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  1. So here are some pics of me in forest theme with wild cat ears other impressions and memories me with brain sensors ... so sexy hahaha
  2. PERFECT I thought I might get you on board with that one but really I have lost a lot of that and it feels sooooooo good
  3. It was utterly and completely AMAZING!!! I expected it to be and went there like so keen, like a little kid and it topped all my hopes and expectations. Will definitely do it again! Team Forest was the best of course just kidding, but I felt very at home in my group, made quite a few new dear friends from all over the world, it feels like my family expanded Our team leader was absolutely wonderful. Never pushy but always there, so that you could sense if ever anyone got wobbly or needed help, she'd be like the rock in the middle of rough seas. And so kind! My roommate was one of the volunteers, who kept the huge logistic feat go smooth and accordingly when I sat with her at the bar at night it got a little late she is astonishing. At 62 she'd drink wine with me until midnight or later and then get up at 3am the next morning as if nothing happened Of course the meditation units do rejuvenate the body but they also do require a lot of focus and I am very proud for not having fallen asleep in any. Used the cat courage and timing during our challenge activities, too, which were falling backwards into the safety cloth the group would hold, balancing on a beam approx 5 meters above ground (not sure exactly) and jumping into one of those huge air bubbles from a higher up tower. I squealed uncatly but then again, I am like that. Between meditation and lectures there'd be little dance parties to get our bodies moving a bit and with a lovely park close by for walking meditations, I went for walks as well - when there was time. Oh aaaaaaaand I got brain mapped!!!!! Am so very curious for the results!! They did all the brain mapping as a blind study but for a fee one can ask for it to be opened and then they take the time to analyse it for you and sum up the results in a written report. It was during a meditation where I struggled focusing to start with and felt super blissful at the end, so now I can't wait to see what that looks like in my brain
  4. I am! On a different note... where are you? Oh, of course, on your battle log (head slap) I was looking within challenges, silly me. Hope you are well and having fun at the new playground studio thingy you know what, that is actually the sweetest compliment I have ever received now I am kinda proud beware though, last week had me drop some personal borders of caring about what others think (not all, there are still a lot to go...) and I might share more woo-woo things than you are comfortable with after all. I hope you will still be friends with me and in return I won't mind if you think it's all crazy is that a deal? Thank youuuuuuu
  5. YOu are amazing, Elize A little fun exercise we did during our meditation retreat was to expand our consciousness to like quantum-field level and visualize an object with great care and love and bond with it so that it would show up in the 3D world eventually. It was just a fun thing, but many people found theirs pretty soon and sometimes under really strange circumstances. Like a friend I made there, she visualized sparkling bubbles and had not told anyone about it, but when she got to her room later someone had placed a big see through bubble filled with golden glitter at her door. Others had feathers or butterflies or whatever, but me of course I visualized a golden dragon I wanted to make it like a Chinese one, but it kept changing shape in my mind until it sat with large wings with extra claws at the top - basically EXACTLY as in the picture you posted here! Like down to a T By now I had completely forgotten about it - until I checked in and realized HAH here is my object Sisters just read minds, right? Yes, I am back. Kinda I am still floating a little because the retreat was utterly amazing. Have had few times in my life with such happiness for days in row and feel 20 years younger. What helps to that is the fact that I lost about 1kg during the week there and another half since... getting back in shape seems so much easier suddenly! The meditations were AMAZING, sorry if I will keep using that word, but I don't have a better one and the teachings were brilliant. I understand the connection between frequencies and healing on a whole new level now. At the same time I realize there is much to learn still or better said grow into the understanding better, because in one moment it makes total sense and amidst daily life and old habits I can't remember half of it. But it's way better than before and I am adamant to keep as much of the shift I experienced there as I can going in my life at home. Already my meditations at home are different. Not as intense as at the retreat, but profound anyhow and I guess that is the main work to keep going now. Am super motivated for my up coming healing workshop which filled surprisingly easy after all, so much so that I have one participant more than I'd normally even take in so happy. Morning meditations are running again well and next week I get to continue my course at the company I started teaching meditation, big yay on that too. In fact I have been so busy since my return that I have not done anything for the Insight Timer app yet, even though I am really excited about that now too! So much good stuff!! Oh and to top it all off: hubby organized us a personal trainer at the gym We were talking in the car on the way to the gym how interesting it is to watch those trainers work and how when money is more flush again we'd love to hire that one for a session from time to time... only for the trainer to approach hubby in the changing room asking carefully about possible English lessons. So we ended up getting personal training as long as we speak English during that time and help him improve his language skills. How awesome is that?! Especially for me, hehe, as hubby will give him extra grammar sessions whereas I am only along for the training speaking English comes reallly hard to me as you know So training is going well and going to go even better. Fasting comes relatively easy and when it doesn't I eat and am still losing weight, how cool is that?! Work is wonderful and picking up. And best of all, I feel such a love for LIFE However, boring mundane stuff wants to be done as well and I will make myself clean some of the house now before summing up this poor challenge and starting a new proper one. Might actually only get to that tomorrow as I want to join a healing group later on tonight to help with some remote healings. Did that last night and my heart opened up so much, I wore this huge happy grin all the way into my sleep. Not sure how the person treated is doing, but it can't have harmed and it felt so good, I want to do it again am I a terrible therapist? To be honest, I don't care - too happy Just kidding, of course I care, but it really can't harm. In fact when I did the same kind of healing for my youngest when she caught a stomach bug, it helped her instantly and she is not one to fake that. She doesn't believe much in anything that isn't tangible, so I was very surprised to hear her tell me about the difference she felt. There are many examples of people where those healings have had profound effects and from my years of energy healing I should know, but somehow I am surprised each time anyhow. Which isn't a bad thing, because I find expecting too much can hinder the whole thing tremendously. Also I don't want to get too cocky. I know where that leads in training and I have a strong suspicion it's the same here So yes, I am back and rambling and very happy
  6. lurking to admire brilliant handstands, cheer for the cat and generally be impressed by your adult move-around-the-world-and-handle-parents-and-landlords-well skills while keeping your fun up
  7. ninja training mmmmh so good This is so cool, soon you'll be able to write whole stories with your feet
  8. Awesome challenge!! Love the story and the goals and the way you are rocking them Are you having fun with the movements? Enjoying your strength? It kinda sounds like it
  9. Late to the party, but in for this, of course crab walks should become gym standard and if they aren't yet you are pioneering, go you Nice stripper squats (I'll train on those too now ) and great job on self care to catch off any flu stuff right up front, hopefully. Ooooh and I am still in awe of your hand balancing but then you know that
  10. Thank you Am really not sure if they'd be your style though... I am very much on the soft and soothing side and it might be way too fluffy for your taste
  11. I LOVE EEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! Now I'll have to find out how to slow it down to check better what you're doing you're ninja speed skills are definitely way ahead of mine. Never done Jamilla before but I might go fail at it a few times in order to try because splits are no good just yet and because I've always wanted to do that Jamilla move. Maybe if I do it real quick, I can even hold it Yes, perfect thumbnail for sure!!
  12. Today I have DOMS Cough is not worse, woot woot. My arms are fried and I am really happy about this kind of soreness, @zenLara knows what I am talking about So today I did clean the house, scrubbed the bathrooms and did a little meditative movement flow on my feet up and that was it. ------ On a totally different subject: I just found out my team color and mascot for the meditation retreat and I LOVE IT. My team color is Forest, which is perfect as my favorite place for the walking meditations is the forest and I love forests overall. The team mascot is the German wild cat - how cool is that?! Talk about strength and grace This is what our team leader wrote about it: The cat wisdom tells us about timing in action and courage to explore the unknown. Our mascot invites and encourages us to develop balance between independence (our personal need for freedom) and time of togetherness. This is the time to develop our flexibility at many different levels, weather it is in our physical body, mind and emotions. It’s an invitation to renew our perspective and to explore new ways to look at things. Harmonious relationships between action and observation, the balance between seemingly opposites, such as inner and outer, act & rest. It’s strongly symbolic of the connection with our curiosity, in the exploration of the unknown. So let’s follow this spirit animal and embark on a profound journey of self discovery, reaching a deep, relaxed connection with the self. It’s time to heal from the inside out, from our inner truths, from the mystical. I am so so excited, guys!!!! No need to say I love cats and that courage is exactly my goal to grow more into this year. I was thinking this morning as I played on my feet up, flirting with my limitations (both physical and in my mind only) how I'd like to try and turn from fear to fun on so many levels. Because when I face what scares me it often does turn out fun in the end. It's so liberating and makes life more colorful, it feels. So I went a bit further in my movements than I would normally dare, same as I want to go deeper into self exploration during that upcoming retreat than I normally can or do. The teams are there to create a more personal community within the overall group. We'll be over 1300 participants and the groups consist of "only" 50 - 60 people each. We're encouraged to wear something matching our team color and/or mascot and some people dress up in the most fun ways, hubby said. With superhero capes and whatever all I am thinking of turning something like this into a hair wreath and maybe clipping these birds onto it? Although now that I know our mascot is the wild cat, the birds might be off theme. In that case I might have to sparkle the wreath up with some moss and maybe flowers, but I am so clueless as what are forest flowers Any ideas anyone? Anyway that's it for today. Meditation this morning was a bit later than planned but a thorough 90 minute one that felt real good and fasting was properly kept today as well Now I get to eat homemade Sushi, prepared by my son, how spoilt am I
  13. Looks like it I was browsing through it a bit today and I really like the timer options. The guided meditations in English have a huge variety which is wonderful. German content is much less, which makes it better for me Now I am just thinking, I want to put on some that I am confident people will really enjoy from the beginning. My regular crowd have been with me for years some of them and that does make them a bit biased when listening to a new teacher one tends to be more critical I think and yet first impressions are so important... no pressure that I am building here Just found myself highly critical of some of the other German teachers (very enlightened I know ) and now I am scheming how to go about it best Oh boy. But it's going to be fun, I can feel it. Aww thanks! I'll do that. And yes, I could do some English ones too. The one I put together for @annyshay flowed so nicely, I was quite proud of it and if she is ok with it I'd edit any personal references out (if there even are any) and would like to upload that one. There is also one I created for @Lightning where that could be an option as well. Annyshay, what do you think? I saw that, and what with so much less German content at the moment, chances are people would really find me there by chance, too. Oh boy, this is quite exciting. I won't put my expectations too high (well I'll try not to ) but it is a new adventure in any case, so yay So happy to have you on board
  14. Shame, I can see the challenge in that big time. But you have a strong habit on looking for the good, I am sure that will help to some extent at least. It's good to acknowledge your feelings however and maybe it's the eye opener that will help you go through the harder parts of actually making the move. All I can think of is to keep breathing, trust in the larger good and beauty of life and trust that it may guide you all safely to more happiness. Good job on having a restful day Keep at it
  15. Phew so glad to hear about you having avoided ending up in that march!! As you say, if the taxis don't consider it safe, nobody in their right mind should take any risks. I really really hope the elections finally bring a turnaround for the whole country. And yay to immigration plans taking such shape now, I hear you on it no way being a definite, but it's so much easier to prepare for something than to just ponder and wonder and worry... could imagine the boys (and all of you) gaining most wonderful experiences in any case. All of you are so great in being there for one another! I keep marveling at all you do Haha, and then you call it "Nothing much happened" noooo, you just keep your routine up during the most challenging time, prepare for a major life shift, keep your family safe and fed, even create new cushions and stunning bed covers.... nothing much at all Hope you get enough rest in between dear Elize!
  16. HALLELUJA Finally got a proper workout in again, yay ROCK was solid today: got up at 4am for my meditation (despite huge effort) and did the thing after the kids were off to school hubby and me went to gym and I did the thing there 10 min warm up at the rowing machine (oh well 11 minutes, because I was taking it slow and wanted to get my 2km in though, sat with a scarf there to avoid the cool draft from the machine while you row must have looked very sexy) 3x12 reps at the squat machine (15kg) 3x12 reps at the bench press machine (20kg) 3x12 reps at the triceps kickdown (12.5 kg) 3x12 reps bicep curls (5kg each hand) 3x12 reps lateral arm lifts (4kg each hand) those are sooooo hard still 3x12 barbell rows (10kg) plus the 3 supersets of 14 mountain climbers (7 each side) followed immediately by 14 Russian Twists with a 4kg medicine ball (also 7 reps each side) In between hubby did some chin ups and I thought, I'd try as well, but ahahaha no way today! There were two personal trainers busy with clients today and it seems it pains them to see someone try an exercise and give up after a first no-good attempt so first the one came running with some rubber bands for assisted pull ups, then seeing how it was still a tricky set up (the rubber bands were too short to put your foot in, but needed the knee and that kind of made for a wobbly balance overall, plus they didn't help me up high enough, only helped the lower part, whereas the hardest part for me is the top part) the other trainer approached us with an alternative at a different pull up bar, where I could adjust the strap and could insert my foot rather and managed 5 chin ups fine, yay Probably could have done a few more, but I had not yet finished my workout and wanted to keep a little strength for those weights... Headstand afterwards went surprisingly well, yay, despite feeling really tired in my muscles and my abs being fried from the mountain climber / Russian twist combo All in all a great workout and I am SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY I finally could go again!!! Cough is still not entirely gone, I hope it won't get worse again from this, but I don't think it will. -------- PAPER was another success today: I edited 3 more meditation recordings and uploaded 9 into the course area for my participants, tended the site a little along with it AND I got back to the lady from Insight timer. Win Not sure about the screen free time before bedtime though... my motivation for that has gone travelling far away again, I wonder what on Earth made me set this goal Oh well, I will leave it in for now and see... maybe I can bring myself to it after all ------- Fasting was kept food wise, but I did sneak in a cup of sweet tea in the morning, so strictly that broke it early :/ Temptations lurking everywhere at the moment, sigh. Oh well, tomorrow might be a whole new day on this, too, who knows.
  17. Hai there always very happy to have you on board! Thank you for your input, that was my sentiment as well. I have now made a zoom appointment with the lady who contacted me (manager of the German speaking community) and replied that I am definitely interested. The appointment is next Wednesday which gives me time to get familiar with the app and note down my questions as I think of them. Quite excited about this True! At least for him. I hate glasses of any kind and rather squint my eyes, which might account for some extra wrinkles in my face but really I hardly ever need them. Hubby though often even needs them on cloudy days and these ones now get darker or lighter as needed, depending on how bright the light is and he loves them. Yes, do that!! Especially with African sun YESSS Thank you for the input and encouragement. I will Comforting to hear, although I would rather wish you more ease as well. Can very much relate to the finance effort! It's awaiting me as well during the next two weeks, meh We'll celebrate accordingly when a bigger chunk is done again, deal? Isn't it?! I was so surprised - still am and am getting more and more excited about it. I will, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Thanks Oh, the coordination comes with time! But I know what you mean. I guess it's the same as any gymnastic or dancing sport, the aim is to make it look easy while in fact it's not ... but there are some moves, too, that look real fancy and aren't that hard at all. Also having someone give you good pointers for technique can make a huge difference as the right angles and directions in pulling or pushing can save you a lot of strength So great that you gave it a go! Am sure you had a lot of fun anyhow. Oh and about heels ahahaha, I can't even walk in them, so I am nowhere near dancing in them. Plus they add weight and make the legs longer = harder work to lift but it sure looks beautiful!!
  19. Lurk away just be careful not get infected and maybe keep away from flailing limbs
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