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  1. how's your novel coming along? Such great consistency!
  2. it's so weird to have this the last day of week 1 because in my fasting journal I started on a Saturday and do my weekly summaries on Saturdays as well... but I'll keep it for tomorrow here and go do some more stuff first hope you are all having a lovely weekend
  3. Week 1 Day 6 DO SOMETHING 4/6 strength training at gym - YES!! It went much better than on Monday and felt awesome - same procedure as on Monday EAT NOTHING 13,5h decided to treat myself to breakfast with my men (hubby and son) after gym and thanks to my long fast the day before I am still in my 18h average for the week. EAT AND GROW ALL THE THINGS - ahaha yes sprouts are growing nicely and I had some of the bean and lentil sprouts as well as some Alfalfa which are quite spicy but nice baked a quick potato bread where yo
  4. great choice, kudos and thanks for the kb and book hints - I love Diana Wynn Jones and Ben Aaronovitch and will go look for A Gathering of Shadows Hope your work situation comes to a good solution all around 🤗
  5. Please feel free to pm anytime if you feel it might help! But it does sound like you are on the right track and I do so hope for you this very painful part is nearly over ❤️❤️❤️
  6. What an amazing class, squeeeeeee and to get it for free on top you are a genius indeed for being at the right place at the right time Love the attitude about taking it slow and ensuring confidence and a solid foundation. It takes patience and all, but I believe it makes everything feel better, which is kind of the point isn't it. You seem to progress very neatly in your classes anyhow.
  7. adding on some more hugs and joining in on the continuous support crowd for you ❤️ no matter which murky waters you are wading through. How cool on the belly dance!! I was missing the dancing in your life on your behalf. How brilliant you are finding alternatives to the Lindy hop!
  8. so good to see you rocking as always and peaceful times with relations are always such a blessing. With close family, in-laws or home family it's very easy to take things personally - how helpful to hear your mil's friends describe her like that and them loving her dearly. Hope the blackouts are manageable and you get enough rest. My hubby says btw that he was invited to a Facebook group called "I'm staying" or something along those lines - he isn't living in South Africa even but here in Germany with me, but got invited anyway and he says they share all kinds of positive news tha
  9. oh and did I mention I get to translate as well for my new job? That is the part that intimidates me the most still, but also intrigues me and I love it. There are so many projects I am involved in and it is a great team with enthusiasm and high spirits - never a dull moment
  10. It just felt pathetic to me as it was the second day without movement, I could have easily taken some time for it, but just didn't bring myself to it. Neither moved nor rested properly, but yeah, you're right it was just one of those days and it's okay to have them. Thanks for the reminder 🤗 Yesterday was better, yay! Week 1 Day 5 DO SOMETHING 3/6 went for a 75min walk with hubby along the fields - so good! EAT NOTHING 26h I am a bit impatient with my weight loss at the moment because it isn't as rapid as it was in January and be
  11. thing 2 done with barbell without weights and it was surprisingly easy - strength training seems to be paying off, yay
  12. Thing 1 done, thing 2 seems like she makes it look far too easy - very suspicious
  13. Week 1 Day 4 DO SOMETHING 2/6 meh - nothing again and it was a pathetic day. I was simply slouching and slow and blah, had to push myself into doing anything and only got half the work done that I wanted, a little housekeeping and no movement, sad situation EAT NOTHING 17h went okay - treated myself to an earlier break-fast (well not the traditional breakfast time, but you know what I mean) and closed my eating window earlier as well, which is good, because I feel it's harder when I eat too late at night still EAT AND GROW ALL THE THINGS -
  14. Week 1 Day 3 DO SOMETHING 2/6 eh, not yet - I gave a shiatsu massage to a patient, so that is at least better than the hours at the desk but too little to count really EAT NOTHING 19h Yes! 19 hours again - very hungry in the morning (probably because I really did eat ALL THE THINGS last night, including crisps and a whole bar of chocolate, ooops plus had some wine and that usually make me hungry early the next day, so it's my own fault, but somehow I don't regret it anyhow might be the regular fasting lets me get away with it anyway) EAT AN
  15. awww that is so kind of you, thanks 🤗 IF is really interesting and quite diverse in its possibilities, I am happy to share more in depth soon, just got some work projects that need completion first where I don't want to fall behind and it's so easy to lose track of time here on the forums, so I am trying to keep my updates short for now. Hiiiii there flying lady Ah, yes "clean" that's it, thank you! Then mine won't count as a power clean I guess as I take a bit of bounce with it for momentum but no squat for that part. I de
  16. aaaaah there is lots of strength already see but I feel you on wanting to jump ahead into the even stronger one. Actually you might really want to do that mentally from time to time and pretend to be there already - kind of like window shopping
  17. I agree in all the good options Molly Weasley is the perfect choice for you ❤️
  18. what a gorgeous walking buddy! There's no bad weather, just bad clothing, right enjoy whatever mood there is
  19. silently creeping in as if she'd always been here ... Those are good solid goals - this may be a very stupid question, but what exactly is a doggo walk? Did you get yourself a fourlegged friend??
  20. sounds like a very wonderful day! Hanging out with friends and good books are also part of mental health aren't they? Yay sketching!
  21. sooooooo excited for videos of your upcoming show training? Any chance we'll get a sneak peak of rehearsal????? Pretty please?
  22. oh you have amazing observation skills, because I am so rarely active there, well spotted, I feel honored Things are going quite well actually, thank you and you know about those little ones - everyone always told me to appreciate the time when they are so small because it flies so quickly and while that is true, I must say I enjoy them no less now. They still drive me crazy at times and I still love them to bits and every age is super precious while having its unique challenges. I have to say, sleeping through and not having to change nappies makes a HUGE difference I hope grandkids a
  23. It so does! They have these 5kg discs that look huge and help me lower the barbell to the perfect distance to the ground, so when I started with those deadlift / overhead things my main goal was to be able to lift 20kg, so that I could use those discs the bar is 10kg the other discs look puny compared and mental game is a real thing
  24. Week 1 Day 2 DO SOMETHING 2/6 Yesssssssss, all the workout (see before) EAT NOTHING 19h Yes! Actually nearly 20 hours again. I was sooo hungry during the afternoon, but had to get some stuff done and suddenly I was past my planned 18 hours again. Nice. Also my pants are definitely more loose again and I reallly like that. EAT AND GROW ALL THE THINGS - good day sad story - my sprouts molded I probably should have washed the dishes with some vinegar between the previous ones and these. Did that now and hope the new ones will be okay. For
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