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  1. lucky fire dragon

    Lucky Fire Dragon has dawled for long enough

    So my summaries will be postponed a little again as I had a most fabulous retreat (with lots of water, good food and food breaks, yay) but came home to find youngest had broken her arm that day and thought it wasn't bad enough to call her Dad out of work, ergo no one had taken her to the hospital yet. To be fair, she didn't even think it was really broken. She had fallen of the top part of the jungle gym at school during lunch break and got first aid from the students that are assigned for that, but no grown up had looked at it. So I come home at 5.30 pm seeing her with the bandaged arm and when I tell her brother "Hi and goodbye, I'm taking your sister to get x-rayd" He says "Oh you're going to the hospital? Can you take me along?" I thought WTH?!!! Turns out he only had started on a tennis elbow, so no clinic needed for him, phew. But my girl got xrayed and they said they need an MRT scan as well. So the next day we went for that and they said oh oh, bones are scattered to far apart, it needs a little operation. So today she got the op and it turned out bones were scattered more than expected and so dislocated it took them nearly 3 hours to wire it all in place and make sure it stays there My girl had horrible pain when the narcotics eased up and it took quite a while for the pain killers to kick in... am going back to be with her some more right now and not sure how the rest of this week will go. On the up side, she is a lot better now and it seems the worst is over. Will catch up here as soon as things calm down again. Have a great last challenge week still, everyone!! Rock it for me, will you
  2. lucky fire dragon

    Lucky Fire Dragon has dawled for long enough

    Help me out with my language gaps here: is the optometrist the one providing the actual glasses or the doctor? Because the eye pressure connected to my dads glaucoma for instance was never tested at where he got his reading glasses and the cataract wasn't detected there either. It's different tests and scans they do for that, which only the doctor can do... Just wanted to mention it. Maybe she is really fine though, that would be the best of course Ooph that is tough, yes. I can totally understand her not wanting to move, but then again my in laws didn't want to either for a long time and now that they did, they are thriving and so happy. Who knows, what's gonna happen still Thank you, your empathy and hugs are always much appreciated!! Hugs right back
  3. lucky fire dragon

    Lucky Fire Dragon has dawled for long enough

    Hey there, I finally made it back again (again) and aim to stick around for a bit longer again, squeeeee This will be a proper respawn as not only did I take a break on forums, my less to little training slimmed down to none, which still shocks me tremendously and my body lost any hard achieved slimness instead (which kind of makes sense) It got so bad, I finally did the thing and set foot into a fitness studio (gasp). Not that there is anything wrong with regular fitness studios, but they really aren't my thing at all, so this is my first time contract with a studio ever. In my defense it's a pretty cool fitness studio though. It's got all those different stations for circuit training, free weights, boxing bag to punch, sling trainer or whatever it's called for assisted pull ups or rows, ropes to swing, medicine balls, and the like. There's only two treadmills and two rowing machines for warm up, no other machines and the mood is very different to what I have glimpsed from in regular studios. So I decided to give it a go Main reason is that hubby goes there (or used to and is respawning with me now) and we can go together, yay. For starters the trainer took an hour to show me around and spot me on the currently set up circuit training, plus he weighed me with one of those fancy things, taking body fat percentage etc and ... well, it confirmed what I already knew: too much fat, not too much muscle and too little water to top it off, meh. My metabolic age would be 7 years older than I am In numbers: weight 70,5kg of which 24,7kg is fat (35%) and 43,5 kg is muscle the water percentage was at 46,4 % which is apparently way too little for women My BMI is at 25,6 All in all this doesn't seem so horrible, but being someone who used to be underweight while eating whatever I wanted for half my life, it feels horribly wrong. Time to get active again! I've done it before (am practically at the weight again I had when I started with pole training in 2013), so I can do it again. I can't afford pole classes right now and am frustrated how much I can't do anymore, so why not try a different tack. Action Plan for workouts is simply: - go to the fitness studio 2x / week and workout with the circuit training for at least 2 rounds (until I manage 3, then 3 rounds) This isn't very much, but I figured, if I keep it that simple, but really do it for the next 3 months, when it comes time to step on that fancy scale again, numbers should look different already. Best of all, I should feel different! If not in size, at least in stamina and strength again. Ideally, I will expand this to a third workout per week at home with the pole and see how I can get myself to have some fun there again. For now I'm glad if running up the stairs to catch the phone doesn't have me wheezing Now I know diet is the bigger part for the weight balance and to have a simple strategy there, I will PROCRASTINATE. Sneaky, right? Something I am good at anyway Seriously though, counting calories is simply not my thing, I don't keep up with it and I can't believe it as a necessity. Rather I will focus on what to eat and especially when to eat instead of counting how much. You can't call it intermittent fasting really, it's not as drastic as that, I'm rather easing into it somewhat. Action Plan for improving my food intake: - eat less often, meaning max 3 meals / day and having at least 12 hours no food intake over night, ideally more - eat more healthy fats and veggies, meaning feeling full with less carbs - drink at least 2 Liters of water / day I started doing this (not the water part, but the other two) for about 10 days now and went from an average of 73 kg down to 71 kg (the 70,5 at the fitness studio were a happy surprise low) with a few cm circumference less as well. Both came off within the first few days and have stagnated since. I want to see what happens over a longer time. The third ingredient for this challenge is upping my pride, joy and happiness. For some reason I keep slipping into phases of procrastination, distraction and waste time where I had originally planned some cool (or necessary) action. This is very unsatisfying long term. I feel guilty about it, frustrated with myself and in my bad mood look for more distractions to make myself feel better. Late at night I am full of good intentions and ambitious plans, once the kids are at school and I would have the time to get started, it all fades away into various modes of procrastination and hiding. It's become a habit and it's time to kick it! That's all there is to it. So the third part of my challenge will be counting battle points against the procrastination monster: - every time I am tempted to not do something (delay or skip or whatever) and do it anyway it's a point for me - every time I don't do something I know I would prefer having done, the procrastination monster wins a point First win: I finally set up a challenge again