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  1. Week 1 Day 6




    strength training at gym - YES!! It went much better than on Monday and felt awesome - same procedure as on Monday




    1x12  standard deadlift 20kg

    1x12 standard deadlift 25kg


    1x12 romanian deadlift (legs nearly straight, more hip hinge) 20kg

    1x12 romanian deadlift 25 kg


    2x12 clean - I'm only practicing the clean part here as preparation for the full movement which comes next (20kg)


    1x12 deadlift, clean and overhead press (20kg)

    1x8  and 1x4 deadlift, clean and overhead press (20kg)


    so not yet the 2 full sets in one go, but getting closer 😉 


    followed by 

    4x8 deep squats with the 20kg barbell (still no extra weight needed)


    3x10 bench press with 30 kg


    3x 8 knee tucks from hanging and 3x10 horizontal knee tucks and leg extensions


    and 1 minute or so of headstand for funsies



    EAT NOTHING 13,5h

    decided to treat myself to breakfast with my men (hubby and son) after gym and thanks to my long fast the day before I am still in my 18h average for the week. 



    sprouts are growing nicely and I had some of the bean and lentil sprouts as well as some Alfalfa which are quite spicy but nice :)

    baked a quick potato bread where you mix some instant potato puree powder into the dough - very interesting and actually the best bread I've baked so far, whole family loves it. I had to buy the instant potato puree mix, because I am so used to making our own puree fresh that I haven't bought any of that stuff in years :lol: just bought it for this bread and it was absolutely worth it.


    Apart from that I did eat all the things - not necessarily healthy though :P breakfast went well with scrambled egg and smoked salmon, followed by a small hot chocolate, at home I had the sprouts and nibbled on the bread dough - also had to try the fresh bread of course, yummy and for some reason decided on some chocolate after AND sweet tea and at night had a small beer... all the cravings??? what was going on?


    It wasn't comfort food cravings because I felt great after the workout, got on top of household things and had several hours of work done as well - it was a good mood, happy and productive day






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  2. What an amazing class, squeeeeeee and to get it for free on top :o you are a genius indeed for being at the right place at the right time ^_^ 


    Love the attitude about taking it slow and ensuring confidence and a solid foundation. It takes patience and all, but I believe it makes everything feel better, which is kind of the point isn't it.
    You seem to progress very neatly in your classes anyhow.

  3. adding on some more hugs and joining in on the continuous support crowd for you ❤️ no matter which murky waters you are wading through.


    How cool on the belly dance!! I was missing the dancing in your life on your behalf. How brilliant you are finding alternatives to the Lindy hop!

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  4. so good to see you rocking as always and peaceful times with relations are always such a blessing. With close family, in-laws or home family it's very easy to take things personally - how helpful to hear your mil's friends describe her like that :D and them loving her dearly.


    Hope the blackouts are manageable and you get enough rest. My hubby says btw that he was invited to a Facebook group called "I'm staying" or something along those lines - he isn't living in South Africa even but here in Germany with me, but got invited anyway and he says they share all kinds of positive news that keep the spirits up. Even after immigration it could be an emotional boost for your family and you - just wanted to let you know.

    Have a good weekend, too, Amazon Elize! 

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  5. It just felt pathetic to me as it was the second day without movement, I could have easily taken some time for it, but just didn't bring myself to it. Neither moved nor rested properly, but yeah, you're right it was just one of those days and it's okay to have them. Thanks for the reminder 🤗


    Yesterday was better, yay!


    Week 1 Day 5




    went for a 75min walk with hubby along the fields - so good!



    I am a bit impatient with my weight loss at the moment because it isn't as rapid as it was in January and beginning of February. Granted, in those weeks I usually had on 36 hour fast per week and the past two weeks I didn't, also I allowed myself some sweets and the occasional glass of wine which I hardly ever had in January and that too might make a difference. On the other hand, I might have just reached a point where weight loss slows down naturally and it is still happening and my body continues to slim, so that I get to see inklings of the muscles I am working on, so it is all well .... anyway in my impatience I thought, why not do another 36 hour fast again until I realized it would end this morning right before gym and that might be a bit dumb. I like working out on an empty stomach but that might be overdoing it and to eat right before the workout is no good either. So I opted for a nice supper of Bobotie and rice with the family (plus some sprouts ahead) and treated myself to a hot chocolate afterwards (impatience was somehow very quiet at that moment :P )


