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  1. I knoooooooow !!!! It's really frustrating! But hey, I'll inhale like a champion now and hopefully be totally refreshed for better adventures
  2. Having had to slow down, cancel workouts and even procrastinate on work that I now was keen on doing - in order to recover from this stubborn cold, has taken my momentum somewhat out. I wish I could have flown right into this next challenge the way @Mad Hatter and others are doing (it's such fun to see them though ) and am really sad about not having kicked off our Pole PvP yet, but I am looking at it now as a chance to practice getting better at swinging back into momentum when being disrupted. If I can get back on smoother, any ruffles won't bug me so much and that is also a kind of strength, isn't it? Am pondering the next challenge happier now and will try to have it integrate easy going at first and proper strength later. Wish me luck
  3. Thank you Cold is taking patience, sadly. I suspect I should have taken the last week or two a bit easier and had underestimated it, meh. Went to the doc today who told me very strictly to cancel my work sessions for the next two days and get some proper rest Also gave me a different cough medicine and told me to do inhalation with salt water, so I should be getting better soon enough now. Took a lot of rest yesterday and felt much better this morning already, but nowhere near my usual self yet. Learning patience... just hope next time I'll respect the need for rest a bit sooner, than I probably could have spared myself all of this now. Should have asked my body I guess Good to hear, thank you most days I even had the 16 hours again, simply because of less hunger while I rest more. But it's nice to give myself the freedom of choice instead of a fixed plan. YES! Well done on the turn around!! You are so right about the badges of life and precious events! Your body is strong and healthy and full of the best spirit, which is what makes it ultimately hot, doesn't it? And I bet your hubby loves every inch of it. I fall for the same thing from time to time and am so unfair to my dear body. I mean, she is the most loyal friend I could ask for, going through thick and thin with me (literally) as we'd call it in German and doing her best unconditionally. My body breaths and repairs and digests all that I take in in food and thought and feelings and always, ALWAYS does her best to keep me well. I really want to honor that some more and let my love grow somewhat closer to that unconditionality, if I can
  4. Well, I suspected this mini might just be the death of me but I'll be a bit smarter than that and rest one or two more days before joining again. Sadly my cold has not yet improved and I went to the doc (which I rarely do) and she very strictly ordered me to rest, meh. Have to admit my body circuits really aren't the best at the moment, soooo I'll act like a good girl for a day or two and rest, in order to do better crushing on the weekend again You guys seem to be well in control though, keep rocking!!!
  5. Got this in a newsletter today and had to share... how beautiful is this?!! Will do my best to ask and love my body as she is
  6. Thank youuuuu I feel great about it as well truth! True you know me Thank you! I am super thrilled how well I did this challenge And yay to extra bookings - keep saying that please, because now another one came in and two more for my healing workshop, woot woot As for sprinting ahead, I have slowed down to a halt over the past two days because my cough is still giving me such trouble and with work and family things going on, I need to be strong and healthy again, dammit. Even skipped my workout yesterday as I guess I could have done it but then where must my body take the energy for healing from... meh, being sick sucks Not particularly better today, so I might have to skip the Thursday one as well. Oh well, this too shall pass. Hopefully real soon though!!! ---- Good news: I taught my first meditation class at the company that had invited me today and it went really well. At least I think so, people didn't say much but looked very peaceful It's a lovely group and I am now very much looking forward to next week. And of course to tomorrow morning when I get to teach the second group, squeeeeeeee
  7. Have a fun vacation and a Happy New Year!! Great challenge set up
  8. Nope, boring is not what comes to mind when I read this it's a good approach to keep things up for happy routine and let the elusive shape shifting be independent of goals. There's check lists enough on that as is, I guess Wishing you a smooth trip with beautiful planetary views
  9. I want, too! Can I join? Just have to think well about my goal there are so many and if I chase them all, I'll probably catch none of them...
  10. Sorry you had such a bad week hope you recover soon!! And you did amazing the whole thing through We so did. It was an honor to fight along the two of you and I am quite proud of us all
  11. You did AMAZING and still are!! I can't believe how much you kept up while getting ready for the big move and while having all the health challenges for E And there is lots of progress visible Hope you get to play plenty until you are set up comfortably again and then some
  12. So I caught up again but that's it for tonight, just have to hope it's enough. When my abs allow me to lift into inversions again, I will probably blame this mini challenge
  13. Woot woot Haha, I know that one too! I then tell my brain, please do bring it up later again in the day, I'd like to follow this up just not now and it helps somewhat. And mostly I even remember later! Makes total sense. The ball of light would help you focus on a spacial area and that opens the focus up which enhances slower brain waves. Like, when we are busy analyzing, thinking with our rational brain we'd be in beta brain waves, higher or lower depending how relaxed or stressed we are but when you go into daydreaming or so you go into Alpha and that spacial focus helps that. From there it is only a short way into Theta brain waves, the state where the body is so relaxed we would normally drift into sleep and a very good one for recovery and immune boosters and such functions. Many people do fall asleep here even, but if you don't you can get into mental states that are just very unfamiliar and the unknown is a bit scary to start with, even if it's harmless or in this case even beneficial. You're doing so great!! This is awesome smart choices Oh ok, I'll have a look sometime then, thanks. No rush. I'm going to the gym with hubby tomorrow morning and then want to get some work done, too, so I must see as well. Motivation is there though Hot water bottle? But that would also be more helpful in the evening and not so much later... Can you heat the room a tiny bit more? Wear warmer clothes for sleeping? I feel like a whimp because with us it's not even that cold right now, but I am wearing my icebreaker long sleeve tops every night
  14. oh man that mini challenge is going to be the death of me! There is still 9 hours to go, but most of that is my night time, so I am trying to get ahead now and it is soooo hard. Doing goblet squats with the 8kg kettlebell in sets of 10 (it must be a leg exercise with 20 AMRAP) and hanging leg lifts in sets of 5 (must be a core exercise with AMRAP of 10) and boy is it getting ever harder. But if the gap is too small, they will just say "hey this we can do" and catch up on me again... waaaaaah the madness, why am I even doing this??
  15. fyi I used to be able to do 5 or 6 of those in a row. And 2 from free hanging, no way I am there again. Also my abs for doing all the cool pole stuff, like headstand - hooking legs on pole - crunching up into sitting and things like that are wayyyyyyyy away still. But hey, I can do 1 chin up from standing tip toe again, so I'll focus on that and now I challenge you to celebrate a current win as well Oh and push ups - don't even ask me! I used to be able to do 13 or more proper ones and now I am done after 10 on my knees I'll let you know when I managed a full one again or 2
  16. Thanks I don't trust it though. I was suuuper impressed by how you had caught up the other week and then bham somehow last minute things changed again after all meh Deadline is 6am in the morning with me, maybe I can crank a few reps out at 5 am? Not any bigger numbers though... so I have to hope and trust for now. They clearly chose the weaker spot here, with RogueLibrarian and you having such a strong hold on Utapau ..... aaaaaaaaaand I see I am behind again :/
  17. That whole dance video of those two guys battling is quite cool!! Not just their skill but also the creativity and expressiveness, wow Your meditation habit is getting strong now, hey? When other things fall short, you still make sure to keep that one going. I am super proud of you Are you enjoying them a bit more? Any glimpses of rewarding? Just finished catching up on all brain blahs concerning working and am soooo glad you came to see light again! It's tricky to be self confident if you raise the bar extremely high, just because you could maybe even meet it There. That says it all No it doesn't make sense, yet if feels unfair to those who studied hard, maybe but then again you probably compare yourself to other people who seem to know stuff without having to study hard as well... when the brain is in this kind of funk, you can't win. Glad you got out again Oh and I know one should not judge a book by its cover, but I totally have to have "Taming your Gremlin" now Thanks @RogueLibrarian Heyyyyyy that's cheating! Just kidding, I'll have to catch up and am a tiny bit scared still. Like @zenLara was saying it isn't that tempting to pick something up again where you know you have to start way back again buuuuuuuut there is only way to go You'll just have to do it for us and record Kudos!! YAYYYY that routine looks great and I want to play too now. But I don't have any wifi in my basement so it will be even harder trying to figure out which leg goes where from the video oh and I don't have any heels, so it probably looks a lot less convincing even if I do manage any part of it. Oh well... My warm up onion layers might look the same as yours though Tomorrow I might have some time to play, if not Tuesday night should be good too. Oooooh should we set it up already?? You want to go ahead and start? That with the cold makes a lot of sense. Could it be an influence on your sleep as well?
  18. Squeeeee, this is great! You get all the fun classes on parkour and hand balancing and now we HAVE TO do that pole PvP Which might be selfish how excited that makes me Sorry to hear about the office frump (still catching up in case you can't tell...) Oh gosh, I am sooooo guilty on this one Best description ever we will need video now! This is what I got looking for fish flop, now I am intrigued and can't picture how on earth you would jump into this??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0_lJCzKYdI
  19. I MANAGED A CHIN UP Okay it was from tip toe not hanging, but hey it's been like forever since I managed one pity it doesn't count towards the mini, then again thank the gods because I can't do more than one yet Hanging leg raises are now 5 at a time only and I hope for some miracles the others overlook that I caught up and don't put up like 80 in one whack or so I'd be so beyond dead
  20. On a totally different note I am torturing myself through goblet squats and hanging leg raises for our mini challenge just because of stupid pride and competition It's not even a fair fight as I am being outnumbered by those bloody rebels https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OdzqrZEvZg8EM929XlXHGv8zgw4hvPilgrtdslRTXjA/edit#gid=1638345152
  21. Isn't it??! I had already given up on it... talking about the power of letting go Well let's see how it continues, but I will milk the win for all it's worth for as long as I can Absolooodle! And trying is practice and practice takes us further, ergo it really should be counted as total win Oh gosh, thank you!!! Now I don't know what to say and will just treasure all the kind words
  22. Thank you so much for this!! And yes, impostor syndrom has been an archenemy from the very beginning in my work. I'm learning to handle it better by focusing more on the people I want to help than on myself. If it's more about the effort I take and the work as such than about me as the person doing it, it's way better and that is actually a very healthy pointer I feel, because it shouldn't be about me anyway. It's when I think I need to be "this kind of person" that is when I run into trouble. It's when who I am is unimportant because I listen to the client or group I have and let my heart speak to theirs, that's when it works best. In the end, I am just the assistant anyway. They have to do the work. They are the ones shifting their mindsets and embracing their emotions and making the decisions that need to be made. My happiest moments are when someone realizes the power they have over their own lives and puts it to such use that they KNOW they are the most powerful component in their own lives. During the last retreat one of the participants said at the end that this is what my work had given her and now that she is living by it, she discovered a strength that no-one can take away from her anymore. She had some tough challenges in her young adulthood and it made me feel so humble and proud and happy all at once, seeing her so tall and powerful. So yes, my work helped her get there, but I don't want to make the mistake of thinking I did it, you know what I mean? It's arrogant and not true so impostor syndrome will raise it's head soon after and rightly so. Whereas if I consider it a privilege to do this work, I am usually okay. For now I mostly call it team work with my clients
  23. CHALLENGE WRAP UP Suck it up and Free my Self - meditation 28/28 - liberating action 23/28 Am very happy with this goal! Meditation was really tough on some days but I pulled through all the way, woot woot Liberating actions might not have been every day, but definitely more than I would have done otherwise and it also changed my thinking in approaching my day and regaining second / third breath throughout my days Express that Self and have Fun - creative fun thing 19/28 - 2 workouts per week Week 1: 2/2 Week 2: 2/2 Week 3: 1/2 Week 4: 3/2 Again very happy! Workouts all in (week 4 balancing week 3 out) and lots of strength gained Not as much creative fun things as I had hoped for but again more than I probably would have done otherwise and the shift in mindset was nice. And what makes me most happy is that over the past weeks I kept up with fitness, work and household and spent nice quality time with my dear ones as well. Usually keeping up one or two parts left the rest behind and now, somehow, it was all really balanced. That is amazing! Intermittend Fasting hours and water intake: Week 1: 18h - 2 liters / 13h - 2 liters / 16h - 2 liters / 17h - 2 liters / 16h - 2 liters / 19h - 2.5 liters / 16h - 4 liters -> 115h and 16.5 liters Week 2: 17h - 2.5 liters / 18h - 2.5 liters / 15h - 2 liters / 18.5h - 2 liters / 14h - 2 liters / 36h - 2 liters (Sat) 2.5 liters (Sun) -> 118.5h and 15.5 liters Week 3: 16h - 2 liters / 20h - 2 liters / 24h - 2.5 liters / 15h - 1.5 liters / 17h - 2 liters / 36h - 2.5 liters (Sat) 2.5 liters (Sun) -> 128h and 15 liters Week 4: 17h - 2.5 liters / 21h - 2 liters / 14h - 3.5 liters / 12h - 2.5 liters / 15h - 2 liters / 16h - 1.5 liters / 11h - 2 liters (estimated as ongoing) -> 106h and 16 liters (if I get my 2 in today) Some number fun here: if I would have 12h food breaks over night, which is what should be normal and easily achieved by say no more food after 8pm and breakfast at 8am for instance... I'd be fasting 84 hours / week That makes an additional 31h in week 1, 34.5h in week 2, 44h in week 3 and 22h in week 4. All in all 131 hours fasting on top of a normal 12 hour fast. Wow, it looks way more impressive than it felt What is now not reflected here is the difference it makes of going for longer in one stretch. I want to experiment with that some more still. And I have a feeling I might have to up my cooking creativity to make sure I get enough nutrition in during the eating periods. That might have to be the creative adventure goal for the next round
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