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  1. Glad you like it On it.... Very hard, sigh But whatever doesn't kill you and all that we can do this
  2. Sooooooo, believe it or not, I AGAIN did not go to gym today Reason being that hubby went for an eye checkup at the optometrist last week and she detected that his one eye didn't have full range of vision anymore, meaning the right bottom quarter of his field of vision wasn't working on that eye at all. It gave him quite a shock of course and we thought that most likely it was a nerve damage from an accident 20 years ago, when a car had run him over and he had a whole bunch of injuries, one of which led to an embolism behind the eyes that impaired his vision temporarily at the time. All those years he was fine though, only recently started having problems with missing the tennis ball from time to time and vision being weaker at night when he is tired. Last weeks result got him a bit anxious though, and we decided he go for a thorough check up at the eye doctor after all, who can check for any infections on the nerve or the like. As eye doctors are usually booked full well in advance, we were quite surprised when we called this morning for an appointment and they said 10am today! So .... no gym sadly BUT great news instead: the eye doctor checked in all possible ways and found no damage on the nerves whatsoever, yay!!! What a relief! The little bit of lesser eye sight is in such a range that he doesn't even necessarily need glasses, so we immediately went back to the optometrist, cancelled the expensive glasses that he had ordered after their check-up and got him really good sun glasses instead. He needs those because since that accident 20 years back, his eyes are very light sensitive and the old ones were super scratched by now. He didn't want to spend too much money on it as we're a bit tight again at the moment, but now with not needing the other glasses, we could easily go for high quality here and it still came out cheaper. Double yay. I am sooooo relieved. Tomorrow it's high time for gym again though --------------- Generally I am struggling in this week 1. Yesterday I procrastinated a big portion of the day and did not work on any PAPER goals. Today, it was late afternoon by the time I kicked my ass into it, but finally I got some done now that feels (as I knew it would) really good. PAPER: 1 win today ----------------- Meditation needed big kicks in the bum as well the past days and today I did not manage very sad and HAS to be remedied tomorrow!!! The meditation course I am teaching at a company twice a week in the mornings is going really well though, so there is that. AND today, out of the blue, I got an email by the team of Insight Timer, asking me if I want to be one of their meditation teachers for the German speaking community and would be interested in offering some of my meditations on their platform! How's that? It looks like a sincere offer and while I don't have any illusions on it bringing me much income (the app is for free after all and I'd only earn from what people would donate voluntarily) I am very much tempted to go for it. A bit nervous in case nobody likes them but what if people do? It could be a win-win in terms of more people finding me without me having to invest any money into marketing, while they get the meditations I upload for free. What do you guys think? Should I go for that? -------------- Fasting is a battle as well at the moment, but I did manage my 16 hours today again, so yay on that. I am missing my workouts and have a feeling once I am back into that routine, fasting might be easier again. At least I hope so ----------- Screen free time before bed was achieved by choir rehearsal (yesterday) and a hot bath (the night before), but no journaling or drawing just yet. This week 1 feels like a sluggish one oh well, I'm still moving...
  3. Finally did my first action for this week updated the online pages for my retreat participants, uploaded the last missing recording for that area and sent an email to the participants of the latest retreat to direct them to "their page" I'd like to still update the pages for the meditation participants as well to some extent at least and ideally I'll send out a newsletter to everyone this weekend still. Those are the aimed for three actions, of which 1 is now done, yay
  4. oooh intriguing What are the podcasts going to be about? That is a very exciting project Sneaking has nothing to do with size, I think, but stealth and I trust you will all the stealth when you put your mind to it also remember Kung Fu Panda? that is a mighty ninja warrior, right there and he is definitely not small
  5. ooooooooh those are some really cool goals do you have a link for that free strength and mobility course? I have their Integral Strength program but somehow can't bring myself to do it at the moment, something smaller would be much more tempting and probably occupy me plenty as is. Love your tangible joy in your goals already
  6. you might sneak into ranger guilds, but I'll still find you for some cheer 3x 15 minutes sound perfect and walking is always great. If you really want to add more, how about a water goal? Or sleep? It does look like a well rounded challenge though as is. Give it your best, mate, you got this
  7. Thanks, happy to have you pop by Oh gosh you should have seen how long I was browsing for which song to take First I wanted to take "Worth it" in the motivational sense of committing cause I'm worth it, but then I watched the music video and... well, it's just so not my style so I looked at "Natural" by Imagine Dragons, which is a great movement song, but oh gosh, I really don't want to identify with that kind of natural never got the complete lyrics before... don't know how I got to Katzenjammer, but it was definitely a good one for this time, so I'm sticking to it now glad to have you on board that's okay, now you have to live with what I put up to get us started I was really goofing around quite a bit with the black hoodie on and all, but most of it looked so ridiculous, you will never get to see it had fun though. During the second part I kept checking if the camera is at the right angle and forgot that now it looks like I am solemnly looking into the camera, oh well... as I say, you and I will have to take it as is now and see where it leads to. So good to have finally spun around a bit again! Looking forward to more, especially when I can get some hold and grip and strength again