    EAT AND GROW ALL THE THINGS - mostly grow

    harvested a few more sprouts and tended the rest. Scoby still looks sad but smells fine, so I trust all is well. Have to bake bread again - it's all eaten  ^_^ 







    Day 6 so far


    I am struggling a bit with getting all the work done, that I'd like to get done this week. Am slow, easily distracted, tired and taking more breaks which means less hours of productive work. Today I went to the gym and did a proper strength workout again and that felt great. That always does clear my head, so I hope I'll be more on top of my game again today.


    Thing is that next week I will be away on a workshop for 5 days and there is a lot to get done before still. My new job incorporates customer support for retreats and online courses and while it's easily doable if I have an hour per day for it at the moment there are several special events going on and I need more hours than usual and during the workshop days I will probably not get to much support either. Well, I could .... but the workshop is an advanced meditation work with Dr. Joe whose meditations I absolutely love and while I am part of the team there, I will mostly work during the breaks, helping at the product store and could actually sit in on the lectures and meditations a lot. I am beyond excited for that 




    So can you imagine me sitting on a notebook instead and replying to support emails??? No way :D have to do be quite on top before and catch up afterwards instead.

    The workshop starts early each morning and from what I've heard team meeting can last well into the night, I won't get much sleep but hey who needs sleep when we meditate 😉 


    Now I even did the (maybe stupid) thing of signing up for joining a Shiatsu massage workshop in Munich just for one day this Sunday. Hubby looked at me with big eyes, because I wanted to use the weekend to catch up on some of that work and now I'll be gone for a full day - whooopsy - but I remember last time I went for a Shiatsu workshop it was a similar situation. I still thought "I really don't have time for this right now" and then it did me a WORLD of GOOD. Because you see, I don't only train in massaging - I get treated myself as well ^_^ 


    I started learning Shiatsu in summer last year, and I love it so much. It's an acupressure massage, so you work along the meridian lines of the body, using your own body weight to lean in or out in order to let the body kind of melt into the floor or stretch out again. It is heavenly




    So now I'll have to scoop in everything else a bit more to keep Sunday clear, hmmm. If you don't hear much from me, you know what's up :D 

    Oh and I'll have to give hubby a long promised Shiatsu massage on Saturday of course, to appease for all my absences :lol: shame, he is also working a lot at the moment and we're both very grateful for all the work, but he is really tense from all the sitting and will enjoy a massage thoroughly.


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  6. Week 1 Day 4




    meh - nothing again and it was a pathetic day. I was simply slouching and slow and blah, had to push myself into doing anything and only got half the work done that I wanted, a little housekeeping and no movement, sad situation :( 



    went okay - treated myself to an earlier break-fast (well not the traditional breakfast time, but you know what I mean) and closed my eating window earlier as well, which is good, because I feel it's harder when I eat too late at night still



    harvested a few sprouts and all are doing really well this time again. Only Scoby looks a bit sad since I took the older layers off. First stood vertical in the jar and then sank halfway down ... hope they're okay.

    Did not eat any veggies that day, but had some freshly squeezed orange juice which was YUMMY ^_^ 





    The bright part of the day was definitely choir rehearsal. We worked on "luminous night of the soul" by Ola Gjeilo (isn't it so nice that someone presents a counterpart to a dark night of the soul?? I love that) and it was like swimming through different layers of color. Very uplifting to sing. It's funny really, most of the music we sing I would normally not listen to at home, but to sing it ... whole different story 🥰


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  7. Week 1 Day 3




    eh, not yet - I gave a shiatsu massage to a patient, so that is at least better than the hours at the desk but too little to count really



    Yes! 19 hours again - very hungry in the morning (probably because I really did eat ALL THE THINGS last night, including crisps and a whole bar of chocolate, ooops plus had some wine and that usually make me hungry early the next day, so it's my own fault, but somehow I don't regret it anyhow :P might be the regular fasting lets me get away with it anyway)


    EAT AND GROW ALL THE THINGS - so far so good

    new sprouts looking good so far, bread turned out nice and just now I will reap the combucha from scoby and give them a new "home", also the scoby has grown so thick, it's time to take a layer off. Am a bit nervously excited here for my baby :lol: 

    Sunflower seeds had not thoroughly sprouted yet, but I tried some anyway and they were so nice and juicy I ate the whole dish ^_^ 



    nothing today

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  8. 22 hours ago, UnquietBones said:

    It's wonderful to see you back! :D I've done the same tidal visiting to the challenges and I loved seeing your posts go by, so I was hoping you'd be one of the folks who popped back in again. I'm looking forward to hearing more on the IF, I have a couple co-workers trying it out currently and I'm on the fence on if I want to give it a go as well... 🤔


    awww that is so kind of you, thanks 🤗 
    IF is really interesting and quite diverse in its possibilities, I am happy to share more in depth soon, just got some work projects that need completion first where I don't want to fall behind and it's so easy to lose track of time here on the forums, so I am trying to keep my updates short for now.


    15 hours ago, sylph said:

    Hey, I know you!


    Hiiiii there flying lady :) 


    15 hours ago, sylph said:


    And this movement, depending on how you do it, can be called a 'clean' a 'power clean' or a 'hang clean' (and probably half a dozen other things)


    Ah, yes "clean" that's it, thank you!


    2 hours ago, sylph said:

    Yep, hang clean starts off the ground.


    As far as I know, a power clean is a much more dynamic movement that involves a deeper squat and more momentum compared to a 'regular' clean. I'm not an Oly lifter or a cross fitter, though, so take that with a grain of salt.


    Then mine won't count as a power clean I guess as I take a bit of bounce with it for momentum but no squat for that part. I deadlift off knee height (that's what the big discs are for) to hip height than raise quickly up front and shift the wrist up at the collarbone height. That's what I do need a little momentum for but as I say no real squat. 

    I am really bad with terminology and of course on my workout plan given to me by the coach the terms are all in German ...


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  9. 2 minutes ago, starsapart said:


    YAY HI AGAIN! I've been seeing you here and there on social media, but it's nice to catch up here as well. How are things?


    oh you have amazing observation skills, because I am so rarely active there, well spotted, I feel honored :) Things are going quite well actually, thank you and you know about those little ones - everyone always told me to appreciate the time when they are so small because it flies so quickly and while that is true, I must say I enjoy them no less now. They still drive me crazy at times and I still love them to bits and every age is super precious while having its unique challenges. 

    I have to say, sleeping through and not having to change nappies makes a HUGE difference :lol: I hope grandkids are a long way off yet


    2 minutes ago, starsapart said:


    I may be slightly crazy for trying to maintain something similar to my pre-baby fitness routine, but I've always been known for crazy..................................


    Yes you are and it's part of your charm ❤️ just keep breathing - you can do amazingly much if it's fun

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  10. 1 minute ago, Mad Hatter said:

    Doesn't matter if it will help if it makes you feel BADASS!


    It so does! They have these 5kg discs that look huge and help me lower the barbell to the perfect distance to the ground, so when I started with those deadlift / overhead things my main goal was to be able to lift 20kg, so that I could use those discs :lol: the bar is 10kg 

    the other discs look puny compared and mental game is a real thing

  11. Week 1 Day 2




    Yesssssssss, all the workout (see before)



    Yes! Actually nearly 20 hours again. I was sooo hungry during the afternoon, but had to get some stuff done and suddenly I was past my planned 18 hours again. Nice. Also my pants are definitely more loose again and I reallly like that.



    sad story - my sprouts molded :( I probably should have washed the dishes with some vinegar between the previous ones and these. Did that now and hope the new ones will be okay. For some reason about 10 -20 flies came into the house today and I have no idea where they are coming from in the middle of February :o will have to shield my lovely sprouts from those as well

    very happy thing is that right now my boy is cooking some dish with ALL THE VEGGIES. We were chatting on the way home from gym about ways to cook more veggies and which ones might be nice for what and him training as apprentice in a close by restaurant he says "I know a nice dish our customers love, I can cook it for tonight" am I the most blessed mom or what?!



    wood bought for stove

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