. Wanted to suck it up and take my boy's bike to the repair shop yesterday, because of the saddle not fitting properly and we thought it's because it was originally on a different bike. It always tilted askew and we simply could not fix it. Had taken it apart and as I assembled it to take it with the bike to the shop, suddenly it was perfectly straight and seems to work fine now That was very cool! Also having home made chocolate and tea makes up for a loooooot of things
  14. lucky fire dragon

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    All the WINS indeed! You're on a roll now, hey So awesome to read all that
  15. lucky fire dragon

    elizevdmerwe - There be Dragons

    Big YAY on waking up happy and healthy Ooof, your energy levels sound really used up and I totally get it with such a big question hanging over your head, while having to constantly see negativity while doing your best to stay up. It's so exhausting! The Mom retreat sounds wonderful, I really really hope it works out and you have a beautiful time there! Also New Zealand always looks like a magical place and I think a lot of South Africans have already taken that route, haven't they? That and Australia, but New Zealand sounds way better to me. Less poisonous wildlife and then of course, there is Hobbinton