  8. So here's my first contribution. The Ninja enters ... only to find, black is actually not a good camouflage in this room Check out my clothing layers to start with maybe I should have gone with Annyshay to Antarctica for warmer temperatures @Mad Hatter see how I undusted a shoulder roll in honor of your fish flops? Good thing grace is not a necessity with our PvPs Also I noticed, after not having danced for so long my calves started cramping and I included some spontaneous foot relaxation So anyway, have your pick! Can't wait to see what you come up with, squeee
  9. Pole Ninja PvP This PvP is an invitation to play with some pole dance in a sneaky assassin way Rules are simply: - check out the latest contribution to the thread - steal one of the moves in there (or a variation of it) - post a video of yourself including that move in a short flow of your own The flow can be super short as long as it has the stolen move plus at least one new one, so that the other has something to snatch again Further important rules: - grace might be attempted but is never a must (no, you don't even have to point your toes, shocking I know) - no certain skill level needed, please feel free to adapt the moves to your level, so that you don't get overwhelmed... or bored my own level is very basic right now and we just want to have some fun here - train safe and most most MOST IMPORTANT have fun Did I forget anything? If so, just ask, we usually really don't bite.... Oh yes, and you don't have to be an assassin to take part in this, of course. Current participants: @lucky fire dragon @Mad Hatter There is no special sequence to abide by, just sneak in whenever you get to it. Happy hunting
  10. 5 pages?!!! it is Tuesday of week 1 isn't it? Ah, yes you started last week already,... but still There is so much awesome and high spirits in all 5 pages, it's delicious to read even Jeez, you are progressing into the parkour thing so quickly! So happy that the flex program seems so perfect for you, that is fantastic. And yay to the climbing fun and office fun and all the positive actions and how you are bouncing off all the shiny things with all your amazing energy. So much happiness
  11. For completions sake: this is actually my favorite song by Katzenjammer, but it didn't match the theme so nicely... maybe some other time. Would make an interesting one for sure Demon kitty rag:
  12. Any theme ideas? Or any other preferences? I might actually skip paper plans and start on the rock (pole) today rather
  13. I was thinking about a decluttering goal as well and I know in 12 weeks time the garden will need tending, too, but I'm hoping for there to be another 12 week group after this one and then I can tackle those goals into spring and summer
  14. Finally made it here and am blown away on the awesome start you guys displayed here My long term goal for the next 12 weeks is to up my marketing and "customer service" by updating my website more often, uploading some meditations on youtube and send out newsletters more regularly. I also want to draft a new flyer informing about my work that I can place out at local shops and libraries to hopefully attract more clientele. I love my work as a healing practitioner and meditation teacher, but I often feel awkward advertising it as I don't want to promise too much or seem like some big dudette authority on anything, but rather prefer to simply offer people a safe and kind space for them to replenish their vitality and bloom anew. But, that won't work without people knowing about my services, I know, so some marketing will be necessary and I am aiming to consider it just a challenge to rise to, like anything else. I do enjoy writing articles and sending them out, but when I leave the gap between newsletters too long, it somehow gets daunting for some reason and I forget the pleasure of it. It's a bit weird... So my goal is to send out 6 newsletters over those 12 weeks, create that flyer, tend to my website often, update my online courses for meditation and retreat participants and upload at least 4 more meditations on youtube to sparkle up my tiny channel a bit I'd share it here for anyone interested, but it's all in German
  15. For tracking: ROCK Week 1: 1/2 training sessions Week 2: Week 3: - pole fun: 1 other mobility flows: 1 - meditation 5/21 PAPER - audios edited and uploaded: 6 edited, 12 uploaded - website tending sessions: 2 - newsletter - accounting - evening journaling or coloring 0/21 SCISSORS Week 1: 15 hours / 20 hours / 14 hours / 16 hours / 16 hours / 16 hours / Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Mind movie Screen free night time 2/21 --------------- am tracking 3 weeks only as that fourth week is going to be absorbed completely by the retreat
  16. Thanks. It's coming along slowly still but definitely a LOT better now Thanks and yes, it did. I didn't manage the bathrooms yet, but vacuumed the whole house and caught up on laundry, so big yay on that I skipped training still yesterday as my cough is so stubborn and I really want to it to clear off now. It was a tough decision, but I figured, if I went and got worse, I'd be really pissed off (and I don't use that term often ) so I did the adult thing of staying home another day. Hubby went and had a good session. Just that everyone there kept asking where I was It's nice to be missed. Thursday - it'll hopefully happen again. And tomorrow I WILL go to choir again at least. Plus I might get that Pole PvP finally off the ground .... hold thumbs for me.
  17. A bit late to the party and yet there so much to do! High time I put my challenge up and get some oooomph going again For those who don't know me, I'm a happy go lucky fire dragon from Germany that used to fly around pole and a bitty on the aerial hoop as well, then kind of fell into a slumber of inertia and padded up a little... Life was still moving, but fitness not so much and I discovered how the longer the gap between things, the harder the hurdle to get started again. Well, the hurdle was crushed during end of 2018 and my January challenge this year was like reaping from the three or so before in terms of it going super well and me feeling like I can do this fitness thing again I even managed a nice balance of fitness, family, work and household things, go me. Thanks to a silly stubborn cold, I lost momentum a little and could not wooosh into this challenge like I would have loved to, but I'm getting better everyday and it's time to rock another challenge Talking about rock, I've got a theme song this time, check it out This song always puts me into a good mood and helps me take all those flippin decisions in my life less seriously. I really believe we can change like the weather and watch out I might just do that I'll spend the last week of this challenge in an intense meditation retreat with Dr Joe Dispenza in Bonn, Germany and am beyond excited about it, squeeeeeeeeee (There are so many possible challenge themes in preparing myself for it, that I had trouble choosing and don't ask me how I ended up with this song instead, I really don't know) Anyway... No way of knowing what all will happen there, but I am expecting the unexpected and new for sure Miracles even, as a lot of people have spontaneous healings at these events. While I don't have any health issue that needs healing, I am very keen on learning how to help others better in their healing. Also am really curious what activities await us for going beyond common comfort zones, have to admit heights might really freak me (they never used to when I was younger) at the same time I remember the boost of energy I had after the two fire walks I had the chance to go on some years ago and this might be similar in having conquered things that my mind tells me I can't. Climbing up a pole like they did in this event would be soooooo awesome, the feeling at the top must have been utterly amazing! But before I go, there is lots that I want to get done still. A good chunk of work projects that I'd like to progress on, some house keeping stuff (that always seems to pile up), getting back into my training rhythm plus adding some pole fun, keeping up my meditations and experimenting with intermittent fasting.... Basically I want to do all the things again Rock, Paper, Scissors, which one is it going to be....? Let's see how often I can go for each of them ROCK - Strength training 2x/week - Pole PvP with @Mad Hatter and who knows where that will lead to .... plus - rock solid foundation in meditation: rise and meditate at 4am (Mon - Fri) or 5am (Sat/Sun) PAPER - tend my website, get some more audio recordings up and update some texts - write a nice article and send it out with a newsletter - get accounting done for January plus - some reflection on my day on actual paper at night or coloring in on paper instead of on screens SCISSORS - cutting down my eating times again; going for 16/8 and maybe an occasional longer fast in between - cutting and pasting motivational images into a mind movie to encourage me into bold, new adventures (this is actually preparation for the meditation retreat, so I better get on it asap) plus - cutting screens out of the hour before bed time might have to rediscover some creative things
  18. that is exactly what I did and the mess has already been up for long enough. I won't go any more in depth today, just get the worst done now and rather do a little area in depth (like the desk today) each week in order to get it easier to dust and all long term. Also if I feel it's getting too much, I'll stop and continue tomorrow or the day after. But I know how satisfying it will be to finally be capable of stuff again AND have a cleaner house to show for it. Wow, listen to me! I used to hate cleaning and now I am arguing for it what happened? Who am I ??
  19. Thank you for asking! It's somewhat better. I do feel rested from taken the last three days completely off and am tackling the house right now. Changing beddings, uncluttering the desk to be able to dust it and hopefully now not distracting myself anymore but vacuum all through The cough is still there and I am a little sweaty from changing the sheets on the big mattress, but it feels good to do something again and the house really needs it. Mustn't think too much about all the things I am behind on, but focusing on the next little step rather... Eldest is coming for a brief visit this afternoon and I am really looking to that. It's so nice to have her home, no matter how brief Hubby is getting very impatient when to go train again, it's such fun to see He struggled with a beginning cold as well, but scraped past it seems, so phew on that. I made him rest anyway, just in case But Monday we'll go train again! Today the cleaning is workout enough
  20. except my excitement for it will live vicariously through your parcour adventures so long
  21. And here I was full of plans how to UP my goals for the next three weeks thinking January went so well, I finally got this and blablabla... So not being able to do this, threw me into a sad space for a short while and I was a little lost. Made the mistake of sleeping in instead of doing my morning meditation (group course is finished and the next block not yet running, so nobody needed me to get up). Today I did it again and felt better immediately and more confident again as well.
